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    Behold the Stronghold, a vast and mighty fortress carved deep within a solitary, jagged mountain known as Titan's Toof!

    Located in Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, this colossal formation is not composed of mere rock. Instead, it is said to have grown millennia ago from a single tooth, one that was dislodged during a legendary brawl between the twin gods Gork and Mork. Whether it was Gork's tooth or Mork's tooth is unknown - a conundrum that has been the source of much violent debate over the Ages.

    The Stronghold's enormous caverns, countless tunnels and snow-topped peak are home to all manner of savage tribes and monstrous beasts. The surrounding hills, forests, bogs and plains swarm with yet more destructive creatures. When the armies of the Stronghold unite for war, the Mortal Realms tremble!

    Destruction Factions

    The Stronghold is a miniature wargaming website dedicated to the Destruction Grand Alliance (orruks, grots, ogors and other beasties) in Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

    Founded on the 13th of July 2004, the Stronghold started out as the first Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms website on the net, welcoming many thousands of visitors over the years from all around the world. In 2015 the Stronghold opened its gates to Age of Sigmar. Since then, the Stronghold's focus has expanded to include greenskins and other destructive creatures, evolving into a fully fledged website of Destruction!

    The Stronghold is owned, designed, maintained and tyrannically ruled by Gareth Moorhead. The community is moderated via swift and decisive 'eadbutts delivered by the Bosses.

    This is the 8th version of the Stronghold website - screenshots of the previous versions can be found below!

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