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About this goblog

The continuation of my slow progress Ogres and their gradual Journey into Age of Sigmar.

Here is the link to my original Gnoblog that this follows from:

So I took a little break after Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition finished.  I did not know what direction to take with the uncertainty of AoS and GW business plan.  But I'm now very relieved that GW has turned over a new leaf and are now being proactive with the community and seeking opinion of it's costumers.  This has led FAQ's and a lot of positive changes including cheeper game entry (starter sets), White dwarf going back to monthly (thank goodness!) and even a global campaign in AOS which I'm sad I haven't participated in yet.


So why AoS?  Well I was interested in AoS right from the outset.  I loved the simplicity of the warscrolls and that monsters were making a comeback!  Because what Ogre player doesn't want to field their Stonehorns! (Still a truly amazing model!).  The only problem with AoS was the lack of points which has now been addressed with the generals handbook (another example of GW listening to the community).  Also with the release of Beastclaw raiders who have a very Icy themed fluff which ties in well to my tribes original mini fluff it made my decision to go AoS rather easy!  

So here I am!  I'm actually working on some Yhetees that I have had for awhile and really wanted to paint for ages.  I will have some pics for you guys so.  Watch with space.


Kind regards Zolas.

Entries in this goblog


So some more pics of my Huskard on stonehorn.  The reins and Blood vulture are finished and Huskard himself nearly there too.  Only leaving the saddle mainly and a base to acquire and sort out.  Hope you like him :) 


Hope you enjoy the pictures.  Kind regards Zolas.


So not post much hobby stuff recently but I have not been idle!  The Stonehorn which I actually won here a few years back for painting a hunter on foot here!  The Stonehorn is now complete but I still have the rider and the saddle to do.  Also I need to sort a base but this revolves around getting an oval one first!  Here's some pics of the Stonehorn first.



As for the Huskard I changed his arm from crossbow to blood vulture.  But I could not remove the head to get the furr part on so I improvised with green stuff straps to stop the patch of furr looking loose.  The knots that you can see are actually from the Jaws and skull trophey rack on the stonehorns saddle.  The top one had broke off so I trimmed the knots off and re-cycled them!  Hope you like him so far.  C+C welcome.

59123273a9ac7_Huskardfrontgreenstuffbelt.thumb.jpg.b9483c391c27e94f235fee2062a814b2.jpg591232a09bd2c_Huskardbackgreenstuffbelt.thumb.jpg.2cea6a5d02ec31b3c95785ad2b82d1f5.jpg  Many thanks.  Kind regards Zolas 


Stonehorn glyph.jpg


So a little delay in posting this friendly battle.  Our gaming club in Bristol have a AoS battle night every month.  But wit this particular night we had invited 2 other clubs from Weston Super mare and Cheltenham to join us.  The night was made all the more enjoyable with a large order of Dominoes pizza for everyone to enjoy!

I had a very enjoyable game with a fine gentleman by the name of John from the Cheltenham Warchiefs.  This EPIC and fluffy player brought with him a full Shaggoth and Dragon ogre army! This consisted of 4 Shaggoths and no less than 24 Dragon ogres!  (2 units of 6 and 4 units of 3 all with various load outs on weapons).


So my list looked like this:


Tyrant. Gutgorger and pistol, Battle Brew, Bellowing Tyrant. = 160

Butcher. Cauldron stumpblades. = 140

Huskard on Stonehorn Blood vulture, Battle brew. = 380


3x Ogors fists, crusher, bellower. =120

3x Ogors fists, crusher, bellower. =120

3x Ogors 2 weapons, crusher, bellower, Banner + lookout gnoblar. =120

 Other units.

4x Mournfangs, Skalg, Horn blower, banner, fists. = 400

3x  Ironguts, gutlord, bellower, Runemaw banner. = 220

 Skal Battalion = 60

Icebrow hunter. = 160

2x Frost sabres. = 60

2x Frost sabres. = 60

 Total = 2000.


