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  2. You may notice the Stronghold URLs have all changed from http to https, which essentially means the Stronghold has a greater level of security. As a side effect, this has broken a couple of things - namely the random logo and the Facebook feed - which I'm working on fixing at the moment
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  4. Warscroll

    Hey, I never considered that you can target models with the sack attack. That is significant!
  5. Quite impressive:
  6. Warscroll

    Adding to the above, having a Grot Wolf Chariot within 8" of these guys gives them Loping Charge, allowing them to re-roll for running and charging and giving them even more mobility.
  7. Warscroll

    Decent and cheap unit with some ranged capability, but it's the wolves themselves that will be dealing most of your damage. It can attack with ranged attacks and charge in the same turn. It has Loping Charge, letting it re-roll the dice for running and charging. It best shines when combined with wolf-heavy lists (including your heroes and their mounts), as any unit mounted on Giant Wolves gets the Loping Charge ability too! Nice.
  8. See, I like them not having anything in the way of ranged options. It's a good reason for them to force lesser gits into joining them because then they can take less time pulling bowstrings and more time smashing gits. That being said, I could see some really 'ard ones with huge, spiked tower shields. Maybe some dock-off hooked halberds that have a bonus against mounted units. How about some in horned helmets that have charging bonuses?
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  10. Warscroll

    If you use points, they seem to be very overcosted. In no points games they are better. 6 wound models, save 4+ is good. Hit and wound are standard for ogres, as well as 2 dmg. Weapon options are normal clubs plus ironfist (inflicts 1 mortal wound if save roll is 6), but no rend, number of attacks is 3. Other option is great weapon, that has rend -1 and dmg 3, but only 2 attacks. Plus mournfang's 4 attacks with -1 rend and 1 damage. I use them with great weapons always (look better, and gives rend and big damage), but 4+ hit makes them very unreliable. Ironfist requires save roll of 6 and therefore is useless against rend attacks. So better to use them in bigger units, starting from 4. If you can give them +1 with bellowing tyrant trait, they are much more useful. Also, keep them charging: immediately after charge move there is 50% chance per model to inflict a mortal wound. They are more useful with Huskard on Stonehorn, who has an ability to force mournfangs to attack immediately after his own attack. 6 wounds and save 4 makes them quite durable and Huskard on Thundertusk can heal them. All in all: without buffs very dependant on good dice rolls.
  11. I made my own, by greatly modifying a 40k Deff Dread. I love taking this into battle. Nobody knows how to deal with it. I've had it clear entire units in a round of combat (though usually two) without issue - 10 Saurus Knights? No problem. A unit of Knights of the Realm? Out of the way. Twenty Ard Boyz in my face? Take a hike. Now, that's not to say I'm not unlucky with this thing: it has been many, many, many games since I've landed both of its Crushin' Fists - at 2+/2+, this is extremely frustrating. So, here it is with the Rogue Idol: You have this imposing monster on the table. He's going to get a lot of attention. He's got his two attacks: Crushing Fists and Boulder Stomp. The first, two attacks at 2+/2+/-3 and D6 damage, this is pretty good for taking down any hero on foot alone, getting rid of small but elite units... few things get an armour save from this attack. Then his Boulder Stomp ruins basic infantry. 3+/3+/-2 for 2 damage each will either tear through weak, high model count units immediately, or cause them to battleshock back home. Plus you have that mortal wound potential every movement phase. Due to which you want to keep him away from your Orruks, but not too far away, because they're going to want that sweet, sweet bravery bonus - if you're running other Greenskinz. Top all of that with its defencive capabilities: 16 wounds, halving those received. It stays on the table, its only hindrances being its still-decent 4+ save and random 2D6 movement. So here's how you can use him: Depending on how your opponent deploys, you might want first turn. Rampaging Destroyers + 2D6 move + running + Spirit of the Waaagh (you have to charge) means that you can easily get off a first-round charge. Aim this MF Wrecking Ball at something nasty it can handle (not a Mournghul or anything else that ignores rend - that's just a waste so early) and enjoy an early head start in the match. After that, you kind of lose control of him. Once you wipe out a unit, be sure that you aren't forced into charging something you don't want to. Now, you can either use him to destroy your opponent's objective capturing units, or have him peel of your opponent's nasty stuff from your important stuff. Either way, while he's causing mayhem, send your Orruks after the objectives. Play him aggressively, because he's going to take a lot of aggression. Because he's such an eyesore, he probably won't survive a match, going down in the fourth or fifth round, but at that point he's done his damage. Either way, everyone who plays Greenskinz or mixed destruction should at least try this thing out. It's so much fun to cause that much MAYHEM.
  12. Warscroll

