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My campaign's battle reports and Sarvikuhord's other battles, paintings, conversions and updates.

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I bought some savage orruks and savage boarboys. However, I like the forward charging posture of ordinary orruk boarboys much more, so I got some orruk boarboy bits and tried to convert/kitbash. Now I got 5 converted savage boarboys and 5 normal savages.

I replaced the body and legs. I didn't mind the metal parts, I want to make most savage orruks' weapons rusted metal instead of stone anyway. However, thay look a bit too much like normal orruks, regardless of heads and weapons/shields, so I probably paint the metal armor to worn leather and try to greenstuff chain mail parts to fur. Hopefully then they look more like savages.



The orruks still haven't arrived, so I got a magazine from our shop with one Stromcast Eternal mini in it. It seemed interestingly different from painting ogres, so I tried it. I wanted it to appear worn out, a bit rusty and battered, lonely Stormcast left behind deep in enemy territory.

And I just couldn't manage to make it nice and well painted. The colours are off and it looks like dirt, but not in a way I wanted. So SteelStrongs post hit the mark pretty well:

I have no idea how to make it look better. Other colour that blue? Red? If anyone can comment how to make better, I'm all earsIMAG1168.thumb.jpg.bdf2b7e45ca4ea5e68bb8447bbc83657.jpgIMAG1169.thumb.jpg.412574ec1070c6b26b286b2055d1845c.jpgIMAG1172.thumb.jpg.a1c89efd2324097d7796e722880fcece.jpg.


Ogres stole two catapults from their Brettonian enemies and turned them into gnoblar doom diver catapults. In other words, I found two cheap catapult sprues online and turned them into grot war machines. Grots  are yet to follow, I'll make them from gnoblars.

I wanted to make wings for grots from greenstuff, but could not manage, so I went for simpler solution: grot in a bucket. 



I am waiting for my savage orruks to arrive and don't have any models to paint. So yesterday evening I made four simple object markers and five tokens. I wanted to do something that looks cool on the table instead of plastic tokens, but easily recognizable also. Object markers are pretty simple, but I'm quite happy with the tokens.

I used polystyrene, plastic cement and grey/white paints for tokens.



In the last days of 2016 I managed to complete my ogor army, Thundertusk and maneater being my last models painted. I started in March 2016 with my very first model, bought Ogre Battalion box and painted my first ogor in June. Gradually I increased the army with Mournfangs, Maneaters, Frostsabres, Thundertusk and Stonehorn and I managed to finish it within six months. Altogether I now have 9 Ogors (4 bought from ebay before I decided to paint myself), 9 Leadbelchers, 6 Ironguts, Huskard on Thudertusk (and his friend), Frostlord on Stonehorn, 4 Mournfangs, 5 Frostsabres (Fenrision Wolf models), Tyrant (converted), Butcher with cauldron (converted), Hunter (converted), 3 Maneaters (converted).

My favourite models were definitely Mournfang Pack and Thundertusk/Stonehorn, very dynamic and very enjoyable to paint. I also liked a little conversion work, actually. As for the future I do not know what to do. I would like to paint some more Mournfangs, but I also like Savage Orruks and especially Wurrgog model. But these are very similar to ogors to paint, so maybe I will choose something different - Death or Sylvaneth. Or just make a pause. We'll see.

And here are some pictures of each unit.






I finally finished my last converted maneater. Converted from Stonehorn spare ogor, I tried to make it similar to Golgfag model. So I added horns on a gutplate and made a cloak from greenstuff, which was my first and therefore quite a challenge. And it did not turn out as well as I had hoped. But for the first one it is okay, I think.





Progression as a painter

So, I finally got to rebase all my ogre models. Instead of plain black painted square bases I now have round bases with agrellan earth, stones etc. Looks so much better.


I also completed Stonehorn and Thundertusk, both great models and lovely to paint. I will post post pictures of both round bases and new painted models as soon as I get some pictures done.

