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  • Latest Goblog Entries

    • By Tyberous Khan in Teeth of the Hungry Mountain 5
      There's a dark place in the realm of ghur. A haunted place, where the only things that live do so only to take the life of others away.
      Few are the folk that have ventured there and returned. Those that have speak of a red queen, a lady of enchanting beauty. A killer.
      The green skins that inhabit this place believe that their spider deity,   Anansi, seduced Mork with her own deadly cunning. Together they spawned thousands upon thousands of spider children, that haunt the realms to this day....

    • By Tyberous Khan in Teeth of the Hungry Mountain 9
      Yes that is a stick.
      No I haven't gone mad. 

    • By Tyberous Khan in Teeth of the Hungry Mountain 2
      Here he is, the Ogor general who leads my army and is the focus of my fictitious rambling! 
      Tyberous Khan and Trapjaw the Mawcrusha!
      Id love to hear any feed back on this chap as I have a second Mawcrusha on the way. 
      What colour should I paint the next one? The Megaboss riding him is going to be in black and yellow. 

    • By Tyberous Khan in Teeth of the Hungry Mountain 5
      Apologies for the long delay! There was a cold period where I've been moving house, so everything was packed away. And then this past few weeks I decided to pull my finger out and rustle something up for armies on parade!
      Heres a few bits I've got finished today, hopefully will have the rest sorted tonight! 
      Also if your on Instagram, find me @LazyJackPainting 

    • By Tyberous Khan in Teeth of the Hungry Mountain 0
      Hacking his way through snow as high as his chest, Khan edged ever closer to the tower.
      The snow had numbed his ears with a white blanket of deafness. While he no longer heard icy breath  he felt it eating at his skin. The fatty wax in his beard had set solid now, a jagged ivory tusk jutting from his jaw.
      Despite his Ogroid stamina, he was near collapse by the time he reached and wrestled open the door to the tower.
      Inside, his tribesmen were already dying. Slumped against walls or one another, the cold having dug it's roots deep into their cores.
      A broad stairway spiralled upwards to his left. Perhaps from higher up he might be able to better asses the state of the nearby duardin citadel, that is if indeed anything still stood at all. 
      Toorbad was the the Eurl. The third in command of a mighty Alfrostun. 
      While he and his Eurlbad were traditionally the second battalion to get to grips with their prey, it seemed that he and his brothers had discovered a fleshy prize before their counterpart Jorlbad.
      As the first of the mournfang packs reached the bottom of the mountainside, deep tracks were just still visible despite being rapidly filled by snow. 
      As the riders were unable to stop their charging mounts, they instead steered them to follow the new course. 
      Toorbad trusted his outriders, and knew they must have discovered something of great import to redirect from a hunt so close to the kill.
      Gorging a track three carriages wide through the snow Ruby pursued the smaller mournfangs. Before reaching the watchtower himself, his two Thegns emerged from the snow atop their black Stonehorn. Noj gestured to him briefly as they passed by. 
      Two swift hand signs. 
      Tribe. Stranger.
    • By Belchfist Beastkiller in Ironjawz - starting Destruction! 0
      So it begins.
      This absolutely incredible sculpt will be a fairly long process as I want it to really be the centrepiece of the army with the best painting I can achieve. 
      To this end I'm going all out. It won't be fully assembled until much further along into the painting process. It is sitting alongside my Khorne project so will hopefully manage to be as patient with it as possible.
      Ideally it will be complete in order to enter into the Golden Fist competition! 

    • By Zogekk Gobsmasher the Savage in Unearthing Ogor Lore! 3
      The next exciting iteration of Unearthing Ogor Lore, Naming the Hunger Part 2!
      Continuing from the last post, we will go right on into Honorifics and Titles to finish up the naming conventions!
