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The Ogre Miniatures Catalogue Project - the Stronghold needs you!

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Update: the results of my efforts so far can be found in the Ogre Museum.

The plan: to catalogue every Ogre miniature made by Citadel Miniatures/Marauder/Forge World for all Games Workshop games and present photos of them in a new, dedicated section in the Stronghold Gallery.

The miniatures will be listed by year of release.

These pages (as well as the GW website) should be useful for matching minis with year of release:





eBay features a number of non-GW photos of unpainted OOP Ogres which we could probably get away with using, and I've already begun trawling through the current list of Ogre miniature auctions on eBay UK for photos:


If you have old White Dwarfs or catalogues lying around, those will come in handy. 

Most of the current range of Ogres was released in 2005 I believe (GW's "Year of the Ogre").

Please place whatever miniatures you can into the timeline (or correct any mistakes), and feel free to post photos:

2009 -

2008 - Plague Ogryns

2007 - Ogryns, Renegade Ogryn Berserkers

2006 - Plastic Giant

2005 (Year of the Ogre) - Ogre Bulls, Ironguts, Gnoblar Fighters, Ogre Tyrant, Leadbelchers, Hunter + Sabretusks, Gnoblar Trappers, Yhetees, Butcher, Gnoblar Scraplauncher, Gorger, Maneaters (Araby, Paymaster, Imperial, Pirate, Ninja, Female), Greasus Goldtooth, Skrag the Slaughterer, Ogre Thunderlord, Ogre Rhinox Cavalry 1+2

2004 - Limited Edition Bruiser (from Ogre Kingdoms Army Box), Braugh Slavelord (Christmas gift to managers)

2003 - Chaos Ogres, Blood Bowl Ogre Cheerleader

2002 - Blood Bowl Ogre Team

2001 -

2000 - Warmaster Ogres, Warmaster Giant, Giant

1999 (Forge World founded) - Giants of Albion, Mordheim Ogre Bodyguard

1998 - Golgfag's Mercenary Ogres

1997 -

1996 -

1995 -

1994 - Blood Bowl Star Player Morg 'N Thorg

1993 (Marauder Miniatures absorbed into Citadel) -

1992 - Battle Masters Chaos Ogre Champion

1991 -

1990 -

1989 - Blood Bowl Star Player Morg 'N Thorg, Ogryns

1988 (Marauder Miniatures founded) - Blood Bowl Ogres

1987 - 1st Edition Blood Bowl Ogre

1986 -

1985 - Golgfag's Mercenary Ogres

1984 -

1983 - Golgfag's Mercenary Ogres

1982 -

1981 -

1980 -

1979 (Citadel Miniatures founded) -

1978 -

1977 -

1976 -

1975 (Games Workshop founded) -

If no Ogre miniatures were released in some of those years, we can just add a little "No releases" note next to them.  Some stuff that should be included other than the standard Ogre ranges: Blood Bowl Ogres, Mordheim Ogres, limited edition Ogres (Braugh + LE Bruiser for example), Ogryns, Giants and anything else with 'Ogre' in the name.  May as well include non-Ogres from the current Ogre Kingdoms book too.

Let's get going! :)

Edit: I'll list the sculptors here too.  If you know any more, post 'em in this topic please.

Adam Clarke: Gnoblar Trappers

Alex Hedström: Ogre Tyrant, Gnoblar Fighters

Aly Morrison: Blood Bowl Ogre Team (2002)

Brian Nelson: Ogre Bulls, Ironguts, Leadbelchers, Plastic Giant

Daniel Cockersell: Ogre Thunderlord, Ogre Rhinox Cavalry 1+2

Felix Paniagua: Blood Bowl Ogre Cheerleader

Jes Goodwin: Golgfag's Mercenary Ogres (1985)

Mark Bedford: Plague Ogryns, Renegade Ogryn Berserkers, Mordheim Pit Fighter Ogre

Mark Harrison: Blood Bowl Ogre Team (2002)

Michael Perry: Nork Deddog, Mordheim Ogre Bodyguard, Ogryns (19xx), Giant (2000)

Steve Saleh: Hunter + Sabretusks

Trish Morrison: Yhetees, Giants of Albion

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This is a rather cool project.

The best I have for the Mordheim Ogre Bodyguard Hired Sword is 1998. The Mordheim rulebook had pictures of the ogre in it, and I can't find a date for the model so that's what I've got.

Other minis I've found dates for;

1988- Blood Bowl Ogre (code BB1 or 2002). Standing straight up, arms down, mohawk, spiked guantlet on right hand, spiked pauldron on left.

1988- Blood Bowl Ogre (number 18). Mohawk, spiked gauntlet on raised right arm.

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I'm in on helping with this one :D Can I just ask though, little nit-pick, for you to change the name of the Limited Edtion "Tyrant" please? It's a bruiser, not a tyrant :) Sorry, but it just grates after the millionth time people write it...


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1992 - Milton Bradley produced "Battle Masters". It was developed with Games Workshop.

It included the Ogre Champion, a two-piece plastic figure.

I use him as my chaos ogre champion.

That was a great way to get lots of minis.

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I have a Morg N Hthrog (I think thats how you spell it) which came out just after blood bowl 3rd edition death zone expansion, 1994 I think. Very cool 3 piece metal mini which makes a great character model if you convert it. Pics here:



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I have Golgfags Mercenary Ogres (5th Ed. DoW), the Mordheim Ogre Bodyguard and some assorted classic Ogres I can take pics of (including the classic Ogre Pit Fighter). I also have Morg N Thorg and one of my mates got a Blood Bowl Ogre recently.

Do you want painted pics or just the raw models? I can do either (except a few of the classics which would need stripping - they are second hand)

Are you restricting this to GW only or do you want some non-GW ones too? I have some Heresy and Hasslefree Ogres as well as the aforementioned MB Battlemasters Ogre.

One other thing for the timeline - GW Mordheim Pit Fighter Ogre.

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