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    • By Jimmy in Jimmy's Age of Sigmar All Stars 0
    • By Kessler in Sarvikuhord 1
      I thought to make our battlefield a bit more interesting. So here's my first attempt on scenery. Made of leftovers from ghorgon/cygor model.

    • By Belchfist Beastkiller in Bloodborne Realm 2
      Quick post to see what I've been up to the last few days. I've finished all twenty Bloodreavers now to a good tabletop standard in my opinion. I'm very pleased with them and they look great in real life for a rank and file unit! I've also added name plaques to every single fully painted model to chronicle their deeds. I'm quite a fan so far. They're not finished and some edges need sorting out but hope you like them!

    • By Belchfist Beastkiller in Bloodborne Realm 0
      Drachvax could still feel the breeze blowing softly on his face, but the sensation was deadened as it had been for longer than he could remember. The many skulls displayed as totems about his person and on the totem he carried as a blessing from his master jingled and clanked as they shook against one another in the breeze. There was a scent on the air, and he knew it well. A tension, high pressure, copper filling his nostrils: Eternals were on their way. He cursed his own rash decision in not bringing more of the Bloodhound with him to see this task to it's conclusion. He had only two groups of measly Bloodreavers and his small retinue of Blood Warriors. The size of the Eternals' force could be in the thousands or it could be smaller than his own. You could never be too certain. It did not do to dwell on these things as it wouldn't change his course of action. To turn back would be tantamount to cowardice and even the thought of it made him instinctively spit a large gobbet of acidic phlegm at his feet, melting the patchy remnants of dead grass next to him. No, no turning back now. The Plasma Pumping Station was his target, and he would bring it crashing to the ground. 

      This image is actually upside down with me playing the Bloodhound forces, but should be clear. For more information see my previous post. 
      TURN 1
      My opponent chose to allow me to go first believing that a reactionary state was better suited to fit the storyline of the defenders. I had positioned Drachvax the Bloodsecrator incredibly well to begin with and realised he would not really have to move the whole game (and that my opponent would concentrate on assassinating him to stop his abilities buffing the others) and so he planted the Totem in the ground and opened the portal to Khorne's realm. My Blood Warriors on the left flank immediately ran as far as they could across the long bridge to come very near to the Lord-Relictor and his two Retributor bodyguard. The middle unit of ten Bloodreavers ran to the edge of the magma river with the aim of making the leap across it next turn (with any roll of a 1 causing a mortal wound), the other unit of Bloodreavers ran and ended up on the smaller bridge (blu-tac!) 

      Next up the Lord-Relictor called down a bolt of lightning and zapped a Blood Warrior to smithereens, the Prosecutors flung their hammers at the Bloodreavers about to jump the river killing three and then charged in headlong to prevent them getting anywhere near the objective (represented by the chalk white paint pot!). The Lord-Relictor and Retributors stayed where they were due to the narrow width of the bridge, which would have caused them to only be able to face the blood warriors one at a time. The battle was brutal between the Prosecutors and Bloodreavers, with a further three Bloodreavers perishing but losing a model in return. No battleshock test due to being near the portal for me and he failed his, but re-rolled for being within 12" of the general...passed!
      TURN 2
      My friend won the roll for first turn and elected to go first. The Lord-Relictor used his lightning bolt to take a wound off another Blood Warrior, and the Proecutors also attacked them with their flying hammers despite being in combat with the Bloodreavers, but failed to wound. The Liberators to block off any route to the Plasma Piping Station for the Bloodreavers on the right flank, and we then entered the combat phase. The two Prosecutors spectacularly failed to wound any Bloodreavers and no wounds were caused in return, quickly ending my opponents phase. In my turn, the unscathed Bloodreaver unit on the right flank charged the four strong Liberators, and the 4 Blood Warriors charged the Retributors and the Lord-Relictor in a foolhardy, bold, distraction move. Drachvax the Bloodsecrator kept that portal open powering up all units as they were all within range. In combat, I struck with the Bloodreavers first (due to the Blood Warriors rule allowing them to strike even when dead, it makes no sense to choose them), and I selected the full unit on the right. They caused only three unsaved wounds, felling one Liberator and leaving one with a wound, and took a few in return. The Prosecutors were finally murdered in the centre, and the Blood Warriors were annihilated with some very large hammers on the bridge, managing to take a wound off the Lord-Relictor on the way down. 

