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  2. Nice vid thanks for sharing!
  3. It has been so long... you take one hit of Mudstikks Madcap brew and BAM! So I got to thinking, as long as you get stuck in and bash stuff (whether it's moving or not it doesn't matter) orruks, ogors, grots, even fimir and all we get along right. Since chaos went all mad and broke everything, and then went even madder and turned on itself, their is one faction that's been left out (bar the really new tzeentch weirdos ) and that's the beastmen. They like fighting and killin' like us, they're good eaters too, love their meat and setting things on fire, not to mention Gorkamorka is da God of Beasts! So my tribe has opened its bloody arms to the beasties, the thunderskorn and their minotaur monsters, after all is it that hard to imagine our plane smashin' god inspiring some new worshippers? Opinions welcome! Pics coming soon of some Gorkamorka worshipping beastmen!
  4. New To The Squad #68

    Newest addition to the Black Crag Boyz: The crew all together so far: More on my blog here.
  5. And finished about 5 hours later.. yikes we introduce the second time Pro Bowler The Gob (Zack Martin) Find more at Da Warpath Advent Challenge. More at my blog here.
  6. End of season 8 General Report (Winter 2402-3) A Letter to my most noble Lord Lucca Vescucci of Verezzo, sent from the city of Pavona, recently delivered of the threat of destruction at the hands of Razger Boulderguts’ brutes, from your loyal servant Antonio Mugello. I pray this missive finds you blessed by all the gods, and that the realm of Verezzo lies both happy and secure, untouched by the misfortune suffered by so many other Tilean principalities. It seems the brute horde has at last departed the realm of Pavona, having circumnavigated the city in a most murderous and destructive fashion, razing Montorio and Todi to the ground. This being so, and now that such communication is possible, I took the first available opportunity to dispatch unto you this missive. Duke Guidobaldo has proclaimed to his subjects a kind of victory, for although no battle was fought by his army, yet he has somehow seen off Boulderguts and Mangler’s double army of ogres. I cannot claim to know the truth, but even Razger Boulderguts must a have baulked at the thought of attacking a mightily-walled city garrisoned by a very substantial and veteran army. The duke is not short of artillery, so that the walls bristle with muzzles. And more than these, there are novel engines of war the like of which I have never seen, including a collection of monstrosities bearing rank upon rank of fireworks, a kind of explosive rocchetto. Having witnessed one demonstration it seems to me that successful employment in battle would leave the field reeking of burnt ogre-flesh. The mood in the city is not one of celebration, however, for all joy has been tempered by the first pangs of real hunger, and all relief is soured by the knowledge that the fields of both Todi and Casoli are lain waste, the livestock stolen, and the city’s storehouses almost empty. The town of Scozzese avoided destruction at the ogres’ hands, for the duke ordered the demolition of the bridge at Casoli and the winter waters were too deep and fast flowing even for Razger’s brutes to cross. Yet word has come only today that Scozzese was nevertheless threatened by a greenskin force, perhaps the ogres’ gnoblar servants, and had to pay a high price in gold and all-too precious vittles to avoid a similar fate to those Pavonan settlements north of the river. It is commonly said that the double army of brutes has moved away westwards, along the Via Aurelia, the very same road that brought them here. No-one knows if they plan to wreak further devastation in the vicinity of Remas or if they intend to return northwards, whence they came. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Beni Mobili (Goods and Chattels) “’Tain’t right,” complained Mags, catching his breath in the moment he and Brindill felt their burden lighten a little. The ground was levelling out after a long incline. “This ain’t fit work for the likes of us. This is for runts and burden beasts to do.” “There’re no runts or beasts left,” said Brindill. “They’re all gobbled up.” “I know that. Still don’t make it right.” Glancing to the side he growled under his breath. “Looks like Mangler’s boys have plenty to haul their wagons.” “That’s ‘cos they’ve got nearly all the loot, gold and grub, which buys ‘em whatever they want,” said Brindill. “They can pay more than a runt’s weight in good fleshmeat, so they’re getting’ the irongut’s share.” Then he slammed his gut plate. “We gotta eat, which means they get all the runts we catch, an' all the ones they catch.” “We’ve got loot. What’ya think we’re dragging?” “We’re dragging the loot Razger’s got left after paying Mangler. Mangler’s service don’t come cheap, and for reasons he's keeping to himself, Razger’s willing to pay.” “So why don’t Razger use this loot to buy us some burden beasts or runts?” Brindill was shaking his head. “You ‘aven’t thought it through, Mags. If we use the loot to buy ‘em, then we ain’t got any loot for ‘em to pull, see?” Mags panted through gritted teeth while he pondered the conundrum, a sound that joined in rhythmically with the creaking of the wagon wheels and the clattering of the chains. He and Brindill had been hauling the heavily laden wagon since daybreak, their only rest having been to swap places when Mags complained about his aching arm. Now they were passing Mangler’s equally burdened but much more numerous wagons, which had halted for some reason. Several companies of ogres flanked them, providing walls of muscle and steel to protect the precious convoy tucked between. Suddenly a shout came from the front of the flanking wagons. “Proud of yerselves, boys? Doing gnoblar work?” It was Gordok, one of Mangler’s bully boys. Brindil and Mags both chose not to acknowledge him, not even to look at him. This did not stop Gordok. “Fair sweating, ain’t ya, ‘spite the cold? I almost feel sorry for ya. Then I remember how much loot we’re pullin’, an’ I feel ‘appy instead!” “Just ignore him, Mags” hissed Brindil. “If you’re getting’ tired, you want me to whip you?” shouted Gordok. “Works wonders on this ‘ere pack o’ runts.” As he spoke Gordok handled his long whip, the cord so thick it could serve as an anchor cable, while the slaves he was tending made a point of not looking at him either. Some wore only the ragged remnant of clothes, but the blue and white livery of Pavona was still evident amongst them as most had been captured either at the fall of Astiano or in one of several skirmishes since. Some even retained helmets - their cruel new masters being un-interested in armour of such a diminutive size. Gordok prided himself in knowing his runts well. He had worked out, for example, how to distinguish those recently captured from those who had served him longer, simply by looking at the length of their beards, and he had learned (after a number of very bloody incidents) that if he employed all his strength then merely one lash of his whip could almost cut a runt in two. “You think we should let the likes of him threaten us?” asked Mags. “I think we should do what Razger told us to do,” said Brindil, his voice lowered. “And not cause trouble with Mangler’s boys until the time is right. Like I said, Razger’s willing to pay all they ask just now, but that don’t mean he’s gonna let Mangler keep it all. Seems to me that once we’re done fighting there‘ll be a reckoning.” “Can’t come soon enough,” said Mags. “I’m ready any time. An’ if Gordok lives through it, let’s see how he does harnessed like a burden beast.” He glanced back at the oxen pulling the wagon behind Gordok’s. “It’ll be a tight fit,” he chuckled. “But I’ll get it on him, even if it kills him.” “You'll get your chance. Seems to me that there’ll be more fighting yet, otherwise we’d have turned north by now,” observed Brindill. “An’ it’s about time Mangler’s boys got stuck in and did something to earn what they’ve got. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fighting, and there's been good feasting of both ours and the enemy’s flesh after, but Mangler’s boys have yet to show us anything worth boasting about. They’ve got the numbers right now, no doubt, but only ‘cos they’ve avoided any real scrapping.” “Just like they’ve avoided any work too,” said Mags. “They’re good for nothing.” “Once they've been properly bloodied in battle, then we'll see how good they are," said Brindill. "It’s not all bad, you know. If they’re letting us take the lead, then we can set the pace.” “Aye, and save our strength for when Razger finally tells us to show them who’s boss.” ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… This report, consisting of Mugello's letter (and the illustrating stories) will be continued in the forums I post the full story in. If there are more Ogre bits (like the battle I think will happen soon) I will try to remember to post here.
