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  2. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    I finally got a chance to set up some terrain on a new battle mat.
  3. Age of sigmar skirmish narrative.

    Saw it earlier and it was incredible! Hope to see more of these types of videos in the future.
  4. Merwyrm, Yes or No

    Thanks for replying. Most of what we play is more balanced, with a bigger focus on short rang combat.
  5. Gallery Uploads

    Couple of Orruky armies by Lysandestolpe: Great Gargant conversion!
  6. Interesting looking campaign for those interested. Video is nice too. Take a look.
  7. Digging up the old times

    Welcome back to the Hobby buddy!
  8. Let's get on with more music to get into the Destruction Mode. On tonight's episode we will cover the song Iron Man (1970), by the mighty Black Sabbath. With it's pounding kickdrum at marching speed and slow guitar riff the song is perfect to get your army into position and let the poor opposing army know what is coming. Put some Ironguts in the front line to complete the picture. From a lyrical perspective, the song tell's the story of a man who travels time and see's the world end. When he returns to his own time, he is transformed to a giant metal man, unable to talk or communicate. The world mock's him and doesn't want to see his warnings about the end of time. Enraged and frustrated the Iron Man now destroys mankind, instead of keeping them safe and so fulfilling the prophecy. Video
  9. Bashing skulls and ripping through flesh isn't something one should try with some light pop music in the background. A good member of the Destruction tribes needs pounding drums, earth shaking noise, rumbling basslines and screaming vocals. Luckily, that's exactly what Metal has been providing us with ever since Steppenwolf added the phrase "Heavy Metal Thunder" into the music vocabulary in their classic "Born to be Wild". To be wild, one needs Heavy Metal Thunder, it's dead simple. The first entry in this serie "Music to Lead a Destruction Army to Battle (without being eaten alive on the march to contact1)" features an iconic Metal track. Raining Blood - Slayer. The song starts off with some thunder and rain, only to continue with some aggressive riffs that speed up and lead to the vicious spitting of lyrics about souls waiting for their final judgement. As your army plunges into battle, driven by the pounding drums, Tom Araya starts screaming about Raining Blood.No Tyrant or Butcher can withstand such force of agressive energy and around this time, limbs will be severed from bodies, helmets smashed and spines ripped from bodies. When the guitar solo starts ripping the air, bigger Ogres and Oruks have been known to tear in half horses and mid-size dragons, while headbutting the riders. Just pray that the army was already within charging distance or the blood raining down may just be that of some poor Grot unit being in the way. Raining Blood is the perfect soundtrack for any charge and may lead your army out of control. Use with caution. Video 1 Human generals have been known to be slaughtered and eaten alive when hungry hordes lost patience on long marches. Try and plan a raid or small skirmish every second day!
  10. Wow what a massive load of work buddy! Good to see you posting up again. Theres some nice work there. I will be looking forward to your bat reps. The fighter bomber is prob my favourite. I loved the flying mammal joke btw hehe. Kind regards Zolas
  11. Lots of fun was had here buddy
  12. I think it depends on how you prefer to play. Beastclaws are certainly faster but generally fewer in number. So they can become isolated and struggle with objectives. They can overcome this with good use of Icebrow hunters and Sabres. Gut busters are quite nasty and have good characters being the Tyrant and butcher with fantastic offensive. ( note Beastclaws don't have wizards but do have some wizard like abilities so no dispelling unless you use a certain item.) I sadly haven't used Beastclaws in AoS yet but there are plenty of others that have that can contribute more then I can. Hope this helps a little.
  13. Bonesplittaaaas !!! Lore video

