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  2. "With a thunderous bellow the sandstone pillars of the Urk Badlands were thrown asunder as a monstrous bulk bulled through them, sending plumes of stone and scree into the air. The ground rolled beneath its bulk as it charged towards the followers of Khorn, who brief moments before revelled in the blood sport, were quickly paling before scaled ironclad calamity that was thundering towards them. Bullgrog da Iron Warlord hollered his primal joy as the followers of the Blood God were trod beneath the pounding feet of Gulp Grimstompa, first Spawn of Graw!" And there you have it! My Ironjaw Squiggoth is Complete! Perhaps my favourite project to date, but my love cannot linger just with the Ironjaw orruks, there is so much more Destruction out there to enjoy! Bonesplitters next...
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  4. Very cool mixed Destruction army by Mitzy: Love the Battle Brew Megaboss!
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  6. Been following your work for a while and have to say its all to envy! If you don't mind me asking where did you get the barrels from?
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  8. @Zolas Thanks man!
  9. Well, the gargantuan squiggoth project is coming to an end so perhaps I'll move on to the other vicious war bands of Destruction. Planning to do some Bonesplitterz with a hard as nails addition. 'DA BONES, DA BONES, WE NEED DA BONES!'
  10. As soon as I get model to make them stand against I'll try to post pics.
  11. Some layering later and the first Spirit Host is done: Not as tidy as I'd hoped for but I'm pretty happy with it. The layering of blues got a bit tiresome towards the end but I think the effect is worth it - the miniature holds quite a unique appearance and catches the eye amongst other units in the army whilst still fitting in. Inspiration was from Rafal Maj's (AKA Bloody Beast) Halloween Spirit Hosts I saw a few years back right HERE. Now it's time for something simpler - I'm looking at you, Mr. Cairn Wraith! All primed & ready but I'm toying with the idea of sculpting some small flames in his eyes or perhaps on his scythe to make him look similar to the Hexwraiths... Thoughts? Cheers for taking a look, let me know what you guys think
  12. @ConOgre No reapplication of Waaagh! Flesh. I tidy up the Straken Green with slightly thinned Loren Forest though, which seems to create a better transition between Loren and Straken - particularly useful on anything bigger than goblins.
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  14. Quite like the emerald actually!
  15. Worst case of piles I've ever seen!
  16. Any chance I could post here? I don't really use a lot of social media.
  17. The Old winged serpent. I love him, just look how fatty it is. Cute!
  18. This week was spring break. I had hoped to get lots of painting done but it turned out to be a very busy week of work and my evenings filled up with other activities. I managed to get a little bit of painting done but it was just finishing up some Nurgle models I had yet to complete. It's the first day of Spring and this lot is bringing things back to life... in the Nurgle way! The herald. Bringing back the funk with his collection of bells, guts, and mummified heads! His back up band leaders, aka the command group. Heads a plenty! Roadies. Can't they just clean up their act a bit? This puts my total at something like 20. And a group shot just for fun. They look gross, funny, and monstrous which is pretty much exactly what I wanted. The bases are not 100% finished and I have yet to add the final goo and gore which will come after I seal them up. Thinking about playing some form of Nurgle in a local escalation/narrative campaign in the works so I figured it was time to crank these guys out.
  19. Great! I was thinking the same thing (wanting a Soul grind for my Nurgle Daemons). I'll have to see what I can dig up
  20. Thanks for the tip, I'll try it! If you have made it and have some pictures, please share.
  21. Brilliant pose on the Warrior with sword and shield!
  22. Finished Epidemius last night!! Seem to be on a bit of a Nurgle roll at the moment.. Once I've varnished it, I'll go over the green snot effects and vomit with some gloss varnish..lovely! No painting today, off to the inlaws later for home made Pizza and a visit, but I'll try and build my Heralds of Nurgle this morning!
