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  2. How many points would this set you back to use in friendly games.
  3. No worries, I've now added it to the resource links up above so others can find it in future. Let us know how you get on with it
  4. Now that! Is something I've been waiting for, much appreciated sir, may your feast pits be ever full!
  5. Alternatively - just play with points, ignore battlefield roles.
  6. A megaboss on grunt and is something I've been thinking a about too! Be nice to see a large banner as an option. For painting more than anything else. A grunted chariot would be awsome and devastating! If you an have Gorebeasts and Razorgors I don't see why not!
  7. I'm experiencing a problem with the beta. I can't seem to download the Warscroll once I've finished writing it (very frustrating as it just loads and loads. I've been clicking the PDF button. has anyone experienced something similar? Or how are you going about saving your war scrolls? Thanks BB
  8. The above is a reworded version of the chaos war mammoth rules released by Forgeworld. I'm making a gargantuan squiggoth for my ironjaws so it fits the bill really well 😆 . I'm also looking forward to running some smaller squiggoths with stonehorn-ish rules so can't wait to see if he makes the other 👍
  9. So what I came up with was 8 wounds a pop, 4+ save, 9" move, bravery 7. Thunderlord gets +1 to all his melee weapons damage. All have man eater weapons (including pistols/crossbows/throwing stars etc). Each Rhinox causes 1 mortal wound on the charge (no 4+). Banner and horn blower see mournfang cav. "Thrash wildly": if a Rhinox flees, the attacking unit suffers D3 wounds as the Rhinox flails and tramples bodies in a blind rampage. Rhinox, Ogor, Destruction. I want to say beast claw, but gutbuster or maneater would also work. Il not so keen on maneater. That's what I got!
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