The mission was a take and hold and I will be honest it was rather one sided.  To cut a long story short I tabled my opponent while managing to just get enough models next to the objective as the last Dragon ogres died granting me a major victory.  Basically my Huskard and Mournfangs went on a total rampage on his left flank and swept through to the middle accounting for 2 units of 3 dragon Ogres,2 shaggoths (including the general) and then the Huskard finished off the unit of 6 Dragon ogres on the objective.  But the real man of the match was my Tyrant who with only support from 3 Ironguts and a butcher had managed to nearly single handedly kill 12 Dragon ogres and a shaggoth before the last Shaggoth finally brought him down.  (of those 12 Draon ogres maybe 3 died to other models/battle shock).  Turns out Gutgorger + Battlebrew is just sick.  So proud of my Tyrant! 

My opponent was a sound guy and took the whole battle in his stride.  I did loose a unit of ogres the Ironguts and 2 mournfangs along with my hunter and Tyrant and a few kitties but I was very happy with the result.  Here's a few more pics.  Sorry about the poor quality.

20170328_193743.thumb.jpg.20186e43645ce229ad2c700a98227485.jpg20170328_193751.thumb.jpg.ef49445b8f5ceb91d405acd1ee705b73.jpg20170328_195329.thumb.jpg.3bc62a868aebadc1ae89b0e348955f97.jpg20170328_195340.thumb.jpg.7779f43ad43ece72e279973e2b18ba19.jpg20170328_201335.thumb.jpg.47050cc1ddb0a68f5552e0752a983240.jpg20170328_203337.thumb.jpg.2746b2cb6d3cf5637700b3e6059b99c6.jpg20170328_203354.thumb.jpg.49022365fbbb9d17e06d29be0622edcb.jpg Hope you enjoy the read and the pics. :) 


So Had my second game today in the Slow grow league against a chap called Daniel.  He was using old Wood elves for this game which was a 750pts.  The aim of this game was a very simple kill the enemy game.  Our restrictions were 1 leader min and 1 battleline min.  You started with 3 points.  If you killed the general you gained 2 points, if you killed the batteline you got 1 point.  Also if you lost any of your own you lost the points they are worth.

Dan's List: 1 Spellweaver (general) with healing stone, and 6+ extra save on all wounds.  2x 3 man waywathcers (battleline) (I'm sure he should have had 5 man squads here but maybe he didn't have enough models or something.  I didn't think about it till after the game as I would have been happy for him to proxy for them.  Also had 20 Eternal guard, And finally 5 sisters of thorne.

My List: So I had 1 Huskard on Stonehorn with Healing pelt and extra wound (general), 2 mournfangs with hackers skalg and horn blower (Battleline). and 1 Icebrow huter.  I was using blessings of everwinter.


So I let my opponent go first first and he stayed still pretty much and cast buffed spells on the eternal guard being mystic shield and shield of thorns.  When eternal guard stay still the get extra armour as well so they were now 3+ save with mortal wounds returned on a 5 up.

My first turn saw me getting re-roll 1's on armour saves from the ever winter.  I ambushed the hunter on his left flank and shot 2 watwatchers to death.  The Stonehorn failed a charge.



I then won priority and ran my stone horn as far as I could around up to his left flank.  I idea here was to get around the eternal guard screen and into the Sisters of thorne.  Shooting was nothing much except finishing the last waywatcher from the depleted unit.  Note everwinter gave me the chance of D6 wounds but not enemy units nearby so wasted hehe.  I rolled a long charge and the stonehorn went into the Sisters flank dealing 6 mortal wounds from earthshattering charge. Ouch.  I then pilled in and finished the sisters with my Attacks but all the attacks into the eternal guard did nothing and caused me a mortal wound.  Note he chose not to move his eternal guard with pile ins.  The Mournfangs failed their charge.

Dans turn 2 was basically magic putting mystic shield on eternal guard and shooting go in on the Stonehorn causing 2 wounds total from arrows.  Combat Seen the eternal guard opt to not move again (only 2 attacks into the Stonehorn)  No damage to the Stonehorn but killed a number of eternal Guard.


