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Farmer's Undead

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Here's the final batch of skeleton spearmen:


12 makes my biggest batch of skeletons yet. They took a while but can finally join their undead comrades.

Then we have a shot of the converted command group:


Made using parts from about five or six different kits plus greenstuff vines to add to the forest theme. They were fun to work on and have given me ideas for a grave guard standard bearer I'll be doing in the future.

And last but not least, here's a shot of the whole unit:


Next on the desk is the remaining Hexwraiths...

Cheers for taking a look, more in the works.

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Four Hexwraiths all ready for some paint:


And here's the Hellwraith I repositioned to make more imposing:


Conversions are pretty simple – the usual forest basing, and then we have flames green stuffed on the mounts' eyes, robes and some of their snouts.

I haven't used the flaming heads yet, probably for the reason that I like the simplicity of the wraiths I've assembled here but I'm wandering whether a last minute head swap could be in order - after all they are a special unit and the flames on these miniatures is one of the most appealing aspects of them...

Cheers for taking a look.

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Here we go, the four remaining Hexwraiths are done:


I ended up going for a few head swaps pre-paint. I decided that the half-naked guy on the far left looked a bit too plain, so he got a flaming head with a jaw cut off - it's made him stand out much more than before.

The finished batch together:


I'm pretty happy with how they've turned out. They've got a 'cold-as-death' aura to them, which is what I imagine wraiths as. One of the final touches that just gave them a totally different look was concentrating the intensity of the heat of the bigger flames toward their source. It's really helped to make them pop and has turned my otherwise very mediocre flames into something I've become a bit more content with.

Here's a shot of the finished unit:


Really glad these guys can finally join the rest of my army, and now that they're all done I'm mulling on how I want to expand this army throughout the third year. The second-year army shot is also on the way.

Cheers for taking a look :)

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Here's the 2-year army shot:


...compared to the previous year:


Not exactly sure what I want to work on next. For a while I've had the idea of having big evil trees as a 'counts-as' for crypt horrors, so I've been looking at potentially using Kurnoth Hunters, which could work well if converted appropriately:


Their size is spot on, their poses are what I'm after... and they're trees!

My rough idea right now is:

  • add spikey upward-pointing branches to areas that could benefit from them, 
  • make their faces more horrifying, 
  • convert their arms & hands to branch-like talons 
  • get rid of all the elfy-looking stuff 

Suggestions and comments welcome, let me know what you guys think.

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I decided to get my Forgeworld Wight King BSB ready for some paint:


I've had this guy for about as long as I've had Krell (maybe 5 years) so it's nice to finally get around to working on him. I'm not too sure how I want to approach this one yet though - I'll probably end up doing the metals in the same style as my Black Knights, but something gives me the idea that he could look pretty cool in full bronze...

I've also taken the banshees off the Mortis Engine sprue and decided to play about with positioning options on single bases:



These girls have more aggressive and striking poses than the standard single mini, so I thought I'd blu-tac them to trees to see how to make that work to their advantage. What are your thoughts?

More coming soon, thanks for taking a look :)

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A quick side project - another Wight King to join the army:


Probably my favourite of the classic wights; I decided to paint him in pretty much the same fashion as the Black Knights - a dark blue cape with a mix of verdigris bronze and rusty steel armour.

Cheers for taking a look :)

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My remaining 12 zomblins done:


Modeled on 15 bases - these kick start the second zombie unit. I made a few conversions to some of these to differ them from the zomblins I painted the first time round:


I'm quite pleased with the guy with the axe wedged into his skull :)

And here's a few shots of the filler:


Cheers for taking a look, more coming soon.

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