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  2. Sharkbelly Visits the Silver Tower

    Nice! That sounds like a great party of characters. We've been enjoying playing, and are hoping to get another game in this weekend. In the meantime, I've finished up eight of the Kairic Acolytes.
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  4. Farmer's Greenskins

    I've been working on fillers for my night goblins this month and have just got around to taking some pics: NG Filler #1: Snotling duel: This one was inspired by someone else's work I saw on DaWarpath a while back. It's a cool idea that really shows goblin nature. The 'poking goblin' had his arms repositioned slightly & filled with greenstuff, and the other miniatures didn't require converting. NG Filler #2: Skull Pass idol: I picked this one up off eBay a while back with the intention of using it as a big filler for my night goblins. Alas, it's finally complete. This also served as a lab rat for my first attempt at OSL. Here's a close-up of my efforts: I'm happy with it as a first shot. The intention was to suggest that there's possibly a shaman in there chanting around some green magical fire. NG Filler #3: Fanatic on the loose: Zero conversions once again. I was toying with the idea of having a snotling being pulverized by the ball, but I decided to keep it simple. Definitely an idea for future fillers I'm also in the process of putting a mini 2-base filler together using one of the twin snotling miniatures: I've got a few of those snotling twin minis and plan on using them for fun fillers rather than snotling bases. The comic appearance of them and mostly-green coverage really work well amongst the mass of black in the NG units. Aside from a few fillers, I have just a few things left to do until I complete my current expansion list; a doom diver and a concept for my night goblin 'wolf' riders. That's all for now, cheers for taking a look
  5. Sharkbelly Visits the Silver Tower

    Awesome stuff Sharkbelly! I too am working on Silver Tower and have just started playing through our first campaign. I've painted all the adversaries in the base game and a Lord Castellant as my hero and a Sons of the Breton Free People Questing Knight conversion for my brother to use as a Knight Questor. We also had a Seraphon Skink Starpriest and a Saurus Old Blood in our party and a background story for our team too. I am currently painting up a trio of Flamers and an Exhalted Flamer so we can have some exotic adversaries show up. As for our games we have completed two trials now - we had a blast playing them too! Although we went over time, we were still (just) able to finish our trials in our two sessions. I like the level of detail in the game but noticed it takes awhile to play. The first game took us around five hours to finish, the second around four. I really like what you guys did with playing to your time limit then finishing your trial in your next session. I think we might do that for our next get together. P.S. I love your Age of Sigmar Tzeentch force too - coming along very nicely! P.P.S I am Greyshadow on tga (should change my handle for here at some point...)
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  7. Farmer's Greenskins

    I recently painted some zomblins (zombie night gobbos) for my VC army and thought I'd share them here: I've also put together a few more Night Goblin unit fillers: My current NG units are composed purely of single miniatures and absolutely zero fillers right now, so this year I'll be building some fillers and completing the current ones I've got on the go. I want to bolster the gobbo ranks, break up the uniform appearance that's currently there and also add a bit of action & comedy that better shows greenskin behaviour, so we have... Image one - a goblin picking on a small squig with a cheerful snotling observing the event, Image two - a bunch of gobbos forcing a couple of snotlings to a fisty death match, Image three - a fanatic starting to go on the loose mid-regiment thanks to the crafty snotling behind him holding the fungus brew. These fillers should be quite quick to get done. In the future I'd like to add more ideas I've jotted down, including: a doomdiver being shot down for target practice by his comrades, a bunch of goblins getting lashed on a keg of fungus brew, an unfortunate doomdiver who lost control of his wings and ended up flying into the ground/a large rock. I've also got that bound-up dwarf from the Skull Pass set to make use of in a filler too... Cheers for taking a look, more in the works.
  8. Farmer's Undead

    My remaining 12 zomblins done: Modeled on 15 bases - these kick start the second zombie unit. I made a few conversions to some of these to differ them from the zomblins I painted the first time round: I'm quite pleased with the guy with the axe wedged into his skull And here's a few shots of the filler: Cheers for taking a look, more coming soon.
  9. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads/ENG%20Fungoid%20Cave%20Shaman.pdf View Page
  10. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads/aos-warscroll-ironskulls-boyz-en.pdf View Page
  11. Sharkbelly Visits the Silver Tower

    I just finished up this fellow to lead my Tzeentch Daemon army.
  12. A little lost