  7. The veteran Romo returns to the lineup for Da Black Crag Boyz! Welcome back #9. My kind of blood bowl thrower, always trying to get the extra inch.: All in all, I am a huge Romo fan. I like Dak as well, but I wish the best for Romo, and I wish he were leading the Cowboys to the playoffs, but that is just my opinion. More can be found at my blog: http://dalastwaaagh.blogspot.com/
  8. Watched the first video this morning - great job! Great to learn a bit more about the mortal realms. Your table looks amazing too!
  9. Silmarillion is a great book, though quite biblically ponderous and sadly clinically free from humour. Skilled script writers could make several outstanding movies, or even a TV-series based on its many episodic stories. It's black and white (though the Fëanoreans are more greyscale characters) and all about big cosmic clashes. No funny little stories there, but epic battles and doomsday at the end of two ages, with vast swathes of lands drowned under the sea. Greed reigns supreme and trusts are broken. The Silmarillion is dark, and basically everything goes to hell for the mortals. Anyone reading it will recognize many themes used in Lotr and Hobbit. In short, the Hobbit and the Lotr trilogy are the kinder child's version of Tolkien's fantasy, where good wins the day and saves the world. In Silmarillion, the world is flawed since creation, and though good may win the day, the world certainly isn't much saved... The equivalent of Pelennor's Fields or Aragorn's march to the Black Gates end with a massive slaughter of Elves and their allies, with Orcs overrunning much of Beleriand (westernmost Middle Earth, sunk beneath the waves in 2nd-3rd ages) and several legendary story arcs kicking off amid this world falling apart into the abyss, with despair and darkness drowning out beacon after beacon of hope until only one light remains in the darkness. Tip A: Fëanor (one of two characters who serves as the basis for WHFB's Aenarion) is the best character in the book. Well-developed, flawed in person though masterful in crafts, fiery in temper and the only one to slam his door in Morgoth's face. The one exception to the rule of no humour in the Silmarillion: "Get off my lawn, Dark Lord!" Tip B: The best Tolkien battle scenes are to be found in Fall of Gondolin. Written very early in the 1920s and showing signs of this several times, it is nevertheless splendid and not too surprisingly JRR never prioritized a rewrite update. It's worth reading, though it's not in the Silmarillion, but rather in the Unfinished Tales if one can dig it out among many of the other half-finished stories and early manuscripts found there. Seek it out. The Silmarillion deserves to be filmed, and treated as well as possible (true to the spirit of the stories therein, but polished with some inserted humour where appropriate). Ultimately, the work is Tolkien's unfinished magnus opus, which he worked on from the late first world war (started writing when wounded at a war hospital) right up to the end of his life, polishing and adding to. His son Christopher (who worked together with an acclaimed fantasy author to compil and edited the Silmarillion together following his father's death) will not release the rights for filming. His father did for the Hobbit and Lotr trilogy in 1960s for tax inheritance reasons, which is why we had any Jackson movies at all, yet Christopher (for all his good work) is flawed in his outlook to deny the wider world access to his father's life work outside of the book itself. We'll see what happens in the Tolkien estate upon Christopher Tolkien's passing away, but until then, we can only dream. In the meanwhile, here are some images trawled from across the web compiled in an album, for a look at some fans' visions of the story and first age world (much remains to be added into the album). Also, listen to Blind Guardian's Nightfall in Middle-Earth album for an audio take on the Silmarillion. A few highlights. All the cosmic creator clash stuff is neat on its own and original in places, but the doings of mortals are what makes this the good story that it is: The world is sung forth into existence by godly beings The mightiest of the gods to settle in the world, Melkot Morgoth Bauglir, rages as a chaotic force of nature for untold ages, acquiring followers and shaping the world in his violent struggle with the orderly gods. Morgoth causes untold damage and shatters all the works of his enemies. Morgoth starts out with an icy base up at the north pole, Utumno, where monsters are bred. As the coming of Elves first, then Humans, draw closer, the Valar (gods of order) decides to strike. They lay waste to Utumno and drag Morgoth chained from its depths. A large part of the Elven tribes are led to Valinor (paradise home of the gods) to dwell among the gods. Morgoth broods chained and shackled for millenia, but seems to repent and work for good. He is granted some freedom, and teaches the Elves crafts. In particular, he teaches the strongest Elven tribe, the Noldor to forge weapons. He also sows dissent and plants seeds of mistrust, rivalry, greed, hunger for power and destruction in the seemingly calm paradise. [/URL Fëanor, heir to the craftsfolk Noldor Elves, creates the Silmarils, gemstones of utter power and brilliance, envy of the very gods. Fëanor never trusts Morgoth, yet is ultimately more influenced by the Dark Lord than anyone else. For the first time in peaceful paradise, someone draw sword, and at his own brother (Fingolfin) at that. "Look, half-brother, this blade is sharper than your tongue": As the Elven drama unfolds, Morgoth and Ungoliant (ancestor of Shelob) drains the twin Trees of Valinor, odd wooden predecessors of sun & moon Having killed the Noldor king Finwë, stolen precious magical gemstones and cast Valinor into chaos, Melkor Morgoth and Ungoliant escapes. In safety, Ungoliant demands her share, draining jewels in large numbers. She grows enormously powerful. She demands the last gems which Morgoth hides, the Silmarils, which he refuses her. Ungoliant turns on Morgoth, who gives up a giant roar of anguish and deepest terror (etches itself into the landscape where it took place), and is only saved by his host of Balrogs. He is now safely back in his new stronghold, Angband, marshalling new hosts and breeding