      Here are some example fully created names (from my own Army and Army Lore):
      Derall The Huge
      Nogarth Headcrusher
      Rarghrug The Grubby
      Targhort Headcracker
      Taratt Nosemangler
      Norgherth Armbreaker
      Wurgholg Bloodgulper The Careless
      Magull Headsplitter The Hazzardous
      Dozogg Bonegrinder the Rambling
      Nagrot Tripeslicer the Mad
      Rerghurk Headcracker
      Yugort Bloodgulper the Lucky
      Burrug Gristlechewer
      Thazret Gizzardeater
      Tozew Gutbuster The Bloody-Handed
      Tegogg Noseripper
      Honorifics (Roll 2D6, one for the 10's place and one for the 1's place):
      11- Armbreaker
      12- Bloodbgulper
      13- Bloodspiller
      14- Bonebreaker
      15- Bonegrinder
      16- Bonecrusher
      21- Bonesmasher
      22- Boneshaker
      23- Bonesnapper
      24- Brainbasher
      25- Eyegouger
      26- Facemangler
      31- Fangbuster
      32- Fleshtearer
      33- Footstomper
      34- Gizzardeater
      35- Gobsmasher
      36- Gristlechewer
      41- Gutbuster
      42- Gutsplitter
      43- Headbuster
      44- Headcracker
      45- Headcrusher
      46- Headsplitter
      51- Heartcrusher
      52- Hearteater
      53- Legbreaker
      54- Maneater
      55- Necksnapper
      56- Nosemangler
      61- Noseripper
      62- Skinflayer
      63- Skullcrusher
      64- Skullsplitter
      65- Throattearer
      66- Tripeslicer
      Titles (Roll 3D6, one for the hundreds, tens and ones place):
      111- The Acquisitive
      112- The Angry
      113- The Avenger
      114- The Awful
      115- The Baffling
      116- The Basher
      121- The Bad
      122- The Baleful
      123- The Bashful
      124- The Battle-Scarred
      125- The Befuddled
      126- The Bemused
      131- The Big
      132- The Bloody-Handed
      133- The Blunt
      134- The Bold
      135- The Brainless
      136- The Brash
      141- The  Broad
      142- The Brutal
      143- The Butcher
      144- The Careless
      145- The Clumsy
      146-The Coarse
      151- The Colossal
      152- The Confused
      153- The Conqueror
      154- The Crazed
      155- The Crazy
      156- The Credulous
      161- The Crooked
      162- The Crumper
      163- The Crusher
      164- The Cunning
      165- The Curious
      166- The Curmudgeonly
      211- The Dangerous
      212- The Desperate
      213- The Destroyer
      214- The Destructive
      215- The Desolator
      216- The Despoiler
      221- The Determined
      222- The Devourer
      223- The Dim
      224- The Dire
      225- The Disembowler
      226- The Dismemberer
      231- The Dreadful
      232- The Eager
      233- The Enormous
      234- The Enraged
      235- The Executioner
      236- The Extravagant
      241- The Exterminator
      242- The Fat
      243- The Fearful
      244- The Feckless
      245- The Filthy
      246- The Flayer
      251- The Flatulent
      252- The Forbidding
      253- The Forgetful
      254- The Fortunate
      255- The Frightful
      256- The Gargantuan
      261- The Generous
      262- The Ghastly
      263- The Gigantic
      264- The Greedy
      265- The Grimy
      266- The Grinder
      311- The Grizzly
      312- The Grubby
      313- The Gruesome
      314- The Hairy
      315- The Ham-Fisted
      316- The Handsome
      321- The Hapless
      322- The Harmful
      323- The Hazardous
      324- The Headstrong
      325- The Helpful
      326- The Honest
      331- The Horrible
      332- The Horrid
      333- The Huge
      334- The Humongous
      335- The Hungry
      336- The Idiotic
      341- The Immense
      342- The Immovable
      343- The Impatient
      344- The Incorrigible
      345- The Incorruptible
      346- The Incurable
      351- The Industrious
      352- The Inedible
      353- The Infested
      354- The Inquisitive
      355- The Insane
      356- The Insatiable
      361- The Intolerant
      362- The Irascible
      363- The Irate
      364- The Irrepressible
      365- The Irritable
      366- The Just
      411- The Larcenous
      412- The Lost
      413- The Loud
      414- The Lucky
      415- The Mad
      416- The Mangler
      421- The Marauder
      422- The Masher
      423- The Mighty
      424- The Mournful
      425- The Muddled
      426- The Murderer
      431- The Murderous
      432- The Mysterious
      433- The Nasty
      434- The Objectionable
      435- The Obtuse
      436- The Odd
      441- The Odious
      442- The Odorous
      443- The Outlander
