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Stronghold IX

Stronghold version 9 is here! :D

You'll likely have noticed there's a brand new home page - a Destruction hub not only showcasing content hosted here at the Stronghold, but also linking you to the latest and greatest Destruction content from all corners of the web including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Warhammer Community, AoS podcasts and more!

The Stronghold forum has changed quite a bit too. The mass migration of the wargaming community to social media in recent years has admittedly had an impact on it (the internet is a very different place since I launched the Stronghold 13 years ago!), so I've downsized it to a more convenient and homely single page of topics with a simple set of filter switches, so you're free to pick a default display of your preference of topics whether that's Age of Sigmar topics, the archive of old-school Warhammer Fantasy topics, topics about other games etc, or any combination of the three.

Speaking of social media, be sure to join the Stronghold's Destruction Grand Alliance Facebook Group if you haven't already - it's currently nearing 700 members and growing fast! The Stronghold Twitter account has also grown a large audience lately with over 1000 followers - so if you're a Twitter user looking for your daily Destruction fix, go ahead and click on the follow button!

I've also teamed up with Ben Curry's The Grand Alliance Community to share links to their Destruction topics directly on the Stronghold home page. Plus, I've set up a new Stronghold Pinterest page with the aim to build a vast gallery of links to inspiring Destruction miniatures around the web. 646 image links have been pinned so far, so there's plenty of cool minis to take a look at over there already :)

Stronghold dice are on the way! If you're interested in purchasing some when they arrive in early 2018, see the info I've posted in the brand new Stronghold store.

Lastly, I sill have some cosmetic changes in the works to add a bit more Destruction flavour to the site, but after that I'll get back to creating new content for the YouTube channel, and I'll be streaming over on Twitch later in the year too :D 

Cheers and enjoy!



Warscrolls Database Updated

I've updated the warscrolls database here at The Stronghold to include all the recent Destruction warscroll compendium changes.

Additionally, I've added some new features - handy download links on the list of warscrolls and recommended base sizes.

I've also laid the groundwork to integrate all Destruction battalions in the same warscrolls database - those will be coming soon! :) 


Citadel Paint App Out Now!


The Citadel Paint app has launched on Android, iOS and Kindle:

"The wait is over, and the Citadel Paint app is here! This app is the essential pocket guide for all painters, packed with guides, handy features, and more."

You can download it now for free from your preferred digital store, and in doing so you'll be entered into a prize draw to win every Base, Layer and Shade paint from the Citadel Paint range!


Stronghold Version 9 is coming!

I'm making a lot of changes to the site at the moment, so you may notice things starting to look a bit different around here over the coming days.

There may be a few broken links in the navigation too, but don't panic - any broken links are temporary and everything will be linked up correctly once the reworking of the site goes live :)


Update: voting is now over! The winner of the battletome has been decided! Winner of the Start Collecting box set still to be revealed!


The Warscrollz Warboss competition has now closed for entries, it's time to vote!

Please visit the Mortal Realms forum for further details and to cast your vote - click here to go directly to the voting topic.

Good luck everyone! :)


A handy little update today: I've added a big list of warscroll filters to the Warscrolls section of the website.

These filters allow you to quickly and easily choose to display warscrolls by faction, battlefield role, race or unit type. You can even combo multiple selections if you wish! :)

If you're browsing the Stronghold on a desktop computer, you'll find them within the column to the right of the warscrolls list - for mobile users, they'll appear directly below the list of warscrolls.

Don't forget to enter the Warscrollz Warboss competition, were past the half-way point now! :D


The winds of change have come to the Stronghold! I've now added a big list of Destruction battalions to the new Battalions section of the Stronghold website :)

This new section of the site will act similarly to the Warscrolls section, as a permanent place where you can post and read reviews, tactics, questions and comments on any of the current battalions listed.

Additionally, the battalions and warscrolls have been linked. This means that when viewing a warscroll, you'll be able to see and click through to any battalions it belongs to (and vice versa).

