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  3. Thank you for your reply! And yes, i am very lucky to get a 8'th edition tournament close by Well.. i'm more the oposite way tbh lol, i like to get my fighty chars into combat, and let them hit as hard as possible! pref get a challange or two in to I see my ironguts as my main unit, so SM there, plan to get trollguts(hopefully) on them. The bulls don't have a champion, so 1 free spot in the front rank for my bsb, i really want to get a ward save on him, but as i see hellheart as a must have as i will face magic heavy skaven, wurrzag and maybe some vampire counts to. he had to sacrifice some gear.
  4. Hey guys! I decided to register to give you a heads up about a 1500 pt tournament in the Montreal QC Canada area that happened Sunday. I played a three-game singles tourny. First, the restrictions, then my list: Even if it's at 1000pts and above, we could only have three heroes, two behemoths and two artilleries. Can't use faction-specific equipment or command traits, must use generic order/chaos/death/destruction abilities from GHB. Megaboss, Battlebrew, Trait that rolls 1d6" and hands out a +1 to hit to that unit (sorry don't remember name) Warchanter Weirdnob Shaman 10 brutes with 2" reach, 2x gore and klaw boss 5 brutes with 1" reach one extra attack, 1x gore and klaw boss 3 gore gruntas 2x 10 ardboyz (two banners, as many great weapons as possible) Ironfist Battallion that lets me move 1d6" more for my non character units Let me give a series of recaps of how games went. Game 1 against Ogors. His list (softest list I faced that day) Tyrant with dual weapons and brace of pistols 2x1 gorgers that deploy behind my lines 1x ogor wizard that is harder to kill than the weirdnob 1x sky cannon chariot 2x6 ogors with full command and ironfists (inflict a mortal wound on a save roll of 6) 1x6 ironguts with the once-per-game banner Scenario This was a very easy list to fight, because the scenario had three objectives in the center line between our hammer and anvil deployment. Atop the middle ziggurat was an objective that could be only claimed by heroes. Every turn before rolling initiative we could decide which two of the three objectives we would be doing: kill points (completely destroy a unit), side objectives (have models within 6", a single enemy model can contest) or center objective (only claimed by heroes). When you choose the given objective you can get 1 or 3 points. For the middle objective: score 1 pt if you have 1-2 heroes, score 3pts if you hold it with three heroes (note that army composition meant you needed all your heroes alive and present to do this!). The other two objectives (12" from either side in the center 12" from each deployment line) gave out 1 pt if you held one, or 3pts if you held both. Kill points gave 1pt if you killed 1-2 units, 3 if you killed 3+. Accumulate and track points over the 5 turns, the one who has the most points scores 8/20 for the hero & side objective markers and 8/20 pts for the kill point category (a tie in a category means that the players split 4-4). Then there's first blood, slay the warlord, titan killer (kill most-pointed unit) and line breaker, giving 1 pt each for a neat potential total of 20 points. Game breakdown I finish deploying first, letting him have first turn. He moves up cautiously, keeping the wizard, chariot and ironguts in reserve while the ogors and the tyrant move upfront to occupy the side objectives. His gorgers successfully deploy (and fail to charge) in my backfield. On my turn 1, I pop my megaboss command ability, rolling a 6 so two bonus attacks for EVERY ONE! I fail at buffing my armor for the 10 brutes. The gorgers bait my 5-man unit of brutes backwards (I shouldn't have done this but it netted me two kill points...) I wanted to keep my general within 10" for the brute buff but later during combat I realized it was only 5" range so I couldn't reroll 1s. I move up & charge & kill two gorgers (using just the gorechoppa and champion, no need for the other 3 brutes!), I move up a WHOLE lot thanks to the Destruction ability and the ironfist. I hard engage the two ogor units on either flank, and with the charge distance and pile in moves I am able to engage the tyrant with the klaw boss, one gorechoppa and two regular guys, giving me enough rend 1/2 to chew through the high number of wounds and good saves that he had. I get: slay the general, first blood, two kill points and both objectives are contested so no one gets points for those. This scenario forced even his sky cannon to move forward and shoot & charge on turn 2, because his ogors could not hold back combo charges of brutes, ardboys and gore gruntas on one flank. So he gave +1 saves to his ironguts, because an ogor had fled thanks to failed battleshock he was able to DOWN TO THE IRONGUTS (reroll 1s to hit, to wound and on saves!). He brings up his death star against my heavy flank, chewing through a lot of brutes. On this side the ogor unit got down to one last guy with one wound so I was not able to get the kill point and he was STILL contesting this side's objective. The 10 ardboys against 6 ogors on the other side was a relatively stalemate matchup (he ended up with 2 ogors alive when eliminating my last ardboys through failed bravery tests; letting me enough time to reinforce that flank with the small 5 brute unit that had finished fighting the gorgers at about turn 3... I combo charge his wizard on the ziggurat with my three characters--just the megaboss with brew was enough to kill it. Turn 4 I claim the center objective with my three heroes while still buffing my army with bonuses. He is tabled on turn 4, I mention that I am moving this unit forward to get the linebreaker, and end up 20-1 (he did get titan slayer by chewing through my big Brute unit with his buffed ironguts, that's about it!) Game 2 against Mixed Chaos. His list (About on par with my own, but if the Slaves to Darkness were replaced with Bloodbound it would have been more efficient) Sayl the faithless Khorne lord on juggernaut Bloodsecrator 2x skaven warp lightning cannons 10 khorne warriors of chaos with shields 30x bloodletters 5x khorne dogs 5x seekers of slaanesh Scenario: similar to the meteor, on the start of turn 1 after having deployed we randomize 1-2 = left, 3-4 = center and 5-6 = right. Each player's zone gets the objective marker. Accumulate points over turns for controlling 1 or both objective. Make kill points. Score secondary objectives. See Game against Ogor for examples of these. I finish deploying first because of my battalion. Left to right: 10 ardboys in a building, 5 brutes, 10 brutes (with the 3 characters in an optimal position to get +2 casting for the wizard and reaching all units except the gore gruntas with the general's command ability while the megaboss is bunkered down in terrain). Then the other group of ardboyz and the