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  • Latest Goblog Entries

    • By Randroid in Drinkin' and Modelin' - Gaming and Beer 0
      Here we go... it's week 3 of (at least) 52 minis for the year. Hey look it's a Dwarfess!

      Some kind of rune wielding blacksmith? Or runesmith? Or just a badass Dwarf woman? Either way I was really excited to get my paintbrush on her. For some reason the ink wash I used looks very glossy in this photo. Hopefully it will look less so with a bit of dullcoat applied. 
      This is the first mini painted for my Mordheim Dwarf crew or alternatively for Frostgrave perhaps? (Oh yeah I kinda bought that rulebook during the holiday break... but haven't played yet)
      In other news this last week was good with a bit of Pathfinder Societies play with my group (who hadn't played since Feb of last year!!) and also my first week of a new semester. This time around I have two separate drawing classes 4 days a week which has really kicked my lazy drawing butt into high gear. Probably drawn and sketched more this week than the past 15 years combined!! 

      Random sketch of a random person in public.

      My Ben Templesmith/Police Sketch self-portrait
      The week of drawing has been a good reminder that like any art drawing takes practice! Same with mini painting and painting in general! Don't get down on yourself for doing something and it not being "the best" - getting yourself going is at least half the battle.

      Kevros the Half Orc Monk about to Grapple a Stone Giant
      Last year before my last session of PFS I re-created my Monk with the Unchained Monk. Best choice I could have made! At level 9 he has 27-30 (potentially up to 48) AC without armor, 2d6 damage per hit (with up to 3 per round in his Flurry of Blows), the ability to follow up and strike opponents who miss him in combat (thanks to Snake style!), and he can generally sense and perceive the hell out of things. Of course he is dumb as a bag of rocks with about as much charisma... but that's okay!
      Potentially playing a bit of Bloodbowl or AoS tomorrow and I have plenty more drawing to do as well. So until next time....
    • By Randroid in Drinkin' and Modelin' - Gaming and Beer 0
      Noble Brewer - Red Hot Mama Ale
      Beer Type: American Strong Ale - 9.00% ABV
      Appearance: Noble Brewer bomber bottle. Beer pour a dark brown-red color with a thick beige head.

      Smell: Sweet toffee banana like malt with some spicy hops aroma too.

      First Drink: Caramel malt followed quickly by the spicy bitterness and a slightly soapy finish.

      Mouthfeel: Medium with a good amount of fizz.

      Last Drink: Sticky high ABV syrup time as this warms up. Still bitter.

      Drinkability: Not super complex but not exactly what I would expect out of a strong ale either.

      Notes: Like all Noble Brewer beers this is a seasonal/limited release.

      Verdict: 4.25 out of 5. It'll getcha drunk.  
    • By Randroid in Drinkin' and Modelin' - Gaming and Beer 2
      Here we go! The first of (at least) 52 miniatures I will paint this year as part of my hobby resolutions. As I was gone out of town the past week I'm playing a bit of catch up with getting these posted here to the blog. I'll try to be more timely moving forward. I dug out my light box and set it up so I could get more consistent/better photos of my work. I think it helps!   First up we have this older GW Nurgle Chaos Warrior of some kind (honestly not sure what edition it is from):  

      I built him on a 20mm base and I wish I had gone with a larger (more AoS appropriate) base but oh well. Since I have no idea what I will use him for I suppose it doesn't really matter what the base size is. I painted him roughly in the scheme I used for my Nurgle Daemons and I am happy with hot he turned out. 
      Next up is another Nurgle like mini that looks to be more 40k related:

      For this mini I wanted to test out a few color schemes for my Skaven Pestilence force and overall I would say it was successful. I'll likely use this guy on the table in TNT if nothing else as he looks a bit mutant. 
      And that's all I have to share this week! Working on a few Dwarves and more Chaos stuff so who knows which will be the first to be completed for the week 3 mini. Only time will tell.
    • By Randroid in Drinkin' and Modelin' - Gaming and Beer 0
      Oskar Blues - Hotbox Coffee Porter
      Beer Type: American Porter - 6.50% ABV
      Appearance: Oskar Blues style brown can with green printing. Beer poured a dark pitch brown color with a tan head that left lots of lacing.

