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    • By Sazel in The Everbruise Tribe - The GuhNawBlahg Continues! 0
      Alrighty, so yesterday, I managed to catch a game, but unfortunately due to a minor disagreement in my household I had to cut the game short. (Mostly it was a miscommunication, but oh well!)

      Before I get to that, I'll just mention that I have built my 3rd batch of Boyz, and the bottom half of the Trukk from the Armoured Assault kit I got a month or so ago. That puts me up to 32 Boyz, 12 as sluggas and 20 as shootas (with the sluggas in the Trukk DT!). I'm almost done painting my 2nd batch of Boyz, and when they're done being painted I'll either do the 3rd batch or my 3 Deffkoptas next (which need some repainting since they were an eBay purchase with terrible dark green glossy skin, blech!)... But yeah, I'm keeping up with my army paint-wise, which is always a difficult thing for me! Gamer first, hobbyist second

      So, back to the Battle Report. My 4th opponent happen to be... ELDAR. I was heading into the game with the "I'm about to be blown off the field" mentality, so it helped me to enjoy the game while it lasted, not worrying about winning so much

      My list!
      Warboss - 'eavy armor, power klaw, Lucky Stikk
      20 Boyz - Shootas, 2 Big Shootas, Nob-Boss Pole & Twin-linked Shoota (no PK!)
      10 Gretchin to meet troop min.
      2 individual Deffkoptas, twin-linked rokkits but no upgrades
      Looted Wagon - Killkannon, 3 Rokkits, Reinforced Ram (I literally just now realized I forgot the "Don't Press Dat!" rule this game, oops! Idk if it would've mattered, but still)
      Painboy - Grot Orderly
      12 Boyz - Eavy Armor, Nob-PK-BP, Dedicated Trukk with Reinforced Ram
      5 Nobz - Eavy Armor, 2 PKs, 2 Big Choppas, Boss Pole
      Deff Dread - 2 Kustom-Mega Blastas, Grot Riggers

      My opponent brought:
      3 identical units of 10 regular Eldar troops, that had the heavy support platforms that shot the Str7-AP3 weapons?
      3 Warlocks that accompanied those units, all Psyker 1's (he got a few powers, but the only one he ever used was the primaris to give +1 to cover saves on the units)
      1 Auturch(sp??) on a jetbike with a special sniper rifle with 120" range
      2 omgiforgotthenamesaaaagh Fire Prism tanks...? Big cannon with three profile shots...
      And... an Avatar of Khaine. Oy.

      He won first turn, and although I got the Strategic Warlord Trait for +1 to seize, I failed.

      His 1st turn, He basically marched forward both turns, blowing chunks out of my Shoota Boyz but otherwise nothing scary effective.
      My 1st, I flew my Trukk forward to one flank, both my Koptas scouted then inched forward to fire missiles at one of his Prismsthingies, and I shot up a lot of stuff, taking one wound off the Avatar in the process.
      His 2nd turn, he goes to prepare to assault my Deff Dread with his Avatar, but he ends up shooting it to death (first game my DD went down! :O) and not being able to charge anything. He wrecks the Trukk, and the Boyz are deposited within an inch of one of his troop choices.
      My 2nd turn, I call a Waagh! and I hop my Boss-and-Nobz unit out of the tank; I move everything else closer to what they're trying to kill. In my shooting phase, I successfully Shoota'd one of his other troop choices, making room for my B&N to run and then charge his Avatar easily! The Slugga Boyz easily make combat against the troops (we forget overwatch, but at this point the "at home issue" had reared its head, so I had already said this would be my last turn sadly) and butcher enough of them to cause them to break and get run down. His Avatar kills 2 Nobz, but they were filler Nobz; however, sadly, the rest of the unit couldn't strip his last 2 wounds that he had had, PLUS my Warboss completely whiffed his attacks AND his Lucky Stikk rerolls, causing him to be cut down.

      So, sadly, I had to concede the game due to time restraints, and I couldn't even take home the glory trophy of killing his Avatar (which wasn't nearly as scary as I was expecting it to be, tbh).