      444- The Peculiar
      445- The Persistent
      446- The Persuasive
      451- The Pig-Headed
      452- The Pillager
      453- The Powerful
      454- The Pulper
      455- The Rambling
      456- The Rash
      461- The Raucous
      462- The Ravener
      463- The Raving
      464- The Reaper
      465- The Reaver
      466- The Reckless
      511- The Rotten
      512- The Rough
      513- The Rowdy
      514- The Sad
      515- The Savage
      516- The Scabrous
      521- The Scary
      522- The Shambling
      523- The Silent
      524- The Sinister
      525- The Slasher
      526- The Slavering
      531- The Smart
      532- The Smasher
      533- The Smelly
      534- The Sorrowful
      535- The Strange
      536- The Strangler
      541- The Stealthy
      542- The Stubborn
      543- The Stupid
      544- The Subtle
      545- The Sullen
      546- The Surly
      551- The Sweaty
      552- The Terrible
      553- The Thrasher
      554- The Throttler
      555- The Thumper
      556- The Thoughtless
      561- The Trusting
      562- The Trustworthy
      563- The Ugly
      564- The Unavoidable
      565- The Unbearable
      566- The Uncaring
      611- The Unclean
      612- The Undaunted
      613- The Undefeated
      614- The Unforgettable
      615- The Unforgivable
      616- The Unfriendly
      621- The Unhinged
      622- The Unlikeable
      623- The Unmistakable
      624- The Unreasonable
      625- The Unpredictable
      626- The Unspeakable
      631- The Unsteady
      632- The Untidy
      633- The Unthinking
      634- The Unwashed
      635- The Unwelcome
      636- The Vacant
      641- The Vacous
      642- The Vast
      643- The Vengeful
      644- The Verminous
      645- The Vicious
      646- The Victorious
      651- The Vile
      652- The Villainous
      653- The Vindictive
      654- The Violent
      655- The Vulgar
      656- The Wanderer
      661- The Weary
      662- The Weird
      663- The Witless
      664- The Wild
      665- The Wrathful
      666- The Wretched
    • By Zogekk Gobsmasher the Savage in Unearthing Ogor Lore! 0
      Ok, the first exciting installment of My G(n)oblog will be about something I quite enjoy, naming Ogors!
      The White Dwarf I got my hands on has a full-blown name-generator within its pages, and I will be "modifying" it so you all may enjoy it as well.
      I'll start by paraphrasing the basic "background" info on names, and then adding the charts themselves (I will be using the term Ogor throughout for simplicity, if you prefer Ogre that's fine too!).
      Background Info:
      When an Ogor is born, their name is often just as blunt as they are. Vulgar, guttural and without much thought put behind it, the names are often jumbles of Ogor words. Ogor parents oftentimes name the child something they will easily remember, since Ogors have a limited capacity to remember traditions or titles that are not earned in the here or now. Birth names at most are as complicated as a few syllables, some being as simple as one single syllable. Ogors just generally lose interest in the birth names of other Ogors when they become too long.
      The one exception to this rule are the Ogor's "Big Name." This Big Name is any title or honorific which the Ogor has earned throughout life. Oftentimes the first Big Name is given when the Ogor transitions between Whelp and Bull (coming of age) which only occurs when the whelp has done something of significance to become a contributor to the tribe.
      Oftentimes titles and honorifics are just as direct as their owners, mostly conveying the personalities or skills of the Ogor who carries the "Big Names." Honorifics are most commonly given within Ogor society itself and Titles are most commonly received while the Ogor is doing mercenary work for other races. This isn't to say one or the other can't be received in either instance, but it is merely more common.
      The more famous an Ogor becomes, the longer and more ostentatious their names generally become. Tyrants and other rulers especially are known to have over-the-top names with upwards of 10 titles or honorifics trailing their birth name.
      It is uncertain whether Ogors care what titles they are given by other races, as long as the name sounds long and impressive. They often don't even understand some of the titles they are given and merely wear them like a badge of pride... It isn't like anyone would make fun of an Ogor's name if they didn't want to end up in his gut anyway.
