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Worthless units in Ogre book?? 8th ed.

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Ogres are fun, double firebelly is interesting, especially in close combat. Good old slaughtermaster with fencing blades is a sure winner.

It's mainly the maneaters I'm still struggling with, they have so much potential but I haven't found the perfect combination yet

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I've yet to play a Firebelly, but I've got a tourney starting soon, so starting to standardise my lists across opponents and I think the 'Belly is a bit more well rounded than some of the comps I've been playing with.

For Maneaters I've had nothing but amazing luck! I play 3 brace of pistols with Poison & Scouts (or Vanguard & Scouts when I know I'm playing on a smaller table...). These guys have been devastating! I've yet to get them into combat...but don't let that fool you!

Most games they start on one flank and cause mayhem - everything scatters to get away from them. Any monsters and war machines are running for their lives whilst all shooting is directed at them. Perfect distraction for the rest of my army to just march up the middle.

In one game against Daemons (Nurgel) I managed to scout behind the enemy lines and stole first turn. I pushed forwards and sent off 6 poisoned shots into his Daemon Prince - 3 6's followed by 3 successful wounds and not a single ward save made! With his General dead on turn 1 it was a breeze from there!

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Weak units: Gorgers, Scraplaunchers, Giants.

     Gorgers can be fun, but aren't competitive or reliable.  That being said, Skrag with 6-10 individual Gorgers is amazing and loads of fun.  Scraplaunchers really only shine against T3 heavy cavalry, but the lower S, T, W, and Ld make them a gamble.  Giants just all-around aren't survivable enough. 

Strong units: Leadbelchers, Ironblasters, Man Eaters, Mournfang

     Leadbelchers are some of the best ranged units in the game; great at range and can even defend themselves in combat.  Personally I recommend at least one unit of 6 minimum in every army; virtually guaranteed to deal with any chaff out there.  Ironblasters kill what scares Ogres: enemy war machines.  And they do it while being able to move and shoot, are better in combat, and have more wounds and a better save.  Always take one.  Two if you're being competitive.  Mournfang are rank-and-file blenders.  Don't throw them into elite troops, and keep their flanks away from war machines, but they will just blender through the basic crap that gets in your way.  Man Eaters are an amazing swiss army knife, but don't take them unless you have a specific role you want them to play.  Some examples are: 6 man eaters all with Brace of Pistols, poison, and sniper: perfect for killing support characters and chaff.  3-6 man eaters with extra hand weapons, scout, and Immune to Psychology: war machine hunters and supporting troop killers.  6-8 man eaters with extra hand weapons, stubborn or poison, swiftstride, banner of swiftness: One of the nastiest hammers out there, specialize in killing other Ogre units and anything with great weapons.

Auto Includes: BSB, Dispel Scroll carrier, Banner of Discipline.  Hellheart carrier in competitive games

    You've GOT to bring that BSB; Ogres are just too weak in the leadership to not bring the reroll.  Further, put your general in the unit with the banner of discipline, just to get that little extra boost.  Ogre players lose more games to leadership fails than anything else, with the exception of Purple Sun or Pit of Shades.  Pursuant to the last comment, you've got to have a dispel scroll, just in case one of those unit-evaporating spells comes up.  Heck, I used to bring the Hell Heart to tournaments and flat-out tell my opponents that if they weren't bringing death or shadow, they didn't have to worry about me using it.

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