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The Golden Fist 2016 Winner Revealed!

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Firstly, thanks to everyone who entered, it was fantastic to see all of your great looking minis! :) 

The votes have been counted and verified, and I can now officially reveal that Belchfist Beastkiller wins the Golden Fist 2016 award with his excellent Orruk Megaboss! :D

I particularly like the work done with the tribal markings on the armour, the weathered look of the chequered pattern on his mighty axe, the dark green spots down the back of his neck and the colour transition on the shoulder skull. Many congrats Mr. Beastkiller! :D




In second place is Pentagram Sam with Gordul the Butcher, a great conversion with a notably grimy paint scheme, and an example of what can be achieved with the plastic kits and some creativity! I especially like the rusty, gore-encrusted cleaver as well as the little bird perched on the shield on the Ogor's back :)




Third place goes to one of the Stronghold's most productive and liked new members since joining us in August this year, Tyberous Khan! I really like the conversion from Orruk rider to Ogor, and he looks particularly fearsome with his twin ice axes. Some great little details here as well, including the bloody hand-print on the skull behind the Ogor and the weathering on the gut-plate. A quality paint job on the big beastie itself too! :)




As for prizes, each of the top three will receive a free sample set of the upcoming Stronghold dice (once finalised and made available later in the year), and the very first Golden Fist medal is of course awarded to Belchfist Beastkiller! :)

Golden Fist.png

That's it for the Golden Fist this year - we'll have another painting competition in early 2017, but be sure to keep an eye out for the next (non-painting) Stronghold competition launching this weekend...

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