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  2. Most roll modifiers specifically state "add one to you ____ roll" and in this case, rend modifiers in the rules state "1 is subtracted from the save roll". So yes, all abilities that activate on a, say, 6 or more occur on a roll of 5 if you have a plus modifier (in the case of ironfists, Mystic Shield) or don't activate at all with a negative modifier (in the case of ironfists, rend) because you can't roll a 7. I believe there are, in fact, some abilities that activate on a roll of 7 or more, indicating that you need a modifier in order to use it. I can't find it right now, but I think the Stardrake has something like that?
  3. I doubt a dragon will make an appearence. If it does, I do hold my tyrant in high regard with that gut gorger. 2 swigs of that battle brew and he hits like a menace. Still though, I believe his hero is a prince of some kind, and he will no doubt bring a wizard so he can cast the illumination so he can shoot at me.
  4. Right now I'm sorting out my wolf-only 1000 pts list and from the combos so far there's some interesting stuff going on. The wolves themselves are nastier than their riders, and the Shaman's Sneaky Stabbing spell and the Goblin Warboss' command ability can buff one unit of riders into the stratosphere, not forgetting that they get +1 to wound from their spears on the charge. As with any other Destruction force, you're strapped for reliable leadership. Grots are the worst of the bunch and will fold like wet paper bags. On the bright side, this means that they are costed with this in mind. The post above is a good demonstration of them being absolute horrors if the bravery problem is overcome. For lists that aren't mono-grot, they are great expendable footsoldiers, and greatly supplement elite armies like Ironjawz and Ogors to take hits while they move into position to get stuck in.
  5. Good luck! Provide reports!
  6. Most Destruction stuff tends to have pretty poor leadership, which makes the game-wide Inspiring Presence Command Ability extremely useful, but also means you need to make a tactical choice between it and any other useful Command Abilities you might have, based on how likely you are to get some units Battleshocked off of the board. If someone strategically uses negative modifiers to reduce your leadership and then hits you with a big enough attack, it can be pretty dire, especially if you're playing something like Grots (but if you're playing Grots you should be expecting to be taking stuff off of the table). When you're using something a bit more points-heavy but still low-leadership like Ironjawz or Troggoths, this can sting pretty bad when the rolls fall against you.
  7. He will also be fielding at least 3 stormfiends. Common folks!
  8. Overall, though, when making a list I don't usually have 200pts to spare for three troggs. They are a little on the expensive side, for the little luck that I've had with them. I'll try them out again, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to effectively use a unit of three? They die quickly - evening with their 4+, and are likely to succumb to battleshock.
  9. Gem of seeing is more for support. I'd give it to a warchanter personally. For Boss support I am more inclined to give him the Talisman of Protection. My Mawkrusher attracts all of the mortal wounds.
  10. Absolutely. I think they've designed them with that in mind for maximum appeal. Obviously the characters from ProsperI don't work and would need heavy conversion work. Otherwise you're golden! BB
  11. At 1000, you can squeeze in 9 Maneaters which will happily chew through just about anything. Thats 660, then say two lots of three bulls is +240 (900) so you then just need a destruction hero of 100 points or less. I'd go for a wizard as you have plenty of punch. Just one option I've been considering for battlebrothers which I should also 1000 points
  12. @Belchfist Beastkiller that's me tickets aren't still available! £99 per pair of your interested Youve hit the nail on the head as far as the plan goes, I'm good cop wills bad cop haha! Ive also got the troll hag for punch and will has some spawn for randomness so should he. Good laugh
  13. I like this, I think I will use it!
  14. Very new to Orruks myself, but have the Ironjawz start collecting box and the Warboss. Logical expansion (depending on which way to theme the force) are Brutes units, and more Orruk Ardboys. You already have the Shaman, so go from there. Some people seem to love numerous units of 5 Brutes kept close to the Warboss for obvious rules reasons, and buff them with the Warchanter as well, using Ardboys as some pretty hard chaff! Can't help with Bonesplietters as I'm knowledge free on that front!