    Nice vid thanks for sharing!
  14. I got in a few more games this year! Actually played a bit of both Blood Bowl and some Age of Sigmar. On top of that I did get a bit of painting done as well. First up here are a couple things I painted up for TNT. I've since finished these bloat flies with some additional details and basing but I didn't grab a photo of them yet. Buzzz buzzz this is our trash buzz buzz Also built this Steam Bike from Max Mini which I can't wait to paint up and use on the table! Furry stopped by during a nice little snow storm earlier this week and we played 3 games of a Path To Glory campaign. We went with Death Rattle (Death) vs Bloodbound (Khorne Chaos) because that is what I had the best minis for right now and we wanted to learn the rules for their respective units. We made a couple small alterations in the rules as we went and overall it was fast and furious fun! I started with a Wight King and 10 Skeletons while Furry brought the Mighty Lord of Khorne and 5 Blood Warriors. First scenario we played was a "Find The Treasure" scenario with three searchable objectives on the board. First Hero to find the treasure and leave off the table edge or kill all the enemy units won a Major Victory. Ragnar the Blackhearted and his small but tenacious horde of Skeledudes Blood Warriors lined up and ready to spill... bits of bone!? After moving toward the near by objective Ragnar spots Blood Warriors sneaking around a wall! Skulls and bones for the Skulls and bones god! The Skeledudes managed to get the charge and chop down the warriors. Meanwhile.... this sneaky guy is trying to come kill Ragnar! Ragnar tries a tactical retreat but it ultimately charged by the MLoK and slain by his damned axe. But then the Skeletons come to save the day! Chop chop down goes the MLoK. After the first game Ragnar gained enough fame to lure in another.... 10 Skeletons! Oh boy. Meanwhile the Bloodbound brought the big guns with some Wrathmongers (played by half built Nurgle Knights this time around). The second scenario was to kill the monster in the center of the table and claim his magical weapon stash. It was a very short game with Ragnar's forces taking the initiative and the Chaos Gargant charging at the nearby Bloodbound. In the process it killed almost all of the Blood Warriors and left just one wound on the MLoK who proceeded to slay the monster with his damned axe in one round of combat. Game, set, match! Giant toilet or crumbling tower? You be the judge. For the third and final scenario of the day we completed a "take and hold" type scenario where two comets fell to the battlefield and our warbands had to control them to gain points. It was a close fought and strategic battle but ultimately Ragnar's forces were able to hold out against the Bloodbound and secure a Major Victory. Staring down the Wrathmongers on the flank. These guys are nasty! With freshly devoted followers the MLoK hopes to crush his skeletal nemesis. With some fancy footwork the Skeletons get the charge and contest the objective! "It's just Skeletons you dimwits!!" Meanwhile... the Wrathmongers fall to the Skeleton Warriors. Thanks for the extra attacks! And Ragnar gets a bit broody. Path To Glory is not balanced. If you can get over that and are playing with someone who can see the silly it is actually pretty darn fun and a good way to learn the basics of Age of Sigmar. I'm looking forward to painting up these minis and finishing up this campaign with another 2 or 3 games. Not a bad way to wrap up the year - a few more games under our belts with excitement for gaming in our blood! See you in 2017!
  15. Old White dwarfs

    Hello Strongholders! Small question. I have a large amount of old white dwarfs from going into 2nd edition 40K (not sure which edition warhammer fantasy was on the go then) all the way to when GW went weekly. My question would be if there is any worth selling these at all or are people interested in old white dwarfs. I mainly need to make space and I'm looking to part with them. I'm happy to give extra details as needed. Cheers Zolas.
  16. We have supped. We have shlupped. We have gamed. And we have gained (a bit of weight from all the beer and milk fat). In the end we have learned a lot about love (like don't steal rad zombie kills from your life partner because they get kinda heated about it). Caravaneers hiding from Rad Zombies Bring out the Alpha Mutant they cried! Rad Zombies loving hanging out near holes in the ground. Alos near nasty old radioactive pipes. How'd we get into this situation wondered the Preservers. Let's take the fight to the dang zombies! In the end a little flamethrowing action managed to take out these two. In short that is how I spent the past few days of this holiday. As I don't eat meat, nor care about AMAZING DEALS, I cooked a bunch of food and ate it with folks I care about. Then we played a bit of This Is Not A Test on the table I am currently building out (see above photos). And in between we watched all of the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (which I used most of the Return of the King to also build my Blood Bowl 2016 box). Pie, coffee, and Blood Bowl minis to assemble. Fun times! Pizza made with Tanksgivin' leftovers. So good! But before that there was a great building... of things! A collection of newly based minis. Quite the eclectic mix! And what game would be complete without ZOMBIES?! Earlier this year I picked up a collection of prized pewter history from a life long collector who was selling off some of their collection. It was for a good cause, and I have a collection (disease) of my own, so how could I pass up such shiny baubles?! Like these random Undead mini! Just a smattering of different Undead type creatures I felt compelled to own (and hopefully paint). No particular "need" or specific "use" for them. Although you can never go wrong with Werewolves and Flesh Golem types! And one set of minis I have been coveting for some time... A Thanquol and Boneripper set! And who is that in the middle? Why Gotrek of course!! Sadly I didn't find a Felix to go with him but no matter... we've got the start of a beautiful friendship here already. And who showed up for a little Nurgle love? Why this bad boy of course! Coming soon to a table near you (if you live and play near me that is). The GUO you always wanted.... More Nurgle and pestilent fun to come so stay tuned! Until next time...
  17. Gargant crown

    Bucket crown for the win! love the idea!
  18. Destruction Base Size Guide

    I did my Maneaters on 50mm bases and there is definitely lots of extra room. For regular Ogres I think 40mm is about right. The Maneaters look a little sparse when they are together.
  19. Tribal Warfare - We Have a Winner!