monsters and Orcs. Meanwhile back in Valinor, all hell break loose as simmering conflicts unravel among the Noldor nobility. The gods sits in silent council while Fëanor, firstborn of the slain king Finwë, makes his seven sons swear a holy oath to retrieve the stolen Silmarils from the hands of whosoever holds it. Agitation among the Noldor results in an exodus back to Middle Earth. Another Elven tribe, the seafaring Teleri, refuses to lend the Noldor their ships. Bloodshed ensues in the first kinslaying, as the Noldor claim their ships by force. The Noldor gets cursed by the gods to die by the sword, to see all their efforts fail and to never return to Valinor, yet their only hope lies west across the sea. The Noldor split apart due to royal family conflict. Without enough ships to transport all the emigrees across the sea at once, the elder son Fëanor takes his followers across first. Rather than sending the ships back as promised, he burns the ships, forcing his half-brother Fingolfin to either walk back in shame to Valinor, or lead his people across the grinding ice to the north. These Elves press on, embittered. Fëanor leads his armed followers straight to Angband, intent on revenge and Silmarils. However, in his frenzy he charges ahead with only a few friends, leaving his vast army behind him. Seeing his chance, Morgoth sends out all his Balrogs in force to destroy this mighty mortal. It does not happen easily. The feuding Noldor factions barely manages to overcome their differences, settling in separate realms, encountering Wood Elves, Dwarves, Men and more, striking alliances where possible and building great kingdoms. Much happens. Morgoth's fortress of Beleriand is put under lengthy siege by the Noldor Elves for 400 years, who fights several large battles against Orcs. Eventually, however, the treachery of Men and the strength of Melkor results in the wholesale slaughter of the Elven hosts. Before this final damning defeat, however, the warlord Fingolfin challenges Morgoth to a duel in darkest despair, wounding the Dark Lord before dying. The Dwarves of Belegost play their part in the large final battle as well, falling upon the first revealed (wingless) dragon with their weapons and wounding it severely before marching off from the battlefield, singing dire dirges as they carry their slain king with no army present daring to stop their departure: The Dark Lord stands triumphant, erecting a huge hill of the slain and overrunning much of Middle-Earth. Most of the Silmarillion from now on deals with sagas of this slide into hell in a handbasket. Basically, it is a collection of legends on Morgoth's mopping-up of the defeated free peoples, and their last desperate grasping for hope and salvation. A few bits follow. The last Noldor stronghold remaining is the hidden city of Gondolin, who falls thanks to jealous treachery from within its own royal family. The fall of Gondolin is an epic battle, taking many Balrogs down with the doomed city. After much intrigue, the Wood Elf princess Luthien and her human lover Beren (Tolkien calls himself and his wife Beren & Luthien on his own tombstone) tricks Sauron and sneaks into the depths of Angband under a powerful spell. At the court of Morgoth, their cover is blown, but Luthien dances in enchanting sorcerous beauty, and the court falls asleep as Morgoth ponders vilating the fair maiden. They manage to free one Silmaril out of three from Morgoth's crown before Angband starts waking up, and flees in panic. Morgoth, however, bides his time and does not pursue the lost jewel, for he know it will doom the remaining free Elves. As the agreed (impossible) prize for his daughter Luthien's hand, the Wood Elf king Thingol receives the Silmaril, and contracts the most skilled Dwarf craftsmen to fashion a necklace for him. Quarrel ensues, however, and the Dwarves' greed for the invaluable Silmaril is awoken. They march with an army into the Wood Elf Kingdom Doriath, slaying many, killing Thingol and stealing the Silmaril. Beren and some Elven rangers ambushes the returning Dwarves, however, and captures the Silmaril. The release of one of the Silmarils back into the hands of mortals sets off a spiral of destruction. As word reaches the ears of the seven sons of Fëanor, they act upon their dark oath, and marches first into Doriath, sacking the capital and slaying many of the remaining populace, despite much diminished Fëanorean numbers. Following another lead, the Fëanoreans marches to the strong Dwarf city Nogrod, breaching its gates and sacking it as well, yet still no Silmaril has been found. Finally, the clues present themselves. The Fëanoreans descend upon the very last safe haven remaining in Beleriand, crushing the Elven refugees hiding there, yet failing to capture the Silmaril. Elf slays Elf. Dark deeds while Orcish hordes rampage across the fallen kingdoms. A half-Elf named Eärendil seizes the free Silmaril, embarking on a world-spanning odyssey, eventually landing in Valinor despite the cursed charms surrounding the realm of the gods. The Silmaril's powers makes him win through and lift the curse upon the doomed Noldor tribe. There, Eärendil rallies the Valar gods and their remaining Elves, who march to Middle-Earth and casts down Morgoth's titanic power and armies in the ruinous War of Wrath, which makes Beleriand shatter and eventually sink beneath the waves. Morgoth is defeated and cast out into outer space, though his creations and lieutnants remain, hiding and biding their time to rise again. The hunt for the Silmarils is not over, however. The last two surviving sons of Fëanor sneaks into the Valinor army's camp by night, killing guards to steal their Silmarils. However, they are caught. The Valinor generals, despite everything, gives them their precious jewels. The evil deeds committed in the hunt for the Silmarils have however darkened the Fëanoreans' souls completely, causing the pure Silmarils to scorch them. One son, Maglor, throws his gem into the sea to wander the earth singing sorrowful songs about the Elves of lost Beleriand forever. The other, Maedhros the oldest son, casts himself and his Silmaril into a yawning chasm, swallowed by fire. The Elves made a mess of the First Age. It is up to the Human Númenoreans to do likewise in the Second Age, and the cycle begins anew...
