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  • Latest Goblog Entries

    • By Tyberous Khan in The Mastodons (Ogors of the Hungry Mountain) 2
      Hello again! So to break up my Ogors I've decided to give some attention some old night goblins I have from years ago. It's a strange asortment, but if I enjoy these then I'll buy some more to fill them out!
      my Squigs will be Incubi darkness through to Kabalite/sotek green, like the happy choppy behind the goblins! The gobble themseles will be an Olivey skin tone, predominantly red with yellow hoods. 
      Question is, how should I paint the banners and shields? My initial thought was black with yellow moons but I'm open to suggestions!

    • By Zolas in Zolas's Thunder Frost Tribe Gnoblog! New and revamped! 2
      So my first yhetee is nearly finished and only the base remains.  But what held me up was deciding whether to do an Ice weapon or a glowing Ice weapon.  After a quick google image search I came across this simple guide!
      Just click on the pictures in order and the guide is stated in the comments.  I did add some extra stages. first of which was adding extra blue highlight after I had applied the agrax earth shade.  I made sure this highlight was used with a generous amount of Lahmian mediium to allow the under layers some see through.  I then added and extra blue hightlight of the same mix with some white scar white in the same way as I was looking for a more "ice" effect instead of frost effect.  I finally finished with a white drybrush but kept it much more subtle then that of the tutorial. 
      These are the results.  I hope you all like it.  I had thought aboult maybe a gloss varnish to finish but undecided currently.  Any thoughts are appreciated.  Overall I'am over joyed with the results for my first attempt.  

      Kind regards Zolas.
    • By Gareth in Stronghold News 2
      I've recently added a new tab to the Stronghold navigation called "Resources".

      Clicking on this tab will reveal a dropdown menu containing a bunch of useful downloads and info:
      Link to the official AoS rules and errata Matched Play army roster PDF Path to Glory warband roster PDF Destruction base size guide compiled here at the Stronghold List of podcast episodes featuring Destruction discussion Link to the main Destruction Facebook group, run by the Stronghold Warscroll Builder - a handy army builder for AoS Combat Calculator for AoS Age of Sigmar Directory - the largest collection of AoS community links Hope you find this useful, and I'll be sure to add other resources over time.
      I've also begun adding more AoS armies to the gallery - be sure to take a look for an extra dose of inspiration! If you spot a mini you think looks particularly cool, please give it a like and/or leave a comment
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