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Friendly 2K game.

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So a little delay in posting this friendly battle.  Our gaming club in Bristol have a AoS battle night every month.  But wit this particular night we had invited 2 other clubs from Weston Super mare and Cheltenham to join us.  The night was made all the more enjoyable with a large order of Dominoes pizza for everyone to enjoy!

I had a very enjoyable game with a fine gentleman by the name of John from the Cheltenham Warchiefs.  This EPIC and fluffy player brought with him a full Shaggoth and Dragon ogre army! This consisted of 4 Shaggoths and no less than 24 Dragon ogres!  (2 units of 6 and 4 units of 3 all with various load outs on weapons).


So my list looked like this:


Tyrant. Gutgorger and pistol, Battle Brew, Bellowing Tyrant. = 160

Butcher. Cauldron stumpblades. = 140

Huskard on Stonehorn Blood vulture, Battle brew. = 380


3x Ogors fists, crusher, bellower. =120

3x Ogors fists, crusher, bellower. =120

3x Ogors 2 weapons, crusher, bellower, Banner + lookout gnoblar. =120

 Other units.

4x Mournfangs, Skalg, Horn blower, banner, fists. = 400

3x  Ironguts, gutlord, bellower, Runemaw banner. = 220

 Skal Battalion = 60

Icebrow hunter. = 160

2x Frost sabres. = 60

2x Frost sabres. = 60

 Total = 2000.


The mission was a take and hold and I will be honest it was rather one sided.  To cut a long story short I tabled my opponent while managing to just get enough models next to the objective as the last Dragon ogres died granting me a major victory.  Basically my Huskard and Mournfangs went on a total rampage on his left flank and swept through to the middle accounting for 2 units of 3 dragon Ogres,2 shaggoths (including the general) and then the Huskard finished off the unit of 6 Dragon ogres on the objective.  But the real man of the match was my Tyrant who with only support from 3 Ironguts and a butcher had managed to nearly single handedly kill 12 Dragon ogres and a shaggoth before the last Shaggoth finally brought him down.  (of those 12 Draon ogres maybe 3 died to other models/battle shock).  Turns out Gutgorger + Battlebrew is just sick.  So proud of my Tyrant! 

My opponent was a sound guy and took the whole battle in his stride.  I did loose a unit of ogres the Ironguts and 2 mournfangs along with my hunter and Tyrant and a few kitties but I was very happy with the result.  Here's a few more pics.  Sorry about the poor quality.

20170328_193743.thumb.jpg.20186e43645ce229ad2c700a98227485.jpg20170328_193751.thumb.jpg.ef49445b8f5ceb91d405acd1ee705b73.jpg20170328_195329.thumb.jpg.3bc62a868aebadc1ae89b0e348955f97.jpg20170328_195340.thumb.jpg.7779f43ad43ece72e279973e2b18ba19.jpg20170328_201335.thumb.jpg.47050cc1ddb0a68f5552e0752a983240.jpg20170328_203337.thumb.jpg.2746b2cb6d3cf5637700b3e6059b99c6.jpg20170328_203354.thumb.jpg.49022365fbbb9d17e06d29be0622edcb.jpg Hope you enjoy the read and the pics. :) 

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