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About this goblog

An exploration of Ironjawz with the focus on painting and modelling, while exploring the new game system and Skirmish settings. All in the name of the Stronghold!


Entries in this goblog

Belchfist Beastkiller

So I have but a few hours of modelling time left before my friend arrives on Sunday (I work heavily on the weekends - very long days). So have just an hour or so this evening to get some finishing touches in. 

I have put aside the scenery for the most part, it is up to a just about acceptable standard. I have never used the oxide wash technical paint before (can't remember the proper name for it), and I was a little heavy handed/have used it wrong. So I'm not too keen on some of that on the mausoleum as you can see here:IMG_2441.thumb.JPG.797b83245400b71f87144e0f24b0587d.JPG


But, as I said, it's acceptable and I had no scenery at all previously other than the Baleful Realmgates so I'm pretty psyched about getting some battles in with this stuff. Especially Skirmish!

I can't remember if I included this in the previous post, but I managed to basecoat almost every colour on the Warchanter, so he won't be a standout black model on the table (only the gore-gruntas will do that from my side *sad face*).


Here are some (very dodgy) pics of the army arrayed on top of my desk with horrific lighting:




I have bought some fine detail pens with which I intend to add some black detailing to the armour and then cover with freehand painting to stop it shining (unless anyone can recommend a matt gloss that would work as well...?) and will update with pics when possible. 


On a different note...I was casually reading white dwarf and realised I had kind of achieved a 17 year old life goal of mine; to have a model featured in White Dwarf magazine. It's not even a model I'm particularly proud of from my Bloodbound as it was fairly rushed, but beggars can't be choosers and there it is! :) 


It's a proper honour to be included with some incredible models from other painters from around the world! Proud!


Belchfist Beastkiller

So I popped in to GW as I had some spare time and it proved to be an error. I bought the Sigmarite Mausoleum kit. I did this in a fit of impulse so that the games we played would have some awesome scenery. I then spent the next 8 hours building it and slapping some paint on it!


I've also got my Weirdnob Shaman to an acceptable point. I'm not certain about the smoke but as it's my first attempt at painting magical smoke I'm quite happy! IMG_2431.thumb.PNG.e511517e506ffd2b0bfb783b9cda4e9a.PNG


Also shown are some river sections I made a few years back...I'm not sure you can see but they have not stored well! The result of using thin cereal box cardboard and pva before water effects! Booo!


also Baleful Realmgates with some paint to match the Mausoleum....


It's all happening!


Belchfist Beastkiller

So this update is a little behind! The photos attached are actually old now and behind where I'm at. 

The goalposts keep shifting on this task and I now think it's as follows:

-finish 10 Brutes (to better than tabletop standard)

-finish 10 ardboyz

-finish Shaman

anything else is a bonus!





Belchfist Beastkiller

Apologies for any grammatical errors in this post. My crazy work schedule and my almost fanatical devotion to getting some paint on this force are leaving me incredibly drained and potentially delusional (it depends...can you see those monkeys too?).  However, progress is starting to show in a satisfying way.

All 10 Brutes are now equally painted (nowhere near finished but arguably tabletop standard ) and are looking pretty good. the swarm of Brutes around the Megaboss is so satisfying to see, I'm so glad they put an in-game rule to make that be appealing to people tactically. It makes sense and looks awesome, so why not!? 

I also slapped a little pain on my Weirdnob Shaman. I have a few ideas with this guy and I was pottering around with colour schemes for him too. I think I'm going to make him darker than the rest of the force considerably, and I may dabble with some very basic OSL on some sections. I've tried it before and it did NOT go well for me haha. I'm also a little nervy about the smoke having never painted anything like it. Anyone know of any tutorials or have any personal tips? 

Thanks :) 




Belchfist Beastkiller

So it's been some time since I've had a reason to sit down and paint, but one has finally shown it's ugly head! My best mate from home and gaming buddy is coming to visit in 9 days. I have a very busy schedule in that time but ...9 days to get stuff done!