gore gruntas on my right. The army is mostly center-deployed so that it has the least distance to move if my (or his) objective get flung on either side. His deployment is 5 khorne dogs screening the two warp lightning cannons, the big blob of bloodletters in the center, the terrain holding the characters and 10 chaos warriors and the seekers on the right side. I let him have first turn. Objectives end up in center for both players. He realizes that during deployment he has wrongly measured the warp lightning cannon's distances in order to move 3" and shoot 24" his 0-12 mortal wounds in my megaboss' direction, so he stays put, not moving forward except with the seekers on my right. Intelligent move, forcing me to move up against a hard-engage melee army. I oblige and move up with everything except the characters who slightly reposition, buffing everyone with +1 attack and moving up my big unit of 10 ard boys with armor saves, +1 to hit and successfully charging his side seekers with my own cavalry while the 10 rightmost ardboyz also move up that flank, intent on engaging the cavalry then occupying his empty garrison-able tower if it seems useful. Most of my army (except the three characters) is up in his face, about 6-12" away or so from his deployment line. We check for initiative, I get the double turn (I am first on turn 2). I successfully move around and charge 10 ardboys and a few key models of the buffed 10 brutes into the warp lightning cannon, the other 5 brutes and some stragglers engaging the 5 khorne dogs and the side of his bloodletters. Wit ha few choice models declared before rolling, I use gorechoppas and klaw bosses (and a few 2" jagged hacka brutes) to destroy the first cannon while wounding the second one--later on the ardboys activate and finish off the second one. It goes downhill for him from there: he banks on getting a buff for his khorne units while making his warriors move 18" and flying towards my backfield general in terrain. His bloodletters are not piling up properly against my left side charge, so even if the general and bloodletters do score some heavy casualties I am easily able to start chomping through. He gives up at around turn 4 when all that's left is the bloodsecrator and sayl, me having scored the two 8-point objectives and having done a few secondary objectives. I finish 19-4. Game 3 against Sylvaneth. I face the other player who is at the top, also with 39 points out of a max of 40. He has the model that scares me the most of the whole tournament (and there are some strong behemoth contenders with the Nurgle Big Things and the Chaos Bloodthirsters!) in the form of Alarielle the Invincible With on a Stag Beetle of Doom that can heal back wounds, cast 3 spells per hero phase, and hold against half of any army! He has: Alarielle 3x3 kurnoth archers 2x10 dryads 1x5 dryad-equivalent that can teleport to board edges or near trees. 2 forests This game's objectives are ARD. Compare the number of points left alive at the end of the game (even if a 40-man unit has 1 guy left, the unit counts as not-dead). The player who has the most points left alive scores 8 points (4-4 in case of a tie). There is a MIDDLE objective, you can claim it to generate 1 pt every whole turn that you do. The player who has the most objective-claimed points scores 8 points (4-4 in case of a tie). Then there is first blood, titan killer, slay the warlord and some other teriary objective I forgot that allows you to be able to claim a total of 8+8+4=20 points. Random deployment, we roll the damned diagonal line. He plops his forests in a symmertrical manner that covers any side of the board I might choose when deploying: the forests are in the way of running IronJawz. I stuff my things in the SMALL wedge at my left instead of the large one at my right, therefore slightly (60%) avoiding the issue of the forest-in-the-way. I get first turn, pop an armor buff on my 10 brutes, move up to the hill that has the center objective and bunker down on it. I now own this objective with 2+ armor save brutes that have +1 to hit and can reroll hits against 4+ wound enemies. The whole army has +1 attack. The rest moves up in support at once, putting potential pressure on his backline. Alarielle deals mortal wounds, the archers take down my wizard and warchanter (dealing 1d3 wounds for each unsaved wound at -1 rend!). Alarielle is moved really close to my guys, and combo charges with her and the dryads. Other dryads move up near the forest, the teleporting dryads are held in reserve. He succeeds at both charges, my gore gruntas, 10 ardboys, 5 brutes are engaged in CC because of the 3" proximity. He activates his dryads first because he didnt want to lose their damage output if I were to activate my 10 ardboys first against them: this was his mistake. I receive hits, I make some saves, I'm not chewed through completely. I active the 5 brutes, and again the klaw champion and gore choppa 1-in-5 troopers deal a ton of wounds. I lowered Alarielle's combat ability, so I "only" lose two out of three gore gruntas, a brute and about half the ardboys. We roll off, I get the choice of who goes first. I will! Clutch moment right there: I won't let her heal 2d3+d6 wounds! I succeed at the 1d6" command trait on the 10 brutes, use the attack bonus again (+1 for everyone!) and move up the 10 brutes around Alarielle's back. Thanks to the hero phase movement (d6 for those near the general and d6 for being in the batallion) I was able to control ability ranges quite expertly! I start attacking with the 10 brutes, she's down to the last wounds, she kills some brutes, I use the other 5 brutes and the gore grunta to finish her off. Never has an initiative roll been so crucial in my less than 10 games of AOS! With Alarielle down over the next few turns, he doesn't let up. Over time, since the combat was dead center, the damned ****** is able to move backwards and shoot while keeping my troops screened with teleporting and regular dryads. We both score kill points here and there, and eventually I move my 4/5 brutes into LOS blocking terrain after having owned the center objective long enough. I then flee with two ardboys left over to stay in cover turn after turn and kite the archers, and a lone gore grunta with 4/5 wounds left flees from cover to cover, avoiding handing out the kill points. By end-game, he has two full units of kurnoth left alive, while my 4/5 ardboys, 1/3 gore grunta and 2/10 ardboys are doing their best to avoid being dead. I win the third match 18-3 (he has first blood by sniping my characters, he's killed my general, and he's titan-killed my 10-man brute unit, the most expensive in my army). I got 8pts for holding the center +8pts for having more points left alive and +2 for killing the general and titan killer (Alarielle being 6-700pts!) I win best general by using a balanced IronJawz list that has no Cabbage. Cheers!