Dan take the next priority and basically done the same again but Magic missile and shooting went into causing more wounds taking him down to 8 wounds.  Still did not move the eternal guard.  The Stonehorn done lots of damage leaving only 4 left.



My turn 3 seen 3 wounds healed from the pelt on the Stonehorn.  The Mournfang Skalg got a lucky shot on the last 3 waywatchers from his ogre pistol causing 3 wounds and killing them all in 1 shot.  Impressive.  They then charged into the eternal guard along with the Icebrow hunter but they were dead from the Stonehorn before they could swing.  Leaving only the spell weaver left alone.



Dan conceded at this point giving me a major victory of 7pts to -1pts.


Personally I think Dan should have had 4 more waywatchers to make full units.  But I felt he should have tried to get more attacks on the Stonehorn in combat.  True he would have taken more damage but 3 waywatchers and a spell weaver could not do enough damage to my Stonehorn.  He was thinking about bringing his dragon.  Hopefully next game he will! :) 


I did forget that on the charge I can re-roll 1's but never mind.  My son was with us rolling dice and having fun.  Dan was very understanding and didn't seem put off by this at all.  Huskard on Stonehorn is still an utter beast and pretty much killed most Dan's army on his own.  Dan was a top bloke and I look forward to gaming him in the future.

Hope you guys enjoy the brief read. :D 


So Not posted in awhile.  But I have not been idle.  So I have joined a Slow Grow league not to start a new army but to encourage me paint more ogres and start putting my existing ones onto round bases.

First game for the Slow was a 500pts game and basically we had 3 messengers that we have to get part the others lines.  Major victory if you get 1 or more messengers past whilst denying your opponent.  Minor victory if you simple get more then them past.

My List:  

1 Butcher with cauldron, 3 lead belchers, 2 mournfangs.  (note no restrictions on units)

My opponent (Matthew Palmer, epic guy):

1 Rune smitter, 1 Grimwrath berserker, 5 vulkite berserkers, 5 Auric Hearthguard, 5 Hearthguard berskers.


So this game was a really good fight.  I was teaching Matt the rules and showing him things like he can split shooting attacks and stuff like this.  I new his Grim wrath had to go down so made sure he never made combat by eating him with the MAW spell.  God I love that spell!

My Butcher's cauldron kept dishing out bad meat which was pretty funny.  Basically there was a Big melee in the middle with my mournfangs which killed Hearth zerkers and a few messengers and his Aurics.  The belchers shot up all the normal Zerkers and the Smitter finished off my Butcher and Mournfangs.

The game ended with my last lead belcher (who had snipped the last Auric dude with D6 shot of 1!) and the Rune smitter in an Epic last models standing fight.  It went 2 rounds and I nearly killed the Smitter but he made his saves! :)  The belcher finally went down.  During all this 1 of his messengers escaped but 2 of mine got away.  

Minor victory to me!  Huzzah! 


So my belcher down with the messengers that escaped in the shot.  Yes my messengers are dwarf miners (painted by my other half) and his was a harlequin.  Note his Smitter was on 1 wound!  So it really was 1 wound left on the battle field!


A fantastic game and an Awesome opponent.  The game was absolute fun all the times.  More Slow Grow progress to show soon guys.  Hope you enjoyed the brief batrep. :D 


So had a 1k Battle with Beastclaw raiders for the first time.  Have been using gutbusters mostly.

I wanted to try some beastclaws and wanted to go with their allegiance abilities (Everwinter's blessing) to keep it fluffy.  Also my opponent was new to the game with this being his 3rd game.  We were playing gift from the heavans.  My 4 year old son also wanted to come and roll some dice so he was there doing this for me whilst asking lots of questions as any good 4 year should be doing! :) 

My List was:

Huskard on stonehorn. He had Pelt of Charngar (healing item)

4x Mournfangs, Ironfists and the full command. (1 unit, to stay with the Huskard and try and use the Line breaker rule)

Icebrow Hunter (General) command trait = Everwinter's master for some fluffy stuff. :) 

2 x Frost sabres.

