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    • By Kessler in Sarvikuhord 0
      Finally my braggoth's battalion is ready. Just few weeks before new GHB release, it would be just my luck if it makes this battalion unplayable...
      I had this battalion idea from April and already had Frostlord on Stonehorn and four mournfangs. So I bought new mournfang set and start collecting Ironjaws (and took only gruntas from it and traded the rest for 3 additional gruntas). Since May I have been converting and painting these 10 models...
      Mournfangs were okay, but painting the gruntas seemed to take ages.
      So I converted new mournfangs to other poses, painted and started to convert/kitbash the gruntas. I wanted to have some difference between them, so I played with heads and hands, converting the gruntas was beyond my capabilities. 
      So my gruntas have Brutes' heads and hands, ogor weapons (they are part of the Beastclaw), ardboyz heads etc. I am especially content with two weapon guy and two-handed weapon orruk. 
      I tried to make their armor unpainted and battered/broken. After watching YouTube for tutorials how to do it I could not find any that suited for me: either the outcome was wrong or painting too complicated. So instead I covered it with leadbelcher, covered with two layers of heavy nuln oil, then highlighted with silver and finally lightly drybrushed with ironbreaker. 

    • By Kessler in Sarvikuhord 3
      While the forum was down I managed to get converted mournfangs painted.
      I like the outcome, the poses are quite natural. I usually don't like banner bearer models, so I made my own that is much cooler than the "official" one. 
      I started with gore gruntas, but it's summer and there has been a very long pause. So I have only one painted. I wanted to make him brown skinned like my bonesplitterz, but the is would have been just one big brown model. I am not entirely happy with the colour scheme, but I really can't think of anything better. Especially because I want to keep its metal parts "metal", not painted. 
      Also, I haven't had time to play with Braggoth's battalion, I hope to do it before GHB 2: in case there are too many changes in points that makes this battalion impossible to play in 2000 point game. 

    • By Gareth in Stronghold News 0
      The technical issue has been resolved, everything should be running smoothly once more!
      Sorry for the wait, I was on my hols!
    • By Belchfist Beastkiller in Ironteef - Waaaagh! 2
      So, the fact that I am staying in a single room with no facilities will not stop my enthusiasm for the new Skrimish rules! I have been sat on the floor most of the day using the flat of a chair as a tabletop and painting away on there.
      I'm a sucker for losing enthusiasm for modelling projects half way through but for some reason I think this one will be different ...(I always think that, so fingers crossed!).
      Anyway - with Megaboss finished **see earlier post for pics** I have begun tackling some Ardboyz. I have never been great at painting things to a 'tabletop' standard as the term goes. I want them all to be the best I can paint them. However, it is this desire that leads to my lack of enthusiasm I believe as the challenge becomes too great painting wise to keep up with my model purchases. 
      My intention is to keep these simple! Her they are with almost everything basecoated and with various washes. 
      As you can see, very basic. I'd be happy to throw these down as a last resort. Really, they've a few more layers to be added to each colour ... but progress is progress!
      How do you deal with tabletop issue?
      Do you paint everything to the best of your ability? 

    • By Kessler in Sarvikuhord 0
      Just a small update of my Braggoth Beast Hammer progression.
      From the pictures the gore gruntas riders were nice, but mounts' pose was too relaxed. I wanted to make gore grunta mounts a bit more dynamic, like I did with mournfangs, but it is VERY hard to convert these models. Therefore I settled with grunta riders instead, giving one Brute's left hand and other mournfangs leader weapon and changing their head position a bit. I really like the one with two weapons myself.
      Here's the idea I wanted to make one of them:

      And the final result:

    • By Randroid in Drinkin' and Modelin' - Gaming and Beer 4
      Those who lurk on this blog may have noticed my absence the past three weeks. It's been an eventful time but the majority of the past month was taken up with my best friend Udo who was in post cancer-surgery recovery. After coming through fine from the surgery we got the bad news... the cancer had moved to his lungs. He had just days to live. I spent as much time as I could with him before having to say goodbye. I miss him terribly.

      RIP my hairy buddy
      We're getting through each day but it has been tough. We knew Udo was getting old (he would have turned 11 this year) but we weren't expecting to go from healthy to dead in just a few short days. If  you have a hairy loved on of your own be sure and give them some pets and love. You won't regret it. 
      I began collecting and painting miniatures (and blogging here) just shortly after we got Udo as a puppy. It's the end of an era! And while I will be happy to not have his long hair stuck in each and every mini I paint or assemble I would gladly trade that it for some more time laying around the house together. 
      Spent time after Udo's passing rearranging the house. Flip flopped our bedroom and studio space and moved all of the miniature and gaming things into the studio. It's not a massive space but it now has all of my art supplies, PC, and minis in one place. I'm hoping it will lead to massive bouts of creativity! So far it hasn't but I think that is to be expected. 

      Here are a couple minis for this update. I didn't finish 3 and one of these was already mostly done (and not totally painted by me - ) but I wanted to get them posted here. 
      First up we have another Chaos Warrior of Malal. Not in love with this paint job though it gets the job done. 