My lofty aim was to have every colour basecoated on all of my Ironjawz force in that time. I've swiftly realised that's unlikely. What I have so far:

Megaboss: Completed

Warchanter: Primed

Shaman: Primed (kept apart for painting)

15 Boyz: 10 painted with basecoats on all colours, 5 unbuilt 

3 Gore-Gruntas: primed

10 Brutes: 6 with basecoats and washes, 4 primed.


As you can tell, my aim was ambitious. It's out of my reach, however, I'm going to pull a few all nighters to get things done. A big problem I have is that a few of my paints dried up and my order hasn't arrived so that's slowing progress and stopping me from even touching the gore-gruntas.

Getting the Brutes done (passable!) is my new primary aim and if I manage it I'll be happy, seeing them behind the megaboss just looks awesome so it'll be worth it. And slapping some basecoats on the characters should make our games look better.

He's running a daemons of tzeentch list based on the start collecting box. Any advice? 







Belchfist Beastkiller

So, the fact that I am staying in a single room with no facilities will not stop my enthusiasm for the new Skrimish rules! I have been sat on the floor most of the day using the flat of a chair as a tabletop and painting away on there.

I'm a sucker for losing enthusiasm for modelling projects half way through but for some reason I think this one will be different ...(I always think that, so fingers crossed!).

Anyway - with Megaboss finished **see earlier post for pics** I have begun tackling some Ardboyz. I have never been great at painting things to a 'tabletop' standard as the term goes. I want them all to be the best I can paint them. However, it is this desire that leads to my lack of enthusiasm I believe as the challenge becomes too great painting wise to keep up with my model purchases. 


My intention is to keep these simple! Her they are with almost everything basecoated and with various washes. 

As you can see, very basic. I'd be happy to throw these down as a last resort. Really, they've a few more layers to be added to each colour ... but progress is progress!


How do you deal with tabletop issue?

Do you paint everything to the best of your ability? 


Belchfist Beastkiller

The end of this week sees the release of Age of Sigmar: Skirmish. Which appears to me to be a remake of Mordheim in the simplest sense. Small warbands fight in a mysterious city, fight for valuable resource (in this instance renown instead of warpstone) which allows you to add to your warband and play through campaigns. 

It may not be with all the detail of Mordheim but I'm certainly buzzing about it. I played Mordheim a lot back in the day and loved the fast paced, personal level. So much so that even on this blog you'll see I tried to play a few skirmish type games before these rules were released. I also love the idea that every single model has a backstory and character. It just makes stuff funnier in-game and even in huge battles. 

I'm also very excited about the warband releases. My Ironjawz currently consist of the starter box, a box of brutes and a Megaboss clampack. This give me:

- Megaboss (Gorgit Drakestompa)

- 1 Warchanter 

- 5 Brutes

- 3 Gore-Gruntas 

- 15 Ardboyz

Which is fantastic...but it leaves me with 5 Ardboyz I can't use without paying for 10 and no magic at all. The new warband box consists of: 5 Ardboyz, 5 Brutes and a Shaman. Congratulations GW! Instant purchase from me. 

Whilst im in between homes at the moment so can't actually build or paint. I'll definitely pick up the box which will leave only the Maw-Krusha as needed for a complete model list.


I am 27 and will probably want a beer afterwards so underage people are out I'm afraid! ? With all the love!



Belchfist Beastkiller

So a few days ago I played my very first games of AOS with my Ironjawz! My opponent for both games was my gaming buddy who is new to the hobby and playing Stormcast.

The first game we played used my whole Orruk collection (not much - Megaboss, Warchanter, Ardboyz X 10, 3 gore-gruntaz) facing a point equivalent force of his Stormcast (Lord-Celestant on Dracoth, Lord Relictor, 2 X 5 man Liberators and two Retributors (broke the minimum rule). In a straight up fight to the death! 

The game was great fun! I won with a few lucky rolls and we moved on to our second game...


For this we used the ritual type scenario slightly modified. A sacred Sigmarite relic (a can of chickpeas until I get better scenery!) being desecrated by my Orruks! 

