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  2. Gordrakk's Megafist

    Organisation 5 of the following units in any combination: Orruk Megaboss, Megaboss on Maw-krusha
  3. Organisation 5 of the following units in any combination: Orruk Megaboss, Megaboss on Maw-krusha View Page
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  5. Rogue Idol

    Is it still worth taking? I'm not hugely keen on the model but I love the concept. It would be fun to convert one and give it a different paint job but only if I'd use it... BB
  6. Hey guys! I decided to register to give you a heads up about a 1500 pt tournament in the Montreal QC Canada area that happened Sunday. I played a three-game singles tourny. First, the restrictions, then my list: Even if it's at 1000pts and above, we could only have three heroes, two behemoths and two artilleries. Can't use faction-specific equipment or command traits, must use generic order/chaos/death/destruction abilities from GHB. Megaboss, Battlebrew, Trait that rolls 1d6" and hands out a +1 to hit to that unit (sorry don't remember name) Warchanter Weirdnob Shaman 10 brutes with 2" reach, 2x gore and klaw boss 5 brutes with 1" reach one extra attack, 1x gore and klaw boss 3 gore gruntas 2x 10 ardboyz (two banners, as many great weapons as possible) Ironfist Battallion that lets me move 1d6" more for my non character units Let me give a series of recaps of how games went. Game 1 against Ogors. His list (softest list I faced that day) Tyrant with dual weapons and brace of pistols 2x1 gorgers that deploy behind my lines 1x ogor wizard that is harder to kill than the weirdnob 1x sky cannon chariot 2x6 ogors with full command and ironfists (inflict a mortal wound on a save roll of 6) 1x6 ironguts with the once-per-game banner Scenario This was a very easy list to fight, because the scenario had three objectives in the center line between our hammer and anvil deployment. Atop the middle ziggurat was an objective that could be only claimed by heroes. Every turn before rolling initiative we could decide which two of the three objectives we would be doing: kill points (completely destroy a unit), side objectives (have models within 6", a single enemy model can contest) or center objective (only claimed by heroes). When you choose the given objective you can get 1 or 3 points. For the middle objective: score 1 pt if you have 1-2 heroes, score 3pts if you hold it with three heroes (note that army composition meant you needed all your heroes alive and present to do this!). The other two objectives (12" from either side in the center 12" from each deployment line) gave out 1 pt if you held one, or 3pts if you held both. Kill points gave 1pt if you killed 1-2 units, 3 if you killed 3+. Accumulate and track points over the 5 turns, the one who has the most points scores 8/20 for the hero & side objective markers and 8/20 pts for the kill point category (a tie in a category means that the players split 4-4). Then there's first blood, slay the warlord, titan killer (kill most-pointed unit) and line breaker, giving 1 pt each for a neat potential total of 20 points. Game breakdown I finish deploying first, letting him have first turn. He moves up cautiously, keeping the wizard, chariot and ironguts in reserve while the ogors and the tyrant move upfront to occupy the side objectives. His gorgers successfully deploy (and fail to charge) in my backfield. On my turn 1, I pop my megaboss command ability, rolling a 6 so two bonus attacks for EVERY ONE! I fail at buffing my armor for the 10 brutes. The gorgers bait my 5-man unit of brutes backwards (I shouldn't have done this but it netted me two kill points...) I wanted to keep my general within 10" for the brute buff but later during combat I realized it was only 5" range so I couldn't reroll 1s. I move up & charge & kill two gorgers (using just the gorechoppa and champion, no need for the other 3 brutes!), I move up a WHOLE lot thanks to the Destruction ability and the ironfist. I hard engage the two ogor units on either flank, and with the charge distance and pile in moves I am able to engage the tyrant with the klaw boss, one gorechoppa and two regular guys, giving me enough rend 1/2 to chew through the high number of wounds and good saves that he had. I get: slay the general, first blood, two kill points and both objectives are contested so no one gets points for those. This scenario forced even his sky cannon to move forward and shoot & charge on turn 2, because his ogors could not hold back combo charges of brutes, ardboys and gore gruntas on one flank. So he gave +1 saves to his ironguts, because an ogor had fled thanks to failed battleshock he was able to DOWN TO THE IRONGUTS (reroll 1s to hit, to wound and on saves!). He brings up his death star against my heavy flank, chewing through a lot of brutes. On this side the ogor unit got down to one last guy with one wound so I was not able to get the kill point and he was STILL contesting this side's objective. The 10 ardboys against 6 ogors on the other side was a relatively stalemate matchup (he ended up with 2 ogors alive when eliminating my last ardboys through failed bravery tests; letting me enough time to reinforce that flank with the small 5 brute unit that had finished fighting the gorgers at about turn 3... I combo charge his wizard on the ziggurat with my three characters--just the megaboss with brew was enough to kill it. Turn 4 I claim the center objective with my three heroes while still buffing my army with bonuses. He is tabled on turn 4, I mention that I am moving this unit forward to get the linebreaker, and end up 20-1 (he did get titan slayer by chewing through my big Brute unit with his buffed ironguts, that's about it!) Game 2 against Mixed Chaos. His list (About on par with my own, but if the Slaves to Darkness were replaced with Bloodbound it would have been more efficient) Sayl the faithless Khorne lord on juggernaut Bloodsecrator 2x skaven warp lightning cannons 10 khorne warriors of chaos with shields 30x bloodletters 5x khorne dogs 5x seekers of slaanesh Scenario: similar to the meteor, on the start of turn 1 after having deployed we randomize 1-2 = left, 3-4 = center and 5-6 = right. Each player's zone gets the objective marker. Accumulate points over turns for controlling 1 or both objective. Make kill points. Score secondary objectives. See Game against Ogor for examples of these. I finish deploying first because of my battalion. Left to right: 10 ardboys in a building, 5 brutes, 10 brutes (with the 3 characters in an optimal position to get +2 casting for the wizard and reaching all units except the gore gruntas with the general's command ability while the megaboss is bunkered down in terrain). Then the other group of ardboyz and the gore gruntas on my right. The army is mostly center-deployed so