  5. I've been playing around with a few different 1k Ironjawz lists for an upcoming tournament. I was wondering what everyone thinks- Orruk Megaboss (140) - General Orruk Warchanter (80) Units 10 x Orruk Ardboys (180) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (180) Battalions Ironfist (60) Total: 1000/1000 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Orruk Megaboss (140) - General Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120) Units 10 x Orruk Ardboys (180) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (180) Total: 980/1000
  6. I haven't played with ironjaws myself, but a friend of mine does decently well with them. I have understood that gore gruntas under perform and brutes over perform. Their battalions are also great. I have played with beastclaws and savage orruks myself. I like them a lot, Thundertusk and Stonehorn are great, mournfangs are not (aside from models). Adding Thundertusk gives you great missile weapon that ironjaws lack. The same goes for Arrowboys, but you need to invest quite a lot to them to be effective: at least 20+ models and Big Boss is helpful, plus during game they really need +1 to hit: from Bellowing Tyrant, so other units don't get that buff. The downside of mixing is that you lose many good battlelines - none of ironjaws are battleline without ironjaws allegiance. So in addition to Thundertusk you have to take at least 3 units of savage orruks/Ogors/ etc. And that makes it almost half non-ironjaws army... Personally I would play ironjaws, they seem such a fun army. I will try at some time braggoths beast hammer battalion: beastclaws mixed with ironjaws' gore gruntas.
  7. Awesome bat rep buddy. Really enjoged the read. You have orky speech down to a tee. Congrats on the win!
  8. Breaking the Chains Long ago, in Age of Chaos, the Skullthumpas were a prominent Orruk tribe that terrorized the mortal realms. Led by their brutal but cunning Warboss, Gorfang, the clan claimed victories against all they came across. They sacked the impenetrable Dwarf Hold of Karaz Zulfin, brought down Warlord Korkid Da Mighty and his IronSkullz boyz, defeated the Unending Tide of Skaven and Lord Zheed in the burrows of the Forgotten City, put the horse nation of Parravin to the torch, and slayed Daemonlord Thzadrith, a champion of Khorne. While Archaon’s forces spread their presence across the realm, the Skullthumpas continued to persevere against the legions of the Dark Gods. There were so many dead enemies that the Orruks would not have to resort to eating their Grot companions. Although, this did not completely stop the Ogre chefs from whooping up Grot Stew for da boyz. Alas, the Skullthumpas would eventually meet a grisly end at the hands of Chaos. A combined host of Khorne and the Legion of Azgorh ambushed the clan in the Valley of Hargth. The weavers claimed the valley was created when a massive stone-gargant fell from the skies to his death on this spot, littering the ground with large rocks and crags, perfect for taking an enemy by surprise. Despite their fury, Gorfang’s troops were torn apart by daemon blade and fell firepower. The warboss himself was wounded but survived. Much of the army was either sacrificed to the Blood God, while the rest were taken as prisoners by the Chaos Dwarfs, including Gorfang. Very few escaped into the wilderness, including Gorfang's second in command, Urgkash da Stompa. Gorfang and his surviving boyz were marched into the Realm of Fire to the cursed hold of the Chaos Dwarfs, Zharr Haraz. For years, the former warboss slaved away in the quarries of the slave pits beneath the hold alongside his fellow Orruks, as well as slave duardin and humans. All the grots had perished, but Gorfang and most of his orcs endured, plotting and planning for a rebellion. Eventually, they rose against their taskmasters, but it ended in failure. Despite being impaled by an Ironsworn halberd, Gorfang survived. As punishment, the Dawi Zharr began using the slaves as cannon fodder for their armies as they marched across the mortal realms. More orruks perished in battle or grinded to death in the slave pits, but once more, Gorfang endured. Throughout the years, his size and strength grew with each minor victory. He continued to plot for his next rebellion, but he received aid from an unexpected host. After seizing duardin slaves from the Ankor Volghar of the continent of Zarcosia, a mighty throng of the Stormbolt Clan marched into Aqshy and laid siege on Zharr Haraz. While the Chaos Dwarfs attempted to defend their hold, a regiment of Stormbolt Rangers infiltrated the slave pits to free their kin. They attempted to escape using a long-forgotten realmgate concealed during the seizure by the Chaos Dwarfs. However, the portal was too badly damaged as Dawi Zharr reinforcements began flooding the pits. Left with no choice, the Ranger captain freed Gorfang and his Orruks in order to fight off their slavers. Swearing an oath to free the Greenskinz, the orruks were more than eager to seek revenge after decades of enslavement. Using crude tools and smuggled weapons, the orruks turned the tide and slaughtered the fallen duardin. Gorfang himself slew the Castellan of the hold, Rhagrakki Burnfist. With his demise, so too did Zharr Haraz. While the majority of the Stormbolt Clan wished to do away with the Orruks as well, the Ranger captain's oath was fufilled, though with a compromise. Gorfang and his clan would be allowed to sack the hold, but had to leave into the realm of shadows. Zharr Haraz was then raised to the ground, for the taint of chaos had tainted its once proud halls and had to be purged in order to erase the grudge from the clan's Book of Grudges. As for the orruks, they soon banded together to create a new clan. They entered slavery as Greenskinz, but earned their freedom as Ironjawz. They would be known as the Bloodbreaka's, led by the orruk who kept them alive, fought and survived the worst thrown at him at the hands of chaos, Megaboss Gorfang da Immortal. Their quest for vengeance, conquest, and liberation of the mortal realms has begun. ___________ Greetings everyone long-time Warhammer player here since 6th Edition fantasy but I have loved how the game and community has grown since Age of Sigmar began. This is going to be my army blog for my mixed Destruction forces. It will mostly focus on my Ironjawz and Greenskinz, but it will also include Moonclan Grots and hopefully Ogors in the future. In this thread, I will update the progress and construction of my armies, write lore stories surrounding my characters/armies, and battle reports from my matches. Hopefully you all enjoy it and we can share our love for the hobby. --------------- GORFANG DA IMMORTAL From his time as a warboss, to the grueling years of slavery under the Dawi Zharr, Gorfang has emerged from the ashes of those pits a free Orruk, bigger, stronger, and more cunnin' from his trials. He has survived many close calls and grievous wounds in his life: avoiding slaughter at the hands of Khone's worshipers, withstanding the vicious environment of the slave quarries, persisting in the front lines of the Chaos Dwarf armies, as well as the final rebellion that won him his freedom. This has led his followers to refer to him as Da Immortal. Yet, Gorfang is not satisfied. During his years as a slave, the megaboss claims Gorkamorka spoke to him in a dream, telling him to start gathering the downtrodden clans and uniting them into a WAAAGH! to drive out the forces of chaos from the mortal realms. Recalling his time as warboss of the Skullthumpas, Gorfang has revived his practice of adorning his armour with the heads of his fallen foes. Each one tells the story of Gorfang's trials as an Ironjaw. The taskmaster Rhagrakki Burnfist's head sits next to the ogor Turokk The Hairy, whose raiding party was stomped into the ground after they betrayed the Bloodbreaka's while escaping the Realm of Ulgu. The scalp of the Aspiring Deathbringer Kalrak Bloodmarked hangs from the belt of Gorfang after his bloodbound were broken in a vicious battle with the Bloodbreaka's, retribution for their massacre ages ago. And the monster's skull that sits on Gorfang's right shoulder? No one knows what it was, only that Gorfang went on a raid into the Realm of Ghur and returned a week later with the skull intact, along with Urgknash and an army of Skullthumpas.