1000pts on the dot.


Gareth my opponent was using Sylvaneth:

Treelord anceint (command trait was re-roll 1 hit per turn), item was a single use teleport (really cool!)

6x Kurnoth Hunters with scyths (nasty unit!)

5x Tree Revenants (tricky teleport outflankers)

20x Dryads.                                                                     Just shy of 1k so Gareth rolled re-roll wounds on the Triumph table.


TURN 1.  So I let Gareth go first as I could not achieve a 1 turn charge (except stoney) as he deployed far back.  He basically cast shield on the Hunters and sat there.  The Everwinter table got me an extra 3" move (using the reroll).  Move up the stone and mournfangs with the stoney running too.  Blood Vulture done 1 wound to the treelord. Sadly he failed an 8" charge into the Hunters.  My Sbres hung back to go for my comet.

TURN 2.  His comet came down in his centre were the Hunters, treelord ancient and revenants were.Gareth gave re-roll 1's on saves to army with command traits.  Arcane bolt on Huskard got 2 mortal wounds.  He the teleported the revenants to his right flank and kept the dryads away only sending his Hurnoths to my Huskard (this is where I think he made his mistake, as he should have tried to overwhelm him here.)  Combat had seen my Huskard take a further 6 wounds only from the hunters (lucky for me).  He then delt 6 wounds back killing a Kurnoth.  He claimed 2 points for his objective as I wasn't close enough to deny.

My turn 2 saw comet come down on my left flank.  I rolled a 6 for Everwinter but sadly could not roll another 6 for D6 wounds on the Kurnoths.  Worth a try though.  Huskard healed 2 wounds with the pelt.  I brought my Icebrow hunter on next to my Objective (the cats were to far away currently).  The mournfangs moved up and charged the Kurnoths attacking their Huskard.  With a mighty bellow my Huskard started laying into the Kurnoths and once finished activated the Mournfangs with his Line breakers rule.  This left 2 Kurnoths with 1 on only 1 wound.  The Kurnoths then dealt 4 wounds to a mournfang losing another to a lucky Ironfist save.  Another mortal wound left a mournfang on 1 wound left from trample underfoot.  The last Kurnoth fled after the slaughter!  (Ouch Huskard with a mournfang is brutal it has to be said!)  I took 2 points for my objective bringing us to a tie.

TURN 3.  I won priority and and Everwinters blessing gave me re-roll 1's with armour saves and healed another 2 wounds!  Hunter and Sabres continued to secure my object.  The Huskard and Mournfangs went for the Treelord ancient staying clear from the Dryads.taking another 5 wounds from Blood vulture and impact hits he was left on 6 wounds.  The Mournfangs didn't even strike as the Stonehorns horns along smashed apart the treelord.  With the Syvaneth line collapsing I secure their objective bagging me 6 points, bringing me to 8.

Gareths last ditch was to teleport the revenants near the Icebrow and sabres.  He also moved the dryads with 6" of his objectie but not in combat.  He made the 9" charge with Box cars and split his attacks to try and killed both.  Luck was not with him as he took the Icebrow down to 1 wound and only 1 wound on the Sabres.  Taking 3 wounds in return but passing his battle shock.

TURN 4.  Saw Gareth win Priority though he killed the Sabres with the revenants the hunter still held on with 1 wound and he could not score any more points.  He called the game as my Huskard and Mournfangs would make short work of the dryads and claim the upper objective and though the Icebrow may die I would be too far ahead with points.

Beastclaws Major victory 8 - 2.  :maw:  Maw be praised.  


A good game.  As I mentioned above he should have tried to swamp my Huskard.  Also had he got Priority sooner the treelord could have teleported to my objective and caused promblems for me indeed.  I learnt a lot about Sylvaneth.  Tricky army to fight I think.  Huskard on Stonhorn Linebreaker ability with Mournfangs is just nasty.  Just have to keep the mournfangs with the Stonehorn (their sooo fast!)