    Congrats buddy, if I had to come second to anyone I'm glad it was you. Going to have to write more fluff and get ahead of you next time
  20. Naming the Hunger... Part 2!

    Hmm - I don't want to make it more work for you by any means - but if it was in table format (excel or Numbers etc) then it could be exported as a PDF or an image - so it would appear in one post and also the text could be in columns so that you wouldn't have to scroll for ages to find your result? Small changes but would make it an incredible finished product. BB
  21. Question About an Ogre Related Upload?

    Hello folks, I've made some progress! I have a G(n)oblog going which will cover Ogor lore from the new and old world, first starting with this post covering Part 1 of Ogor Naming Conventions!
  22. Naming the Hunger... Part 1!

    Ok, the first exciting installment of My G(n)oblog will be about something I quite enjoy, naming Ogors! The White Dwarf I got my hands on has a full-blown name-generator within its pages, and I will be "modifying" it so you all may enjoy it as well. I'll start by paraphrasing the basic "background" info on names, and then adding the charts themselves (I will be using the term Ogor throughout for simplicity, if you prefer Ogre that's fine too!). Background Info: When an Ogor is born, their name is often just as blunt as they are. Vulgar, guttural and without much thought put behind it, the names are often jumbles of Ogor words. Ogor parents oftentimes name the child something they will easily remember, since Ogors have a limited capacity to remember traditions or titles that are not earned in the here or now. Birth names at most are as complicated as a few syllables, some being as simple as one single syllable. Ogors just generally lose interest in the birth names of other Ogors when they become too long. The one exception to this rule are the Ogor's "Big Name." This Big Name is any title or honorific which the Ogor has earned throughout life. Oftentimes the first Big Name is given when the Ogor transitions between Whelp and Bull (coming of age) which only occurs when the whelp has done something of significance to become a contributor to the tribe. Oftentimes titles and honorifics are just as direct as their owners, mostly conveying the personalities or skills of the Ogor who carries the "Big Names." Honorifics are most commonly given within Ogor society itself and Titles are most commonly received while the Ogor is doing mercenary work for other races. This isn't to say one or the other can't be received in either instance, but it is merely more common. The more famous an Ogor becomes, the longer and more ostentatious their names generally become. Tyrants and other rulers especially are known to have over-the-top names with upwards of 10 titles or honorifics trailing their birth name. It is uncertain whether Ogors care what titles they are given by other races, as long as the name sounds long and impressive. They often don't even understand some of the titles they are given and merely wear them like a badge of pride... It isn't like anyone would make fun of an Ogor's name if they didn't want to end up in his gut anyway. How it Works: 1. Roll the first element of the first name and write it down. 2. Roll the second element of the first name and add it to the first 3. Decide whether you want your Ogor to have a title or honorific "last name." They imply different things, but they are not mutually exclusive, an especially fearsome and famous Ogor may have multiple titles and honorifics in their name mixed together! 