  9. What defines a tribe? For many Ogres, it is kinship, a blood-relation of a collection of essentially cousins and 2nd-cousins, who have rallied together to fend off the vicious winter landscapes of the Mountains of Mourn. To some, it is simply the bond of gold, whoever pays the most gets the muscle. But, to the Guteater clan, theirs is a tribe of a kinship stronger than that of blood. Many Ogres are cast out of their tribes for various reasons: not carrying their weight (both figuratively and metaphorically), disagreeing with the Tyrant or one of his Bruiser supporters, or out of wanderlust. When they are left to fend for themselves, if a member of the Guteater clan discovers them, they present an opportunity for a new community: The Everbruise Tribe. To join this tribe, they need to only complete one task: The Initiation. The Initiation is very simple. When the Ogre initiates are brought before the "council" (or, simply, the row of Bruiser lieutenants), the initiate must lay flat on the ground, and each Bruiser, in turn, swings his massive club and slams it into the chest of the initiate. If the Ogre is broken and killed, then their bloody corpse becomes a part of the next feast (and is already pre-tenderized). If the Ogre withstands the assault, however, he is considered a member of the tribe. The "Everbruise" part comes from the horrid permanent bruising and internal bleeding that comes from the attack, often leaving the chest region purple and blighted. Besides screening out weaker Ogres, this ritual has a underlying belief in it: the strongest part of an Ogre is his gut, and by pounding the chest region, it is believed that more of the muscle will move further down into the gut and outwards into the arms, thereby making him a stronger fighter and sturdier warrior. The leader of this fraternity of outcasts is currently Khorag Guteater. The first outcasted Bruiser of his tribe in generations, he swore bloody revenge against his uncle (the Tyrant of his former tribe) that he would be back for vengeance. After a small journey as a Maneater, picking up valuable wealth and resources, he hired a few mercenary ogres and brought a bloody coup against the tribe, slaying them all and sacrificing them to the Maw, taking meaty bites out of each Ogre's gut to gain their former strength, hence his surname. He eventually gained the title "The Unbroken" during the events leading to the End Times. His tribal lands were assaulted by the rampaging forces of Chaos as the world began to fall, and although his warriors were cut down and defeated, he himself remained alive, and broke the chains of the slavers who tried to capture him for sacrificial purposes. Now, with some chains still permanently trapped to his gutplate, he leads what few remaining free Ogres can be found in a near-futile attempt for that which they crave most: food and survival. The Army List: (Here's the full model count for the army that I have prepared ATM) 1 Tyrant: Khorag 1 BSB Bruiser: Ghort Polebearer, the lazy elder cousin of Khorag who happily holds the mast-like banner and uses it as a battering ram as well as a morale marker. 1 Slaughtermaster: Gharrar the Grisslemeiser, a large Butcher who favors the particularly unsavory bits of animals, including the grissle and the giblets. 1 Butcher: Hawgrag the Bloody, who is always wrapped in the entrails of his latest victims for easy access for gut magic. 1 Firebelly: Hikar Mountainheart, first arrived in the tribe coming out of a mountain cave, followed by an underground lava flow; many believe he was born from the mountain itself. 24 Bulls 12 Ironguts 50 Gnoblars (assembled, over 100 in bits still lol) 8 Leadbelchers 6 Maneaters 6 Sabretusks 4 Mournfang Cavalry 1 Gorger 1 Scraplauncher (the ol' metal one) 2 Ironblasters 2 Giants 1 Thundertusk 1 Stonehorn about 4 more Ogre bodies not dedicated to any particular purpose yet Total points comes in just shy of 6k (including all the filler upgrade points etc.) ...I don't have an updated picture for the full army, but I'll post one... eventually... Hope you enjoyed!