that it has the least distance to move if my (or his) objective get flung on either side. His deployment is 5 khorne dogs screening the two warp lightning cannons, the big blob of bloodletters in the center, the terrain holding the characters and 10 chaos warriors and the seekers on the right side. I let him have first turn. Objectives end up in center for both players. He realizes that during deployment he has wrongly measured the warp lightning cannon's distances in order to move 3" and shoot 24" his 0-12 mortal wounds in my megaboss' direction, so he stays put, not moving forward except with the seekers on my right. Intelligent move, forcing me to move up against a hard-engage melee army. I oblige and move up with everything except the characters who slightly reposition, buffing everyone with +1 attack and moving up my big unit of 10 ard boys with armor saves, +1 to hit and successfully charging his side seekers with my own cavalry while the 10 rightmost ardboyz also move up that flank, intent on engaging the cavalry then occupying his empty garrison-able tower if it seems useful. Most of my army (except the three characters) is up in his face, about 6-12" away or so from his deployment line. We check for initiative, I get the double turn (I am first on turn 2). I successfully move around and charge 10 ardboys and a few key models of the buffed 10 brutes into the warp lightning cannon, the other 5 brutes and some stragglers engaging the 5 khorne dogs and the side of his bloodletters. Wit ha few choice models declared before rolling, I use gorechoppas and klaw bosses (and a few 2" jagged hacka brutes) to destroy the first cannon while wounding the second one--later on the ardboys activate and finish off the second one. It goes downhill for him from there: he banks on getting a buff for his khorne units while making his warriors move 18" and flying towards my backfield general in terrain. His bloodletters are not piling up properly against my left side charge, so even if the general and bloodletters do score some heavy casualties I am easily able to start chomping through. He gives up at around turn 4 when all that's left is the bloodsecrator and sayl, me having scored the two 8-point objectives and having done a few secondary objectives. I finish 19-4. Game 3 against Sylvaneth. I face the other player who is at the top, also with 39 points out of a max of 40. He has the model that scares me the most of the whole tournament (and there are some strong behemoth contenders with the Nurgle Big Things and the Chaos Bloodthirsters!) in the form of Alarielle the Invincible With on a Stag Beetle of Doom that can heal back wounds, cast 3 spells per hero phase, and hold against half of any army! He has: Alarielle 3x3 kurnoth archers 2x10 dryads 1x5 dryad-equivalent that can teleport to board edges or near trees. 2 forests This game's objectives are ARD. Compare the number of points left alive at the end of the game (even if a 40-man unit has 1 guy left, the unit counts as not-dead). The player who has the most points left alive scores 8 points (4-4 in case of a tie). There is a MIDDLE objective, you can claim it to generate 1 pt every whole turn that you do. The player who has the most objective-claimed points scores 8 points (4-4 in case of a tie). Then there is first blood, titan killer, slay the warlord and some other teriary objective I forgot that allows you to be able to claim a total of 8+8+4=20 points. Random deployment, we roll the damned diagonal line. He plops his forests in a symmertrical manner that covers any side of the board I might choose when deploying: the forests are in the way of running IronJawz. I stuff my things in the SMALL wedge at my left instead of the large one at my right, therefore slightly (60%) avoiding the issue of the forest-in-the-way. I get first turn, pop an armor buff on my 10 brutes, move up to the hill that has the center objective and bunker down on it. I now own this objective with 2+ armor save brutes that have +1 to hit and can reroll hits against 4+ wound enemies. The whole army has +1 attack. The rest moves up in support at once, putting potential pressure on his backline. Alarielle deals mortal wounds, the archers take down my wizard and warchanter (dealing 1d3 wounds for each unsaved wound at -1 rend!). Alarielle is moved really close to my guys, and combo charges with her and the dryads. Other dryads move up near the forest, the teleporting dryads are held in reserve. He succeeds at both charges, my gore gruntas, 10 ardboys, 5 brutes are engaged in CC because of the 3" proximity. He activates his dryads first because he didnt want to lose their damage output if I were to activate my 10 ardboys first against them: this was his mistake. I receive hits, I make some saves, I'm not chewed through completely. I active the 5 brutes, and again the klaw champion and gore choppa 1-in-5 troopers deal a ton of wounds. I lowered Alarielle's combat ability, so I "only" lose two out of three gore gruntas, a brute and about half the ardboys. We roll off, I get the choice of who goes first. I will! Clutch moment right there: I won't let her heal 2d3+d6 wounds! I succeed at the 1d6" command trait on the 10 brutes, use the attack bonus again (+1 for everyone!) and move up the 10 brutes around Alarielle's back. Thanks to the hero phase movement (d6 for those near the general and d6 for being in the batallion) I was able to control ability ranges quite expertly! I start attacking with the 10 brutes, she's down to the last wounds, she kills some brutes, I use the other 5 brutes and the gore grunta to finish her off. Never has an initiative roll been so crucial in my less than 10 games of AOS! With Alarielle down over the next few turns, he doesn't let up. Over time, since the combat was dead center, the damned ****** is able to move backwards and shoot while keeping my troops screened with teleporting and regular dryads. We both score kill points here and there, and eventually I move my 4/5 brutes into LOS blocking terrain after having owned the center objective long enough. I then flee with two ardboys left over to stay in cover turn after turn and kite the archers, and a lone gore grunta with 4/5 wounds left flees from cover to cover, avoiding handing out the kill points. By end-game, he has two full units of kurnoth left alive, while my 4/5 ardboys, 1/3 gore grunta and 2/10 ardboys are doing their best to avoid being dead. I win the third match 18-3 (he has first blood by sniping my characters, he's killed my general, and he's titan-killed my 10-man brute unit, the most expensive in my army). I got 8pts for holding the center +8pts for having more points left alive and +2 for killing the general and titan killer (Alarielle being 6-700pts!) I win best general by using a balanced IronJawz list that has no Cabbage. Cheers!
  7. Jorlbad