    Very nice unit. 3 wounds, decent hit roll at 4+ and good wound roll at 3+. Worse with stikkas, but with range, which might be useful in big units. Good mobility: 9" move and hit and run ability, my favourite. I most use of them in units of 5 and use their hit and run ability, that lets them retreat and charge. Very cool ability, you can even use it while fighting with one enemy: retreat to 3", then charge with +2 from thumper with no chance of failure and use boars' ability to reroll failed wound rolls when charging. If they happen to block your heavy hitters, you can retreat, then charge with heavy hitters and again with boarboys from the flank. Arm them with shields to get save to 5+ and they serve as decent screens as well.
  13. With that in mind, how about berserker type models with armour covered in spikes and crude blades from head to toe, who throw themselves at enemy units causing as much carnage as possible? Might end up looking a bit like they belong in blood bowl though, hah. Mobile spikey warmachines sounds about right!
  14. Hmmm... looking at what they need as a faction, what they're about as a faction and what they aren't about as a faction... I'd say some sort of moving siege catapult? Something spikey pushed by brutes that also hurls boulders between 6" and 36" or something. I guess sort for like the Arachnarok or LoA Iron Daemon - monster warmachine that has a range attack. And while those huge crossbows are super cool, and it's kind of what the faction needs... is it something the Iron Jawz Orruks would carry into battle? Strap an axe to it for God's sake.
  15. An animosity-fuelled matched play game of Destruction vs Destruction will be starting in about an hour from now:
  16. Grots kicking some Dragon Ogors around at the moment.
  17. Warscroll

    This is quite a cool and quirky unit. If you like gambling or taking a risk, the Aleguzzler Gargant should be at the top of your shopping list. In a fight it's massive club is quite nice as at full health you will be getting 3D6 attacks and even after taking some damage you will still be getting 2D6 attacks. So on average you are looking at around 10/11 attacks at full health and with some damage this becomes an average roll of 7. This with the nice profile of hitting on threes, wounding on threes, and causing -1 rend is very nice. But then you have to accept that is random and there will be times when you roll a triple one. The rest of the attacks are nice as while they are only one attack each, cause a lot of damage if random. This is not where the beauty of the Gargant is though. The super secret weapon is when in combat, it can pick a model and stuff it in it's bag for later. This basically means you have a fantastic way of specifically targeting models in a unit such as the unit champion or standard bearer which can take away some abilities for some units (nice example is Daemon units as you can take their standards away from them to stop models coming back for Battleshock tests!). This is also quite nice if in a fight with a hero as there is a chance to take out the hero just by rolling one die (and worth it just to see the look on your opponents face). The Gargant also has an ability of falling over if killed or rolling a double during its charge move (because it's very, very drunk) which can cause damage to nearby units. Pros: Lots and lots of good attacks Stuff them in the bag attack is great Will create lots of cool stories about your battle Cons: Only has a move of 8" so can be slow Randomness!!! Can fall over during a charge which could cause damage to your units 5+ save Summary As I mentioned at the start, if you like to take risks or gamble and want something to create fantastic stories about your games, this is the unit for you. If you don't like any of that, then avoid. Also think about why you are playing Destruction! Extra Stuff This has no points in matched play but there is a cool battalion from the Godbeast book from Realmgates Wars series. This lets you have five Gargants with one being the King. The King is a hero who gets the maximum number of attacks for their random rolls! This will probably never appear in matched play ever due to this being five Behemoths.
  18. Warscroll

    Firstly, this is a fantastic looking model but an absolute pain to assemble until you have done a few of them. So the Frostlord on a Thundertusk, what's so great about him? As mentioned, it's a lovely model and at first glance at it's Warscroll seems to be quite good in a fight. It has a nice high wound count as well as a great save and generates a numbing aura of coldness which makes it harder to hit. It can shoot a giant ball of ice a fair distance that causes six mortal wounds when it's at full health and all it's combat attacks seem to hit on 3's and wound on 3's. Also if the General of your army the Frostlord can use it's command ability to allow friendly Beastclaw Raider units to re-roll fail charges. So far sounds good but it really isn't. This unit can move a whopping 8" and gets slower and slower the more damage caused to it. In a fight, it is clearly outclassed by the Frostlord on a Stonehorn and as a support character, again it's outclassed by the Huskard on a Thundertusk who can heal friendly units or buff their wound rolls. Unless you are using this model for a specific reason (such as narrative play or you really like the model), you won't be using this much. You may get some use out of this model if you are planning on using a Olwyr Alfrostun Battalion from the Beastclaw Raider book but the other options are so much better. Pros: High Wound Count Good Save Shoots Frozen Balls of ice that causes Mortal Wounds Nice Command Ability to re-roll charges for Friendly Beastclaw Raider models Frostlord's attacks aren't effected by the damage table In combat is -1 to be hit Cons: SLOW! Has none of the the support coolness of the Huskard on a Thundertusk When damaged, starts to drop in effectiveness quickly due to ranged attack becoming random and gets slower Not as good as a Frostlord on a Stonehorn or a Huskard on a Thundertusk Summary Get either a Stonehorn for your Frostlord or make him a Huskard on a Thundertusk. This is too middle of the road to be good at attacking in combat or ranged attacks/support.
  19. Have to agree with you here. Hopefully a head swap would be doable with an ogre or ogryn head. £12 is pretty decent.
  20. This topic is for all Warhammer TV discussion! Beastclaw Raiders will be taking to the battlefield on the live stream today, here's the army:
  21. The plastic Ogre looks a whole lot better IMO, and only 11 bitz on the sprue! He's due for release on the 4th of March apparently, £12.
  22. Last week
  23. Warscroll