      Drachvax strained to keep hold of the portal as the broiling energies from Khorne's realm spilt forth into this one. He could smell the blood of the enemy and his own men and longed to rush into battle himself. He must restrain himself, for he knew there were greater forces at play, and it was the Plasma Piping Station that was most important today. In the distance he spied the pompous form of a golden class Eternal with a skull mask that looked familiar. He thought he may well be a foe he had met once before but could not be certain. The battle was tight, were he to shut the portal, could he make the sprint to the station and destroy it unscathed? The thought began to course through his veins until he heard the dying, rage-filled screams of his Blood Warriors as they imploded with lightning strikes from some very well armoured foes. 
      TURN 3
      Crucially, I won the roll for first turn here, and sprinted the 4 Bloodreavers remaining from the middle unit toward the objective. In doing so, they boldly jumped the lava river, one of their number perishing, obviously losing his footing! They made it to the Plasma Piping Station and the champion took his place atop it to attempt to strike it in the battle phase. The other Bloodreaver unit engaged in combat with the Liberators managed to kill another of their number and took numerous casualties in return, leaving only 4 left. It came to this, The Bloodreaver champion attacked the Plasma Piping Station which had the following rules:
      Rickety structure: The structure is brittle and one successful hit will bring the whole drilling complex crashing down and release the energy within. It counts as having 1 Wound and a saving throw of 4+. If the structure is destroyed roll a D6 to decide what happens. After working out the conclusion the battle ends. 
      1 - The attack backfires and a concentrated burst of piping hot plasma strikes the attacker, causing D3 mortal wounds. 
      2/3 - nothing happens, the structure is returned to 1 Wound. 
      4/5 - There she blows! Roll a dice for every unit within 8" of the Station. On a 4+ that unit suffers D6 mortal wounds. Heroes and monsters suffer D3
      6 - Carnage! Every unit within 12" takes D6 mortal wounds. 
      We used these rules for fun, and to determine victory conditions. It was incredibly tense, the dice rolls came, through, The Bloodreaver managed to wound the tower, my opponent failed the save, but rolled a 2 so..nothing happened!

      In his phase, the Lord Relictor zapped a single Bloodreaver from the base of the tower, and failed a charge. The Retributors made it in to charge the unit and distracted the Bloodreavers. On the right flank, the Liberators finished off the Bloodreavers there and turned to watch the final moments. The Retributors struck home, but due to a rule we devised (on a roll of a 1 you strike the tower if you are within 1 inch) accidentally struck the tower with one attack.

      The attack worked, the saving roll was failed, and the result...was a 5! What happened next was glorious. The Bloodreavers died, the Retributors died, The Lord Relictor faced the carnage unharmed, the liberators perished, and in a final act Drachvax was close enough to be blown apart, and despite being on full wounds (5!) I rolled a 6 for his mortal wounds and he was blown to smithereens in the final act of the game. Probably as a punishment from Khorne for his cowardly hiding earlier on! 
      Drachvax lay looking up at the sky as lightning bolts carried away that familiar looking foe. His flesh and armour blacked and melting in some places, his face a grimace of rage, he knew the day had been his. This was his battle to win but he had been thwarted, it would not happen twice. He lived only by the fortune that his opponents must have thought him dead. That coppery smell from the lighting they used to transport themselves was back, and he would not forget it in a hurry. He staggered to his feet and once again raised the totem of Khorne in praise. Seeing his masters' symbol fall would not be forgiven lightly. There was vengeance to be had for this, and there was nothing he enjoyed more than gory, glorious vengeance. 
      Minor victory for the Khorne Bloodbound. Technically. Although we actually called it a minor victory for my opponent due to the way the game played and the overall outcome. 
      Without a doubt the most enjoyable game of Warhammer I have ever played! The scenery rules added so much, and played to an objective changed the game for me completely. It was all about the story of what happened, and what made the most sense, we both wanted to make the tactical clever choices, but were super happy to do things for the good of the story throughout which just made the game play out so satisfyingly in the end. I know the photos don't do it justice and a lot of imagination is required when the scenery looks this way, but I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! 