  10. Okay so I went to a 9th age team tournament last weekend with my ogres, we finished 4th out of 8 teams, so not that bad My games were: First day 1º Won 11-9 against ogres, pretty much the same list that I played 2º Lost 14-6 against another ogre, more combat focussed 3º Lost 12-8 against Khemri, agreed outcome with the opponent, since my list was kinda useless against his Second day 4º Draw 10-10 against ogres, similar list to mine, I didn't wanted to take any risk since the team only needed me to score a draw 5º Won 15-5 against high elves, turn 1 to 3 were all hits with my scratapult on his swordmasters, and both eagles were dead on turn 2 also, so GG My list: Great Shaman: General, Rottenjaw, Lv 4, Alchemy, Talisman of Greater Shielding, Demon Heart. 335 Khan: BSB, Iron Fist, Yeti Furs, Dragonskin Banner. 195 Shaman: Lv 1, Fire, Great Weapon, Dispell Scroll. 146 1x 14 Tribesmen: FCG, Banner of Discipline, Iron Fist, Heavy Armour. 553 2x 15 Scrapling: Standard Bearer, Short bows. 2x 50 1x 8 Mercenary Veterans: FCG, Flaming Standard, +1 Ballistic Skill, Poisoned Attacks, Brace of Ogre Pistols. 500 2x 1 Sabretooth Tigers. 2x 40 2x 2 Yetis. 2x 80 2x Thunder Cannon. 2x 150 1x Scratapult. 130 Total: 2499 And now... The (almost) finished boys! 3 bombardiers and a cannon 14 tribesmen, main unit BSB Great shaman, general A Khan, Great Khan, or whatever I feel like fielding him as Fire Shaman And family pic! Missing the scratapult (Not even started gluing it), scraplings (To be painted) and a close-up on the mercenaries :hat off
  11. No worries, I've now added it to the resource links up above so others can find it in future. Let us know how you get on with it
  12. Frostlord on Stonehorn is a bit of a powerhouse, very solid choice. Get him stuck in and wrecking as much face as possible The Butcher can be an interesting model to field, although as he's there to buff Ogors I'd consider switching to the Clubs and Blades on the big unit of Ogors and have him tag around with them - if you're lucky and get that +1 to hit on them with the cauldron that would mean 3+ to hit re-rolling 1s. When it comes to Grots, they can come in handy for objectives due to their numbers, in what is otherwise a low model count force. I personally like the Gitmob variety with bows, especially when buffed by a Grot Shaman (in a large unit, their bows can then hit on 3s, wound on 4s, with -1 rend). As for the Gnoblar variety, I feel the traps are unreliable but the attack output of a large unit is pretty high (even though they're statistically pretty poor attacks - plenty of dice rolling though!). I like your 40/20 split. Gitmob Grots can deal damage at longer range though...they could afford to hang back a bit more while the Ogors get up close and personal. Plus, unlike Gnoblars, Gitmobs help towards satisfying the Battleline requirement which would open up more options for your other units, such as maybe adding one of those units of 3 Ogors to the bigger unit, unlocking the chance to re-roll all failed to wound rolls on the charge. Understandable though if you can't run them as Gitmobs due to wysiwyg.
  13. FLUFF: The Blackfang Wolfboyz are a band of opportunistic raiders, living between all along the caves and forest paths of the Rockbrow Mountains. In times of idleness, they stalk travellers who divert from the paths, silently creeping on the unsuspecting upon their wolf mounts; but when they march to war they ravage the lands around in great packs, hungry for food and loot. The tribe worship Gorkamorka as The Great Big Wolf, a form both cunning (as it circles its prey and isolates them from their allies) and brutal (as it savages its prey with its sharp teeth and claws). Using whatever means at their disposal, every Grot in the tribe must tame a wolf to ride upon when embarking on raids. Whether this is by coercion or force is no matter, but those who fail are invariably watched with amusement by the rest of their brethren as their green flesh is stripped from their bones by the outraged canine. The Blackfang tribe are led by a strangely militaristic Grot by the name of Skumtoof da Archgit. Supposedly, his courage and strength-of-arms are legendary (at least among his Gitmob). This is likely less of some kind of cultural shift and more due to the sheer size and hunger of his gigantic wolf mount Big Bitey, who towers above the rest of her kin and bows her head to nobody, save from Skumtoof himself. Never far from his side is his trusty (a term used loosely) Shaman, Griksnab. While a shifty git with more than a few tricks up his sleeve, Griksnab is smart enough to know that even if he did kill his boss and become the next Archgit, he'd be quickly isolated and gutted by the rest of the tribe without something like Skumtoof's wolf as a trump card. When not aiding Skumtoof in his rule or on the battlefield, he spends his time sneakily trying to sway Big Bitey into becoming his own mount with gifts and simpering tones. Griksnab quickly lost three fingers and switched to bullying Snotlings into doing it for him, with limited success. CRUNCH: 1000PTS ALLEGIANCE - GITMOB ALLEGIANCE ABILITY - BIG AND BRUTISH LEADER: - (GENERAL) - Goblin Warboss on Giant Wolf w/ Git-cutta and Git Shield (BATTLE BREW) - 60pts - Grot Shaman on Giant Wolf - 80pts BATTLELINE: - 10 x Grot Wolf Riders w/ Pokin' Spears and Raidin' Shields - 200pts - 10 x Grot Wolf Riders w/ Pokin' Spears and Raidin' Shields - 200pts - 10 x Grot Wolf Riders w/ Wolf Bows and Raidin' Shields - 200pts - 5 x Grot Wolf Riders w/ Wolf Bows and Raidin' Shields - 100pts OTHER: - 2 x Grot Wolf Chariots - 80pts - 2 x Grot Wolf Chariots - 80pts
