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  1. While the forum was down I managed to get converted mournfangs painted.

    I like the outcome, the poses are quite natural. I usually don't like banner bearer models, so I made my own that is much cooler than the "official" one. 

    I started with gore gruntas, but it's summer and there has been a very long pause. So I have only one painted. I wanted to make him brown skinned like my bonesplitterz, but the is would have been just one big brown model. I am not entirely happy with the colour scheme, but I really can't think of anything better. Especially because I want to keep its metal parts "metal", not painted. 

    Also, I haven't had time to play with Braggoth's battalion, I hope to do it before GHB 2: in case there are too many changes in points that makes this battalion impossible to play in 2000 point game. 






  2. So, the fact that I am staying in a single room with no facilities will not stop my enthusiasm for the new Skrimish rules! I have been sat on the floor most of the day using the flat of a chair as a tabletop and painting away on there.

    I'm a sucker for losing enthusiasm for modelling projects half way through but for some reason I think this one will be different ...(I always think that, so fingers crossed!).

    Anyway - with Megaboss finished **see earlier post for pics** I have begun tackling some Ardboyz. I have never been great at painting things to a 'tabletop' standard as the term goes. I want them all to be the best I can paint them. However, it is this desire that leads to my lack of enthusiasm I believe as the challenge becomes too great painting wise to keep up with my model purchases. 


    My intention is to keep these simple! Her they are with almost everything basecoated and with various washes. 

    As you can see, very basic. I'd be happy to throw these down as a last resort. Really, they've a few more layers to be added to each colour ... but progress is progress!


    How do you deal with tabletop issue?

    Do you paint everything to the best of your ability? 


  3. Those who lurk on this blog may have noticed my absence the past three weeks. It's been an eventful time but the majority of the past month was taken up with my best friend Udo who was in post cancer-surgery recovery. After coming through fine from the surgery we got the bad news... the cancer had moved to his lungs. He had just days to live. I spent as much time as I could with him before having to say goodbye. I miss him terribly.


    RIP my hairy buddy

    We're getting through each day but it has been tough. We knew Udo was getting old (he would have turned 11 this year) but we weren't expecting to go from healthy to dead in just a few short days. If  you have a hairy loved on of your own be sure and give them some pets and love. You won't regret it. 

    I began collecting and painting miniatures (and blogging here) just shortly after we got Udo as a puppy. It's the end of an era! And while I will be happy to not have his long hair stuck in each and every mini I paint or assemble I would gladly trade that it for some more time laying around the house together. 

    Spent time after Udo's passing rearranging the house. Flip flopped our bedroom and studio space and moved all of the miniature and gaming things into the studio. It's not a massive space but it now has all of my art supplies, PC, and minis in one place. I'm hoping it will lead to massive bouts of creativity! So far it hasn't but I think that is to be expected. 



    Here are a couple minis for this update. I didn't finish 3 and one of these was already mostly done (and not totally painted by me - :) ) but I wanted to get them posted here. 

    First up we have another Chaos Warrior of Malal. Not in love with this paint job though it gets the job done. 


    And then there is this thing. I'm not going to give away too much yet... but let's just say I have my work cut out for me in the coming months for a new Blood Bowl event coming up in September:




  4. So some more pics of my Huskard on stonehorn.  The reins and Blood vulture are finished and Huskard himself nearly there too.  Only leaving the saddle mainly and a base to acquire and sort out.  Hope you like him :) 


    Hope you enjoy the pictures.  Kind regards Zolas.

  5. Lord Elpus
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    Just finished my Spiritseer:
  6. Well, the gargantuan squiggoth project is coming to an end so perhaps I'll move on to the other vicious war bands of Destruction. 

    Planning to do some Bonesplitterz with a hard as nails addition.




  7. Alrighty, so yesterday, I managed to catch a game, but unfortunately due to a minor disagreement in my household I had to cut the game short. (Mostly it was a miscommunication, but oh well!)