Speaking of warscrolls, the Warscrollz Warboss competition is now well under way with almost half of all Destruction warscrolls now reviewed - there's still plenty of time left to enter the competition though! :D 

The other major update I'd like to talk about today is the addition of the brand new Destruction Fluff Wiki!

The wiki allows all members to add or edit background fluff articles (new articles require staff approval before being published), and the wiki also stores copies of any revisions made in case a roll-back is ever required on any particular article.

We're starting from scratch, so there's no fluff in the wiki at the moment, but I've divided the wiki into 7 main categories to give us plenty to work on. They are as follows:

  • Races (fluff about each race in the forces of Destruction)
  • Factions (descriptions of each Destruction faction)
  • Characters (info about all named characters of Destruction)
  • Locations (places in the Mortal Realms with Destruction ties)
  • Events (major events in the history of the Destruction factions)
  • Glyphs (the Destruction races' written symbols and their meanings)
  • Other Fluff (for anything related to Destruction not covered elsewhere)

if you'd like to help with the wiki project, feel free to begin adding fluff now! I plan to get heavily involved with it myself :D

This all fits into the main aim of the Stronghold going forward: to build a large, invaluable resource of all things Destruction for fans of Age of Sigmar. Next stop: videos! (psst - that's what this is for)

Lastly, I've updated the Stronghold's background fluff on the About page to fit better with the Age of Sigmar fluff


Behold, the Stronghold - a vast and mighty fortress carved deep within the solitary, jagged mountain known as Titan's Toof.

Located in Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, the Stronghold’s enormous caverns and countless tunnels are overrun with all manner of savage tribes and monstrous creatures. The surrounding hills, forests, swamps and plains swarm with yet more of the barbaric forces of destruction.

With a thunderous Waaagh! the Stronghold hordes unite for war, and the Mortal Realms tremble!

Destruction Factions


You may have noticed the Stronghold URLs have all changed from http to https, which essentially means the Stronghold has a greater degree of security.

As a side effect, this has broken a couple of things - namely the random logo and the Facebook feed. I'll work on fixing these over the coming days - cheers! :)


Warscrollz Warboss.png

This competition will focus on sharing our kunnin' Warbossy knowledge of the Destruction warscrolls - all 100 of them! - in an effort to collectively build a great resource for the Destruction player community.

There are two prizes up for grabs - a Destruction faction battletome and a Destruction faction 'Start Collecting' box :D

To enter for a chance to win either of these prizes, simply post one or more reviews or tactical tips in the comments section of any Destruction warscroll listed within the Warscrolls section of the Stronghold.

BTW, you can review a warscroll which has already received a review!

In 4 weeks time (last day to enter is the 16th of March UK time), one lucky member will be drawn from all those who've entered to win the Destruction Start Collecting box of their choosing (you'll get an entry for each review).

In addition, the community will vote for the Stronghold member they believe has shared the most kunnin' advice of all - someone truly deserving of the Warscrollz Warboss title! This wise tactician will be awarded with a Destruction battletome of their choosing.

Get brainstormin' and good luck!

Psst! If you've already reviewed a warscroll in the past, you're automatically entered into this competition :D


Firstly, thanks to everyone who entered, it was fantastic to see all of your great looking minis! :) 

The votes have been counted and verified, and I can now officially reveal that Belchfist Beastkiller wins the Golden Fist 2016 award with his excellent Orruk Megaboss! :D

I particularly like the work done with the tribal markings on the armour, the weathered look of the chequered pattern on his mighty axe, the dark green spots down the back of his neck and the colour transition on the shoulder skull. Many congrats Mr. Beastkiller! :D




In second place is Pentagram Sam with Gordul the Butcher, a great conversion with a notably grimy paint scheme, and an example of what can be achieved with the plastic kits and some creativity! I especially like the rusty, gore-encrusted cleaver as well as the little bird perched on the shield on the Ogor's back :)




Third place goes to one of the Stronghold's most productive and liked new members since joining us in August this year, Tyberous Khan! I really like the conversion from Orruk rider to Ogor, and he looks particularly fearsome with his twin ice axes. Some great little details here as well, including the bloody hand-print on the skull behind the Ogor and the weathering on the gut-plate. A quality paint job on the big beastie itself too! :)




As for prizes, each of the top three will receive a free sample set of the upcoming Stronghold dice (once finalised and made available later in the year), and the very first Golden Fist medal is of course awarded to Belchfist Beastkiller! :)

Golden Fist.png

That's it for the Golden Fist this year - we'll have another painting competition in early 2017, but be sure to keep an eye out for the next (non-painting) Stronghold competition launching this weekend...


