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Progress Report 11/30

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Brork Bonegut


Hey y'all.

No pics for now, I'm actually on break right now. Just an update as to my progress. I've finished the basecoats on the horns and the leather. I've got 1 coat of metallics on 3 of the Mournfangs but dang painting metallics is slow because the paint just doesn't cover well. Once I've finished the metal basecoats and touched up where I need to, I can start washing and highlights! I've also built my Frostlord on Stonehorn (keeping the rider separate) and will probably prime them tonight. I'm torn on how to paint the horns though. I don't know how to get a good result, so I'm considering painting them as ice. I also want to paint the Stonehorn like a fierce animal from real life, like an Ussuri bear, a Wolverine, or a Badger.


Wow that was long winded. Thanks for reading!

- Bonegut

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