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    • By Lord Elpus in Lord Elpus is painting!! 3
      So it begins....

      He is HUGE!!! Kharn is now on a Terminator size base, and a beautiful model to stick together.. I can't help but think that G.W has really pushed themselves with this.
    • By Gareth in Stronghold News 4
      It's the Stronghold's first ever Golden Fist painting competition!
      This competition focuses on single minis within the Destruction Grand Alliance. The miniature must be painted by you, and it can be a GW model or a non-GW model. It can be something you've completed prior to the start of this competition if you wish, and conversions can be entered too.
      Only one entry is permitted per person.
      How to enter:
      Start a new topic over in the Warpaint forum with the words 'Golden Fist' written somewhere in the title Within your topic, post one or more photos of any single Destruction Grand Alliance miniature painted by you Your entry topic must be posted by the end of October - so you've got just over 5 weeks starting now! 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be decided by vote at the beginning of November, and there'll be some small prizes for each of the top three. Additionally, the competition winner will be awarded with a shiny little trinket - the Golden Fist painting medal!

      It's been a massive 2 years since our last hobby contest, but the Golden Fist 2016 is just one of a series of four brand new prize-supported Stronghold painting competitions spread throughout the year (every three months), and they'll be open to all members of the Stronghold website plus our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube followers too.
      Best of luck to everyone entering, I look forward to seeing your creations!
    • By I R GMAN in Da Followers of Graw - In Da Makin' 5
      Here are some of the lads, which are mainly just me testing some basing ideas a while ago along with what paint scheme I wanted to try out.

