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  2. Hi fellow Destruction fans! I am soon to take part in my very first AoS tournament and I would like to ask you for help concerning the list. The Battleplans to be played are Take amd Hold, Blood and Glory and Escalation We will play on 1000pts My proposal is Warboss on Boar Warboss on Wyvern 5x Boarboyz 6x Ogor Bulls with ironfists 2x spearchukka I would really like to go with the Ogres, there is a chance I will get a set of Ironguts and a Tyrant until this time, but I'm not sure :/ However, as my brother has a Orks army, I have a lot to choose from 40moonclan grots and 9 fanatics 10 spiderriders and 10 wolfriders 2 grot shamans 40 ork warriors and a warboss on foo (who can also serve as a Black ork warboss, )10 black orks I would like to hear what do you guys think Sorry for the long post and literally 0 experience
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  4. Hey guys, what do you guys think about this list as a first army? I would like to play something that is somewhat competitive, and i really like the orc/orruk theme. Any suggestions/conformation would be much appreciated! Orruk warboss 20 orruks choppa/shield 10 savage arrow boys Butcher 6 ogors Aleguzzler gargant.
  5. You have a solid list here that would be good for a local tournament (depending on the meta) and would't get outright crushed at a larger one. If you are aiming for the top end of competitive lists, however, ogres simply aren't going to cut it because they aren't overpowered enough. The top end destruction lists right now are Bonesplittaz or Beastclaw heroes with grot troops. However, if you aren't quite looking to go to that level then I think this could do reasonably well. My only recommendation would be to swap the leadbelchers for a Thundertusk, since the latter will give you a harder hit at longer range that you'll need to take out support models.
  6. The 2 artifacts i can change when ever, so the talismans i would use against stormfiends etc and battlebrews against any army with low mortal wound output. The boys do die fast but there usually just sat in my deployment on an objective so dont get attacked that much and 20 wounds for 100 points is probably the best im gunna get. Im just not sure if its worth adding the boss and formation just for an extra battlebrew?
  7. Good luck! Provide reports!
  8. Afternoon Stronghold, I've received a private message about how to use Lamekh'sOnlineCodex. Just in case anyone else is having any problems, here is some info to help out: You will need the following: 1) An up to date version of Java, I'm currently running "Java 8 update 11"; &# 2) A program to open .jar files. I downloaded a program called "jarfix.exe", which can be downloaded from here: https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html Good luck! Badmarsh
  9. He will also be fielding at least 3 stormfiends. Common folks!
  10. It's November! That means it is time for the Underworld Cup!! Due to work obligations I have not been able to attend since Coach FlyingDingle took on hosting the event with new rules. But this year is different! I can finally bring my Ogres into a potentially competitive environment for them with plenty of build gold and a nice boost in development at the early stages of the tournament. You can find rules for the event here. Essentially you start with a 1.2 Million GP build and get to add 90k in skills and extras each round. Each player can only get one upgrade per round. Outside of that you are pretty much free to do what you want! My Ogres start with an extra 100k for their build (so 1.3) plus an additional 50k to spend on skills before Round 1 (so 140k total). After a few botched attempts at roster creation here is what I settled on for Round 1: Click to embigify First thought it... was do Ogres love? Being strong! So +ST is a must. Also they like to hit stuff and help each other hit stuff so we needed some hitting skills and a bit of Guard tossed in. Snotlings don't need anything but to get in the way and not get stomped. Unless you bring a Chainsaw to the field... in which case you probably won't get eaten (right away). So what does Round 2 look like? See for yourself: Push button make big Gonna need to be able to hit people better! Also maybe we'll try and pick up the ball? Then it is on to Round 3: You can do it! Click here! Hitting things is fun but what we really want is dead things (to hit and eat)! Ogres!! Let's fall on em!? We get up in Round 4: Don't make me type things here... We get up and we also get tricksy with a bit of Side Step to go with our Frenzy. Oh yeah and we can also move around a bit more with some Break Tackle in there for funsies. Round 5 it all goes to pot: More +ST!! More movement!! More crushing skulls rarrrggh!!? And there you have it. My goals with these rosters and upgrades is simply one of having fun playing with my Ogres. Nothing fancy. If I can win a game or two and get a bunch of CAS in the process I would be a very happy Irongut. What will become of the matches?! Perhaps I will let you know the next time I update..
