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  2. Short update! I started building the Mercenary Veterans, won't field them all with beards and hats, I want the unit to remain eclectic, in both looks and weapons
  3. Okay so I went to a 9th age team tournament last weekend with my ogres, we finished 4th out of 8 teams, so not that bad My games were: First day 1º Won 11-9 against ogres, pretty much the same list that I played 2º Lost 14-6 against another ogre, more combat focussed 3º Lost 12-8 against Khemri, agreed outcome with the opponent, since my list was kinda useless against his Second day 4º Draw 10-10 against ogres, similar list to mine, I didn't wanted to take any risk since the team only needed me to score a draw 5º Won 15-5 against high elves, turn 1 to 3 were all hits with my scratapult on his swordmasters, and both eagles were dead on turn 2 also, so GG My list: Great Shaman: General, Rottenjaw, Lv 4, Alchemy, Talisman of Greater Shielding, Demon Heart. 335 Khan: BSB, Iron Fist, Yeti Furs, Dragonskin Banner. 195 Shaman: Lv 1, Fire, Great Weapon, Dispell Scroll. 146 1x 14 Tribesmen: FCG, Banner of Discipline, Iron Fist, Heavy Armour. 553 2x 15 Scrapling: Standard Bearer, Short bows. 2x 50 1x 8 Mercenary Veterans: FCG, Flaming Standard, +1 Ballistic Skill, Poisoned Attacks, Brace of Ogre Pistols. 500 2x 1 Sabretooth Tigers. 2x 40 2x 2 Yetis. 2x 80 2x Thunder Cannon. 2x 150 1x Scratapult. 130 Total: 2499 And now... The (almost) finished boys! 3 bombardiers and a cannon 14 tribesmen, main unit BSB Great shaman, general A Khan, Great Khan, or whatever I feel like fielding him as Fire Shaman And family pic! Missing the scratapult (Not even started gluing it), scraplings (To be painted) and a close-up on the mercenaries :hat off
  4. Living as I do. in Norway, not far from the Jotunheim, surrounded by mountains and valleys, and also being Scottish; Dwarfs are nearly compulsory.. so here's a Dwarf Lord: Gratuitous cloak shot:
  5. Finally got around to finishing my test model for my chaos Dwarf army...
  6. Managed to get this painted today as my entry for The Advent challenge over on Da Warpath!
  7. Painted this today!! Not entirely happy with it, but it'll do!
  8. Decided to try and push myself, and today I finished The Betrayer himself: It was nice to get him finished before tomorrow!
  9. And now for something completely different.. SPACE ELVES!!!!! My love of the Eldar faction goes back to Rogue Trader, and seeing them as a new release back in the 80's (Gods I feel old!) so I've had my Eldar army in one form or another for a loooong time... Recently I decided to repaint bases and strip some models as I've not been entirely happy with them: Baharroth: Fuegan:
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  12. I prefer that forward leaning pose too, much more Orruky - looks great!
  13. It has been a slow week of painting and a busy week for basing and terrain building. But... I promised something special... and it's time to deliver the goods! Behold! The first of what will hopefully be a decent sized force dedicated to Malal!! Building something I can use in AoS28 for fun. This Priestess/Sorceress of Malal was a lot of fun to paint. I'm working on a gritty/grimy look with plenty of contrast and I think this mini fits the bill. I've added a larger base (from 25 to 35mm) but otherwise I call it done! More worshippers of Malal are in the works... coming from the shadows near you soon... In other Chaos news check out these massive slugs! They will be used as Beasts of Nurgle. Coming to eat your cabbages These guys are really gross looking though it's kind of hard to tell from this photo. I added a few boils/blisters/eyeballs to the back of their heads as well. And while we're talking about Nurgle here are a few Chaos Knights! Lots of small modifications here mostly in the heads and bodies. I put them on a 40mm base which is probably too small but I like the look of it. If it drives me or my opponents crazy I will stick them on a 50mm base later on. And what update with Chaos would be complete without a bit of Khorne? Two more Heroes join the fray (of unpainted by black shiny primed miniatures for the Bloodbound/Mortal Khorne)! I can't wait to paint up the Lord on Juggernaut. Really cool mini and the Slaughterpriest is a good looking one too. Next week expect more Chaos or maybe I'll sneak in a few more Dwarves instead. You can never have too many Dwarfs.