  14. At the Dawn of the Mortal Realms Da Godz Gork and Mork (or possibly Mork and Gork) found themselves fused. Enraged GorkaMorka beat at it's divine breast attempting to separate themselves and a single drop of green blood fell to the Realm of Ghur. From this drop sprung a single humongous Orruk in the manner of all Orruks when they spring from the earth. This Orruk so disorientated by its violent birth that it forgot almost all of what it was in the World that was (The mighty warrior Grimgor Ironhide) and so gave himself a new name Korruk, Da Great Red. And as Korruk fought across the realm of Ghur he shed his spores and where they took root the First Ironjawz sprang. Titanic, apelike Orruks with skin so dark it seemed Black. These first formed a Guard around there violent progenitor becoming Da Immortulz. Soon diluted versions of the Ironjawz race began to apear and move away from where Da Great Red landed a place now known as the sea of bones. Soon Da Great Red Waaagh! was in full charge and seemed unstoppable. Many of Korruk's victories are lost to legend but at the peak of his power Da Great Red war Clan returned across the plains making war on all from the Ogors to the Beasts of Cartha and attempting to re cross the greatest monument to there destruction the now grown Sea of Bones. In an event that went down in the annals of Azyr Orruk and Stormcast fought the Bone Horde of Mannfred and its Flesh eater allies. Defeating them and the reinforcing Lich Guard of Arkhan supported by Astral Templars Da Great Red was left with a decimated force. Rounding up the shattered Waaagh! and forging it into a new Warclan Da Iron-Hide Ard Boyz! Though weakened Da Great Red Has won many major victories against all comers, from the shattering of the Hammers of Sigmar at the Greensand Beir, to the Defeating of the beast caller Seraphon at the Life-Beast Nexus. As Da Iron-Hide Ard Boyz gain in strength Korruk hears tell of Gordrakk the so called "Fist of Gork" who claims the title of Boss of Bosses. Korruk will hunt this pretender and When he finds him there challenge will shake the realms to there core and show the Gods they to can know fear. For an Orruk gains only strength from victory and whome ever wins will have no rival in uniting all of Destruction's forces in one final Waaagh! and what army could Order, Chaos or even Death itself bring to beat that would stop such a Apocalyptic event. Da Clash of Da Waaagh's! Part 1: "Zog Da Sea of Bones!" Roaring with insensate rage the great red struck out with his twin axes, cleaving whistling paths through the air were moments before Lord Castellant Hamilcar Bear-Eater had stood. Hamilcar seeing the devastation wrought by those axes danced away from the Gigantic Orruks, his warplate rent in a dozen places and his barbaric finery in tattered by this Ironjaw and it's minions. Lying where it had fallen was one of Hamilcars Gryth hounds and 10 feet away at the base of a pile of shattered Skeleton warriors was the rest of that same Gryth Hound. Korruk had bisected the beast with Red-Axe before ever it reached him. 'Ha, good for fighting my hounds beast. Not so effective against the Bear eater aye!' 'Your speakin big, brave words Hammer-Boss, after I killed yer dead boyz and and yer hammer boyz and crumped up your nice Shiny armour' As the Mega Boss monologued Hamilcar swooped in under his guard and drove his halberd with all his Sigmar give strength right across the left side of Korruks face. God forged Sigmarite glanced from the beasts Ironhard Skull but caught on something, pulling it from his head with a creaking groan of metal and a bellow of anger from the Great Red. Once more Hamilcar attempted to jink out of the Orruks reach but this time he was too slow. The Great Red flung a fist out before him striking Hamilcar in the facplate like the kick from a gargant. Rolling through the dust Hamilcar came to one knee spitting blood that leaked in a rivulet down the chin of his maroon war mask. As the Great Red clasped hands to face in pain Hamilcar's Gaze darted, assessing the situation. knots of liberators and what remained of Arkhans Lich-Guard faught with Mobs of Ironjawz. Both had wiped out what remained of Manfreds forces long ago and had quickly turned upon one-another, such has always been the way of Orruks when a good fight is afoot. Nearby his two remaining Gryth Hounds worried at a mountainous armored Maw-Krusha that had already pulverized a retinue of Liberators. Even as he watch the vastly larger beast caught the leaping hound in a snapping maw, the bulldog like wyvern-kin shook the animal like a rat before swallowing the Lepard sized beast whole, though it's companion held on wreaking a red mauling on the Maw-Krusher as though it had a chance at winning. It always brought Hamilcar great sadness to see the Gryth houds pass for unlike there Stormcast Masters, Drakoths and Star Drakes, Gryth hounds are only mortal. There would be no re-forging for them. The Great Red bellowed, regaining his composure. The metal patch over its left eye had been ripped away, revealing a knot of scar tissue and a fresh, red, wrent over a vacant socket. 'Right, you've ad it now!' With that he began a landslide charge forward. Peeling away from the melee, Librator-Prime Hrothgarus tried to intercept the avalanche of muscle. He didn't even slow. Sweeping his axes before him he took Hrothgarus apart without breaking stride, picking up speed as the Prime ascended in lightning around him and crackling over his armored bulk. Hamilcar grasped his halberd two handed and muttered a prayer to Sigmar. Roaring as he rushed to meet the beast. The last thing he saw before ascending to Sigmaron and reforging was that single, glowing red eye. *** Da Iron-Hide Ard Boyz consists of: Da Great Red (represented by Gordrakks rules and a miniature that is Gordrak with more spikes and Grimgor Ironhide's head) 1 Brute Fist 5 units of Brutes (Da Immortulz, Da Wurld Masha Brawl, Da Rokk Nobz, Da Blak Hand and Da Skull Gitz) 1 Iron Fist: 1 Brutes (Da Blud Tusks) 1 Gore Gruntas (Da Knuckle Bones) 1 Ard Boyz (Da Skarr Boy) Various support characters Gob Da Gore Mouth Boss of Da Blud Tusks (Mega Boss) He has been a continual disapointment to Da Great Red as he has not once failed to die in a battle even when surrounded by his Blud Tusks. He was responsible for the Loss at the hands of Da Khaos Boyz in shatter-dust gulch Drill (Black Orruk Big Boss) Zog'fer'branez (Weird Knob) Drumm da Travela (War Chanter) *A note: Da Great Red Himself is as of yet unpainted and I haven't even begun work on the Brute fist, they just sit there on the shelf as I struggle through work and study. But in various combinations this army has won all but on battle where I fairly lost against a better player. Most of the battles I describe are drama-tised versions of actual games some of which I poorly recreated from the knights of vengeance audio series. I hope you all enjoy.