    Hey guys. Haven' been on here for a good while. When 8th died I drifted away for a while but back playing and thought I'd stop by. The site looks loads different, is there still a place to sell stuff as I've got a couple of bits to sell Cheers
  13. Introductions

    Hello fellow Destructionists, I have registered some time ago - over a year or so I guess - but I have never taken the time to sit down and introduce myself. Well, as of tonight this has changed. I am a long follower of Warhammer (sorry for not corresponding with Age of Sigmar terminology but I am still an avid fan of the 'World That Was') and what intrigued me most about the hobby was the lore. I especially love the Bestiary sections in all the army books. The 6th edition books had very neat ones imo, with each unit entry listed being represented with the corresponding artwork on the edges. After some years of collecting and browsing through different army books and buying a regiment here and there, as well as some collections of friends, I have finally found my love and settled for the Ogre Kingdoms (ironically though, coming to think now how the Ogres are a very nomadic people actually^^). I have never been much of a painter or even player - out of my entire collection of over 1000+ miniatures I think only two (a Dwarf Clan Warrior and a Necron Warrior) are painted by myself up to a standard I am satisfied with and I guess that I can count on two hands how many times I have actually played a proper game. Which brings me to the actual topic of and intent behind this post. As I was and still am a big fan of the background/fluff/lore/setting of the Warhammer World, I always enjoyed reading about it and exploring every bit about exotic places and far-away lands such as Araby, Cathay or Ind. It didn't take long for me to take to the Internet and expand my research beyond physical copies of the books. I have found my hobby heaven when I stumbled upon the Warhammer Armies Project page. For those of you who don't know about the site: it is a fan project by Mathias Eliasson to compile and edit existing fluff and crunch, as well as contributing his own ideas to all the races and places mentioned in the fluff but who never go their own rules and army books. His work is outstanding to this day and I am always amazed at the content and quality of his products. Again, it didn't take me long and I contacted the maestro himself to offer my help and before I knew it I was helping out with translations, expanding fluff and even adding my own ideas and thoughts. I contributed to most of his books and we even published a joint project. Now, that GW has decided to get rid of 25+ years of Warhammer and reset the setting, Mathias has taken it upon himself to work on and improve the 8th edition core rules as well as the army books, with the intent to update everything to his own 9th edition. I promise, now comes the point I was trying to get to all along: He reworked the Ogre Kingdoms book, compiling most, if not all of the existing fluff into one place, as well as reworking existing units and adding new ones. Since I hold this army very dear, I managed to have quite a few of my ideas implemented as well. Since I found this forum it was my intent to notify the community about the finished work. Without further ado, I will leave a link to the 8th edition version of our update here and let you guys be the judges. http://warhammerarmiesproject.blogspot.co.at/search/label/Ogre Kingdoms Cheers and happy to be a part of this P.S.: Sorry if this is the wrong place for this. Should this be the case, I am more than happy to start a new thread elsewhere and talk about the book.
  14. Aleguzzler Gargant

    What Ork head is this!? I've arelady done Ogors with Orruk heads and then I see this! Must do this at some point!
  15. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    So when I flew back, the minis made it here in great shape. However, I also brought some terrain with me. Only the suitcase went missing. I started to think I might never see it again. I am glad to say that it has returned, and all contents are safe. I would have hated to lose several OOP sets...
  16. Orruk Wyvern

    More of this old (proper "'eavy Metal") mini over on: http://the-art-of-caesura.blogspot.ie/
  17. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    I picked up a new 'Ard Case over the holidays. I have packed it full of models and am getting ready to fly half way around the world. I'll let you all know how it all turns out!
  18. Ogre Fianna, Is she teasing or taunting?

    Thanks,. It came out with the look I was going for.
  19. Ogre Fianna, Is she teasing or taunting?

