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  2. The Greenboyz mega catchup post #1 (52 minis weeks ???)

    absolutely love this. I've never played blood bowl and have no experience but I love the idea of a small number of characterful models which you've excellenty assembled here. Love the story! BB
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  4. Sculpting Tutorials

    Click here for more information on Bronze Age Aegean helmets.
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  6. Farmer's Undead

    Four Hexwraiths all ready for some paint: And here's the Hellwraith I repositioned to make more imposing: Conversions are pretty simple – the usual forest basing, and then we have flames green stuffed on the mounts' eyes, robes and some of their snouts. I haven't used the flaming heads yet, probably for the reason that I like the simplicity of the wraiths I've assembled here but I'm wandering whether a last minute head swap could be in order - after all they are a special unit and the flames on these miniatures is one of the most appealing aspects of them... Cheers for taking a look.
  7. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    The rest of the band is now finished.
  8. Countdown - 2 days - final push

    So I have but a few hours of modelling time left before my friend arrives on Sunday (I work heavily on the weekends - very long days). So have just an hour or so this evening to get some finishing touches in. I have put aside the scenery for the most part, it is up to a just about acceptable standard. I have never used the oxide wash technical paint before (can't remember the proper name for it), and I was a little heavy handed/have used it wrong. So I'm not too keen on some of that on the mausoleum as you can see here: But, as I said, it's acceptable and I had no scenery at all previously other than the Baleful Realmgates so I'm pretty psyched about getting some battles in with this stuff. Especially Skirmish! I can't remember if I included this in the previous post, but I managed to basecoat almost every colour on the Warchanter, so he won't be a standout black model on the table (only the gore-gruntas will do that from my side *sad face*). Here are some (very dodgy) pics of the army arrayed on top of my desk with horrific lighting: I have bought some fine detail pens with which I intend to add some black detailing to the armour and then cover with freehand painting to stop it shining (unless anyone can recommend a matt gloss that would work as well...?) and will update with pics when possible. On a different note...I was casually reading white dwarf and realised I had kind of achieved a 17 year old life goal of mine; to have a model featured in White Dwarf magazine. It's not even a model I'm particularly proud of from my Bloodbound as it was fairly rushed, but beggars can't be choosers and there it is! It's a proper honour to be included with some incredible models from other painters from around the world! Proud! BB
  9. Beastclaws Ice Mammoth!

    This is awesome! What rules will you use?
  10. Countdown - 4 days...procrastination

    So I popped in to GW as I had some spare time and it proved to be an error. I bought the Sigmarite Mausoleum kit. I did this in a fit of impulse so that the games we played would have some awesome scenery. I then spent the next 8 hours building it and slapping some paint on it! I've also got my Weirdnob Shaman to an acceptable point. I'm not certain about the smoke but as it's my first attempt at painting magical smoke I'm quite happy! Also shown are some river sections I made a few years back...I'm not sure you can see but they have not stored well! The result of using thin cereal box cardboard and pva before water effects! Booo! also Baleful Realmgates with some paint to match the Mausoleum.... It's all happening! BB
  11. Countdown - 7 days

    Apologies for any grammatical errors in this post. My crazy work schedule and my almost fanatical devotion to getting some paint on this force are leaving me incredibly drained and potentially delusional (it depends...can you see those monkeys too?). However, progress is starting to show in a satisfying way. All 10 Brutes are now equally painted (nowhere near finished but arguably tabletop standard ) and are looking pretty good. the swarm of Brutes around the Megaboss is so satisfying to see, I'm so glad they put an in-game rule to make that be appealing to people tactically. It makes sense and looks awesome, so why not!? I also slapped a little pain on my Weirdnob Shaman. I have a few ideas with this guy and I was pottering around with colour schemes for him too. I think I'm going to make him darker than the rest of the force considerably, and I may dabble with some very basic OSL on some sections. I've tried it before and it did NOT go well for me haha. I'm also a little nervy about the smoke having never painted anything like it. Anyone know of any tutorials or have any personal tips? Thanks BB
  12. Countdown - 5 days

    So this update is a little behind! The photos attached are actually old now and behind where I'm at. The goalposts keep shifting on this task and I now think it's as follows: -finish 10 Brutes (to better than tabletop standard) -finish 10 ardboyz -finish Shaman anything else is a bonus!
  13. Countdown - 9 days

    So it's been some time since I've had a reason to sit down and paint, but one has finally shown it's ugly head! My best mate from home and gaming buddy is coming to visit in 9 days. I have a very busy schedule in that time but ...9 days to get stuff done! My lofty aim was to have every colour basecoated on all of my Ironjawz force in that time. I've swiftly realised that's unlikely. What I have so far: Megaboss: Completed Warchanter: Primed Shaman: Primed (kept apart for painting) 15 Boyz: 10 painted with basecoats on all colours, 5 unbuilt 3 Gore-Gruntas: primed 10 Brutes: 6 with basecoats and washes, 4 primed. As you can tell, my aim was ambitious. It's out of my reach, however, I'm going to pull a few all nighters to get things done. A big problem I have is that a few of my paints dried up and my order hasn't arrived so that's slowing progress and stopping me from even touching the gore-gruntas. Getting the Brutes done (passable!) is my new primary aim and if I manage it I'll be happy, seeing them behind the megaboss just looks awesome so it'll be worth it. And slapping some basecoats on the characters should make our games look better. He's running a daemons of tzeentch list based on the start collecting box. Any advice? BB
  14. Braggoth's Beast Hammer ready