The Golden Fist painting competition entries are in, and you can help decide the winner! :D

Please take a look at all of the following entry topics before voting:

The Bigger'un by Ademo

Bjornsün Irönhide by ConOgre

Gordul the Butcher by Pentagram Sam

Mawdrakk by iosefward

The Mighty Maw by @aosbatrep

Mournfang Cavalry by Kessler

Ogor War Mammoth by Casperogre

Orruk Megaboss by Belchfist Beastkiller

Tyberous Khan and Mawcrusha by Tyberious Khan

Ulgrim Goremaker by Gnoblar_Herder

Once you've checked out the entries, simply vote for your favourite in the poll. No voting for your own mini, mind! :P

The entry with the most votes one week from now will be declared the winner! In the case of a tie, I'll cast the deciding vote.

Thanks to all who entered and good luck everyone!


It's the Stronghold's first ever Golden Fist painting competition! :D

This competition focuses on single minis within the Destruction Grand Alliance. The miniature must be painted by you, and it can be a GW model or a non-GW model. It can be something you've completed prior to the start of this competition if you wish, and conversions can be entered too.

Only one entry is permitted per person.

How to enter:

  • Start a new topic over in the Warpaint forum with the words 'Golden Fist' written somewhere in the title
  • Within your topic, post one or more photos of any single Destruction Grand Alliance miniature painted by you
  • Your entry topic must be posted by the end of October - so you've got just over 5 weeks starting now! :)

1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be decided by vote at the beginning of November, and there'll be some small prizes for each of the top three. Additionally, the competition winner will be awarded with a shiny little trinket - the Golden Fist painting medal!

Golden Fist.png

It's been a massive 2 years since our last hobby contest, but the Golden Fist 2016 is just one of a series of four brand new prize-supported Stronghold painting competitions spread throughout the year (every three months), and they'll be open to all members of the Stronghold website plus our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube followers too.

Best of luck to everyone entering, I look forward to seeing your creations! :D


Animosity brews at the Stronghold as each tribe seeks to prove its dominance - it's all-out tribal warfare! :angry::>x Make your tribe and its achievements known, whether they're from the Mortal Realms or the World That Was, for the chance to win a shiny new box of minis!

To enter this competition, simply go to the tribes page, click on the 'Add new tribe' button, fill in your tribe's details (tribe name, leader, war cry etc) and submit it!

Easy as gobbo pie :>D

At the end of the month, one tribe will be chosen as the winner, and its creator will receive a Destruction Grand Alliance battleline unit of their choosing from either orruks, grots or ogors - helping to bolster their tribe's numbers further!

If you've already submitted your tribe, you're automatically entered into the competition :)

Good luck!

Tribal Warfare 2016.png


Tapatalk Returns!

Fans of the Tapatalk app will be pleased to hear it's up and running again here at the Stronghold :)

So if you're on a mobile device you can now choose to either browse through the app or the mobile site.

Enjoy! :D


Resources Tab Added

Update: The list of resources was getting quite long after I'd added a few more, so this has now been split into two navigation tabs - "Stuff" to house resources here at the Stronghold, and "Links" which are external resources.


I've recently added a new tab to the Stronghold navigation called "Resources".

Clicking on this tab will reveal a dropdown menu containing a bunch of useful downloads and info:

  • Link to the official AoS rules and errata
  • Matched Play army roster PDF
  • Path to Glory warband roster PDF
  • Destruction base size guide compiled here at the Stronghold
  • List of podcast episodes featuring Destruction discussion
  • Link to the main Destruction Facebook group, run by the Stronghold
  • Warscroll Builder - a handy army builder for AoS
  • Combat Calculator for AoS
  • Age of Sigmar Directory - the largest collection of AoS community links

Hope you find this useful, and I'll be sure to add other resources over time.