Also it must be said my son who enjoyed rolling nearly all my dice was rolling very well indeed.  Gareth was a great sport and spent most of the time laughing at me and my sons constant banter (parenting maybe?!).  My son enjoyed himself and while still a little young to grasp the game properly I'm glad he had fun.

Hope you guys enjoy the read.

Kind regards Zolas. :D 



First AoS Tournament!

So I had my first AoS Tournament!  It was a 1000pts with 4 missions.  Take and Hold, Border War, Blood and Glory and Gift from the heavens in that order.  My list was:-

1000 pts AOS Gutbuster!


1 Tyrant. (General) Slicers + Ogor pistols. Bellowing Tyrant Battle brew.  160pts

1 Butcher.  Cleaver, Great cauldron.  140pts

6 Ogors (Ironfists) 240pts

3 Lead blechers 160pts

3 Ironguts 220pts

1 Gorger 60pts

Total 980.


Game 1 against Lizardmen commanded by a lovely lady called Bliss.  Roughly she had 3 units of normal Saurus with shields and spears, 1 unit of skinks, 1 unit of cold ones and a formation with 3 units of Saurus guard and the hero that gives extra save to them.

Generally I went for a minor win here and just focused on keeping my objective while dishing out the pain.

Basically my ogres and led belchers took the left flank and killed 2 units of Saurus and the cold ones.  The rest of my army held back while the Butcher went to work Mawing :maw: those high save Saurus guard (he killed 2 units of 5!).  My Tyrant and Ironguts charged the right flank along with the gorger killing the last Saurus guard and the heros.  I did loose my guts and Gorger but the Tyrant held firm and firm.  Here's a mid game shot of the Ogre getting stuck in before they ran out of things to kill!


Game ended with 1 objective each so went to VP's I scored 820 while giving up 280.  Bliss was a great sport and had come to the Tourny with her other half.  She was a little over cautious in my eyes and did not run her troops on the right flank.  Either way a good enjoyable game.  I did have a triumph that I forgot to use as I had less points in my army lol.  Never mind. :D 


Game 2 against Matthew Arnold and his skaven.  He had a warlord and warlock, 2 lightning cannons, 1 warpfire thrower, 2 units of 10 clan rats, and 1 unit of 30 storm vermin.

I went really aggressive with this game to take the side objectives ASAP he had the big unit of Storm vermin on my right claiming the side objective but nothing going for the left one.  I split my force into 2 again.  Guts, belchers and butcher going to the left and the Tyrant and Ogres for the right.  The really big combat in this game happened in turns 1 and 2!  My Ogres made a long charge on the Storm vermin and had +1 to hit from bellowing Tyrant.  Being on the charge they get re roll 1's to wound.  I proceeded to kill 18 rats!  Ouch!  He did have a triumph for re-roll armour saves and reduce that to only 12.  I lost a few ogres but by then the Tyrant using gut gorger and battle brew went in and doubled up 1 of his attacks killing a further 9 rats on his own! with the ogres finishing the unit off!

Here's the set and big fight pictures!


The rest of the battle basically revolved with me keeping the objectives while advancing.  I nearly got his own objective but missed by not killing 1 more model twice.  I took a lot of shooting at this point but it was too late for him and I had racked up the points from objectives taking 16 against his 8 giving me a major victory!  I killed 240pts of cheep rats while conceding 600.  Well happy with this result.  Played the scenario well.  Look out gnoblars are amazing giving me some saves against warp lightning cannons.  Don't forget them on your normal ogres!  Matthew again really great opponent and we had lunch together and had a great chat!  Top bloke!