      Smell: Dark chocolate and cold brew coffee. Something a bit brighter as well though I can't place it.

      First Drink: Roast coffee and malt with a nice tart/acidic flavor.

      Mouthfeel: Medium with good carbonation.

      Last Drink: Smoky roasted coffee and chocolate malt are still the main flavors. Reminds me of cola a bit for some reason?

      Drinkability: Cold brew with some coffee malt basically.

      Notes: Limited release in my area. A bit pricey as well for just a 4 pack of cans.

      Verdict: 3.75 out of 5. Fairly easy drinking but not my favorite porter. 
    • By Randroid in Drinkin' and Modelin' - Gaming and Beer 0
      New Glarus Brewing Co. - Two Women Lager
      Beer Type: German Pilsener - 5.00% ABV
      Appearance: 12oz brown bottle with the brown craft colored label of New Glarus and two women on it. The name is a reference to the two woman owned breweries who worked on this brew. Also something about vikings and sumerians. Beer pours a orange amber color with a thin white head.

      Smell: Something a bit like apples or apple juice and a bit of grain.

      First Drink: Sweet malty apples with just a little bit of hops coming through at the end.

      Mouthfeel: Smooth and creamy with just the right amount of carbonation.

      Last Drink: Malty biscuits and grain with more of the floral hops and honey apples.

      Drinkability: Woah I wasn't expecting this beer to be quite so good!

      Notes: Another winner from WI that I can't get on a regular basis. Guess I will save it for road trips!

      Verdict: 4.5 out of 5. A very tasty lager. 
    • By Kessler in Sarvikuhord 3
      In the last days of 2016 I managed to complete my ogor army, Thundertusk and maneater being my last models painted. I started in March 2016 with my very first model, bought Ogre Battalion box and painted my first ogor in June. Gradually I increased the army with Mournfangs, Maneaters, Frostsabres, Thundertusk and Stonehorn and I managed to finish it within six months. Altogether I now have 9 Ogors (4 bought from ebay before I decided to paint myself), 9 Leadbelchers, 6 Ironguts, Huskard on Thudertusk (and his friend), Frostlord on Stonehorn, 4 Mournfangs, 5 Frostsabres (Fenrision Wolf models), Tyrant (converted), Butcher with cauldron (converted), Hunter (converted), 3 Maneaters (converted).
      My favourite models were definitely Mournfang Pack and Thundertusk/Stonehorn, very dynamic and very enjoyable to paint. I also liked a little conversion work, actually. As for the future I do not know what to do. I would like to paint some more Mournfangs, but I also like Savage Orruks and especially Wurrgog model. But these are very similar to ogors to paint, so maybe I will choose something different - Death or Sylvaneth. Or just make a pause. We'll see.
      And here are some pictures of each unit.

    • By Kessler in Sarvikuhord 1
      I finally finished my last converted maneater. Converted from Stonehorn spare ogor, I tried to make it similar to Golgfag model. So I added horns on a gutplate and made a cloak from greenstuff, which was my first and therefore quite a challenge. And it did not turn out as well as I had hoped. But for the first one it is okay, I think.

    • By I R GMAN in Da Followers of Graw - In Da Makin' 0
      It has been so long... you take one hit of Mudstikks Madcap brew and BAM! 
      So I got to thinking, as long as you get stuck in and bash stuff (whether it's moving or not it doesn't matter) orruks, ogors, grots, even fimir and all we get along right. Since chaos went all mad and broke everything, and then went even madder and turned on itself, their is one faction that's been left out (bar the really new tzeentch weirdos ) and that's the beastmen. They like fighting and killin' like us, they're good eaters too, love their meat and setting things on fire, not to mention Gorkamorka is da God of Beasts! So my tribe has opened its bloody arms to the beasties, the thunderskorn and their minotaur monsters, after all is it that hard to imagine our plane smashin' god inspiring some new worshippers? Opinions welcome!

      Pics coming soon of some Gorkamorka worshipping beastmen!
    • By Randroid in Drinkin' and Modelin' - Gaming and Beer 0
      I got in a few more games this year! Actually played a bit of both Blood Bowl and some Age of Sigmar. On top of that I did get a bit of painting done as well.    First up here are a couple things I painted up for TNT. I've since finished these bloat flies with some additional details and basing but I didn't grab a photo of them yet.    Buzzz buzzz this is our trash buzz buzz

      Also built this Steam Bike from Max Mini which I can't wait to paint up and use on the table!  