    I love this battalion. It's a very scary thing to see being placed across the board, which in my opinion is half the battle. The true win condition in this battalion is actually the mournfang. Which can confuse some being that you have all these stonehorn models ( huskard and beastriders). This is because of the huskards line breaker ability! Which allows a mournfang unit to pile in and attack when he does. Thereby attacking at the same time. In addition, this battalion allows you to RUN AND CHARGE, which coupled with rampaging destroyers makes you faster than a toupee in a hurricane. I do this by taking the minimum requirement of mournfang units.. 2. But one unit is much larger ( 4-6) and I keep the other at only 2 mournfang. The 1-3 beastrider horns run off and play with the 2 model unit of fangs. Usually protecting a flank and squeezing the enemy. While your 'hammer' as it were, charges down the field at whatever your enemy holds sacred. Generally I target the biggest unit they have, and then pinch the rest of the army with the flanking force. How does it feel to play this battalion you ask? Well let me tell you. Have you ever been in a friends giant 4x4 truck and do donuts in a muddy schoolyard field? No?? Okay, well how about watching Adrian Peterson play running back against a group of 10 year old children. Ahhh, haven't seen that either? Well just go watch the movie Speed with Keanu Reeves, where if the bus goes below 100km/r the bus will explode so he's gotta just smash through things and ride buses off separated bridges to stay alive. That's the closest feeling you will get to playing this list, it's ride or die guys. Just throw this army on the table and your going to be in close combat faster than a speeding ticket. Cheers and beers!
  8. Skal