We had two crossing points for the river and you could jump it but would die on the roll of a 1 (not heroes or monsters) 

In the photo you can see I used the Gore-Gruntas to block one crossing point and the rest of my units hung back as reactionary forces. 

I sent the Megaboss out on his own to block the right flank crossing alone (a bad idea for his command ability but that's a lesson learnt!). My friend rolled abysmally for the Stormcast on that side and two perished in a river crossing jump leaving just three for the Megaboss to scythe through easily in one turn. He then made to take out the Lord-relictor who was nearby. 

With the gore gruntaz - they did very well against the dracoth and lord Celestant (LC) (survived - incredibly!) and took a huge number of wounds off their opponent leaving him with just two wounds! 

From here the LC regenerated a wound due to the Phoenix stone and the Lord relictor added another two so he was back to a scary prospect at 5 wounds. My Megaboss fluffed his attacks against the relictor and failed to wound him at all(!) and wasn't wounded in return. The Retributors failed a charge and the second unit of liberators leaped the river on my left flank, hoping to have better luck than their brethren. Unfortunately my opponents string of terrible dice rolling continued and he rolled another two 1's leaving a seriously depleted unit of 3 rushing for the relic. 

In combat the dracoth seemed to wake up, and it and the LC managed to finish of the first gore grunta they had wounded and took out a second, but the third still blocked the crossing. 

My rolling for the ritual/relic had been SO high and we were now on 17 out of 20. It was at this point I really brought the bulk of my force in to play. The ardboyz and the warchanter charged the combat with the LC on dracoth and the Retributors.

the Megaboss annihilated the Lord relictor causing 12 unsaved wounds this time(!) which was just insane. I claim it was my paint job ?. 

In the big combat my ardboyz rescued the LC to two wounds once again but surprisingly failed to kill him despite a huge number of attacks. He killed only three of them in return in some appalling rolling. The warchanter rolled two sixes as part of his attacks and managed to wound with all 6 attacks! The dracoth was finally toppled! 

At this point the game was all but over - but we played it out and I wiped up the remaining ones.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Orruk Megaboss - this guy was insane for his points cost. His damage output was incredible! Very happy!

CONCLUSION: Orruks are great fun - and my opponent really enjoyed the games against them despite losing both. I've got to say though...I've now won all of our games (7 in total) and I'm thinking I should throw a few to keep his enthusiasm going! I am after all a very experienced player (who is a little competitive when the chips are down) and he is brand new to the hobby and I don't want to lose my gaming buddy ?. Moral dilemma trouble!! What do you guys and gals think?


Belchfist Beastkiller

So I currently have:

Orruk Megaboss


10 Ardboyz

3 Gore-Gruntas


and the question is what to add next!!?

I would like to add

3 X Units of 5 Brutes

1 Weirdnob Shaman

Another Start Collecting Boss (10 ardboyz, 3 gruntaz and another warchanter)

another Megaboss



All of those would make a complete force for me that I'd be super happy with of course!!

However - my enthusiasm is very high at the moment and I want to keep the ball rolling - so what should I add next?! I feel like at least one unit of brutes would make sense to make use of the megaboss's rule which is currently going unused! 






Belchfist Beastkiller


"As last minute as they come, I managed to finish my entry and get some good pictures in with the help of a few desk lights and some plain printer paper! 

I can honestly say I've never mixed so many paints in my life. Smooth blends all over the place!

The paint scheme is of course based on that of GW's, but with serious changes of my own added in. The yellow took the most time as you'd expect as i wanted it to be weathered, so after finally building up a solid base colour (used black primer as I wanted the depth) I used a number of washes in localised panels of the armour and re highlighted up to the base colour to get a standard, then highlighted as normal from there with layering and edge highlighting coming in to play. 

The skin was all painted prior to assemble so it has maximum detail (can be seen on my goblog page), and I theorised that Orruks would have red blood (so elbows nose etc highlighted with some flesh tones) and tht they could have individual markings - thus my Megaboss has freckles where the sun would hit him most. The designs on the shoulder pad, knees and weapon are all relevant to his tribe, but I've not released the fluff yet on my gobble so that is to follow! 

