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  2. Just finished this the other day.. Think this is my favourite old Vampire model.
  3. See, I like them not having anything in the way of ranged options. It's a good reason for them to force lesser gits into joining them because then they can take less time pulling bowstrings and more time smashing gits. That being said, I could see some really 'ard ones with huge, spiked tower shields. Maybe some dock-off hooked halberds that have a bonus against mounted units. How about some in horned helmets that have charging bonuses?
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  5. I favoured building a new force for AoS rather than re-basing, but I would consider re-basing if I had fewer models. I've grown to love the aesthetics of models on round bases, now squares look kinda dated to me!
  6. It has been a slow week of painting and a busy week for basing and terrain building. But... I promised something special... and it's time to deliver the goods! Behold! The first of what will hopefully be a decent sized force dedicated to Malal!! Building something I can use in AoS28 for fun. This Priestess/Sorceress of Malal was a lot of fun to paint. I'm working on a gritty/grimy look with plenty of contrast and I think this mini fits the bill. I've added a larger base (from 25 to 35mm) but otherwise I call it done! More worshippers of Malal are in the works... coming from the shadows near you soon... In other Chaos news check out these massive slugs! They will be used as Beasts of Nurgle. Coming to eat your cabbages These guys are really gross looking though it's kind of hard to tell from this photo. I added a few boils/blisters/eyeballs to the back of their heads as well. And while we're talking about Nurgle here are a few Chaos Knights! Lots of small modifications here mostly in the heads and bodies. I put them on a 40mm base which is probably too small but I like the look of it. If it drives me or my opponents crazy I will stick them on a 50mm base later on. And what update with Chaos would be complete without a bit of Khorne? Two more Heroes join the fray (of unpainted by black shiny primed miniatures for the Bloodbound/Mortal Khorne)! I can't wait to paint up the Lord on Juggernaut. Really cool mini and the Slaughterpriest is a good looking one too. Next week expect more Chaos or maybe I'll sneak in a few more Dwarves instead. You can never have too many Dwarfs.
  7. Dark Horse Brewing Company - Crooked Theratree Black Ale Beer Type: American Black Ale - 8.50% ABV Appearance: Label is a variation on the classic Crooked Tree only dressed as a therapist. Beer pours a jet black color with a decent tan/light brown head. Looks more like a porter. Smell: Roasted coffee malt, something a bit piney/resinous, and in general just really good smelling. First Drink: Rich flavor with a lot of roasted malt and grain coming through right away. Hops kicks in more towards the end with a pleasing bitter finish. Mouthfeel: Smooth medium bodied brew with nice carbonation. Last Drink: The lighter citrus hops come through a bit clearer now. Drinkability: This is a balanced black ale and you can't really taste the higher ABV. Notes: Not sure how widely this is available as it was a limited IPA sampler selection. Verdict: 4.25 out of 5. A nice departure from other black IPA/ales out there.
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  9. Yeah, I'm not sure that Firebellies and Maneaters will ever become fully fleshed-out factions, so adding them to a Gutbusters Battletome would make more sense.
  10. Well I didn't get this update up last week but here is the mini for week 6.... another Dwarf adventurer! I don't have a name for this fella yet. He looks like a miner/self sufficient type individual. I imagine him being a bit of a loner who teams up with others when duty calls. Happy overall with how he turned out. And while I didn't paint any other minis I did spend a bit of time completing my bits extension version of three Blightkings! Here they are in their WIP state. Quick group shot! Some kind of snail butt monstrosity His buddy is more of a waddler And here's Mr. fly faced ogor shoes! While they didn't turn out quite as cool looking as I had imagined (always learning more about how to sculpt well with GS) I think they will fit nicely with my other minis. Plus they weren't doing me any good sitting around in a bits box or on a sprue! That means I managed to squeeze 8 (possibly 9) models out of just the one box! Granted I had some other tasty Nurgle bits left over but not a bad little value! Speaking of bad... picked these guys up cheap to add a bit to and use for Beasts of Nurgle. It's a giant slug conga line! They look gross enough to avoid already! Later this week I will update with some more WIP of them on bases as well as the next painted mini! Here's a hint... some say there is no malice in Warhammer.
  11. Blackrocks Brewery - Starman Pale Ale Beer Type: American Pale Ale - 5.60% ABV Appearance: Black space art on a shiny can. Beer pours a hazy straw color with plenty of off-white head. Smell: Not a lot coming out but I can certainly smell a mix of hops. First Drink: Same as the aroma. Early hit of hops followed by just a bit of sweetness then back into a mellow citrus/hops bitterness to finish. Mouthfeel: Thinner and crisp. Pretty smooth and easy drinking. Last Drink: More complexity with the different hops coming through now. Drinkability: Nice easy drinker for those times when you just want a pale ale. Notes: Just became available in my neck of the woods but it's brewed way up in the UP eh. Verdict: 4 out of 5. Blast off into the hops zone.