      If the game had continued, his final remaining troop choice was in easy charge range of my B&N, and he still had his one-wound Avatar, his jetbike boss, and the 2 tanks (one was being shot to death with rokkits, the other about to be charged by the Slugga Boyz and glanced/PK'd to death). I still had pretty much everything but the Trukk, the Deff Dread, and a few Shoota Boyz (still had both Big Shootas and the Nob), so had I had time to continue, I felt that I probably would have taken home a win. But, real life always trumps the gaming life, and I try to choose the IRL over Gaming as often as possible. So, oh well.

      I took a couple pictures, but they're such a hassle to transfer off of my phone, and they were kinda blurry anyway, so I hope the text only will suffice this time.

      Next update, hopefully a game, definitely more painting, perhaps even some new stuff...???
    • By Randroid in Drinkin' and Modelin' - Gaming and Beer 0
      Another week means another painted mini! Well... sort of. I re-based and added to three minis I had previously painted the last time I started working on a larger Malal themed Warriors of Chaos army (back in 2012? 2013??). So here are three of the newly touched up Horns of Malal! 

      I touched up the warpaint and added a bit more black to make the contrast a little starker. I may go back and add a few more detail highlights on some of the hair but overall I'd say these are done. 
      Spent a bit of time this past week transforming two different toys into one bad ass Chaos Lord on Manticore stand in model. Here are a few WIP photos of where that project is at:

      Scale is pretty much perfect for a Manticore but it looks cooler I think. This plastic is glow in the dark which I was thinking of keeping in some areas but I am undecided as of yet. Got it for $15 and it's got a lot of detail. Added a few bits and presto! Just need to get it on a base next...

      The Chaos Lord was some old DC toy of Darkseid. I chopped off his head and added some bits to make him a bit more "chaos" but I wanted to keep his folded arms and "I really don't give a shit.." pose. Seems to work well on the back of a big monster! 
      Speaking of monsters... I built another Exalted Hero/Chaos Lord for the footsloggin' and choppin' needed in a world gone mad. 

      Started with a very cool Reaper Bones mini and added a different head and shield. Wanted to make him slightly WYSIWYG so I threw on the sheathed sword to represent two hand weapons. Very excited to get this mini painted up in a suitably Malal style!  

      Another chaos warrior of Malal. I didn't like the head this one came with so I put on one I had left over from the Blightkings box and I think it is a great fit! 

      And lastly I wanted another decrepit magic user of chaos to have as an option so I based up this custom Blood Bowl mini from a Chaos Cup (I think?) - was originally meant to be a Wizard or Coach I guess. Not easy to see here but he has a shield strapped to his back as well. 
      Less painting this week but plenty more prep for the painting table was completed! Assuming I can get through my piles of homework I hope to get some more done this week so tune in next time..
    • By Randroid in Drinkin' and Modelin' - Gaming and Beer 0

      Lagunitas Brewing Company - 12th of Never Ale
      Beer Type: American Pale Ale - 5.50% ABV
      Appearance: Cans man. Cans! I think the name refers to never putting beer in a can. Beer poured a clear straw color with a fluffy white head.

      Smell: Hops at the front with some citrus, floral, and pine aromas all at once. Not in a bad way.

      First Drink: Similar to the smell but not as hops forward. A nice malty flavor comes through as well as some bitterness.

      Mouthfeel: Medium-light and refreshing with a good amount of carbonation.

      Last Drink: More hops funk coming out now. Citrus comes through nicely.

      Drinkability: Very drinkable. Could easily drink a few of these in one sitting.

      Notes: Kind of hard to find this in my area. Hoping it becomes more widely available.

      Verdict: 4.75 out of 5. Very well done pale ale that doesn't skimp on the flavor or aroma.   
    • By Gareth in Stronghold News 0
      The ever-tinkering Tek Gobbos of the Stronghold are currently trying to figure out what it is and how it works...

    • By Gareth in Stronghold News 3
      You may have noticed the Stronghold URLs have all changed from http to https, which essentially means the Stronghold has a greater degree of security.
      As a side effect, this has broken a couple of things - namely the random logo and the Facebook feed. I'll work on fixing these over the coming days - cheers!
    • By Kessler in Sarvikuhord 1
      I bought some savage orruks and savage boarboys. However, I like the forward charging posture of ordinary orruk boarboys much more, so I got some orruk boarboy bits and tried to convert/kitbash. Now I got 5 converted savage boarboys and 5 normal savages.
      I replaced the body and legs. I didn't mind the metal parts, I want to make most savage orruks' weapons rusted metal instead of stone anyway. However, thay look a bit too much like normal orruks, regardless of heads and weapons/shields, so I probably paint the metal armor to worn leather and try to greenstuff chain mail parts to fur. Hopefully then they look more like savages.

