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  1. Wow just watched one of the games from this below. Heat one. Beastclaws Vs Sylvaneth. Brutal game from the Beastclaws. Good to see them in action. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/01/21/watch-the-warhammer-age-of-sigmar-grand-tournament-live/ There's more games coming up guys if you want to watch them. Cheers Zolas.
  2. Wow you should do a little vid or something to show people how you did it!
  3. Very original. Made of what?
  4. Amazing work. It must be so satisfying to see your hard work in all it's glory. Great work and keep it up. We would love to see more! Kind regards Zolas.
  5. Nice dynamic pose. Good conversion indeed
  6. I wish I could do the same resolutions but while the young kids are around will just have to squeeze as much as I can in! Good luck on your resolutions buddy!
  7. Lots of fun was had here buddy
  8. I think it depends on how you prefer to play. Beastclaws are certainly faster but generally fewer in number. So they can become isolated and struggle with objectives. They can overcome this with good use of Icebrow hunters and Sabres. Gut busters are quite nasty and have good characters being the Tyrant and butcher with fantastic offensive. ( note Beastclaws don't have wizards but do have some wizard like abilities so no dispelling unless you use a certain item.) I sadly haven't used Beastclaws in AoS yet but there are plenty of others that have that can contribute more then I can. Hope this helps a little.
  9. It boils down to what you prefer to use. Monsters like the Stonehorn and Thundertusk are both rather awesome. Stonehorn for it's shaer tankyness (even more if you have a Frostlord on it!) and Thundertusk for nasty Mortal wound output. It's worth checking out Huskard stonehorns though as there is a nasty ability if you activate a mournfang straight after the Huskard which is alot of damage output at once!. Personally a Stonehorn or mournfangs are good and are fast. If you wanted to stay Gutbuster you should certainly get Ironguts. at 3 damage per swing these guys wreck face. Hope this helps.
  10. Yes ^^ as above.
  11. All I will say is Zug Zug!
  12. Personally prefer Ironfists as I find mortal wounds can really make that difference against high armour single wound dudes (looking at you lizardmen!) But I also tend to run with Bellowing Tyrant and Butchers with cauldron for that extra +1 to hit which can mitigate the 50% hit rate. If I wasn't running bellowing tyrant then double weapons really can make that difference. Ogres main problem will always be hitting things. I find it's ogres primary weakness. If you have 2 units go both! for different tasks. Ironfists for high armour units or tarpitting and double weapons for light stuff in need of some serious bullying! Hope this helps. Kind regards Zolas.
  13. Nice vid thanks for sharing!
  14. So while I was Christmas shopping for my sons presents in Toys 'R' us I stumbled across some of the new lego NEXO knights and what did I find! Praise be to the Great MAW! The great MAW has seen fit to rebirth himself in lego form! Just thought I was share with my fellow Ogre Stronghold friends! Merry Christmas and happy new year! Kind regards Zolas.
  15. He looks pretty awesome and dynamic. I really love the gut plate! Will have to think about getting into Blood bowl soon with this guy coming out.