    So the Huskard on Stonehorn. Sporting the the crazy mount that is the Stonehorn who's damage and ridiculous speed and reviews in the Beastriders Stonehorn here: You replace your 2 riders with 1 Huskard who comes with 3+ to hit with close combat and either a chain trap, harpoon launcher or a blood vulture. As in my other review I recommend the vulture for mortal wounds and ability to run and still fire. Often the Huskard on Stonehorn will be overlooked for a Huskard on Thundertusk for the ability to heal along with high mortal wound damage at range. What makes this guy really shine is the line breaker ability. This allows the Huskard once he has attacked to select a mournfang unit with 10" to immediately pile in and attack assuming they have not attacked. This is brutal to be blunt giving you a truly bully tactic as you hit with 2 units in close combat before you opponent attacks with 1. This can be used in any close combat phase and is just utterly painful. Mournfang units of 4 models work batter with this as you active more models. Your main problem will be getting the mournfang to keep up with the Stonehorn. I know this sounds funny coming from Beastclaws destruction army but remember those Stonehorns are just so gosh darn fast! I have shocked opponents with this ability as the sheer damage coming into their units is just nasty. When I last done I killed 5 of 6 Kurnoth hunters with scyths (getting re-roll saves) who foolishly tried to kill my Huskard before the mourfangs got their without support. This ability alone is just amazing. If you go for either and Jorlbad or Eurlbad battalion you suddenly get some other nasty abilities to add more punch to this combination. A Jorlbad allowing you to run and charge with all models in the battalion allowing your Mournfangs to keep better pace with the stone horns and re-roll failed battle shock. The Eurlbad allows wound rolls of 6 to inflict additional mortal wounds to the damage caused giving your models even more punch while also the Huskard gets 1+ damage to his melee attacks. I favour the Eurlbad personally. Finally being a character allows the Huskard to get items. If going destruction allegiance talisman of protection is a no brainer for extra saves against mortal wound. If Beastclaws allegiance go for the pelt of Charngar for healing 1 wound per heros phase or a D3 on a 4+ roll on D6. Both will keep your Huskard in the game with that amazing ability as you bully your way around the board. I give the Huskard on Stonehorn 5/5. Line breaker is an amazing and overlooked ability. Give it a go and watch your ogres and angry Stonehorn dish out the pain in a truly face smash way! Kind regards Zolas.
  24. Warscroll

    STONEHORNS! Always one of my favourite models without doubt. Just that huge angry face makes me smile and when ever I'm having inner rage this is the face I think of! That aside I am utterly glad to see these guys (and other variants) become the true monsters that they deserve to be. First they are FAST. Un wounded they are 12" move loosing 2" per stage drop. Not only that they can charge even if they have ran. Though they are compelled to charge which is just what you want from them. This coupled with grand destruction move ability and ravager general trait makes this guys so fast it just isn't funny. Bear in mind even going Beastclaw allegiance does also have a possible extra 3" move too. As said above turn one charge is very possible. Shooting wise (assuming you don't run) the chain trap and crossbow are ok though lack rend. You do have th option to swap the chain trap for a blood vulture which is a must in my book. Unlike your normal missile weapons though have more damage potential, your blood vulture will certainly cause 1 mortal wound but specifically to who you want. It's important to note the blood vulture is an ability and not a missile weapon and thus can be used even if you have ran (you ran your stonehorn right?!!!) So you have moved ran and charge and suddenly if 1" from an enemy unit you can cause D6 mortal wounds to a unit within 1". Ouch and this is on completion of the charge so before combat double ouch! So once combat is on the go there are plenty of attacks. 6 rider kicks and punches which are average for 4+/4+ no rend and 1 damage. Stonehorns Horns are just nasty having a 2" range you start with 6 attacks un-wounded with 4+ to hit, 3+ -2 rend and 3 damage per hit. Assuming you hit this is plain pain. Just to top off he can stamp you into the ground with D6 3+ to hit and 2+ to wound which does drop with damage taken. Each wound giving D3 damage at -1 rend. Aside from the typical 50% hitting rate this guy hit's like the truck he is. What makes the monster really and truly amazing is his Stone skeleton which halfs damage and mortal wounds rounding up. This makes the stonehorn extremely durable with his respectable 4+ save and 12 wounds. Charging him into terrain as mention above can improve his save next turn assuming he hasn't wrecked what was there. As a little tip of the iceburg this guy can even be a battleline unit if completely Beastclaw raiders allegiance. I give the Stonehorn a healthy 4.5/5 He doesn't get the full 5 as the Frostlord and Huskard on Stonehorn are just even more nasty. More on them later! Kind regards Zolas.
  25. Really like the Gutbuster Guide. It basically echo's my own thoughts on them in our own warscroll discussions. Though I'm sure his grammar ans sentence building is far superior as I'am appalling at such things.
  26. No worries, I've now added it to the resource links up above so others can find it in future. Let us know how you get on with it
  27. How about a fantasy version of Squiggoths? Heavily armoured of course!
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