I've also begun adding more AoS armies to the gallery - be sure to take a look for an extra dose of inspiration! If you spot a mini you think looks particularly cool, please give it a like and/or leave a comment :)


Some recent changes I've been working on:

A new Stronghold YouTube channel has been created to act as a hub for all Age of Sigmar Destruction Grand Alliance video content. New playlists have been set up to highlight the greatest Destruction vids from across the YouTube community, and they'll be updated regularly (I'm usually scouting YouTube for new videos daily). The new channel has already been integrated into the Stronghold website too, in the Stronghold TV box.

Work has also begun on producing Stronghold videos, and I'm just putting the finishing touches to a tasty little animated intro for them :) More on that in the future!

The old channel will continue to exist as an archive for all the World That Was content that was added to the playlists over the years.

Please go subscribe to the new channel today!

Next, the Tribes section of the Stronghold site has been updated to include two new fields - 'Faction' and 'Realm' .

Faction: the Destruction faction or factions that are included in your tribe.
Realm: the realm or realms your tribe calls home.

Legacy and alternative options for each of these fields have also been included.

I'd love to see more tribes detailed on the Stronghold site, if you'd like to share info about your tribe with other Stronghold members it really is the ideal place to do that! Simply click on the 'Add New Tribe' button here and fill in as many of the fields as you like! :)

Lastly, if you've been following the gallery updates thread, or if you've been checking the gallery itself lately, you'll have noticed a lot of images have been added (passed the 2000 images mark!).

Most of these images are from the Stronghold forum archives, now preserved permanently in the gallery to avoid pics of any awesome hobby work disappearing due to old image links expiring.

I've got 16 more armies of olde to add to the 84 armies already there, but after those have been added my focus with future gallery updates is to showcase Age of Sigmar armies, units, single minis etc across all flavours of Destruction, with the aim to house the largest and most inspiring Destruction gallery on the web!

Of course, you can assist with this too if you wish - the gallery is fully interactive and has plenty of room to grow thanks to the Amazon cloud, so feel free to add your own images to the various gallery pages :)

Lots more still to come! :D


I've completed my work on the Warscrolls section of the Stronghold website today :)

It now features every single warscroll available for the Destruction Grand Alliance, including everything from the Grand Alliance: Destruction book, the brand new Bonesplitterz and Beastclaw Raiders battletomes, Forge World's Monstrous Arcanum and any legacy warscrolls still in action.

That's a total of 102 warscrolls! :blink:

Every warscroll entry features details such as the warscroll's faction, race, unit type and its standard battlefield role, as well as links to the GW or FW page where each warscroll can be downloaded legally for free, plus photos of miniatures used to represent them of the battlefield.

You can filter the warscrolls in numerous ways via the "Sort by" button with a "Custom" sort order. So for example, you could filter for alphabetically listed Beastclaw Raider warscrolls with the 'Leader' battlefield role.

There are many more combinations you can try, feel free to give it a go!

You're also welcome to post your thoughts on each warscroll in the warscroll comments, or alternatively within the Destruction Battletome forum. No matter which of these two places you choose to post a comment or review, it'll automatically appear in both the forum topic and the warscroll page comments.

You can even give each warscroll a rating out of 5 stars!

There will of course be more warscrolls coming in the future, and I'll endeavour to add those as soon as they're released :)

PS: Please continue to ask FW for a Grimhorn Rhinox Riders warscroll - thanks! :D


Welcome to the brand new Stronghold website! :D

Things are looking a bit different around here, yeah? We've got a fresh paint job plus a new logo, and the Stronghold is now running on completely different software with lots of new features for you to enjoy - read on to find out about some of the changes!


The news page now not only provides news from the Stronghold, but also news directly from Games Workshop and Forge World.