  11. Campaign battle report: the Border Wars

    The half orcs on Crimson Rock were essential for both sides. The battles on the borders were decisive. Battleplan: The Border Wars (points collected by having most units around the objectives). Armies: Points: 2000 Bretonnian army: 5 Grail knights 5 Grail knights 8 Knights of the Realm 1 Field Trebuchet 5 Freeguild Outriders 5 Mounted Yeoman 20 Peasant Bowmen 12 Freeguild Greatswords 10 Freeguild Handgunners 1 Empire General (general) 1 Paladin 1 Battlemage 1 Damsel of the Lady Orc army: 1 Frostlord on Stonehorn (Brew, General, Ravager) 1 Huskard on Thundertusk (Brew) 2 Mournfang Pack 2 Mournfang Pack 10 Savage Orruks 10 Savage Orruks 10 Savage Orruks 1 Icebrow Hunter (Brew) 2 Frostsabre 2 Frostsabre Beastclaw Avalanche Skal Orcs put down some points less, so he rolled on Triumph Table and got to reroll saves. Pre-battle strategy: put all on one card, get first round, cross 24" and charge into Grail Knights and deny their charge. Appear close to Trebuchet with the Hunter and Frostsabres, shoot down the crew and charge into Bowmen to deny the Arrowstorm and some hero. Move close with the Thundertusk and kill the General with Ice Blast and use Vulture to get the Bowmen under 20 models to deny x4 arrowstorm. Move to objectives with savage orruks and keep Bretonnian units busy until orcs have enough points to win. 1st ROUND Shock and Awe. Turn 1: 5 Mounted Yeomen moved close to objective with their special ability. Orcs took the initiative. The Hunter appeared and drank two swigs of the Brew. I figured he'll die anyway next round. Frostlord used his General's ability for rerolling charges for Beastclaw units. Frostlord ran forth, others moved. Huskard moved and blasted the general away with Ice Blast, Hunter shot but managed to hit with only one in spite of +2 to hit and wound. Killed two crew from the Trebuchet. Mournfangs shot, killed one Grail Knight and Blood Vulture killed a Twohander. Savage orruks made a lucky charge to Mounted Yeomen and got more models around the objective. All Beastclaws charged and made ton of mortal wounds: only 1 from battalion, 4 from Stonehorn charge, 2 from Mournfangs. Frostlord attacked first and deleted 4 Grail Knights and 7 Knights of the Realm. And he did not roll very well. Terrible. Mournfangs did not do well, Hunter attacked the Bowmen, Frostsabres the Damsel and Trebuchet crew. Trebuchet was eliminated as were most Grail Knights and all Knights of the Realm with Battleshock. At the end of the combat round orcs had dealt 58 wounds and lost one Mournfang and one Frostsabre. I think orcs got altogether 10 wounds. Orcs: 5 VPs Turn 2: Bretonnia could use general's powers, cast some spells. No arrowstorm due to the units within 3", Bretonnian shooters got -1 to hit due to Avalanche's charge and could not kill anyone. In combat round orcs got some wounds and one Frostsabre was killed. Mournfangs missed basically all attacks and failed miserably as always. Stonehorn saved with mostly sixes and rolled mostly 1s to hit and killed Paladin and no-one else. Bretonnia: 1 VP 2nd ROUND Orcs won priority roll and there we decided to end the game as Bretonnia was mostly killed and orcs having most army intact. Orcs claimed major victory. SUMMARY: Well... I'm afraid it was a boring game for my partner. So I won't be using that list again. 18" charge range together with Destruction Alliance Ability is rather terrible. The alfa strike was thrice as bad as I had thought. But it was nice to try it out. Frostlord's fist attack was terrible. And such a pity Mournfangs are so weak - they are my favourite models and therefore will probably be in my list in the future as well. The tactics work well: killing the General, eliminating the Trebuchet and denying Grails' charges and Bowmen's arrowstorm were decisive, killing so many Grails etc at the first round was a bonus. Sending in Stonehorn/Mournfangs as multi-wound tanks to keep enemy busy and take the objectives worked also well. BATTLE BONUS: increase the range of all generals command abilities and traits by 6“. 3 points from major victory.