    Before I get to that, I'll just mention that I have built my 3rd batch of Boyz, and the bottom half of the Trukk from the Armoured Assault kit I got a month or so ago. That puts me up to 32 Boyz, 12 as sluggas and 20 as shootas (with the sluggas in the Trukk DT!). I'm almost done painting my 2nd batch of Boyz, and when they're done being painted I'll either do the 3rd batch or my 3 Deffkoptas next (which need some repainting since they were an eBay purchase with terrible dark green glossy skin, blech!)... But yeah, I'm keeping up with my army paint-wise, which is always a difficult thing for me! Gamer first, hobbyist second :P

    So, back to the Battle Report. My 4th opponent happen to be... ELDAR. :o I was heading into the game with the "I'm about to be blown off the field" mentality, so it helped me to enjoy the game while it lasted, not worrying about winning so much :P

    My list!
    Warboss - 'eavy armor, power klaw, Lucky Stikk
    20 Boyz - Shootas, 2 Big Shootas, Nob-Boss Pole & Twin-linked Shoota (no PK!)
    10 Gretchin to meet troop min.
    2 individual Deffkoptas, twin-linked rokkits but no upgrades
    Looted Wagon - Killkannon, 3 Rokkits, Reinforced Ram (I literally just now realized I forgot the "Don't Press Dat!" rule this game, oops! Idk if it would've mattered, but still)
    Painboy - Grot Orderly
    12 Boyz - Eavy Armor, Nob-PK-BP, Dedicated Trukk with Reinforced Ram
    5 Nobz - Eavy Armor, 2 PKs, 2 Big Choppas, Boss Pole
    Deff Dread - 2 Kustom-Mega Blastas, Grot Riggers

    My opponent brought:
    3 identical units of 10 regular Eldar troops, that had the heavy support platforms that shot the Str7-AP3 weapons?
    3 Warlocks that accompanied those units, all Psyker 1's (he got a few powers, but the only one he ever used was the primaris to give +1 to cover saves on the units)
    1 Auturch(sp??) on a jetbike with a special sniper rifle with 120" range
    2 omgiforgotthenamesaaaagh Fire Prism tanks...? Big cannon with three profile shots...
    And... an Avatar of Khaine. Oy.

    He won first turn, and although I got the Strategic Warlord Trait for +1 to seize, I failed.

    His 1st turn, He basically marched forward both turns, blowing chunks out of my Shoota Boyz but otherwise nothing scary effective.
    My 1st, I flew my Trukk forward to one flank, both my Koptas scouted then inched forward to fire missiles at one of his Prismsthingies, and I shot up a lot of stuff, taking one wound off the Avatar in the process.
    His 2nd turn, he goes to prepare to assault my Deff Dread with his Avatar, but he ends up shooting it to death (first game my DD went down! :O) and not being able to charge anything. He wrecks the Trukk, and the Boyz are deposited within an inch of one of his troop choices.
    My 2nd turn, I call a Waagh! and I hop my Boss-and-Nobz unit out of the tank; I move everything else closer to what they're trying to kill. In my shooting phase, I successfully Shoota'd one of his other troop choices, making room for my B&N to run and then charge his Avatar easily! The Slugga Boyz easily make combat against the troops (we forget overwatch, but at this point the "at home issue" had reared its head, so I had already said this would be my last turn sadly) and butcher enough of them to cause them to break and get run down. His Avatar kills 2 Nobz, but they were filler Nobz; however, sadly, the rest of the unit couldn't strip his last 2 wounds that he had had, PLUS my Warboss completely whiffed his attacks AND his Lucky Stikk rerolls, causing him to be cut down.

    So, sadly, I had to concede the game due to time restraints, and I couldn't even take home the glory trophy of killing his Avatar (which wasn't nearly as scary as I was expecting it to be, tbh).

    If the game had continued, his final remaining troop choice was in easy charge range of my B&N, and he still had his one-wound Avatar, his jetbike boss, and the 2 tanks (one was being shot to death with rokkits, the other about to be charged by the Slugga Boyz and glanced/PK'd to death). I still had pretty much everything but the Trukk, the Deff Dread, and a few Shoota Boyz (still had both Big Shootas and the Nob), so had I had time to continue, I felt that I probably would have taken home a win. But, real life always trumps the gaming life, and I try to choose the IRL over Gaming as often as possible. So, oh well.

