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Lord Elpus
Finished Epidemius last night!!
Seem to be on a bit of a Nurgle roll at the moment..
Once I've varnished it, I'll go over the green snot effects  and vomit with some gloss varnish..lovely!
No painting today, off to the inlaws later for home made Pizza and a visit, but I'll try and build my Heralds of Nurgle this morning!
Lord Elpus
And now for something completely different..
My love of the Eldar faction goes back to Rogue Trader, and seeing them as a new release back in the 80's (Gods I feel old!)
so I've had my Eldar army in one form or another for a loooong time...
Recently I decided to repaint bases and strip some models as I've not been entirely happy with them:
Lord Elpus

Squig gobba!

Just finished this! 

The spit/bile effect colour was created after looking at some unsavoury photos from the internet... 



Still, I'm quite happy with it.. Have another one to do, however that'll have to wait a while, I'm starting 20 NG's and still working on some other stuff..

Once I've varnished it, I'll give tbe spit effect a coat of gloss.

Lord Elpus

Rust tutorial

Well, After painting that Knight, I thought I'd share with you how I paint rust; yes there are loads of ways and there's also weathering powders out there, but  here's my way of doing things...

1: Over a black undercoat paint the metal area you want rusty Boltgun metal. This is a bit darker than chainmail, and ends up giving a better finish at the end..


2:Time to grab your stippling brush! if you're not good at stippling, well neither was I before I did this model! Tip: like drybrushing make sure that the paint is worked into the bristles before wiping off the excess, then stabbing motions, don't "drybrush" the areas. You don't need much at this stage..


3: Leaving the paint to dry (approx 25-30 mins) make sure your stippling brush is throughly washed, clean and most importantly dry.  Next paint: a nice dark brown, Scorched brown is the best for ths.. Again, stipple in random pattern..


4: Don't worry if at this stage you're thinking "bleugh, looks crap..." Again, make sure you leave the paint to dry and clean your brush out.. good time to make a cuppa and maybe grab a medicinal buscuit. or cake. Once the Scorched brown is dry, it's time to break out a lighter shade; Snakebite Leather..


5: Almost finished now! now's the time to break out the Orange, I used Blazing Orange (as that's the only one I had at the time) Don't use too much!


6: last but not least: Break out your Agrax Earthshade! put your stippling brush away and dig out a nice large brush for the wash.. don't worry about being careful the wash should go over the entire rust area.

7:Optional: I still have some of the last gen of the Ink washes,, I then use a fine detail brush to wash in recesses and around bolts etc to give a little extra definition..

After all that don't forget to spray matt varnish to seal your work!




Lord Elpus

Chaos inbound!

Right, well, life and my condition has left me little time recently to sit and paint

Next purchase is a light box, BOY do I need one!






I really wanted it to look like the corrosion was creeping all over it, until it is totally consumed.

And because I have a wonderful Girlfriend (who was shocked at the small miniature and the large price)

Look what she got me!



Lord Elpus

Busy times!!!

Well, after putting it off for a year, decided to get the cellar in order,  My girlfriend is a Silversmith, so she needs a work place and I need a hobby place... so that's the cellar divided in half!

so whilst doing all that I still managed to find sometime for painting...

The Cellar is still far from finished, but a lot of the important stuff for us both is done...


My Bitz boxes..


My Wip Gutrot Spume!




My dwarf Pit Pony...





new Tardis for my Doctor who game from Yeomanmodels.com

 Lastly some Wood Elves!





taking a wee break as I'm not feeling to great at the moment so I hope to begin again next week!

Lord Elpus

Dwarf Lord

Living as I do. in Norway, not far from the Jotunheim, surrounded by mountains and valleys, and also being Scottish; Dwarfs are nearly compulsory.. so here's a Dwarf Lord:



Gratuitous cloak shot:


Lord Elpus

Hot on the heels of my Tardis, here comes The CYBERMEN! !!

These are all Black tree design sculpts..

Yes, this constitutes an army in the Doctor Who game!! it's great!!! and there's more than enough here for a fun, challenging game..

The bulk of the army comes from"The Invasion" shown in 1968..

Believe it or not, after a black undercoat, the were basecoated chain mail,  then given a nuln oil wash followed by a drybrush of chainmail
& finally a light drybrush of silver..

Their controller again is from Black Tree Design,  from "The Tomb of the Cybermen" yes I know he wasn't in the invasion, but I think he fits in nicely!

Lord Elpus

What seemed like ages ago, but really only last year, I was talking to Nazzaarth Icebreaker about one of the other games I play; Doctor Who, finally after painting various other projects, I'm getting round to painting them up (something I should've started in the 90's!

Here's my Tardis,

I'm basing it more on the classic look form the old show rather than the new run..


Sadly Ainsty don't make this PoliceBox any more, but I've heard Reaper are planning one...

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