Game 3 seen me on now the top table (VERY SCARY!) against Rob Bruntons Ironjaws.  He had 1 mega boss, a war chanter, 2 units of 3 goregruntas, and 2 units of 5 brutes.  There was a formation here as well giving them some serious move!  This game was by far the best game.  I waited for and got charged by his Goregruntas first turn loosing a few ogres here and there.  I dropped 1 unit of gruntas that turn and the other went in turn 2 bar 1.  a Particular Highlight was my Butcher casting Maw :maw: and killed the Mega boss outright before he even got half way over the board!  Rob was shocked by the damage output I had here but kept coming.  It boiled down to to the Brutes and what I had left.  Basically if my maw spell had done more damage to the brutes on the left and my Tyrant not failed a 4 inch charge on the right I would have table him!  I lost too many models and he took my objectives winning him a major victory.  All that was left was 4 Brutes (2 in each unit) the war chanter and my Tyrant!  What a blood bath!


Destroyed points wise I took 500 while giving up 820.  I was really happy with this game!  Even though I lost it was really close and could have gone either way!  The butcher was really rocking that Maw spell.  I was happy with how I played and just luck of the dice took it's toll on the last turn.  Rob  was a great opponent and was really not expecting the damage out put of my army.  He is a fantastic general though.  (It's worth noting he had just won his last game by objective points while being tabled and not taking any kill points himself which is impressive at any day!)


Game 4 was against fellow club member Ben Chalk and his Beastmen (won Best painted).  He large units of beastmen with a few chariots and characters.  Too many to count.  Basically this game was fairly tame and cautious.  we kept hold of our objectives so it came down to kill points.  In short I score 0 as I could not finish off whole units through good use of retreating and bogging my units down.  Ben took 460 giving him a minor win.


Felt I could have played this game better in targeting on killing whole units but otherwise a fun game.  Some failed charges saw me loosing out on easy chariot points too.


Game results above show me towards the lower end.  I came away with 1 major and 1 minor win along with 1 major and minor loss to complete the collection.  It all boiled down to that 3rd game.  If I had won that game I would have been on the top table for the last game which would have been awesome!  General thoughts is I love AoS.  The whole priority roll really changes the dynamics of the game and I find the game flows so much better then 8th edition.

As for the ogres!  Bellowing Tyrant is amazing and all my units generally did well in dishing the pain (except the gorger lol).  The butcher has to take Ogre of the tourny!  He did soooo much damage with MAW :maw: during all games.  But killing whole units of Saurus guard and mega boss in 1 cast was just awesome!  

Finally a shout out goes out to David Mcbride who brought his Fyresayer army.  This very friendly and generous gent gave me a lift to and from the tourny which I appreciated greatly.  I look forward to getting a game or two in future with him!

I hope you enjoy the battle report guys. :) 


Kind regards Zolas


Gorger Progress

So randomly started painting another model being my gorger as I recently had him at a tourny so thought I would put some paint on him!

So the pcitures are at various stages of skin tone going through from grey to the blue grey colour my Ogres use.  With the gorger though as they are typically pale, I have/will be taking the highlight further mixing white to the mix to bring out the pale skin tone while maintaining the blue tint of the army.

Hope you like him. :) 

Gorger Grey to blue.jpgGorger blue to pale blue 1.jpgGorger blue to pale blue 2.jpg


Kind regards Zolas.


Another battle...

Just a small update.  Had another battle using my Ogre Gutbusters.  1k Game.

I was using: 

1 Tyrant with Bellowing Tyrant for +1 to hit on units and battle brew.  He was using Gutgourger .  Tyrant got +1 wound  in this games.

1 Butcher + cauldron. 

6 Bulls - Ironfists, full command. (Battle line)

3 Lead belchers (Battle line as all gutbusters)

3 Ironguts - full command

1 Gourger.

Same list as my last 2 battles and the one I'm aiming at using at the tournament on Sunday (more on that after)

So I was facing a Death/Tombkings list:


1 Necro sphinx 

5 skelly horsemen

10 normal skellys 

5 Tomb Gaurd.


It was a close game.  The game started with me forced into first turn so all I could do was move up.  Put some +1 to hit one the belchers from the bellowing tyrant ability and the butchers cauldron.  Immune to battle shock on my guts.  Also put mystic shield on the guts too.