    Unless I've been playing it wrong, your can't get the extra move from everwinters blessing the turn you drop the skal. Blessing is rolled at beginning of hero phase. Skal drops during hero phase, I have to figure "start" of phase is before "during". I hope I'm wrong though since I usually use about 600 points of skal
  9. Warhammer Community Tactical Toolbox

    New one! Deployment: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/03/21/tactical-toolbox-deployment/
  10. Braggoth's Beast Hammer

    A newer trend among the Battletomes, Braggoth’s Beasthammer is a Warscroll Battalion that combines both Beastclaw Raiders, and Ironjawz. Braggoth himself is a Frostlord on Stonehorn, and he is accompanied by two units of Gore-gruntas, and two units of Mournfang. The special abilities of the Battalion grant an extra wound to Braggoth, any Beastclaw unit in the battalion gains +1 to hit so long as they’re within 6″ of an Ironjawz unit, and vice versa. Finally, and probably the biggest bonus is that once per game, you can call a stampede, which lets any unit that charged pile in and attack for a second time at the end of the combat phase. It is a bit weird running Gore-Gruntas in a Beastclaw army, but this is a pretty fun Battalion. The only downside is that you’ll still need an additional unit of Mournfang, or a Beastrider to fulfill your minimum Battleline requirement.
  11. Svard Alfrostun

    Essentially a self-written 2500 point army, and probably my preferred list for 2500 points, the Svard is a powerhouse of an army. Led by a Frostlord on Stonehorn, and also containing a Jorlbad with 3-9 Stonehorn, the Svard at minimum has 5 Stonehorn in the army. They only have one bonus ability, but it gives all of your Stonehorn models an additional wound, which combined with Massive Bulk can mean your Frostlord will have a whopping 15 to chew through (remember, that’s almost effectively 30 wounds). They do have their own bonus magic item, which gives a 5+ save against Mortal Wounds, but really, that’s not why you’re taking this, you’re taking this because you love Stonehorn.
  12. Olwyr Alfrostun