    • By Randroid in Drinkin' and Modelin' - Gaming and Beer 0
      It has been a slow week of painting and a busy week for basing and terrain building. But... I promised something special... and it's time to deliver the goods! Behold! The first of what will hopefully be a decent sized force dedicated to Malal!! Building something I can use in AoS28 for fun. 

      This Priestess/Sorceress of Malal was a lot of fun to paint. I'm working on a gritty/grimy look with plenty of contrast and I think this mini fits the bill. I've added a larger base (from 25 to 35mm) but otherwise I call it done! More worshippers of Malal are in the works... coming from the shadows near  you soon...
      In other Chaos news check out these massive slugs! They will be used as Beasts of Nurgle. 
      Coming to eat your cabbages These guys are really gross looking though it's kind of hard to tell from this photo. I added a few boils/blisters/eyeballs to the back of their heads as well. And while we're talking about Nurgle here are a few Chaos Knights!

      Lots of small modifications here mostly in the heads and bodies. I put them on a 40mm base which is probably too small but I like the look of it. If it drives me or my opponents crazy I will stick them on a 50mm base later on. 
      And what update with Chaos would be complete without a bit of Khorne?

      Two more Heroes join the fray (of unpainted by black shiny primed miniatures for the Bloodbound/Mortal Khorne)! I can't wait to paint up the Lord on Juggernaut. Really cool mini and the Slaughterpriest is a good looking one too. 
      Next week expect more Chaos or maybe I'll sneak in a few more Dwarves instead. You can never have too many Dwarfs. 
    • By Randroid in Drinkin' and Modelin' - Gaming and Beer 0

      Dark Horse Brewing Company - Crooked Theratree Black Ale
      Beer Type: American Black Ale - 8.50% ABV
      Appearance: Label is a variation on the classic Crooked Tree only dressed as a therapist. Beer pours a jet black color with a decent tan/light brown head. Looks more like a porter.

      Smell: Roasted coffee malt, something a bit piney/resinous, and in general just really good smelling.

      First Drink: Rich flavor with a lot of roasted malt and grain coming through right away. Hops kicks in more towards the end with a pleasing bitter finish.

      Mouthfeel: Smooth medium bodied brew with nice carbonation.

      Last Drink: The lighter citrus hops come through a bit clearer now.

      Drinkability: This is a balanced black ale and you can't really taste the higher ABV.

      Notes: Not sure how widely this is available as it was a limited IPA sampler selection.

      Verdict: 4.25 out of 5. A nice departure from other black IPA/ales out there.  
    • By Lord Elpus in Lord Elpus is painting!! 0
      Just finished this the other day..

      Think this is my favourite old Vampire model.
    • By Sazel in The Everbruise Tribe - The GuhNawBlahg Continues! 2
      Finally, after a few months of on-and-off painting, I completed my Burna Bommer for my Orks!

      Here she is, Da Fyrbyrd! (Pronounced "Firebird" since they can't spell of course lol)

      I can't get the lighting right, and it always seems to highlight any painting spots I miss, but still, I wanted to show off my longest timed paint project thus far.

      Vroom vroom! It's a pitiful paintjob, but it's done! That's what counts. lol

      I'll probably continue to do touch-up work on it. But, for now, it's officially the largest model that I've completely painted. Also my first vehicle. And first plane.

      So yeah, now to find a game where my opponent will be willing to face off against a flyer, as it seems not many people like to play against them, even though people love bringing Knights in my meta... I dunno, I think if you bring a flyer or a Knight, you'd be allowed to field a flyer or a Knight, right? I mean, they're not exactly equal in purpose, but each of the model types definitely change the overall flow and strategy of the battle, so I think it'd be only fair, right?

      Alright, back to painting more foot-sloggin' Boyz, maybe I'll have a battle report or some more paint for my next entry...
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