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Wow, I had no idea it had been so long! Well I finally got around to revamping my Destruction Force

I've added a Giant spider and spider riders from that awesome boxed set and started putting that spider together like a kid on Christmas, it's been so much fun so far it's great. I've converted it slightly as I want to change the load out game to game so I've made it as easy as possible to interchange between the flinger, shaman and lots of grots. The base though has taken up most of the time as it's inadvertently turned into a little diorama of sorts, I only wanted to put a tree on it :~....


It was at this point I was showing the pics to a friend on mine who kindly asked "is there going to be any water in there? Like a skeleton stuck in the water or something?" to which I replied angrily "well there wasn't going to be!" :)
But hey, a good idea is a good idea so as this is going to be a frosty/snowy base there shall be a frozen skellie...


I did go on and finish the majority of the base but no pics yet, I'll post them soon... 

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