To sum up this year hobby-wise: it was surprisingly fun. I painted my first model ever in March, this year. I took a look on it today and it was pretty funny to compare it with my last model. As I recall, it was pretty hard to paint, but it turned out better than I hoped.

Inspired, I youtubed and googled for some time, watched some tutorials and started to paint more and more. And I  must say, as an encouragement to all newcomers, the learning curve was fast. And simple. I learned some tricks and after 9 months I think I manage quite well with decent tabletop quality models.

And here are the pictures of my very first model, Bretonnian Bowman, and my last model, the Thundertusk. Just to compare. Merry Cristmas and happy new year everybody!



The half orcs on Crimson Rock were essential for both sides. The battles on the borders were decisive.

Battleplan: The Border Wars (points collected by having most units around the objectives).

Points: 2000
Bretonnian army:
5 Grail knights
5 Grail knights
8 Knights of the Realm
1 Field Trebuchet
5 Freeguild Outriders
5 Mounted Yeoman
20 Peasant Bowmen
12 Freeguild Greatswords
10 Freeguild Handgunners
1 Empire General (general)
1 Paladin
1 Battlemage
1 Damsel of the Lady

Orc army:
1 Frostlord on Stonehorn (Brew, General, Ravager)
1 Huskard on Thundertusk (Brew)
2 Mournfang Pack
2 Mournfang Pack
10 Savage Orruks
10 Savage Orruks
10 Savage Orruks
1 Icebrow Hunter (Brew)
2 Frostsabre
2 Frostsabre

Beastclaw Avalanche

Orcs put down some points less, so he rolled on Triumph Table and got to reroll saves.

Pre-battle strategy: put all on one card, get first round, cross 24" and charge into Grail Knights and deny their charge. Appear close to Trebuchet with the Hunter and Frostsabres, shoot down the crew and charge into Bowmen to deny the Arrowstorm and some hero. Move close with the Thundertusk and kill the General with Ice Blast and use Vulture to get the Bowmen under 20 models to deny x4 arrowstorm. Move to objectives with savage orruks and keep Bretonnian units busy until orcs have enough points to win.

Shock and Awe.
Turn 1: 5 Mounted Yeomen moved close to objective with their special ability. Orcs took the initiative. The Hunter appeared and drank two swigs of the Brew. I figured he'll die anyway next round. Frostlord used his General's ability for rerolling charges for Beastclaw units.

Frostlord ran forth, others moved. Huskard moved and blasted the general away with Ice Blast, Hunter shot but managed to hit with only one in spite of +2 to hit and wound. Killed two crew from the Trebuchet. Mournfangs shot, killed one Grail Knight and Blood Vulture killed a Twohander.

Savage orruks made a lucky charge to Mounted Yeomen and got more models around the objective. All Beastclaws charged and made ton of mortal wounds: only 1 from battalion, 4 from Stonehorn charge, 2 from Mournfangs. Frostlord attacked first and deleted 4 Grail Knights and 7 Knights of the Realm. And he did not roll very well. Terrible. Mournfangs did not do well, Hunter attacked the Bowmen, Frostsabres the Damsel and Trebuchet crew. Trebuchet was eliminated as were most Grail Knights and all Knights of the Realm with Battleshock. At the end of the combat round orcs had dealt 58 wounds and lost one Mournfang and one Frostsabre. I think orcs got altogether 10 wounds.

Orcs: 5 VPs

Turn 2: Bretonnia could use general's powers, cast some spells. No arrowstorm due to the units within 3", Bretonnian shooters got -1 to hit due to Avalanche's charge and could not kill anyone. In combat round orcs got some wounds and one Frostsabre was killed. Mournfangs missed basically all attacks and failed miserably as always. Stonehorn saved with mostly sixes and rolled mostly 1s to hit and killed Paladin and no-one else.

Bretonnia: 1 VP

Orcs won priority roll and there we decided to end the game as Bretonnia was mostly killed and orcs having most army intact.

Orcs claimed major victory.