    I took a couple pictures, but they're such a hassle to transfer off of my phone, and they were kinda blurry anyway, so I hope the text only will suffice this time.

    Next update, hopefully a game, definitely more painting, perhaps even some new stuff...??? :P

  8. We continue this series with one of the ultimate Ogre songs. Grinder is a less known track from the British Steel album, released in 1980 by Judas Priest.

    The song describes the lonesome journey of a young Ogre Bull, wandering the wasteland searching for revenge and meat.

    Been inclined to wander
    Off the beaten track
    That's where there's thunder
    And the wind shouts back

    Looking for meat
    Wants you to eat

    Expelled from his tribe, the Bull enjoys his freedom, as he plunders solitary farms, slaughtering cattle and feeding on whatever wildlife foolish enough to be in his way. He mocks the life of other Ogre's who he see's slaving for the Tyrants and Overlords. 

    Day of independence
    Stamped us like a brand
    Round the necks of millions
    To the land

    As the mighty eagle
    I need room to breathe
    Witness from the treadmill
    I take my leave

    Looking for meat
    Wants you to eat

    He feels he doesn't need a Butcher tell him about the powers of flesh anymore, as he will become a legendary self-taught Butcher himself one day.




  9. Disclaimer; troll nudity! Continue at own peril!


    I have a growing collection of both giants and trolls. The arrival of yet another giant (another plastic one this time) made me want to do something really different, yet coherent. 

    I love my Forgeworld troll Hag dearly, and like to think of her as a smelly mother to my troll babies.

    But the stone trolls just don't look like her kids. 

    So I'll just have to build another, taller and rockier sister to nurture them. 





  10. Gareth
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    Got the bit I was missing to complete the build, pretty happy with how it turned out:


  11. The next exciting iteration of Unearthing Ogor Lore, Naming the Hunger Part 2!

    Continuing from the last post, we will go right on into Honorifics and Titles to finish up the naming conventions!

    Here are some example fully created names (from my own Army and Army Lore):

    Derall The Huge
    Nogarth Headcrusher
    Rarghrug The Grubby
    Targhort Headcracker
    Taratt Nosemangler
    Norgherth Armbreaker
    Wurgholg Bloodgulper The Careless
    Magull Headsplitter The Hazzardous
    Dozogg Bonegrinder the Rambling
    Nagrot Tripeslicer the Mad
    Rerghurk Headcracker
    Yugort Bloodgulper the Lucky
    Burrug Gristlechewer
    Thazret Gizzardeater
    Tozew Gutbuster The Bloody-Handed
    Tegogg Noseripper

    Honorifics (Roll 2D6, one for the 10's place and one for the 1's place):

    11- Armbreaker

    12- Bloodbgulper

    13- Bloodspiller

    14- Bonebreaker

    15- Bonegrinder

    16- Bonecrusher

    21- Bonesmasher

    22- Boneshaker

    23- Bonesnapper

    24- Brainbasher

    25- Eyegouger

    26- Facemangler

    31- Fangbuster

    32- Fleshtearer

    33- Footstomper

    34- Gizzardeater

    35- Gobsmasher

    36- Gristlechewer

    41- Gutbuster

    42- Gutsplitter

    43- Headbuster

    44- Headcracker

    45- Headcrusher

    46- Headsplitter

    51- Heartcrusher

    52- Hearteater

    53- Legbreaker

    54- Maneater

    55- Necksnapper

    56- Nosemangler

    61- Noseripper

    62- Skinflayer

    63- Skullcrusher

    64- Skullsplitter

    65- Throattearer

    66- Tripeslicer

    Titles (Roll 3D6, one for the hundreds, tens and ones place):