      Furry stopped by during a nice little snow storm earlier this week and we played 3 games of a Path To Glory campaign. We went with Death Rattle (Death) vs Bloodbound (Khorne Chaos) because that is what I had the best minis for right now and we wanted to learn the rules for their respective units.    We made a couple small alterations in the rules as we went and overall it was fast and furious fun! I started with a Wight King and 10 Skeletons while Furry brought the Mighty Lord of Khorne and 5 Blood Warriors.    First scenario we played was a "Find The Treasure" scenario with three searchable objectives on the board. First Hero to find the treasure and leave off the table edge or kill all the enemy units won a Major Victory.    Ragnar the Blackhearted and his small but tenacious horde of Skeledudes  Blood Warriors lined up and ready to spill... bits of bone!? After moving toward the near by objective Ragnar spots Blood Warriors sneaking around a wall! Skulls and bones for the Skulls and bones god! The Skeledudes managed to get the charge and chop down the warriors. Meanwhile.... this sneaky guy is trying to come kill Ragnar! Ragnar tries a tactical retreat but it ultimately charged by the MLoK and slain by his damned axe. But then the Skeletons come to save the day! Chop chop down goes the MLoK. After the first game Ragnar gained enough fame to lure in another.... 10 Skeletons! Oh boy. Meanwhile the Bloodbound brought the big guns with some Wrathmongers (played by half built Nurgle Knights this time around). 
      The second scenario was to kill the monster in the center of the table and claim his magical weapon stash. It was a very short game with Ragnar's forces taking the initiative and the Chaos Gargant charging at the nearby Bloodbound. In the process it killed almost all of the Blood Warriors and left just one wound on the MLoK who proceeded to slay the monster with his damned axe in one round of combat. Game, set, match!
      Giant toilet or crumbling tower? You be the judge.  For the third and final scenario of the day we completed a "take and hold" type scenario where two comets fell to the battlefield and our warbands had to control them to gain points. It was a close fought and strategic battle but ultimately Ragnar's forces were able to hold out against the Bloodbound and secure a Major Victory. 
      Staring down the Wrathmongers on the flank.  These guys are nasty!  With freshly devoted followers the MLoK hopes to crush his skeletal nemesis. With some fancy footwork the Skeletons get the charge and contest the objective! "It's just Skeletons you dimwits!!" Meanwhile... the Wrathmongers fall to the Skeleton Warriors. Thanks for the extra attacks! And Ragnar gets a bit broody. Path To Glory is not balanced. If you can get over that and are playing with someone who can see the silly it is actually pretty darn fun and a good way to learn the basics of Age of Sigmar. I'm looking forward to painting up these minis and finishing up this campaign with another 2 or 3 games. Not a bad way to wrap up the year - a few more games under our belts with excitement for gaming in our blood! See you in 2017!
    • By Randroid in Drinkin' and Modelin' - Gaming and Beer 0
      New Glarus Brewing Co. - Fat Squirrel Ale
      Beer Type: English Brown Ale - 5.80% ABV
      Appearance: 12oz brown bottle with a fat squirrel on the label in the middle of a bunch of text. Favorite part of this label is the story on the side - "There are some seriously fat squirrels out there. They are running all over the neighborhood. I think I should brew a Fat Squirrel Nut Brown Ale." Beer poured red/brown/amber color with a good sized off-white head that left lacing.

      Smell: Malt and just a touch of something nutty. Pretty subtle.

      First Drink: Kind of chocolate malt flavors up front and something a bit metallic/alcoholic a bit like a winter warmer style. Mellows out to a nice toasty malt flavor.

      Mouthfeel: Medium bodied and maybe a bit on the dry side?

      Last Drink: A little more sugar and bread flavors coming through now.

      Drinkability: A mighty fine brown ale good for drinking in cool fall weather.  

      Notes: Can't get this regularly as there is a big lake (Michigan) in between me and WI but its not bad at all!

      Verdict: 3.75 out of 5. Nice toasty brown ale and no squirrels were harmed in the making.
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