    The smallest of the combi-detachments, the Olwyr weighs in at a minimum 1940 points, making it actually usable in Matched play! The downside however is that you’re using a Frostlord on Thundertusk, as well as an Eurlbad (not Jorlbad), and have basically no options for list building (either stay 60 points under for the Triumph, or take 2 Frost Sabres). The bonuses you get are fairly interesting though, gaining a second Command Trait for your general, re-rolling 1′s to-hit for the Mournfang Tusks, and being able to re-roll run dice (though you can’t run and charge with Mournfang in the Eurlbad). Additionally, since you have 2 Warscroll Battalions, you’re generating 3 Artefacts, though only have 2 Heroes to put them on. Overall, I would pass on this in games of 2k, and most likely continue to pass in games of 2500 points.
  13. Alfrostun

    The generic combi-battalion of the Beastclaw, which you are unlikely to see in Matched Play, it consists of a Frostlord, Jorlbad, Eurlbad, Torrbad, and a Skal, and allows you to re-roll all to-wound rolls on the charge. It’s not bad, but really reserved for very high point games. Overall, I would rather run one of the two themed Alfrostun, they all gain the full benefits of the regular Alfrostun (when maxed out), but will just have to take a couple extra Stonehorn/Mournfang, and lets face it, if you're playing that big of a game, you probably don't need to conserve the points.
  14. Torrbad

    If you really, really like Thundertusks, then the Torrbad was made for you. Comprising of a Huskard on Thundertusk, 3-9 Thundertusk Beastriders, and 0-3 Icefall Yhetees, this wall of freezing fat and fur is bound to make some frowns among your friends. When you get up-close with the enemy, you make it so that they cannot retreat, additionally you roll a dice for each enemy unit within 3″ of a Torrbad unit, adding 1 for each additional Torrrbad unit within 3″ of the unit, if you roll a 6 or more, you’ll cause either a mortal wound, D3 mortal wounds, or even D6 mortal wounds. All of that freezing sounds nice, but if your Thundertusks are that close to the enemy, it does mean that you’re in combat, not exactly the ideal place for these snowball tossing behemoths.
  15. Eurlbad

    The second standard battalion, with an identical composition to the Jorlbad. These guys pack an even harder hitting punch than normal, causing additional mortal wounds to the enemy on any to-wound rolls of 6+ in the combat phase, and to take it a step further, the Huskard adds 1 damage to all of his melee weapons (not sure if this applies to the mount). Overall, a pretty solid battalion, and one of the more reliable sources of inflicting mortal wounds outside of a Thundertusk.
  16. Thundertusk Beastriders

    The Thundertusk Beast Rider are your “entry level” Thundertusk option, and chief artillery unit, similar to the Stonehorn, it is taken as a Battleline choice, not Behemoth*. It’s riders are armed for ranged combat the same as the Stonehorn, the main feature of the Thundertusk is it’s Frost-wreathed Ice missile weapon, which causes a hefty 6 Mortal Wounds to an enemy unit in range (18″) on a 2+. The tricky thing however is that it’s damage quickly drops off after suffering a few wounds itself, going down to D6 after suffering 3 wounds, and D3 after suffering 5. In combat, it’s nowhere near it’s cousin, only having the Beast Rider attacks, and it’s own Crushing Blows (2″/4/3+/2+/-1/D3), meaning it shouldn’t be in combat unsupported, except against very weak/small units. Since most of it’s damage will come from it’s Frost-wreathed Ice attack, the Thundertusk is well suited as an alpha strike unit, causing crippling damage on an enemy behemoth, before it has the chance to close in on your lines.
  17. Stonehorn Beastriders

