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Worthless units in Ogre book?? 8th ed.

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I'm working on an ogre army for myself and I wanted to see what people thought about our book and what things are just not worth taking.  I'm not a competitive player, not that there are 8th ed tourneys anymore anyway.... but if something in our book straight up sucks, what is it?  Do we have autoincludes?  What are those?


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I think what you're looking for are the units that most people say are just underpowered right?

While I think that in reality most of the units for us are really usable! My main army is Dark Elves, which has a lot more doozies than we do here (Sisters of Slaughter and Harpies, I'm looking at you!).

But, if I had to name a few, I'd say:

Gorgers - unless you're building out a list specifically with these random ambushers, they're not likely to bring a lot to the table. They have no defence and no guarantee of turning up at all. If you take Skrag, then there's a fluffy aspect to a list, but otherwise just skip it.

Yhetees - being flammable isn't a problem, unless your opponent is bringing Flaming attacks - oh but one of our main spells in the Maw is Regeneration, so most of my opponents are bringing the Flaming banner...if not more flaming attacks.

Scraplauncher - I love my scratapault, but to be honest, it's not the best unit. Playing against Heavy Cav then the S3 killing blow is awesome, but it's a Rare, and the other options you can take (Leadbelchers or one of the other biggun's) are just much better options to take.

Lastly it's the Special Characters. I've not really found a strong way of bringing any of them. Skrag could be fun in a fluff kind of way with loads of Gorgers, or you could think of lists where Greasus could be useful, but then you need a huge points cost to allow for Magic and other options in addition. The problem really is you need a BSB and Magic (IMO) to make an army viable, and you also don't want to sink too many points into characters, otherwise you have so few bodies on the table they all become too expensive targets.

Hope this helps!

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I agree on the Yhetees and Gorgers. The special characters can be fun in very large games.

Auto-includes ? Surely the sabretusks since they are the best price/value chaff in the game.

Ironblasters are great when they work. They can take out 250 point in a single shot...when they don't blow themselves up of course.

I always add leadbelchers since they can take care of so many of our problems.


The things to play with: Maneaters and what to give them, Ironguts or not, Tyant/magic users, to Firebelly or not to Firebelly, BIG BEASTS

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