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  2. Start Collecting: Beastclaw Raiders

    The set is great for Raiders. Interesting that they are committing to a Slaanesh box with current state of the fluff...perhaps he/she is not quite dead just yet!
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  4. Wall Relief Plates of Ancient Times Released

    Wall Relief Plates of Ancient Times: Four Reliefs and Triumph & Thralldom (sold separately) Four Reliefs Triumph & Thralldom These two different terrain decorations are out now! Order your wall reliefs here. Also on Warseer. Triumph & Thralldom, and Four Reliefs respectively, are two separate 28mm resin kits of 1 plate with wall reliefs. Both variants are upon release priced at £8 / €9 + plus postage, with bunch savings in place. Picture of miniatures (painted by me, Carcearion and Fuggit Khan respectively) are included for size comparison purposes only. The fine resin casting, by Zealot Miniatures, carries detail well, but the thinness of the plates made it necessary to drill holes through undetailed areas for mould support. These holes are easily filled in with modelling putty. It should be noted that these wall relief plates were very much sculpted with a ruler, but being an amateur I have not achieved perfectly straight lines. Customers might want to file and scrape away at the edges to make the plates fit whatever purposes they have in mind. Once cleaned, just glue these wall plates on to some block and adorn your terrain pieces! Size comparison: Four Reliefs Triumph & Thralldom Four Reliefs + Triumph & Thralldom (sold separately) __________________________________ Hunger gnawed in his gut, and his eyes were dry like desert sand, yet still Hamukk bore a smile on his hollow-cheeked face. He had done it! He had outsmarted the stunted masters with their log-thick arms and coiled beards. He had outran their stumped feet and cruel hands. He had hid, and he had sneaked. He had covered his tracks and kept one step ahead of their vicious lackeys all of the time. The jackals! The dogs! All outwitted. His long plight of labour and hardship was at long last over. Freedom would be his, and slavery but a rotten memory with which to scare his future grandchildren. Praise the gods! Hamukk, son of Bernu and Ishya, of the Human tribe Lakash, ran a calloused hand through his dirty, straight black hair. That hand had only three and a half fingers left. He shivered at the thought, yet smirked triumphantly at the certain knowledge that his captors would never set their brands and blades and tongs to him again. The thrill ran through him, blood rushing in his veins and feeding his hopes. And all thanks to a chance overhearing! That sun-scorched day would stay with him forever. That moment, when he stood chest-deep in the muddy river waters and harvested reeds with a burnt clay sickle, and the priestly acolytes walked past slothfully. Their conversation had for some reason raised his interest from the very start, and he had memorized every word of theirs. They had talked of a labyrinth, a place of darkness through which no man not chosen by the gods or anointed in blood by demons could pass. They had named the location, and it was not far off. Most importantly, they discussed rumours of long maze tunnels leading out to hostile tribal grounds with gates wide open and undefended. Thereupon the short, bulky acolytes had reaffirmed their faith in their foul gods by praising the deities for watching over the labyrinth. A labyrinth! He had trekked through mountain ravines all his life before being caught by the devious blockbeards from the lowlands, and he would take his chances with a mere handmade maze any day. The trick was to not walk in circles, he had decided. Hamukk had then and there determined that this was a sign from his people's gods, and had acted quickly, stealing provisions and torches in the night, running off into the windy wastelands, zigzagging through nigh-on lifeless terrain and walking in a long crescent toward the spot mentioned by the acolytes. It was indeed undefended, except for by some scorpions just inside the entrance. They had nearly been the end of him, but he had glimpsed them in the ruddy light and brought his flaming torch down upon the venomous critters, scaring off the scorpions and