  12. We continue this series with one of the ultimate Ogre songs. Grinder is a less known track from the British Steel album, released in 1980 by Judas Priest. The song describes the lonesome journey of a young Ogre Bull, wandering the wasteland searching for revenge and meat. Been inclined to wanderOff the beaten trackThat's where there's thunderAnd the wind shouts backGrinderLooking for meatGrinderWants you to eat Expelled from his tribe, the Bull enjoys his freedom, as he plunders solitary farms, slaughtering cattle and feeding on whatever wildlife foolish enough to be in his way. He mocks the life of other Ogre's who he see's slaving for the Tyrants and Overlords. Day of independenceStamped us like a brandRound the necks of millionsTo the landAs the mighty eagleI need room to breatheWitness from the treadmillI take my leaveGrinderLooking for meatGrinderWants you to eat He feels he doesn't need a Butcher tell him about the powers of flesh anymore, as he will become a legendary self-taught Butcher himself one day. Grinder. VIDEO
  13. Let's get on with more music to get into the Destruction Mode. On tonight's episode we will cover the song Iron Man (1970), by the mighty Black Sabbath. With it's pounding kickdrum at marching speed and slow guitar riff the song is perfect to get your army into position and let the poor opposing army know what is coming. Put some Ironguts in the front line to complete the picture. From a lyrical perspective, the song tell's the story of a man who travels time and see's the world end. When he returns to his own time, he is transformed to a giant metal man, unable to talk or communicate. The world mock's him and doesn't want to see his warnings about the end of time. Enraged and frustrated the Iron Man now destroys mankind, instead of keeping them safe and so fulfilling the prophecy. Video
  14. January is over!!? Oh man... time moves a little too quick sometimes. This week I spent very little time with a paintbrush or glue. Between work, class, and homework drawings I have had very little time for hobby stuff. But that didn't stop me from finishing a miniature for this week!! Meet Greybeard the old Dwarf Barbarian. He's been around... seen a thing or two... has a couple scars to prove it. This was a fun little miniature to paint. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted this to be an old man barbarian. He has the sinew and leather kind of build going on. I've also been building various minis for more of my This Is Not A Test collection. I can't seem to find my photos of the Cannibal Mutant warband I have been putting together but I did find this photo of their dogs! Probably managed to break off their chains and are running around looking for fresh meat right now. I better get back to the basement and see if I can keep them from getting loose! Until next time...
  15. Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales - Rosie Del Barrio Wild Ale Beer Type: American Wild Ale - 8.20% ABV Appearance: Bomber with some art of a cat jumping off a building in an alley. Beer poured a hazy golden orange color with a thin but frothy beige head. Smell: Mostly just sour and wild yeast aromas. Wild ales always reminds me a bit of sweet tarts candy. First Drink: Sour (of course) but pretty diverse hits of flavor - berries, lemons, something a bit woodsy and vanilla. Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with good carbonation. Last Drink: A lot of stuff going on here. More ripe fruit flavors (stone fruit?) and something a bit floral as well. Complex. Drinkability: This is a sipper if ever there were one! Notes: I believe this was a one off special beer (says it was made for the rare beer club). It was given to me as a gift. Verdict: 4.5 out of 5. A nice wild sour with quite a bit going on.
  16. Thanks! I figured any Dwarf who has been adventuring awhile would probably have something nice to show for it. So some rich purple cloth was what I added.
  17. Must think ....of..... non .......violent thoughts........ Ah sod it! *Smack!*
  18. Cheers! Yeah I purchased a bunch of random GW/GW era minis off a collector who was parting with some of his decades long collection. It was a bit sad but I promised to give them a good home and some paint. These are the first two I have painted from that lot.
  19. Noble Brewer - Red Hot Mama Ale Beer Type: American Strong Ale - 9.00% ABV Appearance: Noble Brewer bomber bottle. Beer pour a dark brown-red color with a thick beige head. Smell: Sweet toffee banana like malt with some spicy hops aroma too. First Drink: Caramel malt followed quickly by the spicy bitterness and a slightly soapy finish. Mouthfeel: Medium with a good amount of fizz. Last Drink: Sticky high ABV syrup time as this warms up. Still bitter. Drinkability: Not super complex but not exactly what I would expect out of a strong ale either. Notes: Like all Noble Brewer beers this is a seasonal/limited release. Verdict: 4.25 out of 5. It'll getcha drunk.