      How it Works:
      1. Roll the first element of the first name and write it down.
      2. Roll the second element of the first name and add it to the first
      3. Decide whether you want your Ogor to have a title or honorific "last name." They imply different things, but they are not mutually exclusive, an especially fearsome and famous Ogor may have multiple titles and honorifics in their name mixed together!
      4. Say the name out loud, is it rough, is it strange, is it guttural? Whatever it is, huzzah you've got a new Ogor name, get them out on the field of battle! If you really don't like it, you can always feel free to scrap it and re-roll for something new, or even go through the charts and handpick names you would like.
      Structure of an Ogor Name:
      (Element 1+ Element 2 (as one word)) + (0-10+ titles or honorifics (as separate words))
      These two charts are for the first two elements which make the first name, I will upload the honorifics and titles tables later, so stay tuned!
      Element 1 Name Rolls (Roll D666 to create a number, keep track of the dice to know the order, use the Ctrl+F to find your number quickly):
      111- Argh
      112- Ergh
      113- Orgh
      114- Urgh
      115- Ar
      116- Er
      121- Or
      122- Ur
      123- Az
      124- Ez
      125- Oz
      126- Uz
      131- Ag
      132- Eg
      133- Og
      134- Ug
      135- Bargh
      136- Bergh
      141- Borgh
      142- Burgh
      143- Bar
      144- Ber
      145- Bor
      151- Baz
      152- Bez
      153- Boz
      154- Bag
      155- Beg
      156- Blag
      161- Bleg
      162- Blug
      163- Dargh
      164- Dergh
      165- Dorgh
      166- Durgh
      211- Dar
      212- Der
      213- Dor
      214- Dur
      215- Daz
      216- Dez
      221- Doz
      222- Duz
      223- Dag
      224- Deg
      225- Dug
      226- Fargh
      231- Fergh
      232- Forgh
      233- Furgh
      234- Feg
      235- Fog
      236- Fug
      241- Gargh
      242- Gergh
      243- Gorgh
      244- Grug
      245- Gar
      246- Ger
      251- Gor
      252- Gur
      253- Geg
      254- Gog
      255- Gug
      256- Kargh
      261- Kergh
      262- Korgh
      263- Kurgh
      264- Kar
      265- Ker
      266- Kor
      311- Kur
      312- Kaz
      313- Kez
      314- Koz
      315- Kuz
      316- Kag
      321- Keg
      322- Kog
      323- Kug
      324- Margh
      325- Mergh
      326- Morgh
      331- Murgh
      332- Mar
      333- Mer
      334- Mor
      335- Mur
      336- Maz
      341- Moz
      342- Muz
      343- Mag
      344- Meg
      345- Mog
      346- Nargh
      351- Nergh
      352- Norgh
      353- Nurgh
      354- Nar
      355- Nez
      356- Nor
      361- Nur
      362- Naz
      363- Nez
      364- Noz
      365- Nuz
      366- Nag
      411- Neg
      412- Nog
      413- Nug
      414- Rargh
      415- Rergh
      416- Rorgh
      421- Rurgh
      422- Rar
      423- Rer
      424- Ror
      425- Rur
      426- Raz
      431- Rez
      432- Ruz
      433- Rag
      434- Reg
      435- Rog
      441- Targh
      442- Tergh
      443- Torgh
      444- Turgh
      445- Tar
      446- Ter
      451- Tor
      452- Tur
      453- Tez
      454- Toz
      455- Tuz
      456- Tag
      461- Teg
      462- Tog
      463- Tug
      464- Thargh
      465- Thergh
      466- Thorgh
      511- Thurgh
      512- Thar
      513- Ther
      514- Thor
      515- Thur
      516- Thaz
      521- Thez
      522- Thoz
      523- Thuz
      524- Thag
      525- Theg
      526- Thog
      531- Thug
      532- Vargh
      533- Vergh
      534- Vorgh
      535- Vurgh
      536- Var
      541- Ver
      542- Vor
      543- Veg
      544- Vog
      545- Vez
      546- Voz
      551- Vuz
      552- Vag
      553- Veg
      554- Vog
      555- Vug
      556- Wargh
      561- Wergh
      562- Worgh
      563- Wurgh
      564- War