      I think some Beastclaw Raider are to be next, the Everwinter is hungry and I can't wait to try out some fur schemes ^^
    • By I R GMAN in Da Followers of Graw - In Da Makin' 0
      So Graw, the beast behind the horde. So here is a little fluff before I start posting my models. 
      The Legend of Graw, The God-Beast
      Perhaps it was during the Age of Myth when the beast tore from across the horizon, spawned from some savage domain where only beasts of pantheon proportions survived. Or perhaps it is a freak of its kind having swelled to elephantine size after devouring some overconfident demigod. All I can be sure of is during the Age of Myth came the God-Beast, The Breaker, Peak-Eater, Graw the Unstoppable, and since that time it has devoured mountains, drained seas and shattered the empires of all those unfortunate enough to find themselves swallowed by its looming shadow.
      It was said that many true beasts tramped across Ghur through the Age of Myth before Sigmar set forth Gorkamorka and his orruk kin to tame it, and for a while they did As they slew the titans and littered the realms with their bones, however it was not to last. As much their nature as Ghur itself eventually the leash was thrown free and Gorkamorka set forth on the worlds with wild abandon. Perhaps we called Graw upon ourselves, our failed attempts to tame that which can never be tamed; merely infuriating the very land we now campaign across against the forces of Chaos, the hunting and culling simply calling forth a creature that defied us in its mere existence, and pulverised our arrogance of dominion like reeds before the hurricane.
      Graw is quite simply a beast to rival all beasts, a predator of colossal proportions. Graw itself rivals mountains in sheer size and enormity, and when seen from a distance the craggy peaks of its rolling back look no different to a far off mountain range, until to the surprise of most it moves and the earth for leagues around  quakes with each monumental footstep. Atop the God-Beast are jagged peaks of stone like mountains that rise from the beasts back, harsh mounts that at times are wreathed in frost and snow. At some time in the ancient past it is said that Graw traveled to the southern jungles of Ghur, the Everwilds, where the thorn covered  jungles are just as willing to sink their  teeth into flesh as the beasts that stalk them. Perhaps the essence of Ghyran had found its way to those vicious valleys but the fanged plants and flesh eating blooms of the Everwilds possess an unnatural vigour, able to take root from windblown seeds  in the most inhospitable of places from the searing ash fields of Aqshy to the shadowed clefts of Shyish’ Nocturn Depths. What is known is that between Graw’s own mountainous peaks that rise from its spine  a blanket of carnivorous rainforest has taken root and now flourishes and where the beast treads pockets of steaming jungle are quick to take root.
      When Graw bellows, the very sound perhaps the origin of its orruk name, it rends the heavens above, forests are flattened before it and the steel is  beaten from the will of mortals. Graw is the the wilds incarnate, unstoppable and utterly destructive. The fyreslayers of the Molten Lake once let loose upon it with their magma craft thinking their citadel safe with leagues of lava between them and the beast. Their arrogance was quickly quashed when Graw swam across the molten sea like some vast predatory island  and devoured their keep. The skaven thought themselves safe  untold leagues beneath the Bonepeak Mountains but Graw still smelt their stench and dug them from their subterranean lairs like the vermin they are and feasted on the shrieking rat things and their creations. And even before them when chaos came to Ghur and the champion demons of Khorn thought to pit themselves against the God-Beast, like they had a chance. How many demon princes and bloodthirsters last sights were Graw’s feet descending to crush them into oblivion. Perhaps one of the great Plaguespawn of Ghyran might one day match Graw, or even the Necrogargants of Shyish, but I myself doubt it for the annals of history surrounding Graw are simply an obituary to the kingdoms, races and monsters that have met their fate the day they crossed paths with the God-Beast. 
      Since its arrival the God-Beast Graw has raged across Ghur, from the Sea of Claws to the Roarings Sands and even to the Lost Isles. On occasion Graw has even been known to rampage straight through to other realms when it's rage is great enough, but eventually the winds of beast magic will pull Graw back to its home plane, however by then the damage has already been done. There are many titanic creatures that have roamed the realms and especially Ghur since the Age of Myth, many of which the gods even feared when they first awoke however what sets Graw apart from most monstrous wild beings is  its connection with the children of Gorkamorka. The beast draws all offspring of Gorkamorka like moths to a flame, they flock to the behemoth of carnage and ravenous hunger and some believe Graw truly does carry the green gods favour.
      It is said some of the first Bonesplitter orruks set themselves against Graw when it was young, its bones a prize worthy of the greatest shaman,  but they were none the less devoured one tribe after the other until the first Prophet of Graw asked his bones how to slay the beast. The response from his seers bones, the knuckle bones of an Ur-Drake, was an explosion of green flame and splintered bone that really should have killed him there and then, but he stepped out of the smoke and flame, a vision burning in his beady red eyes. Graw was the gods chosen beast, and where ever it roamed, hunts, fighting and as much meat as they could fit in their tusk filled gobs would follow. And so began the first of many tribes of Graw, followers of the God-Beast. Now, many generations later, the Prophet of Graw, stands atop an idol of colossal beast bones atop Graw’s broad skull, divining where the God-Beast and his followers will hunt next. Orruks, ogors and grots alike follow the beast from one horizon to the next, knowing all too well that Graw will lead them to the next big fight be it the beasts of chaos, the ghouls of the flesh eating courts or our own stormcast warriors. Even upon his own back tribes of orruks, grots and ogors fight as much as with each other as the predatory plants and carnivorous jungles that call Graw their home, it is even said when Graw sets itself upon a kingdom that its followers will descend to the world below, grateful that the God-Beast has carried them to new and exotic fighting grounds. 
      Now where ever Graw the Unstoppable,the  Earthbreaker, the Beastmaw roams, the hordes of Gorkamorka are soon to follow. 
      I aided in the retaking of Aqshy. I fell during to Age of Chaos as the twisted sons of Khorn tore my family apart in the Dustlands of Ghur and was brought back by Sigmar himself to bring vengeance down upon the spawn of the dark gods. But now I doubt. Graw cares not for conquest, or kingdoms or even the whims of gods. The worlds quake before his hunger and break beneath his rage.
      The God-Beast cometh...

    • By Belchfist Beastkiller in Bloodborne Realm 3
      Another full day of painting (off work at the moment as I finished my previous job) and the Bloodsecrator is finished and added to the Bloodreaver as fully painted. I'm actually very happy with them. Again forgive the 1am pictures. I need to set up a photo shoot for the group in some nice natural light!!

