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Slow Grow league.

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So Not posted in awhile.  But I have not been idle.  So I have joined a Slow Grow league not to start a new army but to encourage me paint more ogres and start putting my existing ones onto round bases.

First game for the Slow was a 500pts game and basically we had 3 messengers that we have to get part the others lines.  Major victory if you get 1 or more messengers past whilst denying your opponent.  Minor victory if you simple get more then them past.

My List:  

1 Butcher with cauldron, 3 lead belchers, 2 mournfangs.  (note no restrictions on units)

My opponent (Matthew Palmer, epic guy):

1 Rune smitter, 1 Grimwrath berserker, 5 vulkite berserkers, 5 Auric Hearthguard, 5 Hearthguard berskers.


So this game was a really good fight.  I was teaching Matt the rules and showing him things like he can split shooting attacks and stuff like this.  I new his Grim wrath had to go down so made sure he never made combat by eating him with the MAW spell.  God I love that spell!

My Butcher's cauldron kept dishing out bad meat which was pretty funny.  Basically there was a Big melee in the middle with my mournfangs which killed Hearth zerkers and a few messengers and his Aurics.  The belchers shot up all the normal Zerkers and the Smitter finished off my Butcher and Mournfangs.

The game ended with my last lead belcher (who had snipped the last Auric dude with D6 shot of 1!) and the Rune smitter in an Epic last models standing fight.  It went 2 rounds and I nearly killed the Smitter but he made his saves! :)  The belcher finally went down.  During all this 1 of his messengers escaped but 2 of mine got away.  

Minor victory to me!  Huzzah! 


So my belcher down with the messengers that escaped in the shot.  Yes my messengers are dwarf miners (painted by my other half) and his was a harlequin.  Note his Smitter was on 1 wound!  So it really was 1 wound left on the battle field!


A fantastic game and an Awesome opponent.  The game was absolute fun all the times.  More Slow Grow progress to show soon guys.  Hope you enjoyed the brief batrep. :D 

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