    111- The Acquisitive

    112- The Angry

    113- The Avenger

    114- The Awful

    115- The Baffling

    116- The Basher

    121- The Bad

    122- The Baleful

    123- The Bashful

    124- The Battle-Scarred

    125- The Befuddled

    126- The Bemused

    131- The Big

    132- The Bloody-Handed

    133- The Blunt

    134- The Bold

    135- The Brainless

    136- The Brash

    141- The  Broad

    142- The Brutal

    143- The Butcher

    144- The Careless

    145- The Clumsy

    146-The Coarse

    151- The Colossal

    152- The Confused

    153- The Conqueror

    154- The Crazed

    155- The Crazy

    156- The Credulous

    161- The Crooked

    162- The Crumper

    163- The Crusher

    164- The Cunning

    165- The Curious

    166- The Curmudgeonly

    211- The Dangerous

    212- The Desperate

    213- The Destroyer

    214- The Destructive

    215- The Desolator

    216- The Despoiler

    221- The Determined

    222- The Devourer

    223- The Dim

    224- The Dire

    225- The Disembowler

    226- The Dismemberer

    231- The Dreadful

    232- The Eager

    233- The Enormous

    234- The Enraged

    235- The Executioner

    236- The Extravagant

    241- The Exterminator

    242- The Fat

    243- The Fearful

    244- The Feckless

    245- The Filthy

    246- The Flayer

    251- The Flatulent

    252- The Forbidding

    253- The Forgetful

    254- The Fortunate

    255- The Frightful

    256- The Gargantuan

    261- The Generous

    262- The Ghastly

    263- The Gigantic

    264- The Greedy

    265- The Grimy

    266- The Grinder

    311- The Grizzly

    312- The Grubby

    313- The Gruesome

    314- The Hairy

    315- The Ham-Fisted

    316- The Handsome

    321- The Hapless

    322- The Harmful

    323- The Hazardous

    324- The Headstrong

    325- The Helpful

    326- The Honest

    331- The Horrible

    332- The Horrid

    333- The Huge

    334- The Humongous

    335- The Hungry

    336- The Idiotic

    341- The Immense

    342- The Immovable

    343- The Impatient

    344- The Incorrigible

    345- The Incorruptible

    346- The Incurable

    351- The Industrious

    352- The Inedible

    353- The Infested

    354- The Inquisitive

    355- The Insane

    356- The Insatiable

    361- The Intolerant

    362- The Irascible

    363- The Irate

    364- The Irrepressible

    365- The Irritable

    366- The Just

    411- The Larcenous

    412- The Lost

    413- The Loud

    414- The Lucky

    415- The Mad

    416- The Mangler

    421- The Marauder

    422- The Masher

    423- The Mighty

    424- The Mournful

    425- The Muddled

    426- The Murderer

    431- The Murderous

    432- The Mysterious

    433- The Nasty

    434- The Objectionable

    435- The Obtuse

    436- The Odd

    441- The Odious

    442- The Odorous

    443- The Outlander

    444- The Peculiar

    445- The Persistent

    446- The Persuasive

    451- The Pig-Headed

    452- The Pillager

    453- The Powerful

    454- The Pulper

    455- The Rambling

    456- The Rash

    461- The Raucous

    462- The Ravener

    463- The Raving

    464- The Reaper

    465- The Reaver

    466- The Reckless

    511- The Rotten

    512- The Rough

    513- The Rowdy

    514- The Sad

    515- The Savage

    516- The Scabrous

    521- The Scary

    522- The Shambling

    523- The Silent

    524- The Sinister

    525- The Slasher

    526- The Slavering

    531- The Smart

    532- The Smasher

    533- The Smelly

    534- The Sorrowful

    535- The Strange

    536- The Strangler

    541- The Stealthy

    542- The Stubborn

    543- The Stupid

    544- The Subtle

    545- The Sullen

    546- The Surly

    551- The Sweaty

    552- The Terrible

    553- The Thrasher

    554- The Throttler

    555- The Thumper

    556- The Thoughtless

    561- The Trusting

    562- The Trustworthy

    563- The Ugly

    564- The Unavoidable

    565- The Unbearable

    566- The Uncaring

    611- The Unclean

    612- The Undaunted