      And then there is this thing. I'm not going to give away too much yet... but let's just say I have my work cut out for me in the coming months for a new Blood Bowl event coming up in September:

    • By Kessler in Sarvikuhord 0
      Today was my first tournament ever. So far I have only played against bretonnians/free people and twice against chaos demons. Therefore I was really looking forward to it.
      Battleplan: Take and Hold. 
      Armies: 1000 points
      My list:
      Savage Big Boss, general (Bellowing Tyrant, I used it with his command trait giving additional hit rolls on hit rolls of 6)
      20 Savage Arrow Boys
      3 Ogors
      3 Ogors 
      5 Savage Boarboys 
      Huskard on Thundertusk
      First game
      First opponent was Sylvaneth. I was fortunate to get a table with lots of scenery, so he had trouble to fit his wildwoods. 
      He had Ancient Treelord, 3 Kurnoth Hunters with Bows, 10 Dryads and 5 Tree Revenants. He had first turn, did not do much, but killed few Arrowboys. 
      I moved closer, hoped a double turn. Killed one Kurnoth, Boarboys charged 14" and killed all revenants. 
      Then I double turned and moved closer, but did not charge. In his turn he teleported behind my Arrowboys with Treelord, but failed to charge with snake eyes. 
      In my turn I saw I can win by killing one hero and move to opponents objective. That I did and was already feeling victorious, but after remeasuring it turned out that one dryad was 5.5 inches away...
      Then it turned all bad. Arrowboys shot Treelord, but he was -1 to hit and immune to rend, so they didn't do much. 
      And charging into wildwoods was a mistake, I should have retreated. Most my guys got killed, and then I was saved by time limit and I won a minor victory with kill points. Mostly because he had killed on one whole unit and I two, altogether he killed definitely more. 
      But still, a minor victory. 
      Second game, Blood and Glory
      Against death list: Vampire on Zombie Dragon, Vampire on Abyssal Terror, and 40 skeletons. 
      Seemed like easy match, no shooting. How very wrong I was! He took first turn, moved closer. 
      In my turn I charged VLoZD with Ogors, who got killed. The power was surprising for me, so I shot him with Arrowboys and 6 mortal wounds from Huskard. He was left on 4 wounds. 
      And then it was over. In his turn VLoZD healed and attacked my Arrowboys, killed 12. 24 wounds... And when I thought it is over, he just smiled and used his command trait that allowed him to attack again! So my Arrowboys were wiped out. 
      Then he cast a spell that doubled skeletons' movement and attacked my Huskard and Ogors. 30 skeletons, 90 something attacks... Huskard was left on 1 wound, one Ogor also.
      In my turn Huskard failed to heal himself, VLoZD killed the Boss and the game ended. It took 30 min.
      A loss. 
      Third game, Border Wars 
      Last opponent was my "usual" playing partner with Bretonnians/Free People. 
      I had the first turn, killed his general and handgunners. Then he didn't get a double turn and I took off his grail knights and other knights. Pretty much like on our "training" games, we had the same lists. 
      Major victory. 
      Summary: I could see that my list was good against my usual opponent's list, but struggled with others. Mostly because I didn't know what opposing units could do, the lack of rend and overall poor saves.
      But it was fun and altogether I got third place, after this VLoZD player and Sylvaneth player, both my previous opponents. I think it's great, as other players were old WHFB veterans, 40k tournament players etc.  
    • By Kessler in Sarvikuhord 0
      I'm in the process of making a Braggoth Hammer battalion. I already had 4 mournfangs, so I wanted to make next models a bit different to get some variety. Currently I have 3 gore gruntas, but when I get the other 3, I'll make something similar with them. If the result turns out okay.  
      I want to make some of them in rearing position, although repositioning their legs is much harder than it seemed. But repositioning the riders is even more difficult, because if a mount rears you lean forward. And I cannot turn them so, their gutplate gets in the way. I haven't found a solution for that yet.
      Otherwise I just kitbashed a lot: saddles and weapons from Stonehorn, something from gore gruntas etc.

    • By Belchfist Beastkiller in Ironteef - Waaaagh! 1
      The end of this week sees the release of Age of Sigmar: Skirmish. Which appears to me to be a remake of Mordheim in the simplest sense. Small warbands fight in a mysterious city, fight for valuable resource (in this instance renown instead of warpstone) which allows you to add to your warband and play through campaigns. 
      It may not be with all the detail of Mordheim but I'm certainly buzzing about it. I played Mordheim a lot back in the day and loved the fast paced, personal level. So much so that even on this blog you'll see I tried to play a few skirmish type games before these rules were released. I also love the idea that every single model has a backstory and character. It just makes stuff funnier in-game and even in huge battles. 
      I'm also very excited about the warband releases. My Ironjawz currently consist of the starter box, a box of brutes and a Megaboss clampack. This give me:
      - Megaboss (Gorgit Drakestompa)
      - 1 Warchanter 
      - 5 Brutes
      - 3 Gore-Gruntas 
      - 15 Ardboyz
      Which is fantastic...but it leaves me with 5 Ardboyz I can't use without paying for 10 and no magic at all. The new warband box consists of: 5 Ardboyz, 5 Brutes and a Shaman. Congratulations GW! Instant purchase from me. 
      Whilst im in between homes at the moment so can't actually build or paint. I'll definitely pick up the box which will leave only the Maw-Krusha as needed for a complete model list.
      I am 27 and will probably want a beer afterwards so underage people are out I'm afraid! 😂 With all the love!

    • By Zolas in Zolas's Thunder Frost Tribe Gnoblog! New and revamped! 0
      So some more pics of my Huskard on stonehorn.  The reins and Blood vulture are finished and Huskard himself nearly there too.  Only leaving the saddle mainly and a base to acquire and sort out.  Hope you like him  

      Hope you enjoy the pictures.  Kind regards Zolas.
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