    The Stonehorn Beast Rider is a terrifying sight on the table, and in Beastclaw Raiders, they’re Battleline (and NOT Behemoth*)! Stonehorns are incredibly resilient, and rightfully feared by many players. Coming to the table with 12 wounds and a 4+ save, the Stonehorn’s Stone Skeleton halves the amount of damage and mortal wounds received by the model, calculated after all the attacks for the unit have finished! At range, the Stonehorn brings two ranged weapons, first a Harpoon Launcher, with decent stats (12″/1/4+/3+/-/3) and either a Chain Trap (12″/1/4+/3+/-/3) or a Blood Vulture, which can be used if you run, as it is not classified as a shooting attack (pick an enemy unit within 30″, enemy also picks one of their own units in range, roll a D6: 1-3 does a mortal wound to the unit your enemy picked, 4+ mortal wound to the unit you picked)… None of it’s ranged choices are mind blowing (though you should always go for the Blood Vulture), but lets face it, you took this thing to batter face in combat. This monster moves 12″ a turn (lower with damage), can run and charge, and after it completes it’s charge, causes D6 mortal wounds to a unit within 1″. Once in the fight, it has a pile of high damage attacks: Beast Rider (1″/6/4+/4+/-/1), Stonehorn’s Horns (2″/6/4+/3+/-2/3), Stonehorn’s Hooves (1″/D6/3+/2+/-1/D3), assuming it’s unharmed. For those that don’t want to do the math, here’s what that looks like on the charge, against a 4+ save unit: Chance of causing X wounds, the green band shows one standard deviation from average. That’s an expected output of 6-12 wounds, causing 9+ wounds about half of the time, and when it gets hit back, you’re halving the entire damage pool caused by your opponent. If you’re fighting a 5+ save unit, that’s going to jump to about 8-15 wounds in a single round. Avoid getting them bogged down in units with high numbers of models or are immune to Battleshock, whenever possible, Zombies can be a massive paint to chew through, and keep coming back. The Stonehorn is an ideal unit for crushing medium sized units and enemy monsters, and definitely worth it to fill a Battleline requirement. *The General’s Handbook says that they become Battleline, not “Battleline, Behemoth” as they do in every other instance of Leaders on Behemoths where they explicitly say they become “Leader, Behemoth.” Additionally, GW Customer Support on Facebook backs up that interpretation. The final nail in the argument is that the Azyr army builder in the official AOS app does not count them towards your Behemoth limit. I’d figure that if it was just the GW customer service and the General’s Handbook, I’d say it was a typo and a mistake by customer service, but all 3 points is enough to convince me.
  18. Savage Orruk Morboys

    Morboys! A hilarious damage-dealer unit with unconventionally two different melee weapons, both equally mediocre... but on second thought, is this really the case? They are a great unit in many ways: they get buffed when a monster dies, they have a way of inflicting mortal wounds on enemy monsters AND they are amazing when buffed correctly. You see, having two different melee weapons instead of one weapon with two attacks has pretty massive potential. When this unit gets a "+1 Attack to all of their melee weapons" -buff they actually get +2 Attacks (one for each weapon) whereas normal boyz (even regular orruks with twin-choppas) would only get that +1 Attack as they only have one melee weapon listed on their Warscroll. So get out there and buff these steroid-filled maniacs to kingdom come, watching your enemies take 4 punches to the face from each an every one of these gitafakas! Source for this buff could be, for example, an Orruk Warboss.
  19. Wurrgog Prophet

    Wurrgog Prophet is a caster and as such can't handle much hurt coming his way. There is a way to help it, however, and the tools for this come from the Bonesplitterz Battletome: Make him your general (of course) and give him Squirmy Warpaint -Command Trait for 4+ save against mortal wounds (no more dying to panic bolts!) and hand him the Artefact mask that lets him once per game start causing D3 mortal wounds on one unit within 12". After each D3 you roll a dice and on a 3+ he deals a further D3. Unfortunately if you roll a 1 or 2 at any point during this then his head explodes and he dies. Just hope that the unit does too! This is a murder many won't see coming until it's too late >:)
  20. Orruk Great Shaman

    In matched play, he's a very expensive mystic shield. He's twice the price and more than a Moonclan Shaman, and had a worse unique spell. He's not even that much more beefy for the points difference.
  21. Wardokk