He responded by killing 1 belcher with curse of years and mystic shield on the necro sphinx who aggressively moved up and charged my Ogres killing 3 while taking no wounds in return thanks to some poor 3+ to hit rolls :(.  Sadly I then failed my battle shock with a 6, rerolled to another 6 with the banner....  6 ogres wiped in 1 turn!  Ouch

I won the rolled off and wasted no time in casting Maw at the necro sphinx I managed to get 6 chomps off!  Sadly some of the D3 wounds only getting a 1 in but totally in 12 wounds! Sadly halved to 6.  Took some pot shots at him with the tyrant and remaining belchers but he saved his wounds.  I charged the Tyrant into the sphinx (risky but needed) and sent the Guts into the horsemen (really should have tried a longer charge into the sphinx in hind sight).  Tyrant hit and wounded all 3 hits but didn't get any double wounds (despite 1 swig of battle brew.  Sphinx saved 2 so 2 wounds went through after being halved.  Leaving him on 4 left!  Tyrant took 6 in return leaving him on 3.  Ouch.  The Guts naturally deleted the horsemen.

He won next initiative sadly and Arkhan killed the Tyrant with Curse of years as well as healing the sphinx 2 wounds. Leaving the Sphinx to charge my Butcher and belchers who he promptly killed and left the Butcher on 3 wounds (he took 2 wounds from rolling 1 one the cauldron earlier).

My turn and managed to get maw off again on the sphinx but only 1 chomp doing 2 wounds.  The gorger and guts charged the Sphinx the guts using "It's down tto the guts" ability and brought down the Sphinx!  Yay!  Guts had lost on of their number and Butcher was on 1 wound.

I took initiative with the guts and gorger charging the normal skellies and killing 7-8 of them who then fled though battle shock.  The tomb guard pilled in but did nothing.

He then killed the Butcher with and arcane bolt from Arkhan and Curse of years did a few wounds to the guts.

My next turn I wiped out the tomb guard with the 2 guts.

The end of the game was basically Arkhan spelling the guts and gorger into the ground with curse of years and a little combat. Arkhan is last model standing!


So wow 2nd time I have faced Arkhan and he is not pleasant.  Nor is that Necro Sphinx (4 x  -3 rend and 3 damage attacks hurt!).  But my 3 guts killed pretty much most of his army and I still can't believe my Butcher got of a Maw to chomp 6 times!  Woot.  A good game.  Sadly still no win for the the Thunder frosts yes :(


More to come.

Kind regards Zolas


Tyrant/BSB done!

So this guy was meant for the painting competition but sadly I could not complete him in time.  Basically in short I have just got over Hand foot and mouth disease.  Had it pretty bad in my hands which were extremely painful and of course made painting rather tricky at the time.  However, it did give me some time off work so once the pain had died down and got down to some painting.

So just bear in mind I had this fella built a long time ago.  Here's the link.  The pictures aren't working currently.  I'll sort that at some point.  But shamefully this was back in 2012!

So He's finished near enough.  I'm just debating if I should gloss varnish the ice on the mace or not what do you guys think?  I may ad the tribe symbol to the back banner at some point too but not just yet.

Here's the pics.  I hope you like him.

Finished Front shot.jpgFinished Magic Ice mace.jpgFinished Gut plate.jpgFinished Blood splatter.jpgFinished more skulls.jpgFinished Tats!.jpgFinished Tribe emblem armour.jpgFinished Banner front close..jpgFinished Banner Front.jpgFinished Banner side shot.jpgFinished Magnets shot.jpg


To Battle!

So I finally had some spare time and got 2 battles in at my local GW.  Both these games were only 1000pts on 2 by 4 boards due to lack of space but this was fine.

In my force:

1 Tyrant with Bellowing Tyrant for +1 to hit on units and battle brew.  He was using Gutgourger in both games.  Tyrant got +1 armour for both games very lucky.