SUMMARY: Well... I'm afraid it was a boring game for my partner. So I won't be using that list again. 18" charge range together with Destruction Alliance Ability is rather terrible. The alfa strike was thrice as bad as I had thought. But it was nice to try it out. Frostlord's fist attack was terrible. And such a pity Mournfangs are so weak - they are my favourite models and therefore will probably be in my list in the future as well.

The tactics work well: killing the General, eliminating the Trebuchet and denying Grails' charges and Bowmen's arrowstorm were decisive, killing so many Grails etc at the first round was a bonus. Sending in Stonehorn/Mournfangs as multi-wound tanks to keep enemy busy and take the objectives worked also well.  

BATTLE BONUS: increase the range of all generals command abilities and traits by 6“. 3 points from major victory.



As a little side-trek from destruction, I painted a ghorgon for my kid to play with.

The model is HUGE. It took ages to complete. Skin was done with two layers of Cadian Fleshtone plus three layers of red shade. It took some time till I got used to covering so large area with shade, so it is not as smooth as I wanted. I messed up a bit the first layer and could not repair it later.

The horns blending I drybrushed (but the brush was just a tiny bit wet) as recommended by ConOgre in his youtube channel:

And that turned out really well, I am very happy with the result. It was a training for my next mournfangs :). I used Ushabty bone, Sepia shade, then Skrag brown+Mournfang brown+Rhinox hide+Abadon black.






Orcs had found a ruined citadel near the border of the vale. Hastily they started rebuilding it, but Bretonnian scouts reported about the danger and army of Grail Knights set forth.

Battleplan: The Monolith (one side has to build a monolith: roll 1d6 each hero phase, 20 points needed to complete, +1 for general adjacent to it, opponent can desecrate it if within 3 inches and rolls 4+; victory conditions: major victory for completing or desecrating the monolith).

Matrix result: did not use, as it would have ruined the point of the battleplan.

Points: 1500
Bretonnian army:
6 Grail knights
6 Grail knights
5 Freeguild Outriders
5 Mounted Yeoman
20 Peasant Bowmen
10 Freeguild Greatswords
10 Freeguild Handgunners
1 Empire General (general)
1 Paladin
1 Battlemage

Orc army:
5 Ironguts
3 Ogors with 2 clubs
3 Ogors with 2 clubs
5 Savage Orruk Boarboys
20 Savage Arrowboys
10 Savage Arrowboys
1 Savage Big Boss (general)
1 Butcher (with Talisman)
1 Bruiser Standard Bearer (with Battle Brew)
Kunnin Rukk warscroll battalion

Bretonnians calculated and put down some points less, so he rolled on Triumph Table and got to reroll hits.

Pre-battle strategy: use arrowboys with Kunnin Rukk to take down Peasant Archers to deny x4 Arrowstorm, use arrowboys with Kunnin Rukk to kill some Grail Knights, then use all savage orruks as meatshields and chaff to keep the knights from advancing. Then take in the Grail knights charge with ogors and trike with ironguts from behind the lines.

Turn 1: Bretonnia gave initiative to orcs. Orcs rolled 6 for the Monolith, added 1, 7 points! Orcs used Kunnin Rukk to advance with 10 arrowboys and shot the yeomen, killed 2. Moved other units a bit.

Butcher tried to cast Mystic Shield with +1 bonus, but failed, rolled 1, took 1 damage, rolled 1 with cauldron, took 2 damage. Fortunately the Talisman saved from 2 wounds.

Turn 2: Bretonnia moved forward, charged to 10 arrowboys, killed them, but putting them in reach of 20 arrowboys - hoped that orcs get the initiative next round. Freeguild Handgunners chief shot with his 30" range gun.

Turn 1: Bretonnia won initiative (and all other initiatives, as always). So the Grail Knights charged to 20 arrowboys in cover, killed 6 (lucky saves in cover), 3 more fled. Some shooting from Handgunners and bowmen. Other units moved forward, second unit of Grail Knights charged to boarboys, killed 4. Last boarboy fled.