  15. From the journal of Herr Otto in a chapter titled "know thy enemy" Rok'gar the brain gobbler gained his title for his belief that the power of the maw allowed him to gain knowledge from the brains of his opponents. Many ogres did not believe in his claim but none could deny he was the biggest, meanest son of a gun around. Rok'gars current campaign of conquest started during a conflict with a band of the slaves to the dark powers. A powerful Mage had been giving Rok'gars forces a run for their money. Fed up with the Mage turning his ogres into ash he lead a charge straight through the bulk of the war bands forces, hacking and slashing as he went. Rok'gar finally made his way through the mass of bodies, the Mage summoned all the magical energy he could manage to blast the tyrant with, eyes glowing with barley restrained power the Mage chanted his spell. The last words the Mage heard before his death was Rok'gar chuckling "heads up" before chomping off the top of his head, leaving the lower half of a jaw and a flapping tongue. The mages tortured body exploded from the pent up energy blasting all around his corpse in a golden flash. When the smoke settled Rok'gar was found sitting in a crater surrounded by gore with a flicker in his eye and one word on his lips "Ghyran". At least that's how the locals tell the tale, Rok'gar has been gaining numbers he has to be stopped before things get out of hand. the fluff is from a AoS campaign I never got to finish but I thought it worked here. A fun thing about it though is we got custom command traits, mine was Ability: Braingobble – Rok’gar has an appetite for brainfood, and he’s all out of Bran Flakes! When Rok’gar kills a HERO or MONSTER, he takes a healthy bite out of their cranium, healing a wound previously lost. 1 tyrant 1 butcher 1 fire belly 7 iron guts 13 bulls 37 gnoblars 10 maneaters 1 thunder tusk 1 stone horn 4 mournfang 5 wolves(saber cats) 1 iron blaster 1 scrap launcher 1 giant i don't have the handbook handy but I remember it all being around four thousand points.
  16. The Stronghold Thunderhorde is a marauding mix of brutal Ogors and savage Orruks, all mounted on a variety of monstrous creatures. With a thunderous roar they ride forth from their vast mountain home, looting and pillaging across the Realms. This highly mobile stampede of destruction tramples all who would dare stand against it. Stronghold Ogors and Orruks alike adorn themselves with the remains of their foes, having eaten the meat from the bones first of course. Rather than using drums or horns, they instead prefer to bellow their war cry as they charge into battle. If you can hear the thundering of the Stronghold, it's too late to run! The Thunderhorde is currently under construction, when complete it will be made up of the following units: Orruk Warboss on Wyvern (Thunderlord Tuffgit Fugkrusha on White Manticore) Frostlord on Stonehorn (Morgut the Mighty) Huskard on Thundertusk (Gizard Thunderbelly) Grimhorn Rhinox Riders (lead the Mournfang Pack) - 2 models Mournfang Pack - 10 models Frost Sabres (Fenrisian Wolves) - 10 models Orruk Gore-gruntas (led by Grimfang 'Eadsmasha) - 6 models Savage Boarboy Maniaks - 20 models Icefall Yhetees (Thunderwolves) - 3 models
  17. When the grots of the Raggedy Moon Clan descended from their foothill caves to raid a duardin caravan heading to Greywater Fastness, Zeller Bullfungo and his fellow greenskins were expecting to find precious gemstones and metals. Instead, when all the stunty guards were slaughtered or chased off and the canvases thrown off the carts, to their dismay, all they found were wooden barrels. Barrels upon barrels upon barrels. Most of the clan turned back in disappointment: there were no shiny trinkets here to trade with the other clans and no greenskin was interested in the disgusting brew of the more 'civilised' races. Zeller Bullfungo, the clan's shaman, however, had an idea - quite possibly his first and to this date his best... Whilst the other grots returned to their caves, Zeller returned to the caravan with a pack of squigs and some willing (or intimidated) herders. Together they dragged the barrels (most of them) and returned (most of them) back to the clan's stronghold. Upon returning, Zeller sealed himself in his shamanic chamber, feverishly setting to work; cracking open the kegs and manically throwing in all sorts of strange, colourful fungi. For days, strange chants and magical crackles (and booms) could be heard from outside the cave and just when a small mob of grots were ready to break in and batter Zeller's brains out, he emerged; wide eyed and cackling. What he had created would come to be known as 'moonbrew' and it would forever change the fortunes of the Raggedy Moon Clan. Now addicted to moonbrew, the grots of the Raggedy Moon Clan launched ever daring raids on both human and duardin caravans - throwing away the useless gems and arcane books, seeking only the discusting ales that Zeller could use as a base for his moonbrew. Within months, word of the moonbrew had spread across the hills and surrounding areas, attracting more and more grots to the cause, swelling the clan's numbers. But news of the raids had also drawn the attention of a greedy tribe of ogors - the Tightfists. One fateful night, the Tightfist clan strode in to the moonclan camp, kicking grots aside, raiding the larders and proceeding to guzzle barrels of the famous moonbrew. Tensions rose and a standoff ensued between the huge ogors and the swarms of grots as well as packs of squigs (who were ready to eat anyone from either side). A parlay however, between the Tightfist tyrant, Ugrok Man-masher and Zeller resulted in the formation of 'The Madcap Moonbrew Co.' The terms of the partnership were simple: Zeller would step up production of moonbrew, in order to satisfy both the grots and ogors and the Tightfists would, in exchange, give 'protection' to the grots and enable bigger and bolder raids. The Madcap Moonbrew Co. has continued to grow as a loose coalition of moonclan grots, ogors and even an aleguzzler gargant who together, through their mutual love (or addiction) of moonbrew, launch raids upon the caravans and breweries of the free peoples of Ghyran. Zeller now has has aspirations to go 'international' - setting up moonbrew breweries throughout the mortal realms, adding new exotic flavours of fungi to his recipe. So, in the words of Zeller, 'We'z commin' fer yoo an' we'z takin' yer brew!' Currently painted are: Zeller Bullfungo - Grot Shaman 40 Moonclan Grots 10 Squig Hoppers 6 Ogors 6 Ironguts 2 Mournfangs Butcher Ugrok Man-Masher - Tyrant In the pipeline: Alieguzzler Gargant More Squig Hoppers Squig Herders Gallery can be viewed here:
  18. Grimrak learned early where the best battles could be found and it was a secret he never told anyone. Da Bonespittaz learned it first of course but Grimrak didn't mind that. His secret was just to follow them. Da Back Breakaz seemed to always end up right where the good fights were. Grimrak and his brutes could just hang back a little and let Da Back Breakaz have some fun before joining in the fight and finishing it off. He loved fighting those humans the most. Big metal men with swords who went bong when you gave them a good krumpin. So having decided to try out the points system finally I sat down with what might be a forthcoming army for me: the Ironjawz. I started making out a list and then I realised how hard it is to come in close to two thousand. I am aware it is possible but in doing that I would be missing out on a lot of units that I want to take. Have GW missed a trick by not making items/traits have a cost so that we can squeeze in something for the last few points remaining, 60 points in my case! 40 'Ardboyz 10 Brutes 6 Gore Gruntas Warchanter Megaboss Weirdnob Shaman Ironfist formation Weirdfist formation Also the army seems remarkably small. Are these units, the 'Ardboys will be spilt into two units, too big?