4. Say the name out loud, is it rough, is it strange, is it guttural? Whatever it is, huzzah you've got a new Ogor name, get them out on the field of battle! If you really don't like it, you can always feel free to scrap it and re-roll for something new, or even go through the charts and handpick names you would like. Structure of an Ogor Name: (Element 1+ Element 2 (as one word)) + (0-10+ titles or honorifics (as separate words)) These two charts are for the first two elements which make the first name, I will upload the honorifics and titles tables later, so stay tuned! Element 1 Name Rolls (Roll D666 to create a number, keep track of the dice to know the order, use the Ctrl+F to find your number quickly): 111- Argh 112- Ergh 113- Orgh 114- Urgh 115- Ar 116- Er 121- Or 122- Ur 123- Az 124- Ez 125- Oz 126- Uz 131- Ag 132- Eg 133- Og 134- Ug 135- Bargh 136- Bergh 141- Borgh 142- Burgh 143- Bar 144- Ber 145- Bor 146-Bur 151- Baz 152- Bez 153- Boz 154- Bag 155- Beg 156- Blag 161- Bleg 162- Blug 163- Dargh 164- Dergh 165- Dorgh 166- Durgh 211- Dar 212- Der 213- Dor 214- Dur 215- Daz 216- Dez 221- Doz 222- Duz 223- Dag 224- Deg 225- Dug 226- Fargh 231- Fergh 232- Forgh 233- Furgh 234- Feg 235- Fog 236- Fug 241- Gargh 242- Gergh 243- Gorgh 244- Grug 245- Gar 246- Ger 251- Gor 252- Gur 253- Geg 254- Gog 255- Gug 256- Kargh 261- Kergh 262- Korgh 263- Kurgh 264- Kar 265- Ker 266- Kor 311- Kur 312- Kaz 313- Kez 314- Koz 315- Kuz 316- Kag 321- Keg 322- Kog 323- Kug 324- Margh 325- Mergh 326- Morgh 331- Murgh 332- Mar 333- Mer 334- Mor 335- Mur 336- Maz 341- Moz 342- Muz 343- Mag 344- Meg 345- Mog 346- Nargh 351- Nergh 352- Norgh 353- Nurgh 354- Nar 355- Nez 356- Nor 361- Nur 362- Naz 363- Nez 364- Noz 365- Nuz 366- Nag 411- Neg 412- Nog 413- Nug 414- Rargh 415- Rergh 416- Rorgh 421- Rurgh 422- Rar 423- Rer 424- Ror 425- Rur 426- Raz 431- Rez 432- Ruz 433- Rag 434- Reg 435- Rog 436-Rug 441- Targh 442- Tergh 443- Torgh 444- Turgh 445- Tar 446- Ter 451- Tor 452- Tur 453- Tez 454- Toz 455- Tuz 456- Tag 461- Teg 462- Tog 463- Tug 464- Thargh 465- Thergh 466- Thorgh 511- Thurgh 512- Thar 513- Ther 514- Thor 515- Thur 516- Thaz 521- Thez 522- Thoz 523- Thuz 524- Thag 525- Theg 526- Thog 531- Thug 532- Vargh 533- Vergh 534- Vorgh 535- Vurgh 536- Var 541- Ver 542- Vor 543- Veg 544- Vog 545- Vez 546- Voz 551- Vuz 552- Vag 553- Veg 554- Vog 555- Vug 556- Wargh 561- Wergh 562- Worgh 563- Wurgh 564- War 565- Wer 566- Wor 611- Wur 612- Waz 613- Wez 614- Woz 615- Wuz 616- Wag 621- Weg 622- Wug 623- Yargh 624- Yergh 625- Yorgh 626- Yurgh 631- Yar 632- Yer 633- Yor 634- Yur 635- Yaz 636- Yez 641- Yoz 642- Yuz 643- Yag 644- Yeg 645- Yog 646- Yug 651- Zargh 652- Zergh 653- Zorgh 654- Zurgh 655- Zar 656- Zer 661- Zor 662- Zur 663- Zag 664- Zeg 665- Zog 666- Zug Element 2 (Roll either a D10 for the 10's place and a D6 for the 1's place or roll 2D6 and add the results together for the 10's place and then one D6 for the 1's place): 11- abb 12- add 13- agg 14- akk 15- alg 16- all 21- alt 22- ann 23- arg 24- argl 25- ark 26- art 31- arth 32- att 33- edd 34- egg 35- ekk 36- elg 41- ell 42- elt 43- emm 44- enn 45- erg 46- ergl 51- erk 52- erth 53- ett 54- ew 55- gat 56- get 61- got 62- grat 63- gret 64- grot 65- grut 66- gut 71- odd 72- ogg 73- okk 74- olg 75- olt 76- org 81- orgl 82- ort 83- ott 84- rag 85- reg 86- ret 91- rof 92- rog 93- rot 94- rug 95- rut 96- ulg 101- ull 102- urg 103- urk 104- urt 105- urth 106- uzh
  23. Helping with modelling

    This all sounds great! He is referring to the competition s out tribal fluff. Write up the story of your tribe and post it in the tribe section and some cool prize could be heading your way! BB
  24. Warhammer LARP in Russia

    Wow ....indeed. I wish I was there. Lots of variety!
  25. Yhetee model alternatives

    I also like these, but not sure of the fit with the rest of the army. http://heresyminiatures.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=103_95&products_id=365
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