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Stronghold IX

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Stronghold version 9 is here! :D

You'll likely have noticed there's a brand new home page - a Destruction hub not only showcasing content hosted here at the Stronghold, but also linking you to the latest and greatest Destruction content from all corners of the web including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Warhammer Community, AoS podcasts and more!

The Stronghold forum has changed quite a bit too. The mass migration of the wargaming community to social media in recent years has admittedly had an impact on it (the internet is a very different place since I launched the Stronghold 13 years ago!), so I've downsized it to a more convenient and homely single page of topics with a simple set of filter switches, so you're free to pick a default display of your preference of topics whether that's Age of Sigmar topics, the archive of old-school Warhammer Fantasy topics, topics about other games etc, or any combination of the three.

Speaking of social media, be sure to join the Stronghold's Destruction Grand Alliance Facebook Group if you haven't already - it's currently nearing 700 members and growing fast! The Stronghold Twitter account has also grown a large audience lately with over 1000 followers - so if you're a Twitter user looking for your daily Destruction fix, go ahead and click on the follow button!

I've also teamed up with Ben Curry's The Grand Alliance Community to share links to their Destruction topics directly on the Stronghold home page. Plus, I've set up a new Stronghold Pinterest page with the aim to build a vast gallery of links to inspiring Destruction miniatures around the web. 646 image links have been pinned so far, so there's plenty of cool minis to take a look at over there already :)

Stronghold dice are on the way! If you're interested in purchasing some when they arrive in early 2018, see the info I've posted in the brand new Stronghold store.

Lastly, I sill have some cosmetic changes in the works to add a bit more Destruction flavour to the site, but after that I'll get back to creating new content for the YouTube channel, and I'll be streaming over on Twitch later in the year too :D 

Cheers and enjoy!


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