    This dancing friend is a welcome addition to any Bonesplitterz army. He's maybe a little unreliable with his random dancing, and the Ju-Ju dance, with the horrible saves of all your Bonnespliterz orruks its a little weak, but nonetheless, this is a great magic support that can go behind your bosses or even Wurrzag to heal them and make it easier to use his Gorkamorka magic! Pros: He is a Wizard, so he can help you by buffing units or attacking your enemies. His dance maybe is a little random, but it's automatic every hero phase, so you have one guaranteed effect. All of his effects are better used on heroes, and the Weird Dance can only work with magic heroes. So the correct positioning of this Wardokk its crucial. Cons: He has 5 wounds, so can soak a bit of damage, but with his 6+ save he will die to a single round of shooting from an enemy unit. He isn't gonna kill anyone in melee. Maybe he is a Orruk... but he was born to dance, not fight! Like Billy Elliot. His dance is a little unreliable, so keeping him near valid targets for all of his dances is crucial.
  22. Mangler Squigs

    So how can you improve upon the humble Squig? Feed it until it becomes a giant Squig, then add some ball and chains to it, and then attach it to another giant Squig. Then just in case, have some Grots to ride it but this is mainly because you don't like those Grots. The Mangler Squig is a great unit if you can get over it's random move as it looks great and dishes out loads of damage. Anything insane enough to get into combat with it will face something which dishes out a lot of attacks which cause a lot of damage and have good rend values. Also if you are lucky with your charge rolls and roll a double, the Squig will hit on 3+ with it ball and chain attacks! The downside with the Mangler Squig is that it doesn't have a lot of wounds for a decent monster, not a great save, which causes us issues in the current meta of shooting. With only 10 wounds and a 5+ save, you will most likely see the Mangler Squig being shot off the board or damaged enough so it's not moving very far. Also in Matched Play games, it is quite expensive (240 points), so you will be looking at other options. Pros: Fantastic amount of attacks with high damage Good range if the dice are kind to you Cons Not a brilliant amount of wounds Poor save Expensive in Matched Play Summary If you like to take a risk and like to have a gamble, go for the Mangler Squig. You might get lucky with your dice rolls and get first turn, huge move roll and good charge roll. In reality, you will most likely see the poor couple shot to bits
  23. Sourbreath Troggoths

    They may be ugly. They may be expensive money-wise. They may have less model variation that a clampack. But those Troggoth are tanky as a German Panzer and can dish a lot of damage to high armored foes. Don't be fooled by his abilities. His bravery of 5 will cause problems to you and, at the moment one Troggoth die, you see how his friends run for the hills faster than a Gobbo. Use them wisely. Pros: 4 wounds per model, 5+ save, and his 2 Special Rules make those guys very, very tanky. Remember that you have to put all the wounds on the same model, so no wound collocation shenanigans to regenerate all in one turn! To Stupid to Die! Don't only protect those guys from normal Wounds, but Mortal Wounds too! Remember that. His Noxius Vomit has a short range, with his high rend value and his 1d3 damage, can totally wreck enemy heroes or monsters, or high armor elite units. His Troggoth Clubs will be of better use killing elite units or monsters with that sweet -1 rend. Cons: Their models are metal. Yes, maybe its not important to you or you actually prefer it! But as they are one of the last metal models Games Workshop sells, it need to be noted. 5 Bravery means that, at the moment one or two go down, its highly likely that the others will run for the hills. That's the reason you don't want them to die! If you have bad dice rolls, maybe no one of his special rules will activate. But you are playing Destruction! Are you a Order player, based in reliable-units? No! So don't moan about it!
  24. Rockgut Troggoths