Turn 2: Orcs rolled 5 for the Monolith, added 1 and 13 points altogether. Orcs had a chance to charge the grail knights. 3 ogors charged the outriders, killed 2. Ironguts got +1 to hit from alliance ability, charged grail knights, killed all 6 of them. Savage boarboys killed one grail knight, and fortunately survived with 2 models against grail knights!

Bucher tried to cast spell spell and use the cauldron, but rolled 1 again both times, which put him to 2 wounds. That gluttonous useless bastard. And I forgot the Talisman saves.

Turn 1: Bretonnia won initiative. Surviving Grail Knights killed arrowboys. Other units on foot moved forward, but were still too far away to cast spells etc. Peasant bowmen made arrowstorm to ironguts, 84 hit rolls (4+ hit thanks to Paladin close by, 4+ wound). Fortunatey they did not roll well, 17 successful wound rolls. And even more fortunately - ironguts rolled incredibly well, 5 wounds altogehter and only 1 perished. No battleshock thanks to Inspiring Presence.

Turn 2: Orcish masons worked feverishly and rolled 4 for the Monolith, added 1 and 18 points altogether! The citadel was almost complete.  Butcher tried casting a spell again, and being furious for inflicting 7 wounds on himself, cast Voracious Maw on 5 Grail Knights. Killed 1 with first bite, then the Maw bit again and 1 more died. Then it was satisfied. The butcher ate from the cauldron, gave +1 to hit for ogors.

3 ogors moved back to defend the citadel, 3 other charged the greatswords, killed 6 (with +1 boost from the butcher). Paladin and greatswords hit back and 2 ogors died. Bruiser shot grail knights, killed one. Ironguts charged the grail knights and killed them.   

Turn 1: Bretonnia won initiative. Tried to kill the general with hadgunner chief, but missed. They had no chance to get close to the Monolith before my next hero phase, and my next roll minimum was 2, so 20 points guaranteed. Orcs claimed major victory.

SUMMARY: After the first round with Bretonnia attacking 2 turns in a row everything seemed lost to orcs: most orruks killed, 12 grail knights very close to the Monolith, plus 5 outriders and 3 yeomen, with the rest of Bretonnian army coming up from behind. I had lost 23 models, opponent 2.

But thanks to lucky Maw, and mostly thanks to boosted ironguts the tables turned quickly. I managed to kill off whole horse riding part of the army, and foot soldiers just couldn't get close enough. If Monolith rolls hadn't been so good, things would have been different.

Bruiser Standard Bearer helped to make additional 4 mortal wounds, but stood most of the time pointlessly. Probably it's better to use one wizard instead: less melee power, but more maneuverability and more flexibility.

The Butcher failed in everything except the last spell. And caused himself 7 wounds, but fortunately healed 1 and the Talisman helped to fend off 2.  

The arrowboys should have been more in the back to avoid grail knights' charge, and then shot them with +1 bonus and kunnin rukk for 120 hits. Otherwise the meatshields worked - grail knights charged and killed the boarboys and ogors/ironguts got to charge them, arrowboys kept the other unit of grail knights in place. Grail knights are still awful - they had 3+ to hit, rerolling misses, 3+ to wound, save 2+ (mystic shield or cover), 2 damage. Basically an auto damage from all models if they charged.

BATTLE BONUS: 1 additional artifact: mail with 3+ save, ignores rend; 3 points from major victory.


Orruk maneater

A savage orc maneater joined Sarvikuhord. Occasionally goes on a trek as a hunter, his hand ready to blast with icy breath.

My third and currently last maneater. Actually it should be green, but I really wanted to try how I'll manage with darker skin tone. Turned out okay, but too dark (the pants should be brighter colour).






After the sad encounter on the road, we got a message about a lone orc travelling in the swamps of Witchforest. A spy maybe?

Battleplan: Out of the Mists (deadly mists around each scenery piece, might kill a model charging/running through the mists, nothing to seen in the mist; at Orc's 3rd Move phase a messenger appears in enemy's decided scenery; victory conditions: kill 75% of enemy starting models, minor/major victory depends on the surviving of the messenger).