  10. Congrats buddy, if I had to come second to anyone I'm glad it was you. Going to have to write more fluff and get ahead of you next time
  11. Thanks both! Yeah I think I agree with you and will go for Brutes. I have started to paint the ardboyz (they will be painted to a decent tabletop standard rather than the level of the Megaboss though as in aiming to get it done fairly quickly) but will be going to town on all character models! The Brutes should be a nice inbetween! The shaman model does really get my creative juices flowing you're right, but I don't have a clear image of what I want to do with him yet...and don't want to half-ass it 😝 BB
  12. Overall, though, when making a list I don't usually have 200pts to spare for three troggs. They are a little on the expensive side, for the little luck that I've had with them. I'll try them out again, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to effectively use a unit of three? They die quickly - evening with their 4+, and are likely to succumb to battleshock.
  13. Cracking work here. Great to see an idea executed so well! BB
  14. Adding savage sounding nouns and verbs as part of their name is a good way of sounding very orky. Also Iv'e found that an appropriate title is a good way of distinguishing between a grunt and a boss.
  15. @Belchfist Beastkiller thank you very much for this! The snow was a slapped on rush job, so I fully agree that it needs more! I also forgot to add the grass tufts in my mad rush Friday night. Will sort that (y) I was surprised that the axes stood out so much and I placed him on the board. I wanted them to stand out, but a son you've suggested I wanted the focus on his head (faces and bases!!). Youre correct that the face is done to the same degree as the rest of the skin. I'll add another highlight to both his face and also his knuckles I think! I like the idea of leathery brown/tan! Thanks again
  16. I reckon so. Archaon is substantially lager and £100 but things like Celestant Prime have less plastic (£60 if I remember correctly) so 70-85 I'd say! BB
  17. Hmm - I don't want to make it more work for you by any means - but if it was in table format (excel or Numbers etc) then it could be exported as a PDF or an image - so it would appear in one post and also the text could be in columns so that you wouldn't have to scroll for ages to find your result? Small changes but would make it an incredible finished product. BB
  18. Meeting of tribes.

    Hacking his way through snow as high as his chest, Khan edged ever closer to the tower. The snow had numbed his ears with a white blanket of deafness. While he no longer heard icy breath he felt it eating at his skin. The fatty wax in his beard had set solid now, a jagged ivory tusk jutting from his jaw. Despite his Ogroid stamina, he was near collapse by the time he reached and wrestled open the door to the tower. Inside, his tribesmen were already dying. Slumped against walls or one another, the cold having dug it's roots deep into their cores. A broad stairway spiralled upwards to his left. Perhaps from higher up he might be able to better asses the state of the nearby duardin citadel, that is if indeed anything still stood at all. *** Toorbad was the the Eurl. The third in command of a mighty Alfrostun. While he and his Eurlbad were traditionally the second battalion to get to grips with their prey, it seemed that he and his brothers had discovered a fleshy prize before their counterpart Jorlbad. As the first of the mournfang packs reached the bottom of the mountainside, deep tracks were just still visible despite being rapidly filled by snow. As the riders were unable to stop their charging mounts, they instead steered them to follow the new course. Toorbad trusted his outriders, and knew they must have discovered something of great import to redirect from a hunt so close to the kill. Gorging a track three carriages wide through the snow Ruby pursued the smaller mournfangs. Before reaching the watchtower himself, his two Thegns emerged from the snow atop their black Stonehorn. Noj gestured to him briefly as they passed by. Two swift hand signs. Tribe. Stranger. ***
  19. Naming the Hunger... Part 1!

    Ok, the first exciting installment of My G(n)oblog will be about something I quite enjoy, naming Ogors! The White Dwarf I got my hands on has a full-blown name-generator within its pages, and I will be "modifying" it so you all may enjoy it as well. I'll start by paraphrasing the basic "background" info on names, and then adding the charts themselves (I will be using the term Ogor throughout for simplicity, if you prefer Ogre that's fine too!). Background Info: When an Ogor is born, their name is often just as blunt as they are. Vulgar, guttural and without much thought put behind it, the names are often jumbles of Ogor words. Ogor parents oftentimes name the child something they will easily remember, since Ogors have a limited capacity to remember traditions or titles that are not earned in the here or now. Birth names at most are as complicated as a few syllables, some being as simple as one single syllable. Ogors just generally lose interest in the birth names of other Ogors when they become too long. The one exception to this rule are the Ogor's "Big Name." This Big Name is any title or honorific which the Ogor has earned throughout life. Oftentimes the first Big Name is given when the Ogor transitions