clearing the way. Fire truly was a stolen gift from the gods. It gave man power over beast, and man power over darkness. With his torches he had already made it through most of the maze, he was sure. There were costly relief carvings everywhere on the walls, painted in gaudy colours and covered with figures. The relief carvings seldom repeated and thus he had good reason to think that he had not gone in small circles more than thrice. In the light of his flame he could spot the accursed Dwarfs' conception of gods, goddesses, demons and myths. He spotted historical scenes of slavery, warfare and hardship, as well as great works undertaken, sorcery and above all atrocities. There was flaying and maiming and crushing, done by malevolent Dwarfs, usually against Humans and Goblins. They did indeed like to brag about their cruelties, didn't they? But those scenes no longer concerned him. He was no longer part of their malice and torture. His trusty torches would carry him through, like a beacon of the gods. Yet there was only one torch left now, and still there was no end in sight of the maze... The cocky smile vanished. Hamukk swallowed, and moved faster, more rashly than before. He stopped memorizing relief scenes for the sake of speed. The exit must be here somewhere! As the flames burned out their oily fuel, he ripped off his bandages, his headband, his loincloth and even loose hair to feed the fire. He could get other clothes later, but not another life. Steps clattered and echoed through the cool labyrinth, faster and faster. He blowed as much air as he dared into the dying embers, blowing up small flame tongues anew. Hamukk saw less and less of the richly carved stone walls around him, and relied ever more on his hands to guide him along the walls. The darkness was closing in. Damn...! The torch went out with a sputter and sizzle. Hamukk blinked at the coloured lights dancing across his retina. When they were gone, nothing remained. There was not even moonlight reflected in the corridor. Everything went solid black. Teeth clattered as the escaped slave fought a wild panic welling up from within. He began scrambling down corridors, hands shaking on walls to his left and right as he sought guidance. He slid past corners in a stumbling jog, panting and whining. He fell and rose, unseen bruises already aching on all limbs. He had to get out! He ran for it, ran hard, and crashed into a stone wall. The violent impact stole away his breath and senses, for how long he did not know. Hamukk eventually woke up on the smooth floor, or was he perhaps still asleep? It was impossible to tell the difference. His eyes gave the same report whether they were shut or open. Blackness, and nothing more. The man's head was strangely numb yet at the same time beset with sharp pangs of pain. Hamukk suspected that his headlong collision with the wall had damaged his mind. His nose was broken, and he had lost two of his teeth, worn by millstone flakes as they were. He prayed to three gods and seven goddesses, yet heard no response. Was he already in the netherworld? Was this the place of dust and darkness that all men feared to enter? How would the other spirits react to a living man among themselves? Or was he even still alive? Hamukk had no way to tell. For untold hours he sat on his haunches while his head spinned worse and worse. His thoughts turned into a maelstrom of confusion. At last, he reached the bewildered conclusion that demons were stealing away his mind. He rose up and swore heinously at them, uttering such foul words that men would have killed him for the insult. Yes. Demons! It was the demons! The former slave fell silent for a while. Then he whispered: "Reveal yourselves." And in the darkness, the eyes of all the relief figures on the walls lit up, like a nightsky of red embers. Watching him, uncaring. It was as if all the gods had convened to judge his soul, and found him a subject unworthy to even assemble court for. They stared at him. Forever. It was the final straw. Hamukk fell hard to his knees, warm blood trickling across the cold obsidian floor. He clawed at his eyes in madness. And screamed until his lungs burst.
  5. The technical issue has been resolved, everything should be running smoothly once more! Sorry for the wait, I was on my hols!
  6. Rumour Engine