Matrix result: Bretonnia flanked over the swamp, got flanking unit and trecherous path (roll during setup for each unit, on 1-2 suffers d3 mortal wounds)

Points: 1000
Bretonnian army:
8 Grail knights
20 Peasant Bowmen (-1 for trecherous path)
10 Empire Greatswords (-3 for trecherous path)
1 Empire General (general)
1 Paladin
1 Battlemage

Orc army:
Messenger: Grot Shaman on Wolf
20 Savage Orruk Arrow Boys
7 Ogres with ironfists
4 Ironguts (with general)
1 Butcher (with battle brew)
Had 1 point less, so I rolled on Triumph Table and got to reroll hits.

Pre-battle strategy: probably no chance to keep the messenger alive, so it was just a fast and cheap decoy; take out Bowmen with Arrow Boys to deny them x4 Arrow Storm; get cover bonus for ogres with Mystic shield (Save 3+) and use them as meatshield against Grail Knight charge (while making some damage with ironfists), then hit the Knights with Ironguts with reach 2 from behind the ogres. Keep general among ironguts to definitely get +1 to hit.

Phase 1: Orcs gave initiative to Bretonnia. Bretonnia secretly decided a place for messenger to appear and set up flanking Grail Knights to catch it. Made some spells, otherwise remained stationary.

Phase 2: Savage Orruks moved forward, shot Greatswords (the bowmen were already under 20, so the Arrow Storm was already x3 and I hoped the mists hinder shooters enough), killed all but one. Ogres retreated into the mists, away from charging Grail Knights.

Phase 1: Bretonnia won initiative (and all initiatives but one from this point on, 9 rounds), Bowmen made Arrow Storm to Savage Orruks (60 something shots), only 7 Orruks died thanks to mystic shield and Inspiring Presence.

Phase 2: Orcs were hiding in the mists and moving between scenery pieces toward the enemy.

Both armies maneuvered carefully, a messenger appeared.

Phase 1: Orcs won the initiative for the first and only time, so the messenger moved into the mists towards the edge of the board, therefore denying Grail Knights their charge. Otherwise careful maneuvering in the mists.

Phase 2: Bretonnian Battle Mage dispelled the mist, Bowmen shot messenger, then charged and killed him.

More maneuvering, Grail Knights came closer.

Phase 1: Bretonnia maneuvered.

Phase 2: Most important phase. Butcher failed a spell and also made himself a wound. Grail Knights were temptingly close (and I was sleepy as hell and wanted to end the battle, one way or another), so I dropped my charge-waiting strategy. Moved closer with battle trait, but ogres did not roll enough and couldn't get out of the mists... but ironguts did.

Ironguts charged and failed most of the attack rolls. Great... Then I rerolled hits (Triumph Table ability), and altogether wiped out 6 Grail Knights. Remaining two ran away with battleshock. Ironguts get damage from knights, Paladin and general.

Phase 1: Paladin takes out all Ironguts (with his weapon making 2+ attack and d6 mortal wounds). Never get close to Paladin with tough units.

Phase 2: Ogres attack, but there is no room and I make some stupid decisions, so have to divide the attacks and nothing special happens. Except that 2 ogres die.

Battlemage heals all heroes' wounds, I get rid of Battlemage, an ogre dies. Arrowboys shoot Bowmen, kill two but thanks to Bellower standing close to Bowmen, 6 models more run with Battleshock.

Suddenly Bretonnian player remembers, that for winning we have to kill 75% of models, I count the models and discover that I need to kill 4 models to win, so I turn my attention to Bowmen instead of heroes and kill 6.

SUMMARY: another close call, but this time minor victory and 2 points to orcs. If we had to fight till the last models, probably I would have lost.

The mists were helpful against Bowmen, but I couldn't try the pre-battle strategy with meatsheld. And ironfists did not work at all this time, and due to the fact I could not use them as shield I needed rerolling much more.

The final  charge was actually from bad position (without rerolling hits it would have been catastrophic), Ironguts had no Mystic Shield and they had to attack into 3 close units, so they got hit a lot. But altogether the charge was probably still better, usually I do not get so close to Grail Knights. Lots of maneuvering and moving models back-and-forth to avoid the charge.