  15. Campaign battle report: Catching a Spy

    After the sad encounter on the road, we got a message about a lone orc travelling in the swamps of Witchforest. A spy maybe? Battleplan: Out of the Mists (deadly mists around each scenery piece, might kill a model charging/running through the mists, nothing to seen in the mist; at Orc's 3rd Move phase a messenger appears in enemy's decided scenery; victory conditions: kill 75% of enemy starting models, minor/major victory depends on the surviving of the messenger). Matrix result: Bretonnia flanked over the swamp, got flanking unit and trecherous path (roll during setup for each unit, on 1-2 suffers d3 mortal wounds) Armies: Points: 1000 Bretonnian army: 8 Grail knights 20 Peasant Bowmen (-1 for trecherous path) 10 Empire Greatswords (-3 for trecherous path) 1 Empire General (general) 1 Paladin 1 Battlemage Orc army: Messenger: Grot Shaman on Wolf 20 Savage Orruk Arrow Boys 7 Ogres with ironfists 4 Ironguts (with general) 1 Butcher (with battle brew) Had 1 point less, so I rolled on Triumph Table and got to reroll hits. Pre-battle strategy: probably no chance to keep the messenger alive, so it was just a fast and cheap decoy; take out Bowmen with Arrow Boys to deny them x4 Arrow Storm; get cover bonus for ogres with Mystic shield (Save 3+) and use them as meatshield against Grail Knight charge (while making some damage with ironfists), then hit the Knights with Ironguts with reach 2 from behind the ogres. Keep general among ironguts to definitely get +1 to hit. 1st ROUND Phase 1: Orcs gave initiative to Bretonnia. Bretonnia secretly decided a place for messenger to appear and set up flanking Grail Knights to catch it. Made some spells, otherwise remained stationary. Phase 2: Savage Orruks moved forward, shot Greatswords (the bowmen were already under 20, so the Arrow Storm was already x3 and I hoped the mists hinder shooters enough), killed all but one. Ogres retreated into the mists, away from charging Grail Knights. 2nd ROUND Phase 1: Bretonnia won initiative (and all initiatives but one from this point on, 9 rounds), Bowmen made Arrow Storm to Savage Orruks (60 something shots), only 7 Orruks died thanks to mystic shield and Inspiring Presence. Phase 2: Orcs were hiding in the mists and moving between scenery pieces toward the enemy. 3rd ROUND Both armies maneuvered carefully, a messenger appeared. 4th ROUND Phase 1: Orcs won the initiative for the first and only time, so the messenger moved into the mists towards the edge of the board, therefore denying Grail Knights their charge. Otherwise careful maneuvering in the mists. Phase 2: Bretonnian Battle Mage dispelled the mist, Bowmen shot messenger, then charged and killed him. 5th ROUND More maneuvering, Grail Knights came closer. 6th ROUND Phase 1: Bretonnia maneuvered. Phase 2: Most important phase. Butcher failed a spell and also made himself a wound. Grail Knights were temptingly close (and I was sleepy as hell and wanted to end the battle, one way or another), so I dropped my charge-waiting strategy. Moved closer with battle trait, but ogres did not roll enough and couldn't get out of the mists... but ironguts did. Ironguts charged and failed most of the attack rolls. Great... Then I rerolled hits (Triumph Table ability), and altogether wiped out 6 Grail Knights. Remaining two ran away with battleshock. Ironguts get damage from knights, Paladin and general. 7th ROUND Phase 1: Paladin takes out all Ironguts (with his weapon making 2+ attack and d6 mortal wounds). Never get close to Paladin with tough units. Phase 2: Ogres attack, but there is no room and I make some stupid decisions, so have to divide the attacks and nothing special happens. Except that 2 ogres die. 8th ROUND Battlemage heals all heroes' wounds, I get rid of Battlemage, an ogre dies. Arrowboys shoot Bowmen, kill two but thanks to Bellower standing close to Bowmen, 6 models more run with Battleshock. 9th ROUND Suddenly Bretonnian player remembers, that for winning we have to kill 75% of models, I count the models and discover that I need to kill 4 models to win, so I turn my attention to Bowmen instead of heroes and kill 6. SUMMARY: another close call, but this time minor victory and 2 points to orcs. If we had to fight till the last models, probably I would have lost. The mists were helpful against Bowmen, but I couldn't try the pre-battle strategy with meatsheld. And ironfists did not work at all this time, and due to the fact I could not use them as shield I needed rerolling much more. The final charge was actually from bad position (without rerolling hits it would have been catastrophic), Ironguts had no Mystic Shield and they had to attack into 3 close units, so they got hit a lot. But altogether the charge was probably still better, usually I do not get so close to Grail Knights. Lots of maneuvering and moving models back-and-forth to avoid the charge. Paladins d6 mortal wound weapon can be devastating, Empire General can give +1 to hit/wound to nearby units, which is simply awful (Grail Knights get 2+ hit, rerolling fails...). Ironguts really need some buffing on hitting, otherwise their 4+ hit too easily fails. Triumph Table can be very, very important. Without this Orcs would have lost. Maneuvering game takes LOTS of time. This game took more than 4 hours. And it was 1000 point game... It seems that against Bretonnia the game is mostly centered on who gets the charge. Next game will probably be sometime in October. BATTLE BONUS: +1 to all spellcasting, 2 points from minor victory.
  16. Perfect Actually that is for the Drakkfoot warclan. The icebone warclan is just a Snaga rukk (with at least 4 units of maniak booarboys instead of 2.) But I totally see your point, I guess I could drop one of the wierdnobs and tthe kunin rukk, since I won't get that much mileage of that formation with only 10 man units.