  12. I only have a game under my belt and my local store is holding a tournament this weekend. I could use the help building a list. The tournament is 2000 points. The models I have to use are as follows: 4 Stonehorn/Thundertusks (magnatized to be either and be either riders or lord/huskard) 1 Tyrant 2 Hunters 8 Mournfangs 10 Yhetees 8 Frost Sabers 2 Butchers 1 Gorger 6 Lead Belchers 12 Ogers 6 Ironguts 1 Iron Blaster 1 Scrap Launcer 70ish Gnoblers ------- Was thinking of taking all the stonehorns/thundertusks, a 4-pack of Mournfangs...and filling the rest with what ever fits.
  13. You should! I love a good giant! Or even a bad one! G_H
  14. Earlier this week I acquired yet MORE models for my ever growing destruction collection. My favourites being a set of three stone trolls (ahem, rockgut troggoths). This brought me up to a total of a thousand points just of trolls alone! (Hag, 6 Fellwater trolls and three rockgut trolls). Which brought me to think, how much stuff do I actually have now? So I organised it all and cpu yes it up! Between ten factions, I have 12870 points by the generals handbook! 😨 # for painted units. Destruction (12870) # 700-Gordrakk Fist of Gork 520-Megaboss Mawcrusha 160-Megaboss 140-Grimgor Ironhide 140-Wierdnob Shaman 1660 Ironjawz 460-Frostlord Stonehorn # 420-Frosrlord Thundertusk # 380-Huskard Stonehorn # 160-Icebrow Hunter 360-Stonehorn Beastriders # 800-8 Mourn fangs 400-4 Rhinox Riders # 120-4 Frost-sabres 3100 Beastclaw Raiders 160-Tyrant # 160-Tyrant 140-Butcher Cauldron 140-Butcher # 660-Iron Guts # 360-Ogors 1420 Gut Busters # 400-Troll Hag 400-6 Fellwater Troggoths 200-3 Rockgut Troggoths 1000 Troggoths #360-Bonegrinder Gargant 1080-6 Aleguzzler Gargants 1440-Gargants # 280-Arachnarok Spidershrine 200-20 Spider Riders 480-Spiderfang Grots 100-Skarsnik 160-2 Grot Warboss 180-3 Grot Shaman 600-100 Grots 90-3 Fanatics 60-Cave Squigs 40-4 Squig Herders 480-2 Mangler Squigs 2310 Moonclan Grots 140-Wurrgog Prophet 100-Maniak Wierdnob 240-8 Savage Boarboys 480-Bonesplitters 140-Golfag Maneater 660-9 Maneaters 800 Maneaters # 140-Firebelly 140-Firebellies 300-30 Orc Boys 100-10 Arrer Boys 240-9 Boar Boys 640-Greenskins Applogies for the list! Hoping to have the whole lot complete before my birthday (9th Jan) where this collection started!
  15. Absolutely. I think they've designed them with that in mind for maximum appeal. Obviously the characters from ProsperI don't work and would need heavy conversion work. Otherwise you're golden! BB
  16. It's a bit late to answer, but maybe it helps: 1) Battletomes and Grand Alliance titles -If I understand correctly the listed units and characters in the battalions are the minimum requirement? I think it's both minimum and maximum, ie. you have to meet the requirements exactly. 3) Nominating the general Am I correct that one could choose any model to be the general? Have 60 Ruglud's Armored Orcs and field these as a force, by having Ruglud as the general - according to GH, I could only deploy 30 total, but it's still almost 1000pts. How about Golgfag as a general leading a Maneater force? -Yes, any model. Golgfag can also be a general, but I think he is "named character", ie. you do not get command trait nor artifact. 5) Terrain rules -Have I missed these or is what's in the 4 page rules it, excluding the warscroll pdf? I'm looking for structure points, as is I'd have to kill everyone in a building via shooting with a warmachine, instead of demolishing it. How about different materials giving different cover bonuses - a fence vs a stone wall? How about movement penalties for ditches, streams, bogs and rivers? No, nothing of the kind. You just get +1 to Save for being in cover and whole unit has to be inside the terrain feature to get the bonus.
