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About this goblog

My log of my budding Beastclaw Raiders army. I'm holding myself to a very high standard because I want this army to look good since the low model count allows me to lavish attention on every model.

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Brork Bonegut

Not much time to paint recently, since I have a fight soon and as such I'm training more. I do however have WIP pictures of my almost done Stonehorn and Mournfang. I've made a promise to myself to finish these models before I production line the rest.


- Bonegut






Brork Bonegut

Stonehorn Update

Hey y'all. I've been working on smaller details so haven't had much to post but here's a pic of the Stonehorn Horns all highlighted up. Sorry it's not great picture quality but my workspace is a dark room with one lamp.

Otherwise, the Thundertusk beastriders are almost done and I may try to finish up some Mournfangs this weekend.


- Bonegut


Brork Bonegut

Stonehorn WIP

Hey all. Here's another update. I picked up another Start Collecting box and painting is well underway, as is work on the Stonehorn.

Here's a pic of the Stonehorn. The horns aren't done but I decided to post a pic anyways. I'm kinda pressed for time right now but I'll get better quality pics when I can.


Brork Bonegut

Hey y'all.

No pics for now, I'm actually on break right now. Just an update as to my progress. I've finished the basecoats on the horns and the leather. I've got 1 coat of metallics on 3 of the Mournfangs but dang painting metallics is slow because the paint just doesn't cover well. Once I've finished the metal basecoats and touched up where I need to, I can start washing and highlights! I've also built my Frostlord on Stonehorn (keeping the rider separate) and will probably prime them tonight. I'm torn on how to paint the horns though. I don't know how to get a good result, so I'm considering painting them as ice. I also want to paint the Stonehorn like a fierce animal from real life, like an Ussuri bear, a Wolverine, or a Badger.


Wow that was long winded. Thanks for reading!

- Bonegut

Brork Bonegut

First Update!

Welp here's my inaugural update of my Gnoblog. I'm super excited about painting these guys. Still pondering whether to use GW's pale skin or to try the old grey skin from the first OK book. Here's my progress on 4 Mournfangs and a Thundertusk.



- Bonegut








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