1 Butcher + cauldron. 

6 Bulls - Ironfists, full command. (Battle line)

3 Lead belchers (Battle line as all gutbusters)

3 Ironguts - full command

1 Gourger.


First game was against Death 5 models Mannfred, Mortarch on big mount and 2 units of 2 Morghast Archai (2 handed weapon guys)

Basically I lost every roll of for initiative which was a shame.  His turn 2 he charged right in and my Butcher along with 50%+ of my army died.  But despite this I managed to kill all the Morghast's completely before being tabled and my Tyrant even managed to tank nearly all of mannfreds attacks thanks to his +1 armour.  All in all considering I got no initiative and wasn't able to cast Maw on Mannfred I felt I did well for my first game!


Second game was against Lizaedmen.  He had some sort of formation. 2 characters granting 2+ armour for his Saurus guard and 1+ attack.  3 units of 5 saurus guard, 1 bastiladon, and 1  Razordon.  Nasty hero ability that can grant +1 to hit against one of my units from his whole army ouch!

Again never won initiative.  But despite this I killed one of his characters with shooting from belchers and Tyrant.  The Razordon and Bastilidon also got cut down.  Sadly my Tyrant got killed before I could kill the second character (this would have made the Saurus guard 2+ armour to 4+ armour).

Butcher got killed in his second turn again :(  No Maw for me.  Sad times.

Amazing Highlight was his 3 units of Saurus guard fighting my Bulls.  I never landed a wound via my attacks.  But amusing I killed 5 saurus guard from saves of 6's with my Ironfists!  Fantastic stuff.

This game was very enjoyable with a fantastic opponent.  He stated that that was the most casualties he had ever taken with this list.


Though I lost both games I really dished out the pain and had I got even 1 initiative roll things could have been very different and could easily have granted me victory!  Both opponents had quite nasty lists and this was my first 2 games of AOS.  So things can only go up from here right!  

Final thought:  Tyrant + battle Brew and Gutgourger = pain!  Especially if you have nothing to lose and double swig!  Ouchy!


kind regards Zolas.


So my first yhetee is nearly finished and only the base remains.  But what held me up was deciding whether to do an Ice weapon or a glowing Ice weapon.  After a quick google image search I came across this simple guide!


Just click on the pictures in order and the guide is stated in the comments.  I did add some extra stages. first of which was adding extra blue highlight after I had applied the agrax earth shade.  I made sure this highlight was used with a generous amount of Lahmian mediium to allow the under layers some see through.  I then added and extra blue hightlight of the same mix with some white scar white in the same way as I was looking for a more "ice" effect instead of frost effect.  I finally finished with a white drybrush but kept it much more subtle then that of the tutorial. 

These are the results.  I hope you all like it.  I had thought aboult maybe a gloss varnish to finish but undecided currently.  Any thoughts are appreciated.  Overall I'am over joyed with the results for my first attempt. :D 

1st Ice weapon front.jpg1st Ice weapon back.jpg


Kind regards Zolas.


So Been adding to my yhetee's with some nice dark skin (Kantor blue - God I love this colour!).  Mainly to create some contrast for my Lich King like glowing eyes (for those that have played Warcraft or WoW).  Also got a couple of close ups on a hand for a decent look at the skin and thier sharp claws.  Hope you like the pics guys.  :maw:

Lich King glowing eyes,.jpgHand detial palm.jpgHand detial back.jpg


Kind regards Zolas.


Yhetees progress.

So as promised here's my update on my yhetees.  Only ice blue + dark wash with ice blue drybrush and white drybrush.  Nothing too fancy.  I'm going to aim to have their eyes, claws and ice weapons have a blue glowing effect ideally which will be the fancy bit.  8)  Having tried this technique on my Magos Dominus I really enjoyed painting glowing effects and it should really help the yhetees stand out.

Start of 5 yhetees..jpgStart of yhetee close up.jpg


Hope you like them.  Kind regards Zolas.

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