  17. @Belchfist Beastkiller that's me tickets aren't still available! £99 per pair of your interested Youve hit the nail on the head as far as the plan goes, I'm good cop wills bad cop haha! Ive also got the troll hag for punch and will has some spawn for randomness so should he. Good laugh
  18. I like this, I think I will use it!
  19. Fantastic stuff here. Love the blue colours! I really look forward to seeing how this army does.
  20. Very new to Orruks myself, but have the Ironjawz start collecting box and the Warboss. Logical expansion (depending on which way to theme the force) are Brutes units, and more Orruk Ardboys. You already have the Shaman, so go from there. Some people seem to love numerous units of 5 Brutes kept close to the Warboss for obvious rules reasons, and buff them with the Warchanter as well, using Ardboys as some pretty hard chaff! Can't help with Bonesplietters as I'm knowledge free on that front!
  21. Didn't think of checking the warscrolls on the store page, just the rules section... So the same pitched battle stats...
  22. Perfect Actually that is for the Drakkfoot warclan. The icebone warclan is just a Snaga rukk (with at least 4 units of maniak booarboys instead of 2.) But I totally see your point, I guess I could drop one of the wierdnobs and tthe kunin rukk, since I won't get that much mileage of that formation with only 10 man units.
  23. Haha phonetypo Thanks for the fast relpy! The reason I have a mixed orge army because I do not have enough points for a 2000 beastclaw or gutbuster army and like the models of both so I also want to run both.
  24. Ok so my local club is starting up an escalation league for AoS. Here's the structure: http://www.bostonwargamers.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=304 I'm struggling to come up with something that will hold its own. This is the list that worries me most, Adams storm cast: lord celestant lord castelant knight azyros 6 retributors 10 liberators 10 judicators OUCH. I want a general of 5 wounds or less, with 4 units backing him of 20 wounds or less. Im thinking: Savage orruk shaman on boar (5) Huskard Stonehorn Beastriders Stonehorn 3 Mournfangs 3 Mournfangs Eurlbad Formation. Next month I could then add in a frostlord on Thundertusk, and Gordrakk for an Olwyr Alfrostun backed up by a cheap wizard and Glrdrak!
  25. I have 3 giants and I'm working on getting 2 more so I can try this formation
  26. As someone who plays against folks who love "model count" capture points in their games, if you are playing Ogors, Grotz/Gnoblars are essential! If you can get them on that objective and keep them alive (and from running with inspiring presence) you can really strike a blow against the enemy. Tying them with a squad of Ironguts and a butcher to hold that point can work wonders I've found. If you aren't a fan of Grotz though, go for normal old Bulls, you can afford to get more of them on the board and split them into multiple small units to split up some of those shooting attacks.
  27. So here are some options. Option 1: Tyrant Cauldron Butcher 3 Bulls 3 Bulls 6 Ironguts Option 2: Tyrant Cauldron Butcher 6 Bulls 6 Bulls 3 Ironguts Option 3: Tyrant Cauldron Butcher 6 Bulls 6 Bulls 3 Gorgers Option 4: Tyrant Cauldron Butcher 6 Bulls 6 Bulls 3 Leadbelchers 1 Gorger I like all of those lists for different reasons. Tyrant and butcher seem to be a staple, which is why they're in every list. 12 Bulls seems to be quite hearty, but the one list with 6 Guts looks like it could be a pain-train. And I haven't seen anyone use more than 1 gorger, so I think I'd like to try them, maybe throw some opponents off a bit. Any further thoughts?
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