  14. These look really fantastic, great job Poor little Gnoblars in the barrels, hah!
  15. It gets some flak for its rules, but I really like the model!
  16. Thanks! I wanted to utilize my orange base color, but I felt that a pure orange craft would be rather bland. So, I went with my sub-theme of "firey stuff", so that I can use the orange, as well as yellow for big booms and red for speed. It's a rough job, but I like it. Plus, I can justify it being rough by saying it's Ork. 'Nuff said lol
  17. Here is the ship with the steam parts removed and a sail instead.
  18. Earlier
  19. Well I didn't get this update up last week but here is the mini for week 6.... another Dwarf adventurer! I don't have a name for this fella yet. He looks like a miner/self sufficient type individual. I imagine him being a bit of a loner who teams up with others when duty calls. Happy overall with how he turned out. And while I didn't paint any other minis I did spend a bit of time completing my bits extension version of three Blightkings! Here they are in their WIP state. Quick group shot! Some kind of snail butt monstrosity His buddy is more of a waddler And here's Mr. fly faced ogor shoes! While they didn't turn out quite as cool looking as I had imagined (always learning more about how to sculpt well with GS) I think they will fit nicely with my other minis. Plus they weren't doing me any good sitting around in a bits box or on a sprue! That means I managed to squeeze 8 (possibly 9) models out of just the one box! Granted I had some other tasty Nurgle bits left over but not a bad little value! Speaking of bad... picked these guys up cheap to add a bit to and use for Beasts of Nurgle. It's a giant slug conga line! They look gross enough to avoid already! Later this week I will update with some more WIP of them on bases as well as the next painted mini! Here's a hint... some say there is no malice in Warhammer.
  20. Hella mate, sorry for the very late response. I've been quite out of the loop. My recipe for skin is very simple, it's rat skin flesh which I progressively add more Kislev flesh to as a do smaller and smaller layers over the skin. It makes he beat skin in my opinion, and it gives great shading and depth without looking cartoony. So just base in rat skin, wash with seraphim sepia, then start mixing that Kislev rat skin in , very small amounts and very watered down. Just slow and steady.
  21. More skeleton spearmen: A few shots of the second filler: The fallen trunk is one of the weapons from the giant kit. And here's the unit so far: That's 20 down, just over half of the unit done so far. The infantry in this army is shaping up nicely. @Sharkbelly Thanks a lot mate!
  22. I was making the Rhinox (from the Ironblaster kit). I saw some articles on painting fur but somehow it just didn't wok out as intended. Didn't do much fur until now. I started with a black undercoat, grey base color and then the wash. The wash wiped out the grey and turned the whole piece into a muddy brown/red. From that point hasty decisions took over. I think i'll try again with just drybrushing lighter shades (after stripping the layers of paint). Saw some awesome examples of fur like that, save the washing technique for later.
  23. One of the few things I could recommend is giving the strapping on the warhammer some depth, maybe some agrax carefully applied into the recesses & maybe around sone of the defined plates like the chest and knee areas. Apart from that you've done a very nice job on it! Nice colour scheme too!
  24. Haven't had a whole bunch of time to work on that. I'm hoping to work them over soon.
  25. Thanks! So far very well, although I don't play much. Especially good after generals handbook: extra move helped to make ogres more mobile and bellowing tyrant repaired that overall low 4+ hit.
  26. Like the Megaboss!
  27. January is over!!? Oh man... time moves a little too quick sometimes. This week I spent very little time with a paintbrush or glue. Between work, class, and homework drawings I have had very little time for hobby stuff. But that didn't stop me from finishing a miniature for this week!! Meet Greybeard the old Dwarf Barbarian. He's been around... seen a thing or two... has a couple scars to prove it. This was a fun little miniature to paint. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted this to be an old man barbarian. He has the sinew and leather kind of build going on. I've also been building various minis for more of my This Is Not A Test collection. I can't seem to find my photos of the Cannibal Mutant warband I have been putting together but I did find this photo of their dogs! Probably managed to break off their chains and are running around looking for fresh meat right now. I better get back to the basement and see if I can keep them from getting loose! Until next time...
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