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  2. Wow just watched one of the games from this below. Heat one. Beastclaws Vs Sylvaneth. Brutal game from the Beastclaws. Good to see them in action. There's more games coming up guys if you want to watch them. Cheers Zolas.
  3. They look great, haven't seen these minis before!
  4. This guy is the penultimate model in my Araby warband. It includes a character model for each core class in the new D&D 5th edition player's handbook. It would also make a great group of themed heroes for Aos or Warhammer. After him, only the warlock is left.
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  6. I finished painting up some tents from Renedra. I like how they turned out. I am really impressed with the quality of the models!
  7. Thank you very much, it helps a lot. If there is only some cutting and filling to do, then I won't buy greenskins bodies yet. I'll try and post some pics later.
  8. Warhammer World Bat Rep - Ogres vs Greenskinz Watch Video
  9. Spider Riders vs Beastmen Age of Sigmar Battle Report - War of the Realms Ep 107 Watch Video
  10. @Kessler Hey mate, just checked this out on my unassembled savage boar boyz. The legs come individually (one leg, one piece) and fit into place without any variation of movement without cutting away plastic. If you wanted them leaning forward, cutting away some plastic and green stuffing some minor gaps wouldn't be a big task IMO. However... The bigger task would be repositioning their heads to face forward as their neck ball joints have tongues on them. This wouldn't be impossible but I'd expect more cutting of bits of plastic on the neck joint and green stuffing (especially around the neck area below the chin) if you were to do this. Hope this helps. -Farmer
  11. AoS Realmgates Ultimate Siege Weapon Ironjawz vs Dispossessed Watch Video
  12. Badassery
  13. Hadn't thought of that. Hmm...
  14. Wow you should do a little vid or something to show people how you did it!
  15. Hi fellow Destruction fans! I am soon to take part in my very first AoS tournament and I would like to ask you for help concerning the list. The Battleplans to be played are Take amd Hold, Blood and Glory and Escalation We will play on 1000pts My proposal is Warboss on Boar Warboss on Wyvern 5x Boarboyz 6x Ogor Bulls with ironfists 2x spearchukka I would really like to go with the Ogres, there is a chance I will get a set of Ironguts and a Tyrant until this time, but I'm not sure :/ However, as my brother has a Orks army, I have a lot to choose from 40moonclan grots and 9 fanatics 10 spiderriders and 10 wolfriders 2 grot shamans 40 ork warriors and a warboss on foo (who can also serve as a Black ork warboss, )10 black orks I would like to hear what do you guys think Sorry for the long post and literally 0 experience
  16. The chaos gods are divided into mortal and daemon subfactions, most abilities affect one side or the other ('mortal khorne' or 'khorne daemon') but aside from Slaanesh they all have some which affect any follower of that god (just 'khorne'). Nurgle has some extra cross-synergies since pestilens models also have the nurgle keyword (but not mortal or daemon). Death has several things which will affect any Deathrattle. Finally, I know the Loremaster has a spell which will affect any Order, as does one of the Battle Wizards as I recall. You in luck though, because with the most recent release GW seems to be moving more in that direction. The Disciples of Tzeentch battletome is actually three specific factions (Mortal Tzeentch, Tzeentch Daemon, and Tzeentch Arcanite) where the overall allegiance ability is granted simply from the 'Tzeentch' keyword, an army limited to one of the three factions also gains access to faction-specific command traits, items, and spells.
  17. Here we go! The first of (at least) 52 miniatures I will paint this year as part of my hobby resolutions. As I was gone out of town the past week I'm playing a bit of catch up with getting these posted here to the blog. I'll try to be more timely moving forward. I dug out my light box and set it up so I could get more consistent/better photos of my work. I think it helps! First up we have this older GW Nurgle Chaos Warrior of some kind (honestly not sure what edition it is from): I built him on a 20mm base and I wish I had gone with a larger (more AoS appropriate) base but oh well. Since I have no idea what I will use him for I suppose it doesn't really matter what the base size is. I painted him roughly in the scheme I used for my Nurgle Daemons and I am happy with hot he turned out. Next up is another Nurgle like mini that looks to be more 40k related: For this mini I wanted to test out a few color schemes for my Skaven Pestilence force and overall I would say it was successful. I'll likely use this guy on the table in TNT if nothing else as he looks a bit mutant. And that's all I have to share this week! Working on a few Dwarves and more Chaos stuff so who knows which will be the first to be completed for the week 3 mini. Only time will tell.
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  19. Oskar Blues - Hotbox Coffee Porter Beer Type: American Porter - 6.50% ABV Appearance: Oskar Blues style brown can with green printing. Beer poured a dark pitch brown color with a tan head that left lots of lacing. Smell: Dark chocolate and cold brew coffee. Something a bit brighter as well though I can't place it. First Drink: Roast coffee and malt with a nice tart/acidic flavor. Mouthfeel: Medium with good carbonation. Last Drink: Smoky roasted coffee and chocolate malt are still the main flavors. Reminds me of cola a bit for some reason? Drinkability: Cold brew with some coffee malt basically. Notes: Limited release in my area. A bit pricey as well for just a 4 pack of cans. Verdict: 3.75 out of 5. Fairly easy drinking but not my favorite porter.
  20. New Glarus Brewing Co. - Two Women Lager Beer Type: German Pilsener - 5.00% ABV Appearance: 12oz brown bottle with the brown craft colored label of New Glarus and two women on it. The name is a reference to the two woman owned breweries who worked on this brew. Also something about vikings and sumerians. Beer pours a orange amber color with a thin white head. Smell: Something a bit like apples or apple juice and a bit of grain. First Drink: Sweet malty apples with just a little bit of hops coming through at the end. Mouthfeel: Smooth and creamy with just the right amount of carbonation. Last Drink: Malty biscuits and grain with more of the floral hops and honey apples. Drinkability: Woah I wasn't expecting this beer to be quite so good! Notes: Another winner from WI that I can't get on a regular basis. Guess I will save it for road trips! Verdict: 4.5 out of 5. A very tasty lager.
  21. @Sharkbelly Those elemental a have turned out pretty darn well! Great job.
  22. Hot glue!
  23. Very original. Made of what?
  24. Hi! @ConOgre amazing work! I fell in love with the way you paint your Ogres skin ( eg. The one in the very first post) could you give me some tips on the color scheme and techniques you use? It looks so realistic to me!
  25. Can anyone tell me if there are any abilities that synergize will with other keyworded units? Most of what I see in the buff/effect dept pertains to the same type off unit (gitmob, spiderfang, gutbuster, etc) with very rare exceptions like Orruk CabbageLord character affecting any Destruction units or Ogor Bruiser Standard Bearer affecting Ogor models (which would include Beastclaw and not just his home keyword of Gutbuster.) Even outside of Destruction does anyone have any examples? I'd love to list build around things like that.
  26. Some homemade water elementals.
  27. How to Paint Orruks! (Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Painting Tutorial) Watch Video
  28. Amazing work. It must be so satisfying to see your hard work in all it's glory. Great work and keep it up. We would love to see more! Kind regards Zolas.
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