    You must be very happy with that!
  20. Fungoid Cave-Shaman Revealed

    An excellent miniature, and really well painted. I really like that, although I like metal more than the newer plastic materials, but really good all the same.
  21. Hi, another thing, You have Arralrack in as 1984, he was earlier, 1983 as he came out in the boxed set by Bryan Ansell, and was shown in the 3rd citadel Compendium of the same year. Of note you have him as Arralack? I'd be interested if he was ever spelt that way in the literature or adverts. Also the earliest Golgfag's and also the slave Ogre, that are shown as 1983 in the museum, well these were not shown until the August 1984 Citadel flyers. It's unlikely that they came out the year before, as Citadel would have advertised them earlier. I could be wrong though, so if anyone has any details on that, but basically Citadel advertised them as they came out. Sometimes the literature might have been late, so a January of one year, versus the December of the year before, but these were right to the end of the year. also the FF68 Goat Headed Ogre from 1981 can be seen here: http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/Runequest_-_Collectors_Guide I doubt they mind if you pilfer a pic, perhaps credit them for it. 1984 is missing a pic of the collect Counter Ogre, I don't know if anyone has a shot of it. I've nosed around the internet for an unpainted picture, but could not find one. 1985 is missing pics of the plastic Fighting Fantasy Ferocious Ogres. Perhaps pilfer a pic from here: http://www.solegends.com/citfly/citfly85/198505/images100/fly8505bf-ff9-100.htm Which is from the original artwork for them. Also this one here: is actually a C20 Troll, I don't think it is an Ogre at all. Of the C23 Giant Ogres, only the earlier ones were called 'Giant' Games Workshop dropped the name later, just calling them Ogres. Of the ones shown in 1985, only 8 were released in 1985, the rest were released later in 1986. The 1985 ones were: Bounty Hunter, Chaos Ogre, Gladiator, Marauder, Mercenary, Oriental, Warlord and Warrior Priest. the other C23 were 1986. I thought the Bob Olley Ogres shown as 1985 were 1988? One of them actually shows 1988 o it's foot, but they were not shown in the catalogues until January 1989 onwards. Likely designed in 1988 but released in 1989. You've got the Dungeonquest Iron Fist as 1987, but he actually has 1988 on his tab. Also, I can't find any game literature that states that he is an Ogre or even a Half-Ogre. Anyone have any detail on this? The Heroquest plastic ogres. The Against the Ogre Hoard you have as 1990? The boxed set of the game expansion did not come out until 1993. All four could go in that year, but one of them, the Ogre warrior with the Spiked club, he actually also came out with the Elf Quest pack in 1992. The 1991 Ogres, the Giant Ogre was 1991, but all the others were 1989 as they appeared in White Dwarf for sale in that year. The Ogre (you have in 1993) with the topknot and spiked club in his right hand is actually the Talisman Ogre. He was shown in White Dwarf in 1994, so it's likely he came out in that year (although I'm not arguing with anyone who says earlier). Not knocking it, great resource. I'm just running through Ogres, so am looking to find details on them all and catalogue them for myself, so thought I'd tip you off. I think your guide is the definitive guide on the internet.
  22. Stonehorn Almost Done!

    Not much time to paint recently, since I have a fight soon and as such I'm training more. I do however have WIP pictures of my almost done Stonehorn and Mournfang. I've made a promise to myself to finish these models before I production line the rest. Cheers - Bonegut
  23. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/12/24/new-champion-revealed-fungoid-cave-shaman/
  24. Converted Butcher WIP

    The second Blood Bowl Ogre was meant for Butcher conversion. I wanted it to pose him differently from Tyrant, use other hands etc. While converting the tyrant was easy kitbashing, there was much more to do with a Butcher. I attached normal Gutbuster ogor's arms on it and used Grot Scraplauncher bits for cauldron, both required some greenstuffing and messing with wires for chains. Anyway, now the greenstuff is hardening and it looks rather nice. I probably add some body parts fallen from the cauldron to the base as well. However, I'd like to change/hide his gutplate, but don't have any good idead how to do it easily.
  25. CDO Presents: Golden Hat

    CDO is now hosting a Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf competition, in case of interest for any frothing fantasy football coach around here.
  26. Converted Tyrant

    I just finished new converted Tyrant for my Gutbusters - some day I want to try out running two tyrant list. But mostly I just wanted to paint the Blood Bowl Ogre and kitbash some weapons to him. I really like the dynamic pose of the model. It's very good alternative to any Gutbuster hero model. Or it can well be made into Maneaters. My next idea is to convert an additional Butcher from the same Blood Bowl model, but this requires a bit more than just kitbashing. I added some pictures for comparison as well - Blood Bowl Ogre compared to normal ogor and my firts converted Tyrant. I was a bit worried that Blood Bowl ogor is too small and don't match, but you can hardly say that. He might be a little bit smaller, but that can easily changed with higher base and big weapon.
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