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Brork Bonegut

Stonehorn Horns

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Hey all.


I'm painting a Stonehorn and I've run into the problem of painting the horns. Does anyone have any advice about painting them, either as stone or ice? I tried painting them as ice as shown in the battletome, but I'm not happy with it.


Also, I applied a few thin layers of paint as of now. Should I dump the horns in the paint stripper or could I get away with painting over it? Thus far I've laid down 3 thin coats of Ceramite White, 2 coats of Guilliman Blue, and a Drybrush of Praxeti White, in case it matters.


EDIT: BTW, when I say thin coats I mean I had to apply multiple layers to get a smooth finish, because I water down my paints when I apply them.


Thanks in advance, I really want this to look good.

- Bonegut

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