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What happened to Golfag and Greasus?

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Made the mistake of not saving the previous versions of the PDF compendiums and the General's Handbook material...:oops:

So what happened to the named ones? I know in AoS, Golgfag is listed as a generic Maneater in the store, but the compendium had rules for him and GH listed his point's value. The same change, though not as major, for Ruglud. For matched play, was planning on using Golgfag as a general of a themed force of one unit of Maneaters and 2 or 3 Ogor battleline units(Maneater newbs), but now he's just a generic tyrant.:(   

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On 9/4/2017 at 08:45, ConOgre said:

Unfortunately pretty much all named charaters have been axed.

So much for legacy compendium lists...

It's not as if I used Karl Franz on the tabletop in previous editions, but it would've nice to do a Golgfag themed list. Where could one find the previous version of the compendiums? 

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17 minutes ago, Belchfist Beastkiller said:

Yep. Justifying living through the end of the old world into this one is tough...Archaon is stretching the boundaries of plausibility as it is!

Nobody cares about the current fluff, immature and incomplete, just moving bits of metal and plastic on the tabletop...:lol:

As for Archaon, it's like the studio was never happy with the results of Storm of Chaos...

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