between Whelp and Bull (coming of age) which only occurs when the whelp has done something of significance to become a contributor to the tribe. Oftentimes titles and honorifics are just as direct as their owners, mostly conveying the personalities or skills of the Ogor who carries the "Big Names." Honorifics are most commonly given within Ogor society itself and Titles are most commonly received while the Ogor is doing mercenary work for other races. This isn't to say one or the other can't be received in either instance, but it is merely more common. The more famous an Ogor becomes, the longer and more ostentatious their names generally become. Tyrants and other rulers especially are known to have over-the-top names with upwards of 10 titles or honorifics trailing their birth name. It is uncertain whether Ogors care what titles they are given by other races, as long as the name sounds long and impressive. They often don't even understand some of the titles they are given and merely wear them like a badge of pride... It isn't like anyone would make fun of an Ogor's name if they didn't want to end up in his gut anyway. How it Works: 1. Roll the first element of the first name and write it down. 2. Roll the second element of the first name and add it to the first 3. Decide whether you want your Ogor to have a title or honorific "last name." They imply different things, but they are not mutually exclusive, an especially fearsome and famous Ogor may have multiple titles and honorifics in their name mixed together! 4. Say the name out loud, is it rough, is it strange, is it guttural? Whatever it is, huzzah you've got a new Ogor name, get them out on the field of battle! If you really don't like it, you can always feel free to scrap it and re-roll for something new, or even go through the charts and handpick names you would like. Structure of an Ogor Name: (Element 1+ Element 2 (as one word)) + (0-10+ titles or honorifics (as separate words)) These two charts are for the first two elements which make the first name, I will upload the honorifics and titles tables later, so stay tuned! Element 1 Name Rolls (Roll D666 to create a number, keep track of the dice to know the order, use the Ctrl+F to find your number quickly): 111- Argh 112- Ergh 113- Orgh 114- Urgh 115- Ar 116- Er 121- Or 122- Ur 123- Az 124- Ez 125- Oz 126- Uz 131- Ag 132- Eg 133- Og 134- Ug 135- Bargh 136- Bergh 141- Borgh 142- Burgh 143- Bar 144- Ber 145- Bor 146-Bur 151- Baz 152- Bez 153- Boz 154- Bag 155- Beg 156- Blag 161- Bleg 162- Blug 163- Dargh 164- Dergh 165- Dorgh 166- Durgh 211- Dar 212- Der 213- Dor 214- Dur 215- Daz 216- Dez 221- Doz 222- Duz 223- Dag 224- Deg 225- Dug 226- Fargh 231- Fergh 232- Forgh 233- Furgh 234- Feg 235- Fog 236- Fug 241- Gargh 242- Gergh 243- Gorgh 244- Grug 245- Gar 246- Ger 251- Gor 252- Gur 253- Geg 254- Gog 255- Gug 256- Kargh 261- Kergh 262- Korgh 263- Kurgh 264- Kar 265- Ker 266- Kor 311- Kur 312- Kaz 313- Kez 314- Koz 315- Kuz 316- Kag 321- Keg 322- Kog 323- Kug 324- Margh 325- Mergh 326- Morgh 331- Murgh 332- Mar 333- Mer 334- Mor 335- Mur 336- Maz 341- Moz 342- Muz 343- Mag 344- Meg 345- Mog 346- Nargh 351- Nergh 352- Norgh 353- Nurgh 354- Nar 355- Nez 356- Nor 361- Nur 362- Naz 363- Nez 364- Noz 365- Nuz 366- Nag 411- Neg 412- Nog 413- Nug 414- Rargh 415- Rergh 416- Rorgh 421- Rurgh 422- Rar 423- Rer 424- Ror 425- Rur 426- Raz 431- Rez 432- Ruz 433- Rag 434- Reg 435- Rog 436-Rug 441- Targh 442- Tergh 443- Torgh 444- Turgh 445- Tar 446- Ter 451- Tor 452- Tur 453- Tez 454- Toz 455- Tuz 456- Tag 461- Teg 462- Tog 463- Tug 464- Thargh 465- Thergh 466- Thorgh 511- Thurgh 512- Thar 513- Ther 514- Thor 515- Thur 516- Thaz 521- Thez 522- Thoz 523- Thuz 524- Thag 525- Theg 526- Thog 531- Thug 532- Vargh 533- Vergh 534- Vorgh 535- Vurgh 536- Var 541- Ver 542- Vor 543- Veg 544- Vog 545- Vez 546- Voz 551- Vuz 552- Vag 553- Veg 554- Vog 555- Vug 556- Wargh 561- Wergh 562- Worgh 563- Wurgh 564- War 565- Wer 566- Wor 611- Wur 612- Waz 613- Wez 614- Woz 615- Wuz 616- Wag 621- Weg 622- Wug 623- Yargh 624- Yergh 625- Yorgh 626- Yurgh 631- Yar 632- Yer 633- Yor 634- Yur 635- Yaz 636- Yez 641- Yoz 642- Yuz 643- Yag 644- Yeg 645- Yog 646- Yug 651- Zargh 652- Zergh 653- Zorgh 654- Zurgh 655- Zar 656- Zer 661- Zor 662- Zur 663- Zag 664- Zeg 665- Zog 666- Zug Element 2 (Roll either a D10 for the 10's place and a D6 for the 1's place or roll 2D6 and add the results together for the 10's place and then one D6 for the 1's place): 11- abb 12- add 13- agg 14- akk 15- alg 16- all 21- alt 22- ann 23- arg 24- argl 25- ark 26- art 31- arth 32- att 33- edd 34- egg 35- ekk 36- elg 41- ell 42- elt 43- emm 44- enn 45- erg 46- ergl 51- erk 52- erth 53- ett 54- ew 55- gat 56- get 61- got 62- grat 63- gret 64- grot 65- grut 66- gut 71- odd 72- ogg 73- okk 74- olg 75- olt 76- org 81- orgl 82- ort 83- ott 84- rag 85- reg 86- ret 91- rof 92- rog 93- rot 94- rug 95- rut 96- ulg 101- ull 102- urg 103- urk 104- urt 105- urth 106- uzh
  20. So there is a new Magnus the Red Primarch model. Check out the video from Warhammer tv....
  21. That being the case, just paint you're ogres a star ogres in a way that you think looks cool colour schemes need not match, mine are just onsimiliar bases. It's enough for me to say they fight in the same realm/battle field! This is AoS at the end of the day where it's just fun to take any combination of cool things you fancy playing with at the time