    613- The Undefeated

    614- The Unforgettable

    615- The Unforgivable

    616- The Unfriendly

    621- The Unhinged

    622- The Unlikeable

    623- The Unmistakable

    624- The Unreasonable

    625- The Unpredictable

    626- The Unspeakable

    631- The Unsteady

    632- The Untidy

    633- The Unthinking

    634- The Unwashed

    635- The Unwelcome

    636- The Vacant

    641- The Vacous

    642- The Vast

    643- The Vengeful

    644- The Verminous

    645- The Vicious

    646- The Victorious

    651- The Vile

    652- The Villainous

    653- The Vindictive

    654- The Violent

    655- The Vulgar

    656- The Wanderer

    661- The Weary

    662- The Weird

    663- The Witless

    664- The Wild

    665- The Wrathful

    666- The Wretched

  12. Here is an old model I used to love converted over to use in Age of Sigmar. I used him in a game recently and am developing some fluff for him appropriately. 

    I'm most proud of the detail on the staff handle which is all freehand, and the lightning inside the staff. 

    He is accompanied by his familiar (which has no in-game rules anymore - which is annoying!) but I couldn't bear to part with him so I AoS'ed him too! he's coming along for the ride!

    FullSizeRender 8.jpg

    FullSizeRender 4.jpg

    FullSizeRender 5.jpg

    FullSizeRender 6.jpg



  13. So I recently had my first game of AoS, using the official points and army organisation.

    Here is a little vlog, where I talk all about it! :D



  14. Okay so I went to a 9th age team tournament last weekend with my ogres, we finished 4th out of 8 teams, so not that bad

    My games were:
    First day
    1º Won 11-9 against ogres, pretty much the same list that I played
    2º Lost 14-6 against another ogre, more combat focussed
    3º Lost 12-8 against Khemri, agreed outcome with the opponent, since my list was kinda useless against his
    Second day
    4º Draw 10-10 against ogres, similar list to mine, I didn't wanted to take any risk since the team only needed me to score a draw
    5º Won 15-5 against high elves, turn 1 to 3 were all hits with my scratapult on his swordmasters, and both eagles were dead on turn 2 also, so GG

    My list:
    Great Shaman: General, Rottenjaw, Lv 4, Alchemy, Talisman of Greater Shielding, Demon Heart. 335
    Khan: BSB, Iron Fist, Yeti Furs, Dragonskin Banner. 195
    Shaman: Lv 1, Fire, Great Weapon, Dispell Scroll. 146
    1x 14 Tribesmen: FCG, Banner of Discipline, Iron Fist, Heavy Armour. 553
    2x 15 Scrapling: Standard Bearer, Short bows. 2x 50
    1x 8 Mercenary Veterans: FCG, Flaming Standard, +1 Ballistic Skill, Poisoned Attacks, Brace of Ogre Pistols. 500
    2x 1 Sabretooth Tigers. 2x 40
    2x 2 Yetis. 2x 80
    2x Thunder Cannon. 2x 150
    1x Scratapult. 130
    Total: 2499

    And now... The (almost) finished boys!

    3 bombardiers and a cannon


    14 tribesmen, main unit




    Great shaman, general


    A Khan, Great Khan, or whatever I feel like fielding him as :P


    Fire Shaman


    And family pic! Missing the scratapult (Not even started gluing it), scraplings (To be painted) and a close-up on the mercenaries


    :hat off

  15. So some small progress on my Dunecrawler.  Mostly working on the red paint job.

    Black Undercoat, Khorne red base, Biel-Tan Green shade, Wazdakka red drybrush.  Then On just the weapons so far I have edge highlighed with Evil Sun scarlet.


    My current problem is whether I should apply Bloodletter red glaze to brighten it up or not.  Here's some progress pictures followed by a with and without glaze picture.  Tell me what you guys think!  I will add a Poll for you guys to vote on as well so please make a vote I would very much like to know peoples thoughts.

     Onager Dunecrawler early progress.jpgRed paint scheme with red highlight.jpg


    Without glaze:

    Neutron blaster red paint scheme (no glaze).jpg

    With Glaze:

    Red paint scheme plus red glaze tester.jpg

    Kind regards Zolas.


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