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Savage Boarboys ready

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Being ill during weekend turned out to be very productive hobby wise.

All ten savage boarboys are ready. I don't like the ordinary green skin of orruks and wanted to make it reddish-brown. The boars are also brown and I still wanted orruks to stand out, so normal brown wasn't good. After many test models and trying even green colour scheme, I finally got acceptable tint and could carry on. I wanted to add them some aztec-style look (jade green and gold), but just could not get the right tone of green. So there it is.

I also tried to make them obsidian weapons, but these didn't look as obsidian either, just weird black blades. Altogether the aztec stuff failed. Therefore I made rusty metal weapons for savages.

Skin tone has Skrag Brown base, Carroburg Crimson shade. Then highlights with lighter brown, washed again with Carroburg Crimson. And final highlights with Cadian Fleshtone.

5 bodies and legs are from normal Orruk Boarboys, kitswapped with Savage Orruks and Savage Boarboys.






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Thanks! Yes, I like how conversions turned out. Combined with normal savages there is much more variation in the unit.

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For Obsidian, you need to keep the highlights right at the edge and even then, very small and extreme, I've found over a black base coat, wash with either green or blue shade so it gives it a slight sheen, then use something like fortress grey and blend with the black, almost a 50/50 mix. Use pure Fortress grey on the extreme edges.


It's always good to see different takes on Greenies, and I think you've certainly done them justice.

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