  22. Mini one day Campaign!

    I'm just now having a chance to write up the events of a few days ago when my gaming buddy and I had a full day of Age of Sigmar goodness! I'll start from the beginning to catch you up... Both of us have now finished building the entire contents of the Age of Sigmar starter set so, but he has an additional Liberator due to a magazine and I have the Slaughterpriest (and a wealth of older chaos models too). They are in various stages of painting as my friend is a beginner. We decided to play an Age of Signar SKIRMISH game as a precursor to our main game. If you don't know the rules it's a great small version to use for this reason. We hypothesised that the Khornate forces had amassed an army to attack the encamoed Stormcast forces. In our skirmish, a scouting party of Stormcast discover the Khorne army and have to rush back to warn their forces before the Khornate forces can stop them. I wrote the following Battleplan: SILENCE THE SCOUTS The game uses the Skirmish rules and is set for 100pts. Scouts (Stormcast) - Start the battle within 8" of short board edge. Set up all models at once. Scouts get first turn, Impending danger: add 2" to all run moves made by the scouts. (Not charge, the aim is to escape!). The usual rule for being within 3" of an enemy does not apply for this game. They may move within 1" of enemy models without being in combat. Ambushers (Khorne) - Slow to respond: Set up 33% of the army (rounding up) more than 18" away from scouting force. Reinforcements. Roll a a dice for each individual model to enter play in your hero phases. Turn 2: 4+ Turn 3: 3+ Turn 4: See reinforcements below* On a successful roll, deploy the model within 6" of any board edge, they may act as normal that turn. If the ambushers have slain a model in the previous turn add 1 to the dice roll. *Reinforcements if you have any remaining models from your original force left they are automatically deployed this turn. In addition, in this turn and all following turns roll a D6. The result shows how many points with of reserves you may place on the table. 1-3: 20pts 4-6: 40pts VICTORY: The Scouts win a major victory if 25% or more of their force (model count) escapes to relay the message to the main force. It's a draw if fewer than that number escapes as their number is too few and their words of warning are ignored as mere supposition. The Ambushers win a major victory if all enemy models are slain. The game end automatically at the end of turn 5. The player who wins a major victory gets to roll on the triumph table for the next game. If it is a draw, both players get to roll(we added this for fun!). OUR FORCES My friend's force consisted of 3 Liberators and a formidable Retributor. My main force was 2 Blood Warriors and 10 Bloodreavers. RESULT The first few turns were really tough for me, with so few models on the table, I should have stayed out of range until backup came by I engaged early and most of my party was decimated. The extra movement for the Eternals was a killer also but was great fun. It took around 12 Bloodreavers to fell a Liberator on the left flank due to some poor rolling (and my opponent having first turn three time in a row!) and the Retributor was unstoppable. A second Liberator was down to one wound then drowned crossing a river (!) and the third was eventually brought down as well. The final turn of the game saw The Retributor within movement distance of the end table but his path blocked by four Blood Warriors (thanks to my lucky reinforcement rolls) and 5 or so Bloodreavers. He went down in a fit of glory but was felled. VICTORY FOR KHORNE!! I rolled on the Triumph table and received 1 additional wound for my General for the main battle. I've just realised this post will be mammoth...!! We we used the Generals handbook to come up with sort of matched points for the game (even though I had five character models which isn't allowed) and we didn't use the formations or whatever they're called! We'll get to that... We used the first Battleplan in the General's handbook, which had two objectives one in each zone and to win you must hold both (have five models within 6"). FORCES STORMCAST Lord-Celestant on Dracoth Lord Relictor 6 Liberators 5 Liberators 3 Retributors 3 Prosecutors KHORNE Mighty Lord of Khorne (+1 Wound) Slaughterpriest Bloodsecrator Bloodstoker Tzeentch Sorceror Lord 5 Blood Warriors 10 Blood Reavers 10 Blood Reavers 1 Khorgorath Here was the deployment: I got first turn and advanced everything to advantageous positions. I was very wary of the Prosecutors and aimed everything I had ranged wise at them over the first few turns. I had also no idea about the power of the Lord Celestant so it was tentative... in the first few turns the Bloodreavers advanced down the left flank using the Bloodstokers ability and took little damage. The Bloodsecrator remained near them as he makes them awesome. I destroyed the Prosecutors in a few turns of shooting/abilities/magic and was very pleased! The Bloodstoker, Khorgorath and Slaughterpriest were in line to charge the mighty Retributors but the Slaughterpriest failed his charge!!! My five Blood Warriors stayed back to guard the objective. As you can see, the Mighty Lord of Khorne moved up to cut off the Dracoth path on the tabletop. I was very aware hat he would be he only thing able to kill the thing! The Bloodreavers on the left managed to kill 3 Liberators in one turn through sheer mass of dice, and they then failed their Bravery test by 3 and all perished! The Khorgorath took a solid 6 wounds(!) and the Bloodsecrator took 2 and they managed only one in return. It didn't look good here! Next up, the Lord Celestant managed to get past the BloodReavers to charge the Lord of Khorne. The Lord Relictor one 1 wound, retreated to the objective with the five remaining liberators and healed 3 wounds on himself. The Slaughterpriest (after taking 2 wounds from his own ability earlier in the game!) redeemed himself and killed one Retributor outright boiling his blood and felled a wounded one leaving one. In return, both the Khorgorath and Bloodstoker were annihilated. The Slaughterpriest finally finished him off in combat! Phew! Showdown! General vs General, the dracoth shot his storm breath before charging causing a wound, and then came the many many attacks! All in all, 6 Wounds went unsaved, meaning he stayed alive with one wound remaining (a direct result of the triumph roll from the skirmish game!!!) and survived to attack back! In return he and his hound caused a savage 5 unsaved wounds, I then rolled for his weapons' ability...and the Lord Celestant was dragged to the fiery realm of Khorne in a fit of glory! VERY close call. From here I had one turn left to clear the foes from his deployment area or end on a draw! I piled everyone I could into that combat as you can see: The Lord Relictor was felled by the magic of the Sorceror combined with the Slaughterpriest ability, then the Mighty Lord of Khorne waded in and annihilated the remaining Liberators in one fell swoop. RESULT Major Victory for Khorne Bloodbound In hindsight it looks fairly one sided but it really was VERY tight. The game hinged on the Bravery test of the 6 man Liberators and the Khorne Lord having the additional wound to survive the onslaught. Had the mighty Lord perished, not only would I have had nothing on the table to stop him getting to my objective but would have diverted others to attempt it. Also the Bloodreavers would have been so depleted that I simply wouldn't have had the numbers to claim the other objective myself. Very close call... All in all, a VERY enjoyable day and inspired us both to get painting. Anyone following my goblog may notice the rivers have been undercoated too. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! BB
