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CDO Presents: Scribe's Contest I

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Chaos Dwarfs Online presents: Scribe's Contest I

Welcome to the first of many fluff writing competitions to be hosted by Chaos Dwarfs Online! They are sponsored primarily by Titan Wargames and are always themed around Chaos Dwarfs.

This round's theme is Chaos Dwarf Infamous Quotes. These don't have to be Dawi Zharr or Hobgoblin words, but could also be quotes about Chaos Dwarfs as expressed by other races of the Warhammer world.

Do you like fluff, minis and medals? Perhaps you even like Sneaky Gitz, big hats, masks, flying bulls and curly beards? Then don't miss the chance to participate in this new fluff contest marathon!

Please read the general rules and guidelines before diving in, though. The guidelines contain a bunch of inspirational material to aid any participants. :)

Deadline: 11:59 PM Nov 9th 2014 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone)

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