  23. Brutes and Warchanter in this one:
  24. Another week means another painted mini! Well... sort of. I re-based and added to three minis I had previously painted the last time I started working on a larger Malal themed Warriors of Chaos army (back in 2012? 2013??). So here are three of the newly touched up Horns of Malal! I touched up the warpaint and added a bit more black to make the contrast a little starker. I may go back and add a few more detail highlights on some of the hair but overall I'd say these are done. Spent a bit of time this past week transforming two different toys into one bad ass Chaos Lord on Manticore stand in model. Here are a few WIP photos of where that project is at: Scale is pretty much perfect for a Manticore but it looks cooler I think. This plastic is glow in the dark which I was thinking of keeping in some areas but I am undecided as of yet. Got it for $15 and it's got a lot of detail. Added a few bits and presto! Just need to get it on a base next... The Chaos Lord was some old DC toy of Darkseid. I chopped off his head and added some bits to make him a bit more "chaos" but I wanted to keep his folded arms and "I really don't give a shit.." pose. Seems to work well on the back of a big monster! Speaking of monsters... I built another Exalted Hero/Chaos Lord for the footsloggin' and choppin' needed in a world gone mad. Started with a very cool Reaper Bones mini and added a different head and shield. Wanted to make him slightly WYSIWYG so I threw on the sheathed sword to represent two hand weapons. Very excited to get this mini painted up in a suitably Malal style! Another chaos warrior of Malal. I didn't like the head this one came with so I put on one I had left over from the Blightkings box and I think it is a great fit! And lastly I wanted another decrepit magic user of chaos to have as an option so I based up this custom Blood Bowl mini from a Chaos Cup (I think?) - was originally meant to be a Wizard or Coach I guess. Not easy to see here but he has a shield strapped to his back as well. Less painting this week but plenty more prep for the painting table was completed! Assuming I can get through my piles of homework I hope to get some more done this week so tune in next time..
  25. Some plastic Troggoths done in the Stone Trolls style would be lovely indeed.
  26. Short update! I started building the Mercenary Veterans, won't field them all with beards and hats, I want the unit to remain eclectic, in both looks and weapons
  27. Okay so I went to a 9th age team tournament last weekend with my ogres, we finished 4th out of 8 teams, so not that bad My games were: First day 1º Won 11-9 against ogres, pretty much the same list that I played 2º Lost 14-6 against another ogre, more combat focussed 3º Lost 12-8 against Khemri, agreed outcome with the opponent, since my list was kinda useless against his Second day 4º Draw 10-10 against ogres, similar list to mine, I didn't wanted to take any risk since the team only needed me to score a draw 5º Won 15-5 against high elves, turn 1 to 3 were all hits with my scratapult on his swordmasters, and both eagles were dead on turn 2 also, so GG My list: Great Shaman: General, Rottenjaw, Lv 4, Alchemy, Talisman of Greater Shielding, Demon Heart. 335 Khan: BSB, Iron Fist, Yeti Furs, Dragonskin Banner. 195 Shaman: Lv 1, Fire, Great Weapon, Dispell Scroll. 146 1x 14 Tribesmen: FCG, Banner of Discipline, Iron Fist, Heavy Armour. 553 2x 15 Scrapling: Standard Bearer, Short bows. 2x 50 1x 8 Mercenary Veterans: FCG, Flaming Standard, +1 Ballistic Skill, Poisoned Attacks, Brace of Ogre Pistols. 500 2x 1 Sabretooth Tigers. 2x 40 2x 2 Yetis. 2x 80 2x Thunder Cannon. 2x 150 1x Scratapult. 130 Total: 2499 And now... The (almost) finished boys! 3 bombardiers and a cannon 14 tribesmen, main unit BSB Great shaman, general A Khan, Great Khan, or whatever I feel like fielding him as Fire Shaman And family pic! Missing the scratapult (Not even started gluing it), scraplings (To be painted) and a close-up on the mercenaries :hat off
  28. Living as I do. in Norway, not far from the Jotunheim, surrounded by mountains and valleys, and also being Scottish; Dwarfs are nearly compulsory.. so here's a Dwarf Lord: Gratuitous cloak shot:
  29. Finally got around to finishing my test model for my chaos Dwarf army...
  30. Managed to get this painted today as my entry for The Advent challenge over on Da Warpath!
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