      565- Wer
      566- Wor
      611- Wur
      612- Waz
      613- Wez
      614- Woz
      615- Wuz
      616- Wag
      621- Weg
      622- Wug
      623- Yargh
      624- Yergh
      625- Yorgh
      626- Yurgh
      631- Yar
      632- Yer
      633- Yor
      634- Yur
      635- Yaz
      636- Yez
      641- Yoz
      642- Yuz
      643- Yag
      644- Yeg
      645- Yog
      646- Yug
      651- Zargh
      652- Zergh
      653- Zorgh
      654- Zurgh
      655- Zar
      656- Zer
      661- Zor
      662- Zur
      663- Zag
      664- Zeg
      665- Zog
      666- Zug
      Element 2 (Roll either a D10 for the 10's place and a D6 for the 1's place or roll 2D6 and add the results together for the 10's place and then one D6 for the 1's place):
      11- abb
      12- add
      13- agg
      14- akk
      15- alg
      16- all
      21- alt
      22- ann
      23- arg
      24- argl
      25- ark
      26- art
      31- arth
      32- att
      33- edd
      34- egg
      35- ekk
      36- elg
      41- ell
      42- elt
      43- emm
      44- enn
      45- erg
      46- ergl
      51- erk
      52- erth
      53- ett
      54- ew
      55- gat
      56- get
      61- got
      62- grat
      63- gret
      64- grot
      65- grut
      66- gut
      71- odd
      72- ogg
      73- okk
      74- olg
      75- olt
      76- org
      81- orgl
      82- ort
      83- ott
      84- rag
      85- reg
      86- ret
      91- rof
      92- rog
      93- rot
      94- rug
      95- rut
      96- ulg
      101- ull
      102- urg
      103- urk
      104- urt
      105- urth
      106- uzh
    • By Kessler in Sarvikuhord 2
      Orcs had found a ruined citadel near the border of the vale. Hastily they started rebuilding it, but Bretonnian scouts reported about the danger and army of Grail Knights set forth.
      Battleplan: The Monolith (one side has to build a monolith: roll 1d6 each hero phase, 20 points needed to complete, +1 for general adjacent to it, opponent can desecrate it if within 3 inches and rolls 4+; victory conditions: major victory for completing or desecrating the monolith).
      Matrix result: did not use, as it would have ruined the point of the battleplan.
      Points: 1500
      Bretonnian army:
      6 Grail knights
      6 Grail knights
      5 Freeguild Outriders
      5 Mounted Yeoman
      20 Peasant Bowmen
      10 Freeguild Greatswords
      10 Freeguild Handgunners
      1 Empire General (general)
      1 Paladin
      1 Battlemage
      Orc army:
      5 Ironguts
      3 Ogors with 2 clubs
      3 Ogors with 2 clubs
      5 Savage Orruk Boarboys
      20 Savage Arrowboys
      10 Savage Arrowboys
      1 Savage Big Boss (general)
      1 Butcher (with Talisman)
      1 Bruiser Standard Bearer (with Battle Brew)
      Kunnin Rukk warscroll battalion
      Bretonnians calculated and put down some points less, so he rolled on Triumph Table and got to reroll hits.
      Pre-battle strategy: use arrowboys with Kunnin Rukk to take down Peasant Archers to deny x4 Arrowstorm, use arrowboys with Kunnin Rukk to kill some Grail Knights, then use all savage orruks as meatshields and chaff to keep the knights from advancing. Then take in the Grail knights charge with ogors and trike with ironguts from behind the lines.
      1st ROUND
      Turn 1: Bretonnia gave initiative to orcs. Orcs rolled 6 for the Monolith, added 1, 7 points! Orcs used Kunnin Rukk to advance with 10 arrowboys and shot the yeomen, killed 2. Moved other units a bit.
      Butcher tried to cast Mystic Shield with +1 bonus, but failed, rolled 1, took 1 damage, rolled 1 with cauldron, took 2 damage. Fortunately the Talisman saved from 2 wounds.
      Turn 2: Bretonnia moved forward, charged to 10 arrowboys, killed them, but putting them in reach of 20 arrowboys - hoped that orcs get the initiative next round. Freeguild Handgunners chief shot with his 30" range gun.