Every topic and every goblog entry can now be content tagged! I've set up lists of tags appropriate for each section of the website, making it easy for you to apply a relevant tag when submitting content to the Stronghold. These tags are great for filtering or searching through content across multiple parts of the Stronghold simultaneously. For instance, you could filter for all battle reports, or all fluff on the forums and within goblogs, and more! You can find the Content Tags menu at the top left of the page under 'Activity'.


The forums are now the centrepiece of the Stronghold home page - this was long overdue! The number of individual forums has changed; there are forums dedicated to the main games enjoyed at the Stronghold - one for Age of Sigmar and one for Fantasy Battle (including 9th Age) - there's also a forum for other games and off topic, plus a painting and modelling forum which also now houses all the old goblogs.


One of the other big changes is the new goblogging system - feel free to give it a whirl! Goblogs are no longer forum topics, they now look and function like proper blogs! All topics that previously appeared in the old Goblogs forum can now be found in the new Warpaint forum (feel free to keep updating your old topics of course - you won't be forced to use the new system if you prefer your old goblog).


The Stronghold Twitter feed has been embedded right here on the website. I've been tweeting and re-tweeting many things of interest to the Stronghold community pretty much every day for the past few months, and I aim to continue to do that. The tweets are also currently being posted automatically to the Stronghold Facebook account, so please follow the Stronghold on either of those social media sites (or both!) if you like what you see.


I've begun creating Stronghold videos for the Stronghold YouTube channel! :D Video is a huge part of the web these days and there's a great community of wargamers on YouTube. Of course, I'll also keep updating the Stronghold playlists to highlight and support all the best content created by other members of YouTube, and to give you a handy hub of great videos to watch.


The old gallery contained a lot of great content, but it wasn't very interactive! It relied on me to hand code every image and every page, which was pretty time consuming when you get into thousands of images! That's all changing, as every member now has the ability to add their own images and albums to the new gallery :) I haven't migrated the old gallery images over to the new gallery yet, but rest assured that every image will return (including the Ogre miniatures museum) - it'll just take me a little time to do it...


The old Tribe Databaste forum topic has evolved! No longer just a basic forum topic, the new 'Tribes' section of the website is where you can share all the details of your tribe with other members, whether it's ogors, greenskins, a mix of both, an army of gargants or something else entirely! You can keep track of your number of games played, wins/losses/draws, the members of your tribe, and the wargames your tribe partakes in (among other things).

Pet Gobbos and Likes

Pet gobbos are awarded for every 'like' you receive, and content can be 'liked' across multiple sections of the website. You can also see exactly who 'liked' your content right next to the content you submitted, and there are pet gobbo leaderboards set up so you can see who is amassing an army of the little green buggers the fastest! Additionally, I'll soon be adding a full pet gobbo ranking system for you to climb - you'll receive a new pet gobbo title at specific numbers of gobbos awarded, and there will be other bonuses to unlock too...

Mobile Friendly

The entire site is now mobile friendly, meaning it'll resize and reshape itself to suit the size of your screen. The Stronghold will no longer need to rely on the third party Tapatalk app because of this. However, I may look into Tapatalk integration for those who would still prefer to use it.

Migrated Content

Everyone's profiles, posts, topics, attachments, pet gobbos etc have all been successfully migrated over from the old software to the new. Some of the more recent topics had to be posted again by hand, as they were created after the database conversion, so the dates and view counts, and owner of those posts in the content streams may be a little off. Additionally, some images within posts now appear as links, particularly images that were hosted on Photobucket. The only other issue I had was with avatars, many of them failed to transfer so you may need to upload your avatar again. If you notice any other problems, please let me know!

Everything Else

There are a lot more little changes and new features across the website for you to discover - e.g. the notifications system, the ability to sign in or register using a Twitter account (Facebook and Google are on the way), bigger and better member profile pages, advanced poll options, new content publishing options - and more!

Until Next Time...

I hope you like the 8th(!) incarnation of the Stronghold. The Stronghold may be turning 12 years old this year, but with the implementation of this new software and the social media endeavours, I feel that we're well and truly ready for the modern era. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in response to this goblog entry.

More still to come in terms of features, content and other tweaks and additions!

Cheers! :D


Welcome to The Stronghold!

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