  17. Mini one day Campaign!

    I'm just now having a chance to write up the events of a few days ago when my gaming buddy and I had a full day of Age of Sigmar goodness! I'll start from the beginning to catch you up... Both of us have now finished building the entire contents of the Age of Sigmar starter set so, but he has an additional Liberator due to a magazine and I have the Slaughterpriest (and a wealth of older chaos models too). They are in various stages of painting as my friend is a beginner. We decided to play an Age of Signar SKIRMISH game as a precursor to our main game. If you don't know the rules it's a great small version to use for this reason. We hypothesised that the Khornate forces had amassed an army to attack the encamoed Stormcast forces. In our skirmish, a scouting party of Stormcast discover the Khorne army and have to rush back to warn their forces before the Khornate forces can stop them. I wrote the following Battleplan: SILENCE THE SCOUTS The game uses the Skirmish rules and is set for 100pts. Scouts (Stormcast) - Start the battle within 8" of short board edge. Set up all models at once. Scouts get first turn, Impending danger: add 2" to all run moves made by the scouts. (Not charge, the aim is to escape!). The usual rule for being within 3" of an enemy does not apply for this game. They may move within 1" of enemy models without being in combat. Ambushers (Khorne) - Slow to respond: Set up 33% of the army (rounding up) more than 18" away from scouting force. Reinforcements. Roll a a dice for each individual model to enter play in your hero phases. Turn 2: 4+ Turn 3: 3+ Turn 4: See reinforcements below* On a successful roll, deploy the model within 6" of any board edge, they may act as normal that turn. If the ambushers have slain a model in the previous turn add 1 to the dice roll. *Reinforcements if you have any remaining models from your original force left they are automatically deployed this turn. In addition, in this turn and all following turns roll a D6. The result shows how many points with of reserves you may place on the table. 1-3: 20pts 4-6: 40pts VICTORY: The Scouts win a major victory if 25% or more of their force (model count) escapes to relay the message to the main force. It's a draw if fewer than that number escapes as their number is too few and their words of warning are ignored as mere supposition. The Ambushers win a major victory if all enemy models are slain. The game end automatically at the end of turn 5. The player who wins a major victory gets to roll on the triumph table for the next game. If it is a draw, both players get to roll(we added this for fun!). OUR FORCES My friend's force consisted of 3 Liberators and a formidable Retributor. My main force was 2 Blood Warriors and 10 Bloodreavers. RESULT The first few turns were really tough for me, with so few models on the table, I should have stayed out of range until backup came by I engaged early and most of my party was decimated. The extra movement for the Eternals was a killer also but was great fun. It took around 12 Bloodreavers to fell a Liberator on the left flank due to some poor rolling (and my opponent having first turn three time in a row!) and the Retributor was unstoppable. A second Liberator was down to one wound then drowned crossing a river (!) and the third was eventually brought down as well. The final turn of the game saw The Retributor within movement distance of the end table but his path blocked by four Blood Warriors (thanks to my lucky reinforcement rolls) and 5 or so Bloodreavers. He went down in a fit of glory but was felled. VICTORY FOR KHORNE!! I rolled on the Triumph table and received 1 additional wound for my General for the main battle. I've just realised this post will be mammoth...!! We we used the Generals handbook to come up with sort of matched points for the game (even though I had five character models which isn't allowed) and we didn't use the formations or whatever they're called! We'll get to that... We used the first Battleplan in the General's handbook, which had two objectives one in each zone and to win you must hold both (have five models within 6"). FORCES STORMCAST Lord-Celestant on Dracoth Lord Relictor 6 Liberators 5 Liberators 3 Retributors 3 Prosecutors KHORNE Mighty Lord of Khorne (+1 Wound) Slaughterpriest Bloodsecrator Bloodstoker Tzeentch Sorceror Lord 5 Blood Warriors 10 Blood Reavers 10 Blood Reavers 1 Khorgorath Here was the deployment: I got first turn and advanced everything to advantageous positions. I was very wary of the Prosecutors and aimed everything I had ranged wise at them over the first few turns. I had also no idea about the power of the Lord Celestant so it was tentative... in the first few turns the Bloodreavers advanced down the left flank using the Bloodstokers ability and took little damage. The Bloodsecrator remained near them as he makes them awesome. I destroyed the Prosecutors in a few turns of shooting/abilities/magic and was very pleased! The Bloodstoker, Khorgorath and Slaughterpriest were in line to charge the mighty Retributors but the Slaughterpriest failed his charge!!! My five Blood Warriors stayed back to guard the objective. As you can see, the Mighty Lord of Khorne moved up to cut off the Dracoth path on the tabletop. I was very aware hat he would be he only thing able to kill the thing! The Bloodreavers on the left managed to kill 3 Liberators in one turn through sheer mass of dice, and they then failed their Bravery test by 3 and all perished! The Khorgorath took a solid 6 wounds(!) and the Bloodsecrator took 2 and they managed only one in return. It didn't look good here! Next up, the Lord Celestant managed to get past the BloodReavers to charge the Lord of Khorne. The Lord Relictor one 1 wound, retreated to the objective with the five remaining liberators and healed 3 wounds on himself. The Slaughterpriest (after taking 2 wounds from his own ability earlier in the game!) redeemed himself and killed one Retributor outright boiling his blood and felled a wounded one leaving one. In return, both the Khorgorath and Bloodstoker were annihilated. The Slaughterpriest finally finished him off in combat! Phew! Showdown! General vs General, the dracoth shot his storm breath before charging causing a wound, and then came the many many attacks! All in all, 6 Wounds went unsaved, meaning he stayed alive with one wound remaining (a direct result of the triumph roll from the skirmish game!!!) and survived to attack back! In return he and his hound caused a savage 5 unsaved wounds, I then rolled for his weapons' ability...and the Lord Celestant was dragged to the fiery realm of Khorne in a fit of glory! VERY close call. From here I had one turn left to clear the foes from his deployment area or end on a draw! I piled everyone I could into that combat as you can see: The Lord Relictor was felled by the magic of the Sorceror combined with the Slaughterpriest ability, then the Mighty Lord of Khorne waded in and annihilated the remaining Liberators in one fell swoop. RESULT Major Victory for Khorne Bloodbound In hindsight it looks fairly one sided but it really was VERY tight. The game hinged on the Bravery test of the 6 man Liberators and the Khorne Lord having the additional wound to survive the onslaught. Had the mighty Lord perished, not only would I have had nothing on the table to stop him getting to my objective but would have diverted others to attempt it. Also the Bloodreavers would have been so depleted that I simply wouldn't have had the numbers to claim the other objective myself. Very close call... All in all, a VERY enjoyable day and inspired us both to get painting. Anyone following my goblog may notice the rivers have been undercoated too. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! BB
  18. As someone who plays against folks who love "model count" capture points in their games, if you are playing Ogors, Grotz/Gnoblars are essential! If you can get them on that objective and keep them alive (and from running with inspiring presence) you can really strike a blow against the enemy. Tying them with a squad of Ironguts and a butcher to hold that point can work wonders I've found. If you aren't a fan of Grotz though, go for normal old Bulls, you can afford to get more of them on the board and split them into multiple small units to split up some of those shooting attacks.
  19. http://www.thatsnomoon.info/blog/tactica-royal-warsphinx
  20. I feel that price wise, when you compare him to Archaon, makes you cringe a bit. But man is he awesome as a mini in your army, towering above everything else, even terrain
  21. Yhetis are good because of the shenanigans they can pull with their 6" melee range. Because this doesn't override the normal restriction of 3" on melee they can do stuff like run to get within 6" then pile-in without charging, or retreat from one combat to get within 6" of a squishy target then pile-in without charging, etc.
  22. I can't imagine legacy stuff getting seriously pooped on for quite a while seeing as many people's entire armies are stuck in legacy standards for the time being.
  23. Yep @Vasshpit - while you can take multiples of the same banner, the effects don't stack so there's no real bonuses for doing it. However, you can have different types of banners in the same unit if there are multiple banner options for that unit and the warscroll doesn't rule it out - you'd then receive the benefits of both types of banner at the same time We have several warscrolls like that, so may as well take all banner options My Orruks and Ogors in my new army will have back poles with battle trophies to act as banners. They're not the types to wave around pretty flags or holy icons on sticks, when they could have big choppy/thumpy weapons in each hand instead! @Furious I'd noticed the lack of banners with some of the new units too, perhaps GW is stepping away from them for units where it maybe makes less sense fluff-wise?
  24. With your basic Moonclan Gots, I think big units of more than 30 with spears, shields and some netters is the way to go. With the 2" range of the spears you'll get a lot more attacks in, and with all the other bonuses they have access to they can be surprisingly resilient (4+ save against shooting) and are capable of doing some real damage (loads of attacks wounding on 2+ in big units, doing double damage with the Warboss' command ability!). Fanatics are good too - just try to ensure you're attacking first with them however. If you combo them as 1 solo Fanatic and 1 big unit of Fanatics, you could disrupt a potential enemy charge by sending out the sacrificial solo one in your opponent's turn, then release the big unit in your own turn and choose to attack first. The Curse of Da Bad Moon spell is decent as well, mortal wounds! I haven't used the Colossal Squig but it definitely looks pretty killy and fun to play. It seems significantly better than the other Monstrous Arcanum Squig at least, the terrible Squig Gobba!
  25. http://www.thatsnomoon.info/blog/tactica-necropolis-knights
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