  23. Drachvax could still feel the breeze blowing softly on his face, but the sensation was deadened as it had been for longer than he could remember. The many skulls displayed as totems about his person and on the totem he carried as a blessing from his master jingled and clanked as they shook against one another in the breeze. There was a scent on the air, and he knew it well. A tension, high pressure, copper filling his nostrils: Eternals were on their way. He cursed his own rash decision in not bringing more of the Bloodhound with him to see this task to it's conclusion. He had only two groups of measly Bloodreavers and his small retinue of Blood Warriors. The size of the Eternals' force could be in the thousands or it could be smaller than his own. You could never be too certain. It did not do to dwell on these things as it wouldn't change his course of action. To turn back would be tantamount to cowardice and even the thought of it made him instinctively spit a large gobbet of acidic phlegm at his feet, melting the patchy remnants of dead grass next to him. No, no turning back now. The Plasma Pumping Station was his target, and he would bring it crashing to the ground. This image is actually upside down with me playing the Bloodhound forces, but should be clear. For more information see my previous post. TURN 1 My opponent chose to allow me to go first believing that a reactionary state was better suited to fit the storyline of the defenders. I had positioned Drachvax the Bloodsecrator incredibly well to begin with and realised he would not really have to move the whole game (and that my opponent would concentrate on assassinating him to stop his abilities buffing the others) and so he planted the Totem in the ground and opened the portal to Khorne's realm. My Blood Warriors on the left flank immediately ran as far as they could across the long bridge to come very near to the Lord-Relictor and his two Retributor bodyguard. The middle unit of ten Bloodreavers ran to the edge of the magma river with the aim of making the leap across it next turn (with any roll of a 1 causing a mortal wound), the other unit of Bloodreavers ran and ended up on the smaller bridge (blu-tac!) Next up the Lord-Relictor called down a bolt of lightning and zapped a Blood Warrior to smithereens, the Prosecutors flung their hammers at the Bloodreavers about to jump the river killing three and then charged in headlong to prevent them getting anywhere near the objective (represented by the chalk white paint pot!). The Lord-Relictor and Retributors stayed where they were due to the narrow width of the bridge, which would have caused them to only be able to face the blood warriors one at a time. The battle was brutal between the Prosecutors and Bloodreavers, with a further three Bloodreavers perishing but losing a model in return. No battleshock test due to being near the portal for me and he failed his, but re-rolled for being within 12" of the general...passed! TURN 2 My friend won the roll for first turn and elected to go first. The Lord-Relictor used his lightning bolt to take a wound off another Blood Warrior, and the Proecutors also attacked them with their flying hammers despite being in combat with the Bloodreavers, but failed to wound. The Liberators to block off any route to the Plasma Piping Station for the Bloodreavers on the right flank, and we then entered the combat phase. The two Prosecutors spectacularly failed to wound any Bloodreavers and no wounds were caused in return, quickly ending my opponents phase. In my turn, the unscathed Bloodreaver unit on the right flank charged the four strong Liberators, and the 4 Blood Warriors charged the Retributors and the Lord-Relictor in a foolhardy, bold, distraction move. Drachvax the Bloodsecrator kept that portal open powering up all units as they were all within range. In combat, I struck with the Bloodreavers first (due to the Blood Warriors rule allowing them to strike even when dead, it makes no sense to choose them), and I selected the full unit on the right. They caused only three unsaved wounds, felling one Liberator and leaving one with a wound, and took a few in return. The Prosecutors were finally murdered in the centre, and the Blood Warriors were annihilated with some very large hammers on the bridge, managing to take a wound off the Lord-Relictor on the way down. Drachvax strained to keep hold of the portal as the broiling energies from Khorne's realm spilt forth into this one. He could smell the blood of the enemy and his own men and longed to rush into battle himself. He must restrain himself, for he knew there were greater forces at play, and it was the Plasma Piping Station that was most important today. In the distance he spied the pompous form of a golden class Eternal with a skull mask that looked familiar. He thought he may well be a foe he had met once before but could not be certain. The battle was tight, were he to shut the portal, could he make the sprint to the station and destroy it unscathed? The thought began to course through his veins until he heard the dying, rage-filled screams of his Blood Warriors as they imploded with lightning strikes from some very well armoured foes. TURN 3 Crucially, I won the roll for first turn here, and sprinted the 4 Bloodreavers remaining from the middle unit toward the objective. In doing so, they boldly jumped the lava river, one of their number perishing, obviously losing his footing! They made it to the Plasma Piping Station and the champion took his place atop it to attempt to strike it in the battle phase. The other Bloodreaver unit engaged in combat with the Liberators managed to kill another of their number and took numerous casualties in return, leaving only 4 left. It came to this, The Bloodreaver champion attacked the Plasma Piping Station which had the following rules: Rickety structure: The structure is brittle and one successful hit will bring the whole drilling complex crashing down and release the energy within. It counts as having 1 Wound and a saving throw of 4+. If the structure is destroyed roll a D6 to decide what happens. After working out the conclusion the battle ends. 1 - The attack backfires and a concentrated burst of piping hot plasma strikes the attacker, causing D3 mortal wounds. 2/3 - nothing happens, the structure is returned to 1 Wound. 4/5 - There she blows! Roll a dice for every unit within 8" of the Station. On a 4+ that unit suffers D6 mortal wounds. Heroes and monsters suffer D3 6 - Carnage! Every unit within 12" takes D6 mortal wounds. We used these rules for fun, and to determine victory conditions. It was incredibly tense, the dice rolls came, through, The Bloodreaver managed to wound the tower, my opponent failed the save, but rolled a 2 so..nothing happened! In his phase, the Lord Relictor zapped a single Bloodreaver from the base of the tower, and failed a charge. The Retributors made it in to charge the unit and distracted the Bloodreavers. On the right flank, the Liberators finished off the Bloodreavers there and turned to watch the final moments. The Retributors struck home, but due to a rule we devised (on a roll of a 1 you strike the tower if you are within 1 inch) accidentally struck the tower with one attack. The attack worked, the saving roll was failed, and the result...was a 5! What happened next was glorious. The Bloodreavers died, the Retributors died, The Lord Relictor faced the carnage unharmed, the liberators perished, and in a final act Drachvax was close enough to be blown apart, and despite being on full wounds (5!) I rolled a 6 for his mortal wounds and he was blown to smithereens in the final act of the game. Probably as a punishment from Khorne for his cowardly hiding earlier on! Drachvax lay looking up at the sky as lightning bolts carried away that familiar looking foe. His flesh and armour blacked and melting in some places, his face a grimace of rage, he knew the day had been his. This was his battle to win but he had been thwarted, it would not happen twice. He lived only by the fortune that his opponents must have thought him dead. That coppery smell from the lighting they used to transport themselves was back, and he would not forget it in a hurry. He staggered to his feet and once again raised the totem of Khorne in praise. Seeing his masters' symbol fall would not be forgiven lightly. There was vengeance to be had for this, and there was nothing he enjoyed more than gory, glorious vengeance. RESULT Minor victory for the Khorne Bloodbound. Technically. Although we actually called it a minor victory for my opponent due to the way the game played and the overall outcome. ANALYSIS Without a doubt the most enjoyable game of Warhammer I have ever played! The scenery rules added so much, and played to an objective changed the game for me completely. It was all about the story of what happened, and what made the most sense, we both wanted to make the tactical clever choices, but were super happy to do things for the good of the story throughout which just made the game play out so satisfyingly in the end. I know the photos don't do it justice and a lot of imagination is required when the scenery looks this way, but I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! BB