    Finally my braggoth's battalion is ready. Just few weeks before new GHB release, it would be just my luck if it makes this battalion unplayable... I had this battalion idea from April and already had Frostlord on Stonehorn and four mournfangs. So I bought new mournfang set and start collecting Ironjaws (and took only gruntas from it and traded the rest for 3 additional gruntas). Since May I have been converting and painting these 10 models... Mournfangs were okay, but painting the gruntas seemed to take ages. So I converted new mournfangs to other poses, painted and started to convert/kitbash the gruntas. I wanted to have some difference between them, so I played with heads and hands, converting the gruntas was beyond my capabilities. So my gruntas have Brutes' heads and hands, ogor weapons (they are part of the Beastclaw), ardboyz heads etc. I am especially content with two weapon guy and two-handed weapon orruk. I tried to make their armor unpainted and battered/broken. After watching YouTube for tutorials how to do it I could not find any that suited for me: either the outcome was wrong or painting too complicated. So instead I covered it with leadbelcher, covered with two layers of heavy nuln oil, then highlighted with silver and finally lightly drybrushed with ironbreaker.
  15. Braggoth's Beast Hammer progress 2

    Thanks! Yep, the chaintrap is my favourite as well.
  16. Conogre's Army 2.0

    Sorry mate, very late getting to this. Yes I absolutely caught the giant bug, I completed the Son of Behemat formation so I have 5 painted and the fall down template I worked on semi-recently. Been working on a dry brush only ethereal themed skeleton army for awhile now, but as of the last couple days have shifted back and started work on ogres again... like I need more.
  17. Farmer's Greenskins

    It's been a while! Some night goblin 'musicians' I converted for the current competition on Da Warpath: I've entered them as musicians but have decided that they'll make great additions to the squig herders instead. Here's the before shot: Inspiration came from a few things I've seen in China. The guy on the left is holding clapper sticks: I've seen these on TV in China. The audience usually have them so they don't have to clap all the time... The guy in the centre has a singing bowl: These are used in parts of Asia to help get rid of headaches and stuff by moving the stick around the inner side of the bowl and placing on the affected body part. Of course, banging it makes a loud noise and can therefore herd squigs reasonably well. The guy on the right has a flute (which kinda looks like a blow dart come to think of it). Cheers for taking a look.
  18. Painting Fimir

    Some work done on the metal.
  19. Hi everyone, I have put a video up on Ye Olde Battle Reps in which I show how I made some alternative Yhetee models: Making Alternative Yhetees They work out very cheap and quite easy to make. Hope you enjoy!
  20. WiP ... what is tabletop standard?

    Haha it sort of feels like it!!!
  21. Superb painting as usual. Looking forward to him 100% done. Cheers bud.
  22. Braggoth Beast Hammer in progress

    Just a small update of my Braggoth Beast Hammer progression. From the pictures the gore gruntas riders were nice, but mounts' pose was too relaxed. I wanted to make gore grunta mounts a bit more dynamic, like I did with mournfangs, but it is VERY hard to convert these models. Therefore I settled with grunta riders instead, giving one Brute's left hand and other mournfangs leader weapon and changing their head position a bit. I really like the one with two weapons myself. Here's the idea I wanted to make one of them: And the final result:
  23. maneaters and friends

    That slayer maneater is great!
  24. Mournfang conversion WIP

    I'm in the process of making a Braggoth Hammer battalion. I already had 4 mournfangs, so I wanted to make next models a bit different to get some variety. Currently I have 3 gore gruntas, but when I get the other 3, I'll make something similar with them. If the result turns out okay. I want to make some of them in rearing position, although repositioning their legs is much harder than it seemed. But repositioning the riders is even more difficult, because if a mount rears you lean forward. And I cannot turn them so, their gutplate gets in the way. I haven't found a solution for that yet. Otherwise I just kitbashed a lot: saddles and weapons from Stonehorn, something from gore gruntas etc.
  25. So some more pics of my Huskard on stonehorn. The reins and Blood vulture are finished and Huskard himself nearly there too. Only leaving the saddle mainly and a base to acquire and sort out. Hope you like him Hope you enjoy the pictures. Kind regards Zolas.
  26. First week without classes! Yah! Spent it doing some work around the yard, playing some games with folks, and playing music. Oh and I got these Preservers for This Is Not A Test painted up too. These are some grunts. They will likely get torn apart by mutants, cannibals, or other thrifty wasteland survivors. But at least they will do it in style!! Here we have the leaders of the warband - two of them in Power Armor. Getting things handled!
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