    • By Kessler in Sarvikuhord 0
      After the sad encounter on the road, we got a message about a lone orc travelling in the swamps of Witchforest. A spy maybe?
      Battleplan: Out of the Mists (deadly mists around each scenery piece, might kill a model charging/running through the mists, nothing to seen in the mist; at Orc's 3rd Move phase a messenger appears in enemy's decided scenery; victory conditions: kill 75% of enemy starting models, minor/major victory depends on the surviving of the messenger).
      Matrix result: Bretonnia flanked over the swamp, got flanking unit and trecherous path (roll during setup for each unit, on 1-2 suffers d3 mortal wounds)
      Points: 1000
      Bretonnian army:
      8 Grail knights
      20 Peasant Bowmen (-1 for trecherous path)
      10 Empire Greatswords (-3 for trecherous path)
      1 Empire General (general)
      1 Paladin
      1 Battlemage
      Orc army:
      Messenger: Grot Shaman on Wolf
      20 Savage Orruk Arrow Boys
      7 Ogres with ironfists
      4 Ironguts (with general)
      1 Butcher (with battle brew)
      Had 1 point less, so I rolled on Triumph Table and got to reroll hits.
      Pre-battle strategy: probably no chance to keep the messenger alive, so it was just a fast and cheap decoy; take out Bowmen with Arrow Boys to deny them x4 Arrow Storm; get cover bonus for ogres with Mystic shield (Save 3+) and use them as meatshield against Grail Knight charge (while making some damage with ironfists), then hit the Knights with Ironguts with reach 2 from behind the ogres. Keep general among ironguts to definitely get +1 to hit.
      1st ROUND
      Phase 1: Orcs gave initiative to Bretonnia. Bretonnia secretly decided a place for messenger to appear and set up flanking Grail Knights to catch it. Made some spells, otherwise remained stationary.
      Phase 2: Savage Orruks moved forward, shot Greatswords (the bowmen were already under 20, so the Arrow Storm was already x3 and I hoped the mists hinder shooters enough), killed all but one. Ogres retreated into the mists, away from charging Grail Knights.
      2nd ROUND
      Phase 1: Bretonnia won initiative (and all initiatives but one from this point on, 9 rounds), Bowmen made Arrow Storm to Savage Orruks (60 something shots), only 7 Orruks died thanks to mystic shield and Inspiring Presence.
      Phase 2: Orcs were hiding in the mists and moving between scenery pieces toward the enemy.
      3rd ROUND
      Both armies maneuvered carefully, a messenger appeared.
      4th ROUND
      Phase 1: Orcs won the initiative for the first and only time, so the messenger moved into the mists towards the edge of the board, therefore denying Grail Knights their charge. Otherwise careful maneuvering in the mists.
      Phase 2: Bretonnian Battle Mage dispelled the mist, Bowmen shot messenger, then charged and killed him.
      5th ROUND
      More maneuvering, Grail Knights came closer.
      6th ROUND
      Phase 1: Bretonnia maneuvered.
      Phase 2: Most important phase. Butcher failed a spell and also made himself a wound. Grail Knights were temptingly close (and I was sleepy as hell and wanted to end the battle, one way or another), so I dropped my charge-waiting strategy. Moved closer with battle trait, but ogres did not roll enough and couldn't get out of the mists... but ironguts did.
      Ironguts charged and failed most of the attack rolls. Great... Then I rerolled hits (Triumph Table ability), and altogether wiped out 6 Grail Knights. Remaining two ran away with battleshock. Ironguts get damage from knights, Paladin and general.
      7th ROUND
      Phase 1: Paladin takes out all Ironguts (with his weapon making 2+ attack and d6 mortal wounds). Never get close to Paladin with tough units.
      Phase 2: Ogres attack, but there is no room and I make some stupid decisions, so have to divide the attacks and nothing special happens. Except that 2 ogres die.
      8th ROUND
      Battlemage heals all heroes' wounds, I get rid of Battlemage, an ogre dies. Arrowboys shoot Bowmen, kill two but thanks to Bellower standing close to Bowmen, 6 models more run with Battleshock.
      9th ROUND
      Suddenly Bretonnian player remembers, that for winning we have to kill 75% of models, I count the models and discover that I need to kill 4 models to win, so I turn my attention to Bowmen instead of heroes and kill 6.
      SUMMARY: another close call, but this time minor victory and 2 points to orcs. If we had to fight till the last models, probably I would have lost.
      The mists were helpful against Bowmen, but I couldn't try the pre-battle strategy with meatsheld. And ironfists did not work at all this time, and due to the fact I could not use them as shield I needed rerolling much more.
      The final  charge was actually from bad position (without rerolling hits it would have been catastrophic), Ironguts had no Mystic Shield and they had to attack into 3 close units, so they got hit a lot. But altogether the charge was probably still better, usually I do not get so close to Grail Knights. Lots of maneuvering and moving models back-and-forth to avoid the charge.