    Troggoths are simple creatures and their rules are the same. You get a creature that is fairly tough, hits fairly hard and if something causes some damage to it, if can regenerate D3 wounds. It also looks like you can make it really difficult for you opponent to wipe out a unit of Troggoths. The rules state that you allocate a wound to a model, then you keep on allocating wounds until that model is slain. But the Troggoths roll a die for each model and on a 2+ will regenerate D3 wounds. So in a unit of three Troggoths that has suffered three wounds to one model, you can make three rolls and will most likely regenerate all these wounds! Troggoths also have decent combat attacks if they hit but the real cool thing is that they have a vomit attack! So with a average bit of luck, you can dish out a lot of damage per Troggoth. Rockgut Troggoths also have a special rule where they get a 6+ save to ignore wounds/mortal wounds caused by a spell or a wizard (useful if in a close combat fight against a wizard!). This is nice but nothing to write home about. The issue is when it comes to Matched Play, all Troggoths cost the same (200 points), so unless you really want to use these models you will be looking at the other types of Troggoths and if you are looking at units like this, you will be looking at other units over Troggoths. Pros: Great stats (nice save, plenty of wounds, nice movement and okay bravery). Great attacks in combat Vomit Attack!!! Cons: In matched play, expensive Other types of Troggoth are better Summary Great models with nice rules but you will be looking at other Troggoths or similar units (Fimir Warriors!!!) over these guys!
  25. Savage Boarboy Maniaks

    What we can say of those beautys? Naked beautys. Pure Greenskin-kind Brad Pitts. They are fast, they are tought with 3 Wounds each (But vulnerable to low rend or no rend fire with only 6+ save), and they hit like a truck in the charge, a thing that with his Boar Thumper and movement is easy with a little of carefull movement. They have amazing models too so. What its not to love? Pros: 3 wounds a piece, and his Boar Totem mean that, when this guys are in battle, they are gonna be hard to kill. They have a 6+ save tought. So, the best strategy its to use them to kill those elite high-rend low-attacks enemys! His Maniak fury its insane. They can do a lot of damage with that hability, but take care. Thas just the reason why the enemy will focus all of his fire in those guys. Keep them apart and wait for the battle to beging before exposing them! Cons: With his 6+ save, and his killing potential, they will attract all the enemy's fire, so use cover or they will die fast. Remember tought that they have 3 wounds a piece, so they can endure damage nonetelesh. His Boar Totem only its active if you have enemys near this boys, so if the enemy kill them with shooting you can have a ton of casualtyes with battleshocks. Take care, use cover! They may be naked and may be sexy, but they aren't inmortal!
  26. Gitboss on Wolf Chariot

    Here we have another classic/old model from the world that was. I will always have a soft spot for Grom as he was the first feared Goblin Warlord but also I started playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle around the 4th edition and he was a big part of my games at that time. If we jump straight down to business, Grom has some nice stats and can regenerate one wound in each of your hero phases, on a 4 or more die roll. He has a lucky banner which lets him ignore wounds/mortal wounds on a roll of six and rides around in a chariot pulled by three wolves. He also has a command ability that allows Gitmob units to re-roll failed hit rolls in combat. So in a mostly Gitmob army, this guy is your Grot and you will be having fun. Unfortunately, if you are eyeing him up as part of your super competitive list, think again. Pros: Nice Stats Can Regenerate wounds Rides around in a Chariot Cons: Only effects Gitmob units with command ability Summary Seems to be a running theme with my overviews of these old characters. If you are in a narrative game, have fun. In matched play you will be looking elsewhere.
  27. Grot Squig Herders

    As I mentioned in my overview of Cave Squigs, these are some of the most iconic and coolest models from GW and we have them in the Destruction Alliance! Seeing little Moonclan Grots running around with various sticks or musical instruments to goad viscous Cave Squigs to go and bite people, is one of the joys of this game. Looking purely at the stats, these guys are rubbish and even if you add Cave Squigs, they are still rubbish apart from being slightly more difficult to kill via shooting. The only reason you are taking these guys is because you have some Cave Squigs and Grot Squig Herders make Cave Squigs even better. You do need to be careful with these guys as they do have a low bravery and save, so your opponent can shoot them off (even with the -1 to hit) by killing a couple and having them run away due to Battleshock! Pros: Cool Models Makes Squigs better! Cons: Low Bravery Low Save Summary You are only having these guys because you have Cave Squigs. So again be careful about them running away due to Battleshock or being shot off, but have fun watching them poke Squigs
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