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Slow Grow league game 2.

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So Had my second game today in the Slow grow league against a chap called Daniel.  He was using old Wood elves for this game which was a 750pts.  The aim of this game was a very simple kill the enemy game.  Our restrictions were 1 leader min and 1 battleline min.  You started with 3 points.  If you killed the general you gained 2 points, if you killed the batteline you got 1 point.  Also if you lost any of your own you lost the points they are worth.

Dan's List: 1 Spellweaver (general) with healing stone, and 6+ extra save on all wounds.  2x 3 man waywathcers (battleline) (I'm sure he should have had 5 man squads here but maybe he didn't have enough models or something.  I didn't think about it till after the game as I would have been happy for him to proxy for them.  Also had 20 Eternal guard, And finally 5 sisters of thorne.

My List: So I had 1 Huskard on Stonehorn with Healing pelt and extra wound (general), 2 mournfangs with hackers skalg and horn blower (Battleline). and 1 Icebrow huter.  I was using blessings of everwinter.


So I let my opponent go first first and he stayed still pretty much and cast buffed spells on the eternal guard being mystic shield and shield of thorns.  When eternal guard stay still the get extra armour as well so they were now 3+ save with mortal wounds returned on a 5 up.

My first turn saw me getting re-roll 1's on armour saves from the ever winter.  I ambushed the hunter on his left flank and shot 2 watwatchers to death.  The Stonehorn failed a charge.



I then won priority and ran my stone horn as far as I could around up to his left flank.  I idea here was to get around the eternal guard screen and into the Sisters of thorne.  Shooting was nothing much except finishing the last waywatcher from the depleted unit.  Note everwinter gave me the chance of D6 wounds but not enemy units nearby so wasted hehe.  I rolled a long charge and the stonehorn went into the Sisters flank dealing 6 mortal wounds from earthshattering charge. Ouch.  I then pilled in and finished the sisters with my Attacks but all the attacks into the eternal guard did nothing and caused me a mortal wound.  Note he chose not to move his eternal guard with pile ins.  The Mournfangs failed their charge.

Dans turn 2 was basically magic putting mystic shield on eternal guard and shooting go in on the Stonehorn causing 2 wounds total from arrows.  Combat Seen the eternal guard opt to not move again (only 2 attacks into the Stonehorn)  No damage to the Stonehorn but killed a number of eternal Guard.


Dan take the next priority and basically done the same again but Magic missile and shooting went into causing more wounds taking him down to 8 wounds.  Still did not move the eternal guard.  The Stonehorn done lots of damage leaving only 4 left.



My turn 3 seen 3 wounds healed from the pelt on the Stonehorn.  The Mournfang Skalg got a lucky shot on the last 3 waywatchers from his ogre pistol causing 3 wounds and killing them all in 1 shot.  Impressive.  They then charged into the eternal guard along with the Icebrow hunter but they were dead from the Stonehorn before they could swing.  Leaving only the spell weaver left alone.



Dan conceded at this point giving me a major victory of 7pts to -1pts.


Personally I think Dan should have had 4 more waywatchers to make full units.  But I felt he should have tried to get more attacks on the Stonehorn in combat.  True he would have taken more damage but 3 waywatchers and a spell weaver could not do enough damage to my Stonehorn.  He was thinking about bringing his dragon.  Hopefully next game he will! :) 


I did forget that on the charge I can re-roll 1's but never mind.  My son was with us rolling dice and having fun.  Dan was very understanding and didn't seem put off by this at all.  Huskard on Stonehorn is still an utter beast and pretty much killed most Dan's army on his own.  Dan was a top bloke and I look forward to gaming him in the future.

Hope you guys enjoy the brief read. :D 

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12 hours ago, Kessler said:

Good write up! I'm waiting for your 1000p game to see how ogors fare.

I have to do 2 battleline in the next and 1 character. Not sure wether to keep the beastclaws which i do have a list for. Or to get the gutbusters out again and watch my Tyrant go crazy! 

What do you think I should do? :)

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Beastclaw have nicer models, but ogors have more models and units. I think tactical movement with different units is fun part of the game, so some mix is nice: thundertusk with ogors for example?

Edited by Kessler

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10 hours ago, Kessler said:

Beastclaw have nicer models, but ogors have more models and units. I think tactical movement with different units is fun part of the game, so some mix is nice: thundertusk with ogors for example?

I know the next mission is a more killy mission than objectives. I really enjoy the Stonehorn. It's just brutal! Might find out what army i'll be fighting. ;)

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21 hours ago, Kessler said:

Well, for killy game without objectives there are no units better than stonehorn. :) I really want to try out Huskard on Stonehorn once. 

Huskard on stonehorn plus mournfangs =epic! You'll never go back!

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