  19. My army is based on a silly, terrible, little youtube story series, that I do on my channel. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe4aU3kcJy8AmlxxWilQfyaozII-7zF7Z ************************************************************************************************* Mawfette, a wandering firebelly, made a long journey into Ghyran, the realm of life. There in a hidden valley she encountered an odd tribe of greenskins. Oddly enough the leading caste seemed to be Moon Clan grots. The leader being a shaman, calling himself "The Highest Elf". For some unknown reason the "Best Elves", upon seeing Mawfette, decided to instantly make her their "Elven Queen".Being without a tribe this was, even though very weird, an opportunity Mawfette couldn't pass up. Since that day she is the leader of this weird horde of greenskins. She made them wear her skull warpaint, as a sign of loyalty. Interestingly enough the orruks in the clan don't believe themselves to be "elves", but still play along with the weird pretend game of the grots. Or do the grots really believe to be elves? The "best" elves even. They don't even dress like elves! To this day Mawfette was unable to get behind this odd mystery. Either they are all completely out of their mind, or there is some weird magic at work. Pointing to the latter is the almost silly music, which fills the air, whenever one of the grots open their mouths to speak. The greenskins also seem to be obsessed with herding pigs. They in fact almost worship them, cause they believe that they have to honour the "great pig of the realms of life". Whatever that is about... Heroes: Mawfette, the "Elven Queen" - Firebelly The Highest Elf - Moon Clan Grot Warboss with moon-prodder and giant squig The High Elf - Moon Clan Grot Shaman Billy - Orruk Shaman Nate - Savage Orruk Shaman Bloom - Grot Shaman Needs Name - Orruk Shaman Needs Name - Orruk Warboss with boss chopps and shield Needs Name - Ogor Hunter Units: The Eternal Guard - 13x Moon Clan Grots with stabbas, grot banner, gong basher The Elves - 30x Moon Clan Grots with pokin' spears, moon shields, grot banner, gong basher, netter The Waywatchers - 20x Moon Clan Grots with moonclan bows The Wardancers - 4x Fanatics The Shadowblades - 5x Sneaky Skulkers The Piggy Boys - 26x Orruks with two choppas and orruk banner The Porkinators - 5x Orruk Ardboys with orruk banner and war drummer The Baconators - 5x Orruk Ardboys with orruk banner and war drummer Needs name - 4x Cave Squigs Needs name - 3x Cave Squig Herders Dem Trolls: 6x Sourbreath Troggoths Monsters: Jeff - Chimera Dat Giant - Aleguzzer Gargant Warmachines: Needs Name - Grot Scraplauncher Chariots: The Piggy Wagon - Orruk Boar Chariot
  20. Awesome i did try and look for it. Its worded a little odd to me but make sense after a few re reads. Cheers Zolas.
  21. Cool man, for starters good luck. Second point, is that if you are playing by GHB rules, you'll need a second battleline unit. Boarboyz don't cut it as you're not a pure Greenskinz allegiance. What grot shamans? Are they moonclan or gitmob? The moonclan have a really great spell, and are cheaper for some reason. If they're moonclan, bring them both. The Wyvern is great to take as well, but at 1000pts a tyrant might be a little more appropriate. I don't recommend the warboss on the boar, as you don't have enough orruks to make that beneficial - he won't hold up in combat, and if he's not buffing, there are better things to spend points on. The spearchukkas are freaking great though. So, you might want to drop the boar boys and the warboss on boar. Maybe take 40 moonclan grots, and a fanatic or two if you can, and/or those Shaman. That's cover battle line and magic damage. The ogors will be your slightly-less effective beefcake unit, while your Wyvern (whom you will give battlebrew) will fly around laying waste to anything it wants to. That is just one option, though (and not even my favourite - which would be 40 orruk boys supported by a General Warboss with a banner). You've got a lot to work with!
  22. Hey guys, what do you guys think about this list as a first army? I would like to play something that is somewhat competitive, and i really like the orc/orruk theme. Any suggestions/conformation would be much appreciated! Orruk warboss 20 orruks choppa/shield 10 savage arrow boys Butcher 6 ogors Aleguzzler gargant.
  23. You have a solid list here that would be good for a local tournament (depending on the meta) and would't get outright crushed at a larger one. If you are aiming for the top end of competitive lists, however, ogres simply aren't going to cut it because they aren't overpowered enough. The top end destruction lists right now are Bonesplittaz or Beastclaw heroes with grot troops. However, if you aren't quite looking to go to that level then I think this could do reasonably well. My only recommendation would be to swap the leadbelchers for a Thundertusk, since the latter will give you a harder hit at longer range that you'll need to take out support models.
  24. The 2 artifacts i can change when ever, so the talismans i would use against stormfiends etc and battlebrews against any army with low mortal wound output. The boys do die fast but there usually just sat in my deployment on an objective so dont get attacked that much and 20 wounds for 100 points is probably the best im gunna get. Im just not sure if its worth adding the boss and formation just for an extra battlebrew?
  25. Good luck! Provide reports!
  26. Afternoon Stronghold, I've received a private message about how to use Lamekh'sOnlineCodex. Just in case anyone else is having any problems, here is some info to help out: You will need the following: 1) An up to date version of Java, I'm currently running "Java 8 update 11"; &# 2) A program to open .jar files. I downloaded a program called "jarfix.exe", which can be downloaded from here: https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html Good luck! Badmarsh
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