  20. Oskar Blues - Hotbox Coffee Porter Beer Type: American Porter - 6.50% ABV Appearance: Oskar Blues style brown can with green printing. Beer poured a dark pitch brown color with a tan head that left lots of lacing. Smell: Dark chocolate and cold brew coffee. Something a bit brighter as well though I can't place it. First Drink: Roast coffee and malt with a nice tart/acidic flavor. Mouthfeel: Medium with good carbonation. Last Drink: Smoky roasted coffee and chocolate malt are still the main flavors. Reminds me of cola a bit for some reason? Drinkability: Cold brew with some coffee malt basically. Notes: Limited release in my area. A bit pricey as well for just a 4 pack of cans. Verdict: 3.75 out of 5. Fairly easy drinking but not my favorite porter.
  21. New Glarus Brewing Co. - Two Women Lager Beer Type: German Pilsener - 5.00% ABV Appearance: 12oz brown bottle with the brown craft colored label of New Glarus and two women on it. The name is a reference to the two woman owned breweries who worked on this brew. Also something about vikings and sumerians. Beer pours a orange amber color with a thin white head. Smell: Something a bit like apples or apple juice and a bit of grain. First Drink: Sweet malty apples with just a little bit of hops coming through at the end. Mouthfeel: Smooth and creamy with just the right amount of carbonation. Last Drink: Malty biscuits and grain with more of the floral hops and honey apples. Drinkability: Woah I wasn't expecting this beer to be quite so good! Notes: Another winner from WI that I can't get on a regular basis. Guess I will save it for road trips! Verdict: 4.5 out of 5. A very tasty lager.
  22. I wish I could do the same resolutions but while the young kids are around will just have to squeeze as much as I can in! Good luck on your resolutions buddy!
  23. Lots of fun was had here buddy
  24. I think it depends on how you prefer to play. Beastclaws are certainly faster but generally fewer in number. So they can become isolated and struggle with objectives. They can overcome this with good use of Icebrow hunters and Sabres. Gut busters are quite nasty and have good characters being the Tyrant and butcher with fantastic offensive. ( note Beastclaws don't have wizards but do have some wizard like abilities so no dispelling unless you use a certain item.) I sadly haven't used Beastclaws in AoS yet but there are plenty of others that have that can contribute more then I can. Hope this helps a little.
  25. Weak units: Gorgers, Scraplaunchers, Giants. Gorgers can be fun, but aren't competitive or reliable. That being said, Skrag with 6-10 individual Gorgers is amazing and loads of fun. Scraplaunchers really only shine against T3 heavy cavalry, but the lower S, T, W, and Ld make them a gamble. Giants just all-around aren't survivable enough. Strong units: Leadbelchers, Ironblasters, Man Eaters, Mournfang Leadbelchers are some of the best ranged units in the game; great at range and can even defend themselves in combat. Personally I recommend at least one unit of 6 minimum in every army; virtually guaranteed to deal with any chaff out there. Ironblasters kill what scares Ogres: enemy war machines. And they do it while being able to move and shoot, are better in combat, and have more wounds and a better save. Always take one. Two if you're being competitive. Mournfang are rank-and-file blenders. Don't throw them into elite troops, and keep their flanks away from war machines, but they will just blender through the basic crap that gets in your way. Man Eaters are an amazing swiss army knife, but don't take them unless you have a specific role you want them to play. Some examples are: 6 man eaters all with Brace of Pistols, poison, and sniper: perfect for killing support characters and chaff. 3-6 man eaters with extra hand weapons, scout, and Immune to Psychology: war machine hunters and supporting troop killers. 6-8 man eaters with extra hand weapons, stubborn or poison, swiftstride, banner of swiftness: One of the nastiest hammers out there, specialize in killing other Ogre units and anything with great weapons. Auto Includes: BSB, Dispel Scroll carrier, Banner of Discipline. Hellheart carrier in competitive games You've GOT to bring that BSB; Ogres are just too weak in the leadership to not bring the reroll. Further, put your general in the unit with the banner of discipline, just to get that little extra boost. Ogre players lose more games to leadership fails than anything else, with the exception of Purple Sun or Pit of Shades. Pursuant to the last comment, you've got to have a dispel scroll, just in case one of those unit-evaporating spells comes up. Heck, I used to bring the Hell Heart to tournaments and flat-out tell my opponents that if they weren't bringing death or shadow, they didn't have to worry about me using it.
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