Paladins d6 mortal wound weapon can be devastating, Empire General can give +1 to hit/wound to nearby units, which is simply awful (Grail Knights get 2+ hit, rerolling fails...).

Ironguts really need some buffing on hitting, otherwise their 4+ hit too easily fails. Triumph Table can be very, very important. Without this Orcs would have lost.

Maneuvering game takes LOTS of time. This game took more than 4 hours. And it was 1000 point game... It seems that against Bretonnia the game is mostly centered on who gets the charge.

Next game will probably be sometime in October.

BATTLE BONUS: +1 to all spellcasting, 2 points from minor victory.


It all started when a large group of orcs were sighted near Rugna. They haven't dared to venture so far into the valley for hundred years...

Battleplan: A Champion Emerges (battle starts with duel between two heroes in the middle, winner and friendly units get big bonus). No victory points.

Points: 500
Bretonnian army:
5 Grail knights
5 Freeguild Outriders
1 Empire General (general)
1 Paladin

Orc army:
21 Savage Orruk Arrow Boys (1 general, command trait +1 to hit, battletrait 1d6 move in hero phase)
5 Orruk Boarbys
1 Tyrant with talisman
I had less points, so I rolled on Triumph Table and got to reroll wounds.

Pre-battle strategy: have general among arrowboys to get +1 to hit with command trait, move closer with Savage Orruks, shoot the grail knights, then keep distance by putting boarboyz in the middle to get charged and keep attackers busy, while shooting with Arrowboys.

Duel between Paladin and Tyrant was short: Paladin missed, tyrant hit with great gutgouger, rolled 6, made double damage and Paladin was dead.

Phase 1: Orcs took initiative. Boarboys ran forward, Savage Orruks moved closer with battletrait and fired at Freeguild Outriders (the Grail Knights were completely hidden behind scenery), 63 shots with 4+ (command trait)/4+. 4 Outriders died. For some unexplainable reason Tyrant charged at remaining lone outrider and they were out.

Phase 2: Grail Knights charged Tyrant and killed it.

Phase 1: Bretonnia got initiative, Grail Knights charged Savage Orruks.

Phase 2: Orruk Boarboys charged. From here to the bitter end it was simply hack and slash. Savage Orruks 2 wounds were surprisingly good, their melee was shitty. Boarboys were hardy and hit quite well.

And after some more rounds Bretonnia won with Grail Knight with 1 wound and General with 2 wounds.

SUMMARY: Loss to Orcs, but close call. Savage Orruks shooting is wonderful with command trait, but nothing special with model numbers under 20 and hitting on 5. Grail Knights charge is devastating. Do whatever you can to avoid it. Tyrant's charge to lonely Outrider was completely pointless and without that the Orcs probably would have won.



The orcs and ogres have become restless in the mountains. Their numbers have grown and there are rumours of a new powerful and cunning leader. Sarvikuhord is preparing an invasion to nearby valley under Bretonnian rule.

So, after playing about 5 games of Warhammer we decided to start a campaign with my friend. Campaign is home brew, mixture of Matched Play, Map Campaign and Matrix Campaign. Inspired from Red Hand of Doom, a DD 3.5 adventure module. There are important places to conquer and after winning, the winner gets a small bonus for the rest of the campaign. Of course, other player may attack the same place and take the bonus to himself. Almost all battlemaps actually favour fast and shooty army, so I believe my Gutbusters will have tough times.

Measuring from bases, points per model, no minimum battleline units (probably that changes at some moment when we have enough models).

Victory Points required to win the campaign: 10
Loss/Draw: 1 p
Minor Victory: 2 p
Major Victory: 3 p

I haven't found much battle reports about ogres vs Brettonnia/Free People, so I thought maybe its useful for someone. I try to make the report short, but useful and - to some extent - interesting. No description of every single move we made, just general tactics.

Any comments and advice is more than welcome.

Some days ago we had our first two games.

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