      Paladins d6 mortal wound weapon can be devastating, Empire General can give +1 to hit/wound to nearby units, which is simply awful (Grail Knights get 2+ hit, rerolling fails...).
      Ironguts really need some buffing on hitting, otherwise their 4+ hit too easily fails. Triumph Table can be very, very important. Without this Orcs would have lost.
      Maneuvering game takes LOTS of time. This game took more than 4 hours. And it was 1000 point game... It seems that against Bretonnia the game is mostly centered on who gets the charge.
      Next game will probably be sometime in October.
    • By Kessler in Sarvikuhord 2
      It all started when a large group of orcs were sighted near Rugna. They haven't dared to venture so far into the valley for hundred years...
      Battleplan: A Champion Emerges (battle starts with duel between two heroes in the middle, winner and friendly units get big bonus). No victory points.
      Points: 500
      Bretonnian army:
      5 Grail knights
      5 Freeguild Outriders
      1 Empire General (general)
      1 Paladin
      Orc army:
      21 Savage Orruk Arrow Boys (1 general, command trait +1 to hit, battletrait 1d6 move in hero phase)
      5 Orruk Boarbys
      1 Tyrant with talisman
      I had less points, so I rolled on Triumph Table and got to reroll wounds.
      Pre-battle strategy: have general among arrowboys to get +1 to hit with command trait, move closer with Savage Orruks, shoot the grail knights, then keep distance by putting boarboyz in the middle to get charged and keep attackers busy, while shooting with Arrowboys.
      Duel between Paladin and Tyrant was short: Paladin missed, tyrant hit with great gutgouger, rolled 6, made double damage and Paladin was dead.
      1st ROUND
      Phase 1: Orcs took initiative. Boarboys ran forward, Savage Orruks moved closer with battletrait and fired at Freeguild Outriders (the Grail Knights were completely hidden behind scenery), 63 shots with 4+ (command trait)/4+. 4 Outriders died. For some unexplainable reason Tyrant charged at remaining lone outrider and they were out.
      Phase 2: Grail Knights charged Tyrant and killed it.
      2nd ROUND
      Phase 1: Bretonnia got initiative, Grail Knights charged Savage Orruks.
      Phase 2: Orruk Boarboys charged. From here to the bitter end it was simply hack and slash. Savage Orruks 2 wounds were surprisingly good, their melee was shitty. Boarboys were hardy and hit quite well.
      And after some more rounds Bretonnia won with Grail Knight with 1 wound and General with 2 wounds.
      SUMMARY: Loss to Orcs, but close call. Savage Orruks shooting is wonderful with command trait, but nothing special with model numbers under 20 and hitting on 5. Grail Knights charge is devastating. Do whatever you can to avoid it. Tyrant's charge to lonely Outrider was completely pointless and without that the Orcs probably would have won.
    • By Kessler in Sarvikuhord 1
      The orcs and ogres have become restless in the mountains. Their numbers have grown and there are rumours of a new powerful and cunning leader. Sarvikuhord is preparing an invasion to nearby valley under Bretonnian rule.
      So, after playing about 5 games of Warhammer we decided to start a campaign with my friend. Campaign is home brew, mixture of Matched Play, Map Campaign and Matrix Campaign. Inspired from Red Hand of Doom, a DD 3.5 adventure module. There are important places to conquer and after winning, the winner gets a small bonus for the rest of the campaign. Of course, other player may attack the same place and take the bonus to himself. Almost all battlemaps actually favour fast and shooty army, so I believe my Gutbusters will have tough times.
      Measuring from bases, points per model, no minimum battleline units (probably that changes at some moment when we have enough models).
      Victory Points required to win the campaign: 10
      Loss/Draw: 1 p
      Minor Victory: 2 p
      Major Victory: 3 p
      I haven't found much battle reports about ogres vs Brettonnia/Free People, so I thought maybe its useful for someone. I try to make the report short, but useful and - to some extent - interesting. No description of every single move we made, just general tactics.
      Any comments and advice is more than welcome.
      Some days ago we had our first two games.
    • By Belchfist Beastkiller in Bloodborne Realm 2
      After much deliberation about what to paint next, I decided on the Bloodsecrator model. It performed incredibly well in my first game but also, I wasn't that excited to get it done. So painting him while my enthusiasm is still high seemed like a good idea. I also couldn't deal with going straight into another 10 Bloodreavers straight away...
      Anyway, everything has it's base colour now, some have a few layers/washes on there, but he's coming along. It's an incredibly time consuming and fiddly model to paint I'm finding...

      Also I made a tactical purchase whilst popping into the London store to pick up paints....

    • By Belchfist Beastkiller in Bloodborne Realm 1
      So here we go! Very happy to have finished  painting my first unit of 10 Bloodreavers! Here are some pics:

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