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What Ogors to buy - Tips for a new Bully-to-be

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Hi fellow Ogor fans!

I am a rather new player of Warhammer (started with AoS) and I started collecting Ogres as this big bulky Meatballs really appeal to me:) 

As for now I only have 6 bulls and 6 leadbelchers and as my brother plays WH for much longer I have a pretty solid Orruk army for my disposal (however I'm kind of an Ogor purist xD ) 

The question is what should I buy next...

Should I rather go into the beast stuff and by a Stonetusk and some mournfangs, or stick to the Gutbusters (Which I prefer) and buy a Tyrant and ironguts or bulls? 

I am open for any suggestions :)


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It boils down to what you prefer to use.  Monsters like the Stonehorn and Thundertusk are both rather awesome.  Stonehorn for it's shaer tankyness (even more if you have a Frostlord on it!) and Thundertusk for nasty Mortal wound output.

It's worth checking out Huskard stonehorns though as there is a nasty ability if you activate a mournfang straight after the Huskard which is alot of damage output at once!.

Personally a Stonehorn or mournfangs are good and are fast.  If you wanted to stay Gutbuster you should certainly get Ironguts.  at 3 damage per swing these guys wreck face.


Hope this helps. :)

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I think it depends on how you prefer to play.  Beastclaws are certainly faster but generally fewer in number.  So they can become isolated and struggle with objectives.  They can overcome this with good use of Icebrow hunters and Sabres.

Gut busters are quite nasty and have good characters being the Tyrant and butcher with fantastic offensive. ( note Beastclaws don't have wizards but do have some wizard like abilities so no dispelling unless you use a certain item.) 

I sadly haven't used Beastclaws in AoS yet but there are plenty of others that have that can contribute more then I can. :)  Hope this helps a little.

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