      2nd ROUND
      Turn 1: Bretonnia won initiative (and all other initiatives, as always). So the Grail Knights charged to 20 arrowboys in cover, killed 6 (lucky saves in cover), 3 more fled. Some shooting from Handgunners and bowmen. Other units moved forward, second unit of Grail Knights charged to boarboys, killed 4. Last boarboy fled.
      Turn 2: Orcs rolled 5 for the Monolith, added 1 and 13 points altogether. Orcs had a chance to charge the grail knights. 3 ogors charged the outriders, killed 2. Ironguts got +1 to hit from alliance ability, charged grail knights, killed all 6 of them. Savage boarboys killed one grail knight, and fortunately survived with 2 models against grail knights!
      Bucher tried to cast spell spell and use the cauldron, but rolled 1 again both times, which put him to 2 wounds. That gluttonous useless bastard. And I forgot the Talisman saves.
      3rd ROUND
      Turn 1: Bretonnia won initiative. Surviving Grail Knights killed arrowboys. Other units on foot moved forward, but were still too far away to cast spells etc. Peasant bowmen made arrowstorm to ironguts, 84 hit rolls (4+ hit thanks to Paladin close by, 4+ wound). Fortunatey they did not roll well, 17 successful wound rolls. And even more fortunately - ironguts rolled incredibly well, 5 wounds altogehter and only 1 perished. No battleshock thanks to Inspiring Presence.
      Turn 2: Orcish masons worked feverishly and rolled 4 for the Monolith, added 1 and 18 points altogether! The citadel was almost complete.  Butcher tried casting a spell again, and being furious for inflicting 7 wounds on himself, cast Voracious Maw on 5 Grail Knights. Killed 1 with first bite, then the Maw bit again and 1 more died. Then it was satisfied. The butcher ate from the cauldron, gave +1 to hit for ogors.
      3 ogors moved back to defend the citadel, 3 other charged the greatswords, killed 6 (with +1 boost from the butcher). Paladin and greatswords hit back and 2 ogors died. Bruiser shot grail knights, killed one. Ironguts charged the grail knights and killed them.   
      4th ROUND
      Turn 1: Bretonnia won initiative. Tried to kill the general with hadgunner chief, but missed. They had no chance to get close to the Monolith before my next hero phase, and my next roll minimum was 2, so 20 points guaranteed. Orcs claimed major victory.
      SUMMARY: After the first round with Bretonnia attacking 2 turns in a row everything seemed lost to orcs: most orruks killed, 12 grail knights very close to the Monolith, plus 5 outriders and 3 yeomen, with the rest of Bretonnian army coming up from behind. I had lost 23 models, opponent 2.
      But thanks to lucky Maw, and mostly thanks to boosted ironguts the tables turned quickly. I managed to kill off whole horse riding part of the army, and foot soldiers just couldn't get close enough. If Monolith rolls hadn't been so good, things would have been different.
      Bruiser Standard Bearer helped to make additional 4 mortal wounds, but stood most of the time pointlessly. Probably it's better to use one wizard instead: less melee power, but more maneuverability and more flexibility.
      The Butcher failed in everything except the last spell. And caused himself 7 wounds, but fortunately healed 1 and the Talisman helped to fend off 2.  
      The arrowboys should have been more in the back to avoid grail knights' charge, and then shot them with +1 bonus and kunnin rukk for 120 hits. Otherwise the meatshields worked - grail knights charged and killed the boarboys and ogors/ironguts got to charge them, arrowboys kept the other unit of grail knights in place. Grail knights are still awful - they had 3+ to hit, rerolling misses, 3+ to wound, save 2+ (mystic shield or cover), 2 damage. Basically an auto damage from all models if they charged.
      BATTLE BONUS: 1 additional artifact: mail with 3+ save, ignores rend; 3 points from major victory.
    • By Belchfist Beastkiller in Chaos Rises - The Bloodborne Realm 1
      Here is an old model I used to love converted over to use in Age of Sigmar. I used him in a game recently and am developing some fluff for him appropriately. 
      I'm most proud of the detail on the staff handle which is all freehand, and the lightning inside the staff. 
      He is accompanied by his familiar (which has no in-game rules anymore - which is annoying!) but I couldn't bear to part with him so I AoS'ed him too! he's coming along for the ride!

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    Destruction Grand Alliance Group