    • By Belchfist Beastkiller in Bloodborne Realm 2
      Today I played a similar scale game to my previous endeavour (around 350 pts) of Stormcast versus my Bloodborne force! 
      My Khorne force consisted of:
      Bloodsecrator, 5 Blood Warriors, 10 Bloodreavers, 10 Bloodreavers
      Stormcast forces:
      Lord-Relictor, 2 Retributors, 4 Liberators, 3 Prosecutors
      We had great fun setting up a makeshift board of terrain that included a magma (toilet tissue!) river that spanned the battlefield, various bridges, and a Plasma Pump (paint pot!) that formed the objective of the game. My Khornate forces were tasked with reaching the top of the plasma pump and destroying it (with rules we created for it, it's destruction causing great carnage!) and the Eternals tasked with defending it. 
      Here is the set up
      Followed by the set up of units:

      If it's not clear, the Bloodreavers were set up as near to the blu tac bridge, and the other unit to take the shortest route toward the tower (risking death jumping the blood warriors set up over the longer bridge as a distraction unit and my opponent took the bait and set up his lord relictor and Retributors to combat them. My Bloodsecrator was hidden with the bloodreavers out of sight of the prosecutors' flying hammers.

      movement turn one:

      More to follow...
    • By Tyberous Khan in Teeth of the Hungry Mountain 3
      I've been away from my blog for a while, simply because I've been super busy moving house and everything's been living in cases!
      But today I got some bits out and started painting again  Now, ever since reading the first AoS book, I loved the image of an army of giants! And then when the rules came out for Sons of Behemat in god beasts, I ha to give it a go!
      I am still continuing my ogors, but these are just another detachment of Khans great horde! WIP at the moment, but would love to hear you're thoughts on my first three (smaller) Giants  

    • By Lord Elpus in Lord Elpus is painting!! 3
      So it begins....

      He is HUGE!!! Kharn is now on a Terminator size base, and a beautiful model to stick together.. I can't help but think that G.W has really pushed themselves with this.
    • By Gareth in Stronghold News 4
      It's the Stronghold's first ever Golden Fist painting competition!
      This competition focuses on single minis within the Destruction Grand Alliance. The miniature must be painted by you, and it can be a GW model or a non-GW model. It can be something you've completed prior to the start of this competition if you wish, and conversions can be entered too.
      Only one entry is permitted per person.
      How to enter:
      Start a new topic over in the Warpaint forum with the words 'Golden Fist' written somewhere in the title Within your topic, post one or more photos of any single Destruction Grand Alliance miniature painted by you Your entry topic must be posted by the end of October - so you've got just over 5 weeks starting now! 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be decided by vote at the beginning of November, and there'll be some small prizes for each of the top three. Additionally, the competition winner will be awarded with a shiny little trinket - the Golden Fist painting medal!

      It's been a massive 2 years since our last hobby contest, but the Golden Fist 2016 is just one of a series of four brand new prize-supported Stronghold painting competitions spread throughout the year (every three months), and they'll be open to all members of the Stronghold website plus our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube followers too.
      Best of luck to everyone entering, I look forward to seeing your creations!
    • By I R GMAN in Da Followers of Graw - In Da Makin' 5
      Here are some of the lads, which are mainly just me testing some basing ideas a while ago along with what paint scheme I wanted to try out.

      I think some Beastclaw Raider are to be next, the Everwinter is hungry and I can't wait to try out some fur schemes ^^
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