    They are only giving points to plastic models. No metal or finecast. No monsters, so Beastclaw out. Firebellies might have actually got a run out in this format. House rules could allow any hero or unit. Just divide by 5
  7. Introductions

    Welcome Barrelfist! Good to have you aboard! Feel free to start up a Blog in the Goblog section if you want to show of your army and exploits! Kind regards Zolas.
  8. Citadel War-ter

  9. Gallery Uploads

    Couple of Orruky armies by Lysandestolpe: Great Gargant conversion!
  10. Total War: Warhammer II

    If I had to be a war hammer character. I'm gonna have to go with the fat toads. Those guys are just living the dream.
  11. Warscrollz Warboss Voting Over!

    Update: voting is now over! The winner of the battletome has been decided! Winner of the Start Collecting box set still to be revealed! ***** The Warscrollz Warboss competition has now closed for entries, it's time to vote! Please visit the Mortal Realms forum for further details and to cast your vote - click here to go directly to the voting topic. Good luck everyone!
  12. Well, the gargantuan squiggoth project is coming to an end so perhaps I'll move on to the other vicious war bands of Destruction. Planning to do some Bonesplitterz with a hard as nails addition. 'DA BONES, DA BONES, WE NEED DA BONES!'
  13. News from Adepticon!

    I am extremely wary of "voting on rules." Most people aren't game designers - just check out their recent call for GHB2 input. It was a lot of "make my thing cheaper" crowding up the more constructive observations. However, fan backlash did quickly overturn that silly rule for determining dice-value damage. So who knows.
  14. Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire

  15. Interesting looking campaign for those interested. Video is nice too. Take a look.
  16. Painting Comp: #GOLDEN GARGANT

    Any chance I could post here? I don't really use a lot of social media.
  17. I Wish luck to all the participants! (And to me ) May Gork and Mork be with you! Or the Great Maw!
  18. This competition will focus on sharing our kunnin' Warbossy knowledge of the Destruction warscrolls - all 100 of them! - in an effort to collectively build a great resource for the Destruction player community. There are two prizes up for grabs - a Destruction faction battletome and a Destruction faction 'Start Collecting' box To enter for a chance to win either of these prizes, simply post one or more reviews or tactical tips in the comments section of any Destruction warscroll listed within the Warscrolls section of the Stronghold. BTW, you can review a warscroll which has already received a review! In 4 weeks time (last day to enter is the 16th of March UK time), one lucky member will be drawn from all those who've entered to win the Destruction Start Collecting box of their choosing (you'll get an entry for each review). In addition, the community will vote for the Stronghold member they believe has shared the most kunnin' advice of all - someone truly deserving of the Warscrollz Warboss title! This wise tactician will be awarded with a Destruction battletome of their choosing. Get brainstormin' and good luck! Psst! If you've already reviewed a warscroll in the past, you're automatically entered into this competition
  19. The winds of change have come to the Stronghold! I've now added a big list of Destruction battalions to the new Battalions section of the Stronghold website This new section of the site will act similarly to the Warscrolls section, as a permanent place where you can post and read reviews, tactics, questions and comments on any of the current battalions listed. Additionally, the battalions and warscrolls have been linked. This means that when viewing a warscroll, you'll be able to see and click through to any battalions it belongs to (and vice versa). Speaking of warscrolls, the Warscrollz Warboss competition is now well under way with almost half of all Destruction warscrolls now reviewed - there's still plenty of time left to enter the competition though! The other major update I'd like to talk about today is the addition of the brand new Destruction Fluff Wiki! The wiki allows all members to add or edit background fluff articles (new articles require staff approval before being published), and the wiki also stores copies of any revisions made in case a roll-back is ever required on any particular article. We're starting from scratch, so there's no fluff in the wiki at the moment, but I've divided the wiki into 7 main categories to give us plenty to work on. They are as follows: Races (fluff about each race in the forces of Destruction) Factions (descriptions of each Destruction faction) Characters (info about all named characters of Destruction) Locations (places in the Mortal Realms with Destruction ties) Events (major events in the history of the Destruction factions) Glyphs (the Destruction races' written symbols and their meanings) Other Fluff (for anything related to Destruction not covered elsewhere) if you'd like to help with the wiki project, feel free to begin adding fluff now! I plan to get heavily involved with it myself This all fits into the main aim of the Stronghold going forward: to build a large, invaluable resource of all things Destruction for fans of Age of Sigmar. Next stop: videos! (psst - that's what this is for) Lastly, I've updated the Stronghold's background fluff on the About page to fit better with the Age of Sigmar fluff
  20. I suppose it depends on how many lists you write - if you're regularly juggling lists and writing new ones to keep up with the tournament meta for instance, I think it would be handy to have access to it and £12 per year isn't much to ask for that convenience. If you tend to write only a handful of lists per year, probably not worth a long term subscription
  21. Warscroll Filters Added to the Warscrolls Section

    Added filters for factions and realms to the Tribes section as well!
  22. The Stronghold's Walls Grow Thicker

    Aye mate. It's all looking good now!
  23. Blood Bowl - New Edition!

    Good news right there. May have to get 2 at least at first so i can convert 1.
  24. The ever-tinkering Tek Gobbos of the Stronghold are currently trying to figure out what it is and how it works...
  25. Magma Dragon sold out at Forge World

    I had thought about it. But I was thinking just painting a maw crusha without rider would be nice too.
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