  24. I really need to get into basing. My ogor bases are rather simple but i need to rebase to round at some point so an opportunity to do some then. Hehe
  25. So Graw, the beast behind the horde. So here is a little fluff before I start posting my models. The Legend of Graw, The God-Beast Perhaps it was during the Age of Myth when the beast tore from across the horizon, spawned from some savage domain where only beasts of pantheon proportions survived. Or perhaps it is a freak of its kind having swelled to elephantine size after devouring some overconfident demigod. All I can be sure of is during the Age of Myth came the God-Beast, The Breaker, Peak-Eater, Graw the Unstoppable, and since that time it has devoured mountains, drained seas and shattered the empires of all those unfortunate enough to find themselves swallowed by its looming shadow. It was said that many true beasts tramped across Ghur through the Age of Myth before Sigmar set forth Gorkamorka and his orruk kin to tame it, and for a while they did As they slew the titans and littered the realms with their bones, however it was not to last. As much their nature as Ghur itself eventually the leash was thrown free and Gorkamorka set forth on the worlds with wild abandon. Perhaps we called Graw upon ourselves, our failed attempts to tame that which can never be tamed; merely infuriating the very land we now campaign across against the forces of Chaos, the hunting and culling simply calling forth a creature that defied us in its mere existence, and pulverised our arrogance of dominion like reeds before the hurricane. Graw is quite simply a beast to rival all beasts, a predator of colossal proportions. Graw itself rivals mountains in sheer size and enormity, and when seen from a distance the craggy peaks of its rolling back look no different to a far off mountain range, until to the surprise of most it moves and the earth for leagues around quakes with each monumental footstep. Atop the God-Beast are jagged peaks of stone like mountains that rise from the beasts back, harsh mounts that at times are wreathed in frost and snow. At some time in the ancient past it is said that Graw traveled to the southern jungles of Ghur, the Everwilds, where the thorn covered jungles are just as willing to sink their teeth into flesh as the beasts that stalk them. Perhaps the essence of Ghyran had found its way to those vicious valleys but the fanged plants and flesh eating blooms of the Everwilds possess an unnatural vigour, able to take root from windblown seeds in the most inhospitable of places from the searing ash fields of Aqshy to the shadowed clefts of Shyish’ Nocturn Depths. What is known is that between Graw’s own mountainous peaks that rise from its spine a blanket of carnivorous rainforest has taken root and now flourishes and where the beast treads pockets of steaming jungle are quick to take root. When Graw bellows, the very sound perhaps the origin of its orruk name, it rends the heavens above, forests are flattened before it and the steel is beaten from the will of mortals. Graw is the the wilds incarnate, unstoppable and utterly destructive. The fyreslayers of the Molten Lake once let loose upon it with their magma craft thinking their citadel safe with leagues of lava between them and the beast. Their arrogance was quickly quashed when Graw swam across the molten sea like some vast predatory island and devoured their keep. The skaven thought themselves safe untold leagues beneath the Bonepeak Mountains but Graw still smelt their stench and dug them from their subterranean lairs like the vermin they are and feasted on the shrieking rat things and their creations. And even before them when chaos came to Ghur and the champion demons of Khorn thought to pit themselves against the God-Beast, like they had a chance. How many demon princes and bloodthirsters last sights were Graw’s feet descending to crush them into oblivion. Perhaps one of the great Plaguespawn of Ghyran might one day match Graw, or even the Necrogargants of Shyish, but I myself doubt it for the annals of history surrounding Graw are simply an obituary to the kingdoms, races and monsters that have met their fate the day they crossed paths with the God-Beast. Since its arrival the God-Beast Graw has raged across Ghur, from the Sea of Claws to the Roarings Sands and even to the Lost Isles. On occasion Graw has even been known to rampage straight through to other realms when it's rage is great enough, but eventually the winds of beast magic will pull Graw back to its home plane, however by then the damage has already been done. There are many titanic creatures that have roamed the realms and especially Ghur since the Age of Myth, many of which the gods even feared when they first awoke however what sets Graw apart from most monstrous wild beings is its connection with the children of Gorkamorka. The beast draws all offspring of Gorkamorka like moths to a flame, they flock to the behemoth of carnage and ravenous hunger and some believe Graw truly does carry the green gods favour. It is said some of the first Bonesplitter orruks set themselves against Graw when it was young, its bones a prize worthy of the greatest shaman, but they were none the less devoured one tribe after the other until the first Prophet of Graw asked his bones how to slay the beast. The response from his seers bones, the knuckle bones of an Ur-Drake, was an explosion of green flame and splintered bone that really should have killed him there and then, but he stepped out of the smoke and flame, a vision burning in his beady red eyes. Graw was the gods chosen beast, and where ever it roamed, hunts, fighting and as much meat as they could fit in their tusk filled gobs would follow. And so began the first of many tribes of Graw, followers of the God-Beast. Now, many generations later, the Prophet of Graw, stands atop an idol of colossal beast bones atop Graw’s broad skull, divining where the God-Beast and his followers will hunt next. Orruks, ogors and grots alike follow the beast from one horizon to the next, knowing all too well that Graw will lead them to the next big fight be it the beasts of chaos, the ghouls of the flesh eating courts or our own stormcast warriors. Even upon his own back tribes of orruks, grots and ogors fight as much as with each other as the predatory plants and carnivorous jungles that call Graw their home, it is even said when Graw sets itself upon a kingdom that its followers will descend to the world below, grateful that the God-Beast has carried them to new and exotic fighting grounds. Now where ever Graw the Unstoppable,the Earthbreaker, the Beastmaw roams, the hordes of Gorkamorka are soon to follow. I aided in the retaking of Aqshy. I fell during to Age of Chaos as the twisted sons of Khorn tore my family apart in the Dustlands of Ghur and was brought back by Sigmar himself to bring vengeance down upon the spawn of the dark gods. But now I doubt. Graw cares not for conquest, or kingdoms or even the whims of gods. The worlds quake before his hunger and break beneath his rage. The God-Beast cometh...
  26. The Orruk Megaboss is an outstanding mini, sculpted by Brian Nelson no less! The Start Collecting box is great value, maybe add some Brutes next? What colour scheme are you thinking of going with?
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