The blue colour was used as a spot colour to compliment the strong yellow, and mainly to bring out the skin. The yellow is striking but the face is definitely what I want people to look at! 

Of course there is the marble jaw-guard...this was actually a whim. I tested it a few times before applying it, decided it would compliment the model well and went for it. I think it works! 

The base! I will have better pics of the base coming on my goblog page, but if you can't quite see, I've spent quite a while ensuring the stones are all different colours that compliment the model. There is a small stream running beneath him using water effects, and various spiky chaos-y bits and skulls in the ground (my Orruks hunt the pesky Khorne 'umies), as you can see, there are various types of static grass used as well. There are also a few pieces of black marble on the floor, to root the model's jaw-guard in the real world. Like it is a precious stone that can be found and used only by the biggest and strongest Orruks!

It's worth pointing out, that I made the base from scratch with green stuff, bits I had lying around and real stones/pebbles/slate. 

Not much else to say other than this is the best model I have painted to date and I hope you like it! I've been a long time on this forum, and the competitions are bringing new life here again, so it's a pleasure to be a part of it. 











Belchfist Beastkiller

Apologies in advance for a goblog post with no pictures!

I was determined to enter the Golden Fist competition with the Orruk Megaboss model, but hadn't even started a week in to October as I was away. I also wanted my entry to genuinely be something done to the very best of my ability: trying new techniques on test models first before applying to the main model. With an insane number of hours put into it in the last few weeks...the model itself...is done! 

The issue is...his base isn't! I've made it and sprayed it this evening...and I have a full day to paint it tomorrow against the clock. It's going to be very very tight to get it finished in time and get photos taken to have him entered! But as the title suggests...challenge accepted! Cross your fingers for me!

It's without a doubt my best model to date so I'm looking forward to showing you all!


Belchfist Beastkiller

I'm very keen to have an entry in our first Golden Fist painting competition here at the Stronghold so this guy is well under way! The skin is done...pretty much everything else has just basecoat and needs tidying before going on to washes and layers!!




Belchfist Beastkiller

Da Warboss

So it begins.

This absolutely incredible sculpt will be a fairly long process as I want it to really be the centrepiece of the army with the best painting I can achieve. 

To this end I'm going all out. It won't be fully assembled until much further along into the painting process. It is sitting alongside my Khorne project so will hopefully manage to be as patient with it as possible.

Ideally it will be complete in order to enter into the Golden Fist competition! 



Belchfist Beastkiller

I've now built the entire Start Collecting Ironjawz set, and based them all. Next step is to buy some basecoat and get them undercoated to start painting when I finish the Khorne models which should be soon.

I enclose some pics of them built by not based for reference (and to alleviate boredom!).


I was VERY surprised how many pieces the goregruntas had. Approximately 30 pieces per model. Craziness!


Anywho I've been doing some Destruction and Ironjawz research for the game and they seem pretty strong but very, slow. My one realisation about AoS is that manoeuvrability might well be the key...

So what are your experiences with Destruction and the Ravager ability? Seems to be an excellent addition to fill up that gap! I feel not having any shooting will be a problem, and will need to have a shaman to give me at least some ranged ability for most games. 

Any tips on fielding Da Boyz?


Belchfist Beastkiller


And so it begins. 

Keeping my form from the last 15 years of hobbying, my giant wave of enthusiasm for Age of Sigmar (only recently started - see goblog 'Bloodborne Realm') has continued very swiftly. I have made the leap into the Destruction faction with some Ironjawz. One of the first models I saw for Age of Sigmar was the Orruk megaboss and traditionally I've never been a fan of their fluff of them. But despite this the model has converted me (rather than the other one!). 

So I made some rash purchases that I may come to regret and am starting a scone army at the same time! Follow my progress and advise me o compliment or criticise or whatever you wish throughout this goblog process. 

So I've got the Megaboss and the start collecting box on the way (ridiculous value!!!) and am a little too excited to get involved!!

Any tips? ?



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