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  2. Rules as written, the FAQ simply clarified that the d6 destruction move CAN be used to retreat. The retreat itself is what disallows a charge, just like one in the movement phase would. A run move similarly grants an extra d6 but disallows charging (Stonehorns get past the latter bit because of their own rule), however the movement granted by allegiance is not a run move and accordingly does not come with those restrictions attached.
  3. Probably you cannot use it on tournament. Also, it is not only keywords that have changed, both the Butcher and Tyrant now have new abilities/weapons. Personally I would allow it.
  4. Now that! Is something I've been waiting for, much appreciated sir, may your feast pits be ever full!
  5. Wow. Super nerf to Moonclan.
  6. I doubt a dragon will make an appearence. If it does, I do hold my tyrant in high regard with that gut gorger. 2 swigs of that battle brew and he hits like a menace. Still though, I believe his hero is a prince of some kind, and he will no doubt bring a wizard so he can cast the illumination so he can shoot at me.
  7. Right now I'm sorting out my wolf-only 1000 pts list and from the combos so far there's some interesting stuff going on. The wolves themselves are nastier than their riders, and the Shaman's Sneaky Stabbing spell and the Goblin Warboss' command ability can buff one unit of riders into the stratosphere, not forgetting that they get +1 to wound from their spears on the charge. As with any other Destruction force, you're strapped for reliable leadership. Grots are the worst of the bunch and will fold like wet paper bags. On the bright side, this means that they are costed with this in mind. The post above is a good demonstration of them being absolute horrors if the bravery problem is overcome. For lists that aren't mono-grot, they are great expendable footsoldiers, and greatly supplement elite armies like Ironjawz and Ogors to take hits while they move into position to get stuck in.
  8. If you are serious about doing tournaments then the round bases will be important. I for one don't like them and have decided to continue with square, and on a regular gaming level it causes 0 issues. As Zola said though, I think on a competitive level it gets stingy, lucky for me I stay far away from that. my gw does not allow any non GW models, only terrain features like trees and such. You can't even use the lord of rings models in the warhammer games. She is very by the book.
  9. Alternatively - just play with points, ignore battlefield roles.
  10. Points win. The scenario objectives override the 4-page rules. Specific>general and things wouldn't make sense otherwise. Note how the conditions for minor victories completely conflict with each other. Besides, the scenarios say that when the game end the person with the most victory points claims a major victory, not when the game ends on round 5. This means that if the game ended because one player is tabled, that player can claim a major victory, but if the other player has more victory points they can also claim a major victory. So if someone wants to be technical about it and say the 4-page rules apply then both players would win. Having objective trump tabling is also a key balancing mechanism against elite armies, which are generally favored (sometimes vastly so) in terms of points efficiency.
  11. Points value for the Balewind Vortex is up on GW's site (100pts): https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Errata/ENG_Silver_Tower_PB.pdf The warscroll was updated recently too: https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/aos-Balewind-Vortex-ENG.pdf
  12. You should! I love a good giant! Or even a bad one! G_H
  13. Getting RAW: Since continuation of the Maw isn't a result of a attack, hit or wound roll I would say it keeps on going. In the spirit of RoO I would say if your opponent is offended by that idea, limit Maw to one continuation (so max 2d3 mw at 18" on a 7 spell.... not terrible.)
  14. A megaboss on grunt and is something I've been thinking a about too! Be nice to see a large banner as an option. For painting more than anything else. A grunted chariot would be awsome and devastating! If you an have Gorebeasts and Razorgors I don't see why not!
  15. Overall, though, when making a list I don't usually have 200pts to spare for three troggs. They are a little on the expensive side, for the little luck that I've had with them. I'll try them out again, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to effectively use a unit of three? They die quickly - evening with their 4+, and are likely to succumb to battleshock.
  16. Yep definitely as stated above. Each unsaved wound is resolved with 2 Damage. It's the reason the Damage stat exists 😄 BB
  17. It's a bit late to answer, but maybe it helps: 1) Battletomes and Grand Alliance titles -If I understand correctly the listed units and characters in the battalions are the minimum requirement? I think it's both minimum and maximum, ie. you have to meet the requirements exactly. 3) Nominating the general Am I correct that one could choose any model to be the general? Have 60 Ruglud's Armored Orcs and field these as a force, by having Ruglud as the general - according to GH, I could only deploy 30 total, but it's still almost 1000pts. How about Golgfag as a general leading a Maneater force? -Yes, any model. Golgfag can also be a general, but I think he is "named character", ie. you do not get command trait nor artifact. 5) Terrain rules -Have I missed these or is what's in the 4 page rules it, excluding the warscroll pdf? I'm looking for structure points, as is I'd have to kill everyone in a building via shooting with a warmachine, instead of demolishing it. How about different materials giving different cover bonuses - a fence vs a stone wall? How about movement penalties for ditches, streams, bogs and rivers? No, nothing of the kind. You just get +1 to Save for being in cover and whole unit has to be inside the terrain feature to get the bonus.
  18. I saw the Forge World Skin Wolves and I love them as an alternative to the butt ugly yhetee and gorger models. which one of the 2 is better in matched play? Concidering points and rules
  19. Didn't think of checking the warscrolls on the store page, just the rules section... So the same pitched battle stats...
  20. Just want to add on what I wrote: got the Beast Claw book today... It's absolutely the best Battletome I've seen yet..from the background, the larger force scrolls... they have really turned this small collection of miniatures into a real force... I want to get one now.. but have so much to do already! arrgh!!!
  21. I'm experiencing a problem with the beta. I can't seem to download the Warscroll once I've finished writing it (very frustrating as it just loads and loads. I've been clicking the PDF button. has anyone experienced something similar? Or how are you going about saving your war scrolls? Thanks BB
  22. The above is a reworded version of the chaos war mammoth rules released by Forgeworld. I'm making a gargantuan squiggoth for my ironjaws so it fits the bill really well 😆 . I'm also looking forward to running some smaller squiggoths with stonehorn-ish rules so can't wait to see if he makes the other 👍
  23. So what I came up with was 8 wounds a pop, 4+ save, 9" move, bravery 7. Thunderlord gets +1 to all his melee weapons damage. All have man eater weapons (including pistols/crossbows/throwing stars etc). Each Rhinox causes 1 mortal wound on the charge (no 4+). Banner and horn blower see mournfang cav. "Thrash wildly": if a Rhinox flees, the attacking unit suffers D3 wounds as the Rhinox flails and tramples bodies in a blind rampage. Rhinox, Ogor, Destruction. I want to say beast claw, but gutbuster or maneater would also work. Il not so keen on maneater. That's what I got!
  24. My fault, I recently moved it over to the new Homebrew forum: http://www.the-stronghold.com/index.php?/forum/41-homebrew/ I hope to get working on some projects there soon! I've put a link to the Warscroll Designer up in the 'Stuff' tab in the main navigation too, for future handiness
  25. The question isn't if they can run, the question is if they can run and then shoot or charge later in the turn. Personally I think they cannot, nothing about 'acting normally' means they can run & shoot/charge, since normally a unit cannot. I believe the wording is simply clarifying that the extra action is in fact extra, and does not deny them a 'normal' move/shoot/whatnot later in the turn. Plus, isn't that